Lower Bucks Campus Tour – Bucks County Community College

Welcome to Bucks County Community College’s Virtual Tour. In this tour you’ll find helpful information about Buck’s state-of-the-art higher education facilities. Along with helpful facts to navigate your way around your new college. If you’ve downloaded this tour to a portable video device, feel free to walk along the campus as we explore all Bucks County Community College has to offer you. Nestled next to the gorgeous tranquility of the Delhaas Woods, the Lower Bucks Campus is conveniently
located on Veterans Highway Route 413, just off exit 40 of Interstate 95. With expansive crystal-clear windows that
harness natural light and an environmentally friendly geothermal heating and cooling
system to power the campus, Bucks makes it easy to Go Green when hitting the books. Located in Bristol, PA., the Lower Bucks Campus is the most recent addition to Bucks County Community College. While here, students can complete
associate degree programs in business administration, communication, criminal justice and education along
with liberal arts general emphasis, plus certificate programs in phlebotomy and management, continuing education and workforce
development training. Here are exceptional facilities that enable you to make the most of your educational experience. With over twenty-eight classrooms, an allied health lab, a biology lab, Cisco
Networking lab and an industrial mechanical maintenance lab it’s easy to
find just what you need at Bucks County Community College’s Lower Bucks Campus. Also, every classroom is equipped with SmartBoards, an advanced technology that makes chalk dust and time consuming diagrams a thing of the past. Lower Bucks campus makes it easy for
students and teachers to easily adapt their classroom for whatever they need. Using the latest comfortable and flexible
furniture to create engaging learning spaces that fit their needs. The Lower Bucks Campus Library has access to all the same network and
technological benefits of the main campus library. Need a book or something for a class from another Bucks Campus? Just let the librarians know and they’ll have their in-house courier service bring just what you need right to you. There’s even a cafe area and open lounge where you can experience a side of Bucks that doesn’t have to be with grades, classes, and coursework. The Lower Bucks Student Commons provides a wide open space for various cultural events that are open to the public. Speakers, performances, college fairs and job fairs, with so much to offer, Bucks County Community College’s Lower Bucks Campus in Bristol County is an easily accessible destination for a top rate education. You can register online, call or even stop by and find out
more about creating your own Bucks experience.

  1. The Lower Bucks Campus is contained in one new, state-of-the-art building with ample free parking, in Bristol. The college has a larger campus in Newtown, and a third campus, currently being expanded with more state-of-the-art facilities, in Perkasie.

  2. Can any one tell me, if I can get a book voucher at this particular campus? Or, must I go through Newtown? Not wanting to take time off the job… since I just started working there.

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