Magic Mike XXL: Word association game with Channing Tatum and cast

“So, for anyone looking to see a film I’m trying to get under the skin of it, there are a few words that recur quite a lot. I’ve got a very quick fire game for you guys, I’m going to say a word, you say the first word that comes into your head.” “This sounds a little psychological!” “I just want to find out more about you guys too!” “OK – Magic” “Mike!” “Mike!” “Mike!” “Channing dancing” twitch dancing – that’s Magic.” “Yoghurt” “Scissors” “Dip” “Berries” “I’d like some now, actually!” “Ugh! I’m not a big fan of yoghurt!” “Queen” “Woman” “Bro” “Man” “Stripper?” “Lovely” “Queen” “Bee” “Drag!” “Bro?” “Bro?” “Mance!” “Stripper!” “Moves” “This movie” “Queen” “Arbuckle” “Snap” “Crackle” “Stripper?” “Guitar string on my on my belly ring” “Big” “Dick” “Dick!” (THEY LAUGH) “Abs?” “Fluffy” “OK!” “Toothpaste!” “Booze!” “Big?” “This movie!” “The movie!” “It is!” “It is!” “Big?” “Bake?” “Big!” “Kevin Nash” “Chevy Chase” “Finally, bangy” (THEY LAUGH) “Bangy? You got me!” “Benny?” “Bangy.” “Bangy?” “They say it quite a few times, I’m not entirely sure what it means” (THEY LAUGH) “Bangy….what does bangy mean? I’m scared to know with bangy means dealing
with those guys!” “Bangy? Banging! Yes. For sure!” “It doesn’t sound right when I say it…” “Cereal…!” “I like it, yes!” “And XXL?” “That stands alone” “It is technically three words” “Yeah” “Extra extra large” “Go see it!”


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