Mackerel finds love? - RT Boss opens up about relationship with social media sensation

well well basically is what you guys see it is clear like from me come on time we'll do that big history and everybody can see that is a compassionate relationship so I think it speak for itself got the picture is low you know very you know to be honest it all start from one day we did a and made to come up with my song global boom I'm a caller I may say hey what's up why do some promotion thing and man has that talk and then the star reader and mister get some personal detail boater and tell are some things I must add say Universal you're going to Canada and so forth and she had said yes HSN and so forth and from there the chemistry's that make and so forth and then she got Canada and she said I T me for me too and so forth and then from the other stack get to know each other realize that she's a nice person should compassionate aboard our past we understand and we kind of see like our past is what bring her to this all excitement some kind of one guy down and bring her up on a level in every era but it all started showing love in every year another match I do there's a beauty with inside of module that I see that I want Jamaica to see so I come at the forefront to come and make the world know that you can't judge my career because of our character she showed the world there's a beauty we didn't that I see and I come to identify I met the world see say look she's a nice girl she's just who she is so except I show I love I mean it's that with me Terry beauties within they are part of building knows they're part of keeping up with the MacWilliams agenda why me use the word McWilliams a lot of people are compares to a letter set a different type of characters that commode in the couple years and we know really want people for mergers with those type celebrity in the past we are different type of species are people coming over iron or whatever you want Carlos but that's what I make sure broadcasts they keeping up with my krillions because we don't like that like you know what me I try to say that like a mix up with a bump on the China thing no one get involve another energy day or watching is global and by the way don't forget you can go by YouTube and check out my song global boom yeah boom boom boom boom idiom IT bias by YouTube do about boom I like fire check it out yeah oh I do not along there no because you know something a lot of people right now in Jamaica stand by me no with this 32 against the 90 because it is set in trend come on people did I never do it's a trending thing the good thing about it dad I'm 32 I'm not 50 a lot of people smile we meet at the interview here because this is facts micro hasn't been shy about wanting men for things can you provide that for her well to be honest there's a lot of thing about mark roulette going to be changed put it that way I mean I have a controller I like my little be straight but if you really love our guide all right if you wanted for work you have a guy that write in every level so yeah I don't think when macro City love she would look at the asset because remember no people only say things and macaron to me more she one more love rather than vanity I doesn't want to speak from the part I'm saying that yes we are in something yes we are communicating yes we are open up doors for people to say what's going on yes we know what we're doing and yes we truly truly enjoying the moment and the love and the prosperity in this atmosphere so we're a life on our character and everything concerned I think she can answer that

  1. Den a try a ting because mi and gully bop gone back together. The same evil OBEAH man that took money to separate us. You piece of dogshit.

  2. From u look pon dis ya man u can c say him a con artist …a hype him a look fi him boring song dem weh him a sing…he's just using mackerel…

  3. I hope and pray that hes not using this young girl. But why would mackerel want him I feel it for her she as no good persons around her. Go home mackerel please as this man is going to hurt and bring you down

  4. It no real, its just a show, you need to stop, you paying way for the lime light , mackerel, it not going to work, you a user

  5. how yuh fi do this to a young girl mi hate yuh pure lies search out thats all you a use the girl for a shout out yuh too f***ing fake 🖕🖕🖕

  6. Big batty boy a try you a try fi used mackerel fi get bus. fool left mackerel alone and go suck out madda pussy hole

  7. This wagonist leave the girl alone let she live….you are not going to reach nowhere using the young girl for a hype.

  8. People if a nuh ur cup a tea dont pay it no attention plenty of other things on the net..
    Only thing me see yah so a entertainment nothing more if me want life lessons I know where to go look..

  9. A lie him a tell bout love a bring him want to bring him self to the forefront of the dancehall so him can get the views to be a dancehall star

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