so this is the long-awaited association
with and I apologize if I’m a little quiet it’s around 11:30 EST but I have a
few people sleeping at my house right now so it’s gonna be a little more quiet
so basically what this is the ass Wars has finally started and I already
created my outfit and you can just check my how to prepare for an association in
the word video to figure out how to prepare your outfit
so my unisex outfit would be this one and I’m looking for a score for around a
hundred thousand and I’m going to try Team Challenge first because apparently
you get more chances to get a higher score if you’re with another person so
if I let’s exit here actually and then we can go to the bulletin we can join so
so I know that my leader has a higher thing but let’s check first cuz she says
she has around a hundred K but we’ll see so oh that’s Bonnie great fun he’s my
president and then we can just default challenge
as you can see a countdown to enter challenge after zero seconds I didn’t
even have a chance to use my spell but yeah you only have two spells and then
these are level 7 in level 8 or 9 for me together we have 235 so it was great I
don’t know if you saw there both of us had a squirrel over a hundred thousand
so obviously I’m gonna like her just to show other people that they have a good
chance of winning if they use Bonnie let’s go to shadow workshop and see
what’s good I think I can donate we need a cooperate so I’m going to contribute
this much I just press donate by the way yea confuse not entirely sure I don’t
think we finished it yet so that’s not a problem yeah we’re like at 99% so we’re
almost there waiting for people it’s Bonnie again great so we’re gonna just
sit here and wait because we’re gonna enter the challenge after 4 seconds I’m
gonna go back to team challenge and see if Bonnie can tell because if she does
I’m not gonna help her cuz we’re both done it’s just a little inside joke so
I’m gonna help star sapphire right now wait let’s see
– popping sure do looking for anybody who missed what I said I literally don’t
get anything but the thing I do get is that I help my team member she gets
material then she can help craft by donating and then afterwards we
cooperate and then we can get the item so you need at least 12 members that are
here to press the coat like cooperate things in order to get the item let’s go
back to the play-by-play you finish hitting your material so you have 21
karma sand and a 16 memory crystal you press shadow workshop then you go here
and then you donate your material I already donated my material so I don’t
need to and then I need to go to coop craft and I get to have my bubble in
there see see happen between the keno in the mail and yeah we need three more
people and then we can craft so that’s what we’re waiting so I’m actually gonna
in this video now I’m gonna try uploading it so that you guys can see
what’s going on and before this thing actually ends I think it’s gonna end
before I’m able to actually do it but this is what’s happening so far we’re
waiting for three people once you have three people we can claim this
particular item so hope this was helpful

  1. My association is not doing great, nobody understand and just two of us were doing it, i'm so sad:(

  2. Although I was late today (My upload speed is garbage), this is pretty straightforward once you know what to press – so hopefully i can prepare you guys for tomorrow's ass wars. Also, for those people who cannot claim their items – it’s because you need to have a cumulative 300 activity in your association. Since I just joined, I only have around 30~ activity. That means I can get it in about a few weeks – but it’s fine since I only get one item anyway. I hope this was helpful!

  3. It was actually pretty fun. My new guild almost finished two items but I know some people already got the dress like waaaa 😡

  4. I think the ass awards are stopping people from leaving there association? Like me and my sister can't leave

  5. It was a mess today in my association because I kept unintentionally avoiding people's invitations xd I waited about half an hour before people started showing up and right before that I got bored and went somewhere else for a few minutes and when I came back and saw the invitations they were closed already xd
    But in the end I managed to use my 2 chances in a team battle because someone helped me so I'm very happy about that! 😁 I just wish more people were here because really, from a 10lvl association with 38/38 members I would expect so much more than only 4 people showing up :/

  6. Welp, still waiting for the glitch to get fixed so I can leave my association. 😐 very informative video Effie! ( is it effie or tiffy, your yt is effie but your game name is tiffy, which one do I call you? XD) Anyway, hopefully I will be able to use these tips….someday.

  7. We were only able to finish the first piece. I doubt we would be able to finish it if I didn't donated. Only 3 people attended :" Me and the president were the only ones who attended both of the days. I don't wanna leave my association but the others are not helping ;-;

  8. Only few people showed up … we couldn't complete it today (68% done) hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to !! For a lot of them, the ass. contest is at 5:30am so I understand why they couldn't ;( wish ass could change time according their comfort !

  9. only 5 out of 29 people showed up, and our president and vices didnt show up.
    🙁 ill give them another chance tommorow. i dont want to leave.

  10. I'm so upset. Nobody showed up on one of my games so I just did it by myself. Only 2 people showed up on my other one. I wasn't sure if I should donate since we didn't have enough people. I was really excited too 😢

  11. Thanks for vid) Also do you know can we craft only in contest's hour or whenever we like?

  12. Our company has a big ass problem :/ since you can't change the time that the challenges take place, we can't participate. Cause we basically all live in Europe, so we should wake up at 4am :/ this sucks so freaking hard :(((( I wanne cry xD

  13. Hey Effie I need your help
    My association is really nice. Sometimes we write in the chat and the president made me vice president which is pretty cool.
    But the contest is only on 2 days and the first one is over. Out of 36 members noone except for me participated. I really like the suit and my association. But should I search another one who is going to finish the suit? Cause I don't know if we can make it
    And the contest is at 5:30 for me which is good because I don't have anything to do at 5:30 (well… except for sleeping) so I can participate

  14. Fresh New, Star Guard Association (ID: 32633) is recruiting! We need committed players that want to build a social and helpful community of really active players so we can enjoy the future association related content. Reqs: lvl25+ v4+ daily participation and social people!
    Are you sick of your non active association start fresh with us! ID:32633

  15. After reading the comments, I'm really proud that my association had 10 members online on the first day. I feel very lucky.

  16. One question: Is it of any use to do the team challenge more than twice? We basically spammed it for an hour straight because we weren't sure if there's any benefit for giving and receiving likes. xD

  17. Hiii I don’t know if you saw my comments on previous videos. I just wanted to let you know that the song of the hell event is called Lullaby of the Moon <3

  18. Last night was bad. We are in the top 900 associations and we need 10 people because the glitch. Association Vestimenta #21421. We are friendly and active with a Facebook and discord channel. My friend number is 102812747.

  19. Only 5 people from my association participated but we finished one piece.
    For the crafting of the piece where you need 12 people I showed up twice. So really it was only 10 people and me twice.

  20. I was really sad because in my association, we are just 2 who connect and do the challenge T_T i like those people but i dont know if i will quit because of that. I really want the suit…

  21. Hey! I just made an Association! So I need active members! Association name is "Ivory Oath" number is 33649.

  22. So I was just passing by to tell you that whenever you take 100 gifts from the competition you get around 105 diamonds ~
    Also when you share to get diamonds/points/gold you can tap the back button of your phone to make it a bit faster

    Love ya~!💕
    Edit: I was so confused by the ASS 😂😂

  23. i stayed up until 7:30 am to do the wars……and only 3 people in my association did it ;-; I am so sad

  24. I did this solo and it's on 6:30 Am for me… T.T I think I'll have to give up.

  25. Wow, I actually missed a video, I probably was doing the association wars around then too, and we managed to craft the first item yay! It was fun although it was hard getting everyone on around that time.

  26. My tablet won't work and I can't play Love Nikki because of wifi! The only thing I can play is Minecraft and Tiny Tower! Which one should I play?

  27. im confused about the battle ranking button and what it means because i am number one of my guild did battles four times but the material I gained was only in the hundreds lol. I was soloing though I don't know.

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