1. Please react to Jessica mauboy! She's so underrated and unacknowledged! She deserves better! My favourite songs by her is "Sunday" and "Pop a bottle"

  2. react to her music videos for home with you, say it to my face, all day all night with jax jones, hurts like hell

  3. she was discovered by justin bieber back in 2012-2013, she was signed because of that and her first song was Melodies but then the label let her go and now she is an independent artist, when she released melodies and a few more songs she was very young so that music wasnt her type she was like 13-14 and now she is 20 so after that in 2018 she released her debut EP called AS SHE PLEASES which is amazing and you should listen to it and now she is about to release her debut album, dear society is the lead single of this album.

  4. Madison was discovered in 2014 by Justin bieber and was signed she has a song called melodies that kick started her career

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