Love M44 with Mandy Raising money for Altzheimers Society

hi it's Oliver James here and I'm joined by Mandy who's raising money for the outside of society and you've got an event this weekend is Sundays and sit half once 1/2 1/2 1/2 3 half 1 till 3:00 at the lady James Hall just near George George Thomas playgrounds so it's this Sunday can people just come along go you're hoping people get tickets in advance ok so how much are tickets and families get for an adult child and what does that get them apart from our kind donations for a local charity ok ok that sounds like Liberty Park and so you're raising quite a bit of money to do something special for the Alzheimer's Society and what is that doing the Great Wall of China in sex ed Wow got to raise 3300 and so you walk in the whole wall what you know six days so you walk up to 7 hours a day 7 nothing like the mileage or kilometers I'd say all different types of terrain steps lot's of luck Monday was telling me before you're not really a keen Walker so you're doing any practice that he's brought your dogs you've done anything to practice with this apart from walking oh yeah so she's just like me going out there and just winging it but this Sunday lady James Hall right behind you come along would love you to come along and if you could get some tickets beforehand I will also put a link below so you can donate it go GoFundMe as just giving for a just giving page how much more do you need to raise how much you need to raise so we need another twelve hundred pound to make this possible it's a great cause there's a lot of people that suffer with obviously Alzheimer's dementia things like that so and it's a local local person trying to raise money for a great cause so feel free to message me and I could put you in touch from Monday as well if you want to buy a ticket in advance but it's this Sunday which is the 7th 7th of July nearly lost my days so feel free to book in advance and if you've not had time feel free to pop down on the day and get a ticket and come and enjoy this lovely event so thank you for joining us and best of luck we're going to talk now about me donating some money but you've been asking me so we'll talk about that now and I'll see you for the next videos and don't forget to love m44

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