Love Nikki: Everything You Need To Know About The Association Outfits!

let’s talk about the four seasons today so there are these ones and these are
all from the Association shop this means that you can get all of these four
technically free if you spend enough time doing your Ailey requests and
although these are actually pretty good because you can get forty diamonds for
most of them I’m pretty sure there was like one that was 25 yeah it was this
one which is kind of weird because it has a lot of clothes and makeup but the
rest of these ones and they give you forty diamonds so that’s pretty good I
think that out of all of these this one might be one of the ones I want to do
first because there’s only four and it’s still cheaper than doing these ones I’m
pretty sure we can take a look at that after but I can just go through each one
of these real quick so that you can see if they have a top scoring item or if
you like them or whatever you want with them so let’s go back to this one and
this one is pure Lotus so pure Lotus has 25 and sadly she has no top scoring
items however if we just look at this objectively I think that in the entire
outfit I like the Hibiscus pistol the most it sounds funny pistol it’s pretty
because with a lot of different outfits so we can just check it out over here by
the way I got this from the mystery pavlon it’s called P you know hide and
seek and or I think so so it’s really cute and it’s a cat and I thought I’d
just finish it with a cat theme I’m just kind of sad there’s no cat ears but or
whatever because if I put the rabbit ears it went to match anyways but yeah
and it’s really pretty if you have like a purple dress or even just maybe me so
I can’t let me find something that fit and then we can just have a random dress
and see it fits really well and let’s go back to the achievements and then it’s
in the whole season’s over here so none of these from the pure Lotus set is
actually a top scoring item and it’s actually only worth 25 diamonds only
move on to the next one the next one is called ink tail and I’ve also finished
this one this one who gave me 40 diamonds and I think that it’s pretty
worth it the reason why I finished it first was because it’s one of the suits
I have access to and it has four top scoring items so that would be memorial
paper that would be ink tail skirt cyan pink and thinking of you and I think
besides having two four top scoring items it’s yeah it’s one of the ones I
had access to near the beginning because you have to have the association reach a
far enough level in order to unlock the other suits so the most recent suit that
I was able to unlock from my guild was or not make it my association with stars
and dreams and I think elegant sketch let’s go to the next one over here it’s
called fairytale cutie and she’s really cute she has her own makeup which is
nice and even if you don’t want anything else just having the makeup would be
cool to get umm the only downside to her would be the fact that she not only has
25 diamonds after completing the suit but she also doesn’t have any top
scoring items even the fairytale cutie a makeup itself it’s worth 4 hearts and if
you’re actually if you think about it you can always be composed these items
it might be a little waste but depending on what your goal is because if let’s
say another outfit in the reconstruction set is more important to you then you
can always just spend your association coins to decompose these items all right
so I’m going to complete dream dress today in this video and I just wanted to
show you her she is pretty the thing the only thing I don’t like is that she
didn’t come with me well like barely any of these come with makeups right but if
she had her own makeup that would be really nice I think that any wedding
makeup well it would be good but if you want to get one thing from this outfit
only you should go for a dream yarn dream arm is a really good top-scoring
item I’m always told to use this pile of finicky info and I like it a lot and if
you look at it closely dream yarn doesn’t actually come with the petals
so if I open it here you only see this right it’s because the pedal comes with
the dreamy dress and I think that’s really pretty too
but I just wanted to make I think it’s hard to put these two outfits together
let me just try the dreamy dress skirt so unless it cuts off really high it’s
really hard if you see here it’s hard to put the dreaming dress on as an actual
address you need something like this or like this not that and like this so
that’s just a heads up for and is looking to buy this outfit and let’s go
to this one this is here Owen in armor and she has two top scoring items that
would be eighth which is her hair in the socks you can also get the sword because
I don’t know why but lately we’ve been having a lot for themed videos and I’ve
seen people use the sword to you know match the theme anyways you get 40
diamonds from this and moving on to look love so rule of love has one top scoring
item and that is the rule of love bracelet it’s the little thing she has
over there and this entire outfit is just cute it has quite a few it’s one of
the yeah it’s one of the outfits I have more in it because it has seven and it’s
up to you right like I’m sure a lot of people I think that this is a cute set
but this is my priority I actually think that this set is really pretty for some
reason and yeah I don’t know I like it a lot by the way I skip this but these
comes in series so you can mix and match them but just be aware that before you
recolor them just try to finish the entire suit first or else you have to
recolor everything before you can get the forty diamonds like you can’t just
have parts of the outfits that are recolored and not colored and get the
forty diamonds you have to make sure you have at least one whole set to claim the
diamond if you claim the diamonds you can’t recolor the entire suit and then
claim another forty it’s it stops after that and I swear this one this is like a
dark blue oh that’s pretty oh okay so I know we I’m so weak for
outfits with stars this outfit has like I want to see stars it’s so pretty okay
I might get this industry color it for for the sake of it wow that’s pretty
okay in this one I liked her socks I liked her tail I liked her cat big I
liked her dress I like the fact that she has cat ears but there’s just something
about this outfit that doesn’t work maybe it’s her makeup if I put like I
don’t know moths to flames on her it’s a blue eyed makeup maybe I would like it
more but right now there’s just something off about it and I think this
the bag it has apply it’s so cute it’s this one okay so I mean a black one has
a different even the even the cats on the on the dress it’s different okay I
like the black recolored version it’s cute and oh I forgot
are there any pop scoring items in this there are there is one it’s your tail
not this one this tail the black-and-white cocktail
it’s mostly because we have very little tails to begin with so it’s not much of
a competition there and moving on we have this one so for this one I’ve seen
a lot of people just use her hair and change it to a red hair gold wasn’t this
one I’m pretty sure was this one though I might be wrong but a lot of people use
this so that they can make a little cosplay of her in the starry corridor
for Monica she’s from Doki Doki and I think I’m going to complete this one
just because there’s only four items I need a finish or well three because I
already have one and I can get 40 diamonds from that that’s a lot I’m
excited and let’s go to these ones so these two are the newer ones they just
came out and my association finally completed all of the stages so I have
access to both of them for elegant sketch there are three top
scoring items that’s the retros that’s the retro shoelace soft cotton socks
flowers and binds which it or sorry flowers and birds and blind and little
slip over there and then um these shoes these are many of the little gentleman
shoes I’m not a fan of this but this gives you
45 diamonds and for this one and for this one this one stars and dreams and
as I mentioned before I am a softy for anything with stars in it I don’t know I
just love stars it’s something about space that makes me feel so there’s just
something about space that makes me feel so happy so a divination maiden is this
one and this is a top scoring item that’s the only one of this set but I
think I’m gonna complete it anyway just because I really love it and the recolor
for this there are so many recolors I think I like this one the most I like
pink a lot so I think this would be one of the ones I’m going for right now I
hoarded up quite a few I’m going to open where is she dream dress and it’s this
one spy it one morning and then yay I love suit completed okay so let’s move
on to this one I wanted to finish her because okay I was seeing whether it was
worth it was thinking that these four items might be a lot more expensive
because how can four items worth the same amount be worth 40 diamonds but
it’s true see these are ninety sixty ninety five this is also in the nineties
it’s not even past a hundred so I think that it’s absolutely worth it Oh another suit complete okay so I think
I’ll go for this one should i well I might have
I kind of want the makeup though I’m just gonna grab the makeup real quick I
can’t complete a suit because I grab the makeup I’m gonna be so sad because I
didn’t plan to right right right right true I don’t have any earrings left
okay well I’m sad I guess it wasn’t meant to be anyways because all these
things require earrings No whatever I’m over it at least I got oh
yeah this didn’t even spend I didn’t even spend any earrings to try and get
this one anyways but I got yeah one outfit today I thought I would get more
no I got two outfits today but yeah let’s go to the achievement section and
get our diamonds that was lit and I can just try out these ones for you I guess
so you can just see whether you like it or not if I put on the things how do you
spell it pure Lotus I don’t like the hair much if we do okay let’s just go to
Skyfall that’s always my go-to there’s something about it that I love so much –
maybe because it’s a Cosmo themed and I like the stories so this is her with a
bunch of different makeup as again we can see slide pupil is just it’s worse
than sapphire so scream is actually pretty bad – purple eyes sure why not
since we’re doing it anyways is there a better thing that I could put on whatever and then the head where we
already have one avail too much too much maybe some earrings
both yuck and necklace I already have one bracelet
handheld that looks so we’re down like unicorn horn this one looks a little bit
kind of better if you can just look past it I guess don’t know it’s the point
then okay whatever we can just put let’s put
this see I just made her look 10 times 10 times better Wow I did it well I
think she looks pretty good we can try this though let’s try the glorious there’s something about the middle part
that I don’t like pop star see purple hair yeah so there’s this one say I just
thought I was just so caught up with doing that and then the next one would
be dream that was called dream something okay so here it is let’s just make her
have some better makeup and I think she’ll look a lot better
how about oh that was pretty nice and then maybe a different here violin Medan
works with everything dude oh I just thought of something we could do this
one but I was thinking abut I think it was from the youth he lets glad not it was this one well
the pink doesn’t really work now these are different shades of pink so I think
I have to stay with blond hair blond hair works a lot better
let’s see Skyfall no it doesn’t work for this suit you know this one works pretty
well okay so what else can we do maybe you can put some socks
oh can I just say foam where is the ugliest thing I’ve seen in my life I’m
not even being dramatic that it’s pretty ugly okay I think she looks better
without socks all right let’s go to the head where no she already has one let’s
go to here I think she would look great with wings and then as for the
background we can make her have something pretty
I guess this and the foreground we can use I don’t know what falling petal
would look good no this looks good so here it is here is the other one what
else do I have I have this one and I think that with the right makeup she can
look pretty whoops that’s an aluminum I just gonna try to match the hair color
with the eye but maybe I shouldn’t this is a little much forever I will
I’ll roll with it and earrings maybe something in the ear with nope sure why not let’s put some necklace on
this girl yeah I don’t know what I’m going for
what is she at this point leave me alone this this is the best
I’ll do yeah leave me alone I’m I only done these two or do I have one more I
think I’m also have what I think I also have one called she reminds me of
Kennedy from Angel Beats if you guys know what that is here let’s do that as
the makeup as for accessory surety she’s already stacked so cuz she she has the
moon thing remember she’d have a little book I guess but that doesn’t fit in the
library sure why not she wasn’t really in the library much nice so ground
ascending to heaven OOP spoiler hit yeah whatever so here it
is hope that was a little enjoyable for you guys because with the Association
shop not a lot of people are in associations and they aren’t I don’t
know some people actually aren’t aware with that the fact that we can exchange
the things we get from completing the story chapters with this and these ones
as ice mentioned before this one and this one they only get a lot unlocked
after a certain stage is complete and you have to complete it as a whole
association so it’s always best to find an association that’s pretty advanced if
you’re looking to complete these type of suits but overall I think that out of
all the suits that you can crack these ones would be the most worth it because
you’re not wasting any diamonds when you’re doing this you’re not wasting any
clones you’re not least waiting for any drops
it’s kind of odd but you’re not technically waiting for drops and these
ones just give you so many diamonds after you complete it especially this
one so we’re not gonna do any do this one and if you’re not gonna get anything
else get the dream yarn and the tail if you can and yeah so here it is if you
have any more questions feel free to me I always really like showing you guys
how the outfits work together with different sets because a lot of the
times you can’t really see whether you like the like see if you look at this
they’re not colored like I can’t even tell if I’m going to like the blue one
mA or the or the light blue one more or I don’t know which cat I would like the
best maybe I like I think I like the black one but maybe I won’t because she
has black hair now so I don’t know how to feel about that and I don’t know how
she looks like in the pink one versus the yellow one because the hair is
different and I don’t know if I like that hair better or if I like this one
with the blue stars so well I hope that this was educational and that I can
continue helping you guys bye for now

  1. I luv everyone of them!Especially the Star one.I became a V7 today!And finished the Flower Oath of Rain!

  2. Bless! When I first joined my association I decided to craft the suits in order which is kind of hellish, but so far I'm one part away from finishing Ink Tale and halfway done with Rule of Love (since I only need the earrings to finish Ink Tale I use the necklaces for the next suit down the line ;A;)… I love all of them tho, can't wait to reach the kitty cat one and the two new ones aaaa ALSO I'M CRYING ABOUT ALL YOUR MONIKA REFERENCES XD

  3. I have 7 of those suits..
    The Fairytale cutie, Lunar suit, Dream Dress, Swordsman, The Divination chuchu, Rule of Love, The Fairy Mevilla..

  4. Thanks!! I haven’t spent much in these suits so I have plenty to buy and now I have an idea of what to get. Thanks for sharing!! Xoxo 💖

  5. You actually can see how they look with the colors. Just go to Achievement -> Gallery -> 4 Seasons -> Pick an Outfit -> And click on the images saying none

  6. I only completed dream dress, pure lotus, and ink tale. Am I the only one who doesn’t know who Monika is? Is it the red haired girl that keeps popping up? She’s a bit creepy…😬

  7. I got so happy when I saw they put a set for that astrology girl who’s name I’ve forgotten

  8. Thanks this video was very helpful😊 I try to finish the Stars and Dreams set next after I finished the Dream Dress set too. It's so beautiful 😍

  9. I am working on Inktale, I finished Pure Locus, Fairy Tale Cutie and Dream Dress! Gj on completing Dream Dress!!!!!


  11. I am not sure if you're aware but some of the recolours of the suits have top scoring items :3
    Ace Purple Sword is top scoring.
    All Kitten Suits have the tail has a top scoring item. The one you like is the Kitten Cool colour and that's Dark Blue.
    The Stars and dreams yellow recolour has another top tier hair (It's pink)
    Enjoy :3

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