Louisiana Women: Taylor Jacobs, Local Blogger and Social Media Influencer

AND PHOTOGRAPHY AND HAS TURNED THAT PASSION INTO A BLOG.WITH THOUSANDS OF FOLLOWERS, TAYLOR JACOBS IS SPREADING POSITIVITY AND GRACE FROM RIGHT HERE IN BATON ROUGE.NBC LOCAL 33’S CARLY LAING SITS DOWN WITH JACOBS IN THIS WEEK’S LOUISIANA WOMEN. 3 NATSTHIS MAY LOOK LIKE YOUR TYPICAL FASHION BLOGNATSBUT FOR TAYLOR JACOBS IT’S MUCH MORE THAN CLOTHESIT ALL STARTED IN 2015. JACOBS HAD JUST MOVED TO BATON ROUGE AND WAS LOOKING FOR A CREATIVE OUTLETSOT:”I had always loved photography and fashion, but the photography was the driving force. I figured this would be a cool way to not only produce a cool image, but to learn more about photography.”SHE HAD NO IDEA HER BLOG WOULD TAKE OFFSOT:”I did not expect any of this. I really had no idea what to expect to be honest. I started it with just I wanted this creative space and when I get off my 8-5 job I want to have fun with something.”5 YEARS LATER, JACOBS HAS GAINED CLOSE TO 30- THOUSAND FOLLOWERS. SOT:”when it started to grow I think I was shocked, but then I was excited and was like OK how can I make this bigger.” BEING VULNERABLE ONLINE IS A SCARY–BUT JACOBS SAYS OVER THE YEARS HER FOCUS SHIFTED FROM PERFECTION TO REALITY SOT:”Yea, I think just giving myself that grace and learning to understand that I don’t have to be perfect with everything. With that being said you also never want someone to assume that I’m perfect. I want everyone to know the real me and I want them to know that I go through struggles and I go through ups and downs and things are hard, things are fun but I’m just normal.”HER SELF-GROWTH JOURNEY HAS ALSO HELPED INSPIRE OTHERSSOT:”Someone reached out and said I’m struggling with the same kind of thing and this has been truly inspiring to hear you say this. I don’t know why my message hit her, but for some reason it did and we were able to communicate back and forth and it was helpful to her.”AND CONNECTED HER WITH OTHER EMPOWERING WOMEN ACROSS THE NATIONSOT:”One of my absolute best friends that I’ve meet here, she just went through a really hard time getting pregnant and just had a baby via surroget. And a lot of my friends found her through my page and my friends who are dealing with the same thing have come to me and said oh my gosh I feel so inspired by Paula and learned so much from her. And I haven’t lived that story so they were able to find her meanwhile she continues to inspire me.”SHE HOPES TO CONTINUE TO USE HER PLATFORM TO INSPIRE OTHERS áááAND PROMOTE A POSITIVE ONLINE IMAGEááSOT:”Just being able to 3 JACOBS SAY THE INTERNET CAN BE A VERY NEGATIVE PLACE AND SHE HOPES TO SPREAD HER MESSAGE OF POSITIVITY AND BE A ROLE MODEL FOR YOUNG WOMEN AND GIRLS 3 CHECK ON WEATHER AND TRAFFIC

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