Love is a Religious Problem

So there’s a great
line that says that sex is a disappointing
answer to life’s riddle and that love is ultimately
a religious problem. What we hope to get with love is
what we failed to get with God. Once we dispensed with God,
or once Nietzsche told us that God is dead, we needed
something else to believe in. And so now we deify the other. When in love, they
are like the wind. They are our salvation. She becomes the sun. What we really hope to gain
from love is completion. It’s transcendence. It’s immortality now. It’s stepping off
that people mover that’s carrying everyone
else towards death. It’s transcending
the human condition. By merging with an
incarnation of the divine, we might be saved too. Ultimately when we fall
in love, it’s a prayer. It’s a sacrifice. We give ourselves and hope
that this beam of light will save us from
our animal condition. We can dispense from
being gods with anuses and being just gods. You know, the whole purpose
of the human condition is to leave our animality behind
and become the symbolic beings, the self-creating
beings that we are, this recursive self-aware,
self-creating consciousness that is constantly
scripting, and rewriting, and editing its own
subjective unfolding as mind, mind constantly trumping matter. We can sense the divine
within ourselves. We see the divine within
ourselves, the namaste. And we just reach out and
try to get it from the other. And perhaps the impulse to
find salvation in the other is a mistake. And perhaps the answer is
in our creativity instead. I don’t know, just a thought.

  1. I'm avoiding being in a relationship because I know I'm weak and want to find salvation in a relationship but it's better to find it within our selves.

  2. This guy really loves to hear himself talk. I wonder if he knows he's not being profound, he's just being really obnoxious.

  3. You are rescuing me with the things you say … i finally found someone that thinks like me!!!
    I thought i was going insane!  
    Im generally speaking on all your videos ! 

  4. Wow, this guy is intense ( in a good way ). That thought process he is involved in is great. Is that the flag of the Netherlands of Luxembourg right behind him ?

  5. I've noticed that Jason gets a lot of his ideas from Ernest Becker. If any of you want to get at the heart of a lot of what Jason has to say read Denial of Death by Ernest Becker. It is truly one of the best books I've ever read. It won a Pulitzer so it also has that going for it;)    

  6. “The minute I heard my first love story,
    I started looking for you, not knowing
    how blind that was.
    Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.
    They're in each other all along.”

    “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
    ― Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (13th Century Muslim Scholar)

  7. I posted something on my blog a few weeks ago and it is very relevant to this video. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  8. Love is what each one individually feels, when they are in love, when they look at their children, at their parents, when they touch the sand at a beach, when they take a deep breath of fresh air.

  9. Thanks for the split second "gratuitous" shot of a same sex couple.  Really??  You need to rethink your balance.  LOVE IS LOVE

  10. I get that this is a philosophical video and I would love to say something about it's message but everyone else seems to have covered it so I'm just gonna say that the guy at 1:31 is really cute.

  11. You are a geek and you're too busy in your geekdom to have a girlfriend. We get it. Don't worry about it. Just carry on doing what you like and you'll meet some nice girl (or boy) who tolerates your "creative" obsessions. Or you won't. Yawn.

  12.  "Perhaps the impulse to find salvation in the other is a mistake and perhaps the answer is in our creativity instead"  I love this.  I think that religions grow from the desire to share that creativity, that intuitive knowing and that yearning to connect.  Perhaps when people can be in AWE, creativity happens without even trying, divinity is expressed, connection is possible, and love emerges.

  13. "God" is our trivial personification of love! Love is the ultimate intelligence. When we are infatuated, we get nothing but mere glimpses of the true nature of the universe… of the true nature of God… of the true nature of everything. Religion is to faith, like school is to an education.

  14. I think that too many people seek completeness through a romantic relationship. What is needed is to find completeness within ourselves before anything else. We need to be at peace with ourselves before we can ever be at peace with someone else.

  15. i think i may have someone i love but they belong to a religion the does not allow them to date out of there race. :/

  16. god was invented by thought love can not be anylized marrage should not be a legal instatution or have any governmt involvment.

  17. Namaste poped out at me i thought and researched its meaning and came to a conclusion imagine in culture there are always anti-cultures so in the beginning they could have moved us in this direction but it would have faced opposition the anti-culture and all cultures have there revolution which moves towards a better way of thinking it is why kingdoms fall and nations break apart so the point of all this government brain washing and conspiracy's is by design the culture being slavery because were to irresponsible to care of dream for ourselves that we turn from it and begin to hate it we begin to dream the hate feeds the anti-culture this free thinkers movement and revolution occurs the target is the evolution of the mind and growth in an exponential way technology becomes our exo-skeleton our way of expression we create our own divinity and thus a perfect society its formed like an organism evolving for its environment. 
    or this could be wishful thinking!!!

  18. There is the analogy of love & religion as helpful or interfering phenomena.  They can each support survival, growth, and transcendence, or be abused and trap or distract and degrade us from our individual and communal potential.  Whether our love or faith is weak or strong, our knowing might not make life easier, but can free us if ours is (was) a trap.

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  20. you guy are nuts…Jesus is the way the truth and the Light… Jesus is the only way to the Father in Heaven through the power of the Holy Spirit… that it…

  21. I actually agree with what you said at the end – I think the way to become transcendent is through creativity. Would love to hear a video where you expand that idea! I consider it my religion, kind of 

  22. Beautifully worded to the point where this could be shouted from the hilltops and shared at conferences but what I love about this is that Jason ends it with, "i don't know just a thought…" Really tells you how this man's "being" really is.

  23. Fun thought: If man makes a god, man would make a god that was relevant- an omniscient, omnipotent being that would, in its power, create man. If god made man, god would want to create a being that was strong enough to flourish on its own power and yet would still have faith- resulting in a creature that would believe itself the master of the universe and yet would cling to the concept of some higher power to create god.

  24. You are great , your words are amazing , your diction is great , every thing is  fantastic  except the voice of the music is so high . I can not focus what are you saying . I am glad to know this channel . Thanks man 

  25. What if God is love? And since we can't define God, we decided that its much simpler to believe our partner's love is God. When you believe there is no God your limiting yourself to the part of Him that He gave us and that is in fact love. So when you say love is God, you are 100% correct, making the two things equal and the phrase reversible,
    "GOD IS LOVE" 1 John 4:8

  26. "The Namasté". I like that!
    It means: 
    My soul honors your soul.
    I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.
    I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you,
    because it is also within me.
    In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one. 

  27. Its amazing how many people have the same thoughts as me and i don't even know them and propably never will, I have always seen the concept of love this way and I feel relief that somebody, somewhere think of it the same way. Thanks Jason 🙂

  28. Hello, I'm from Mexico and I follow your channel you tube, but really do not understand English very well, and I really perish amazing videos and spend hours translating what you explain, because it really is very interesting and personally philosophy I passionate, study sociology and my name is Darius and I wanted to ask us if you could put subtitles to the videos to make it more understandable, I would greatly appreciate, if you can not still keep following you and watching the excellent videos you upload and you really worth it, excellent job congratulate you, a greeting and a hug, bye.

  29. "I don't know… just a thought." Summarizes all of the videos on this channel—and I personally think your thoughts are quite sexy—which is why I subscribed.

  30. Love is primarily an opportunity to connect with the self IN the other. We're too involved in our own lives, as we're always the main guy, the hero, the protagonist. I think the great secret that lies in other people is that it gives us a sort of valuable distance to love ourselves through them. We look into their eyes, and see our own basic nature stare back at us.

  31. After finding you on table talk this morning, I have watched almost all your videos. It seems you have a lot of random thought. That you have gathered ideas from others. But you don't quantify anything. You don't summarize with your own opinion or thought. An input of what you think it means. Just thoughts. Should try it sometime. Push yourself.

  32. I love this channel all of it in every way it actually sparks my thought processes and makes me have so many thoughts that just create awe.  I love the quotes. this channel made me have faith in the human race, I thank you for that.

  33. It begins with loving yourself. Always expecting it to come from without rather than within can lead to many disappointing results from people who don't love themselves either.

  34. I love this guy, he really makes me appreciate life more . Thank You for making these videos that uplifts many's days. I Love your videos, cant stop watching them. 

  35. I don't agree that love is a religious problem but it is a solution to the human condition. And can only be resolved by marriage, and having an understanding of marriage; because it is through marriage that we can understand love. Hence if God is love, according to the Bible, we are all loved. And the fact that we can still care and love each other is also the fact that he still exist, and very involved in human life. We just have to seek Him out or seek love in order to love and be loved, because He is the very essence of love.

  36. I don't think you have felt yourself loving God to understand that you don't need to love another human as God has fulfilled your need of love already…

  37. I guess this Idea is in all thinks. Gödel's proofs with the Incompleteness theorems that Math is a religion. So we say that everything can be seen by religion.

  38. I think It's more of like because we failed at being perfect we seek another person to fulfill our needs/desires cuz humans we are so afraid to die alone and to be alone we are afraid to be forgotten we just can't accept this idea of being nothing and not getting attention not feeling alive, and expect love to be the answer

  39. The human condition is loneliness, that the the sorrow that plagues every human. And they try to fill the void with many things, money, fame, prestige, having children senselessly, etc.. But they still end up lonely. Few are the ones who find true love. And, mind you, this love is not necessarily sexual.

  40. I loved the fact that Jason spoke about divinity in all of us. Hinduism preaches that there is no evil. The good and bad both exist within us. Its the divinity which we are here to explore in this life (choosing good over evil) and the ultimate aim of life is to attain Nirvana or immortality. That's what Buddha attained in his life. Only a man without desire can truly achieve that. Only he is capable of giving true love, of absolute surrender, because he is not expecting anything in return. Namaste!!

  41. JASOOOOOOOOOON!!! WHY DON'T YOU DOUBLE YOUR VIDEOS IN SPANISH para los que necesitan escuchar esta pieza de arte en español!

  42. It hurts watching this… Because I just had my heart broken and I've been trying to get over it. I need to fix myself.

  43. Yes, Jason, but why do we have to realise the fact that love is only a spiritual problem? Can't we just live it off to the best until the end of our days? Even if not, I will. Period.

  44. Love is the answer. You are the question. The way you live your life is your solution… you must find your way to implement 'the answer of love' in your universe so that when you die there is more love in the universe than there was before.

  45. love is the saturation of our senses and God was the saturation of our understanding .. since our understanding has grown, we've started not to accept god as the limit of our understanding

  46. فيديو جميل جدا و البرنامج Shots of awe رائع جدا …. ف البداية عندما سمعت إسم البرنامج تساْلت عن سبب ورود كلمة Awe لكن بعدما شاهد بضعة حلقات فهمت هههههه….. شكرا

  47. The music though… It makes me want to kill myself… Not that it's bad… It's just seriously depressing… Seriously… seriously…


  48. It answers the question I have for a long. "Why do people fail in relationship even if it was based on love ?" . Cause their expectations from that love was too damn high.

  49. The problem I have with atheists is best described by this idiotic one here in this video. You guys seem to think that love is a "problem" because it makes you "weak", or shows the problem of human frailty. Love isn't a problem. We exist because of love. Love has nothing to do with propagating the human species. If this was true, then please explain why I fell in love with another man. And if you claim that homosexuality is a "genetic failure", like Ann Coulter says, I will bitch slap you into the same time zone I will do to the bigots that you atheists claim that you are more intelligent than! No, love exists because we are made by a loving God, who guides us to our own "heavens" or "hells" by giving us the choices that makes us into either loving angels, or hateful demons. Yes, the universe seems to be out to get rid of us, therefore making it look like that there's no God. But think of how a caterpillar must literally FIGHT its way to becoming a butterfly. We are the same. This world, this existence, is our chrysalis, and the trials of life and eventual death, are the forces that gives us our strong wings to fly away. We think that only days of sunshine will make life perfect. If that was true, then why aren't there anything growing in the Sahara?

    I didn't want to be gay. I never would have chosen this, and not because of religion that was forced upon me since I was born. But I literally thank God for making me this way because I know that I wouldn't be anything like the loving, caring man that I am now, nor would I have even met my now late boyfriend.

    I love you, Raleigh, baby. And I'll be with you again soon. And we'll finally go on that bowling date that we were going to have. <3

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