Local Politics Race to the Left  (HBO)

— Membership in The Democratic Socialists of America recently reached 25,000— more than tripling in size since Bernie Sanders’s
campaign brought the movement in from the fringe. But if the Socialist bloc wants to become
more than just a party of dissent, they’ll need to appeal to some non-white demographics. That’s a problem facing many
alternative political groups on the left. — I graduated right into the recession. The economy was absolute crap, I couldn’t find a job. I went to go apply for a job putting
labels on test tubes at a dentist office, and then the person interviewed me said, “I don’t know about this, I have people
with graduate degrees applying for this job.” It’s for $12 an hour. — Jabari Brisport is running for
City Council in New York. — What are these Republicans trying to do now? — Kill us! — Kill us, yes! — Jabari was born in the district he’s running in. His family has lived in the same
Brooklyn brownstone for 50 years… — It is not okay to keep… — …and he’s campaigning on a platform of police reform,
public school improvements and affordable housing. — …housing is a human right! — In most years, all that would add up to
a pretty compelling Democratic candidate. But Jabari’s not running as a Democrat. — I switched over to Green in June of last year. I would say my dissatisfaction
started even, like, in Obama terms. I mean, immediately after the bailout, I was kind-of pissed that
I was seeing Wall Street bankers reinvesting tax dollar money
into billion-dollar bonuses. Then the Occupy Wall Street happened
and I started getting pushed further left, and then, you know,
Black Lives Matter started picking up and I started getting pushed further left, until Bernie Sanders started
making socialism cool again. — Thank you! — Bernie lost the black vote nationwide
by a catastrophic margin, with more than 75 percent casting their votes
for Hillary Clinton. Bernie didn’t exactly help the cause with
a few well-publicized campaign gaffes. — To answer your question: when you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto, you don’t know what it’s like to be poor. — There were tiny imperfections
in his campaign with his attempts to tie everything almost
into economic terms. — But there’s some reason for optimism. Bernie actually won black voters
under the age of 30 by five points— fueled, in large part, by prominent black figures like Erica Garner,
the daughter of Eric Garner, and the rapper Killer Mike… — Oh, I am truly, truly honored to be here. — …both who questioned whether
mainstream Democratic politics were working for the black community. — Socialism, it’s not a dirty word anymore. — What’s the reaction from people, in this very historically Democratic district,
when you say that you’re a socialist? — They get a little wide-eyed,
and then they listen for my platforms— I would like to fundamentally transform
our society and our economy into one that is centered
around people’s needs, not profits. — Jabari isn’t the only black third-party candidate
to come into prominence over the past year. This spring, Chokwe Antar Lumumba
became the Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi running on a platform of
radical economic transformation. Democratic Socialist Khalid Kamau was elected
to the City Council of South Fulton Georgia. And in New York, Akeem Browder will be
running for Mayor on the Green Party ticket. These new black leftist candidates might
only be running on a local level for now, but third parties like the Green Party
and the Democratic Socialists of America have thrown their support behind them. — DSA’s super supportive. DSA made it rain. It took me three months just to get to $10,000, and then DSA sends out a fundraising email
before our deadline on Tuesday and, like, 4, $5,000  came in in one day. Which is insane. — Here’s the district he’s running in— it may be the best shot a leftist third-party candidate has at winning a major political seat. It includes several of Brooklyn’s
most quickly gentrifying neighborhoods, which means there’s a lot
of young black and white voters. — What do we want?! — Health care! — To win, Jabari believes he has
to capture those young white voters and convince enough black residents
to leave the Democratic Party. And he’s not sure if a white candidate could pull that off. — The burden falls primarily, if not completely, on socialist people of color. It’s just not going to work
with a bunch of white socialists coming in to a person of color communities
and telling them how things should operate, because there is that color barrier, unfortunately. — A cynic would say that the best way for socialists
to try to overcome that in the next election is to have people of color run as socialist. Do you feel ever like you’re a token? — I can see why that question would come up. I would say no, most because
I’m doing this on my own volition, because of things I strongly believe, and I’m openly running and running as a socialist because I believe it is the best thing
for liberation of people of color.

  1. Youtube comments just taught me that Socialism /= better quality of life for all but Socialism = Communism(and also fascism for some reason).

  2. This is quite a left wing channel yet I swear it's audience leans right. Out of genuine curiosity, why watch their content just to complain? If you want the content to stop then stop watching, it's called a boycott.

  3. TheGM. Holy shit your the guy who writes all of those awesome NewRetroWave movie plot summary(s) in the comments, everytime I read one
    I feel like I just watched a commerical for my favorite 80s action film.

  4. Well , giving away everything does not create a great society….people are at their best when moving foreword…I have been in over 50 public housing complexes…people would rather work and be purposeful…this is what the people I visited implied…just sitting around with the government nanny state??. To much centralized power…we govern best when allowed the freedom to individualize wants and needs…to the lazy who want the free ride, someone else is paying your ticket…

  5. The fact that "black votes" are counted as something on its own feels racist. I guess the states are a lot more racist than they even think

  6. All of them lazy, self victimized, weak fucks that don't want to pull their own weight. That think everyone is important, and that the government needs to be bigger and nanny the people. Socialism is unsustainable, get it through your fucking heads. Look at the USA now, welfare, social security, and health care together makes up 60% of the USA budget. Look at how much worthless trash like bums and single mothers it produces. Also, notice how a big chunk of those members are females. Females are the biggest recipients of the welfare state.

  7. Coming from a son of a middle eastern immigrant that climbed from a 3 room ghetto Chicago apartment to a 4 bedroom higher middle class house. My dad and mom worked their asses off even when the economy hit hard but they only got richer. It's not that they complained about them being discriminated. My dad always told me "Whenever you have an opportunity to learn anything, could be fixing anything on a car or just take that extra 3 hours after work to work with you're coworker on a project." My dad and mom didn't thrive on people paying for him. They were poor and left everything behind in Lebanon and when they came here they knew they had to work for the American dream, and it's there for them now. Basically, socialism has no place in this or any country because it doesn't work and never will work and the sooner you realize that the better you'll be.

  8. The amount of people that would take advantage of the welfare would be too much to handle and then hello inflation

  9. People in America who are not white should be happy to be in America. Which country in Africa gives more right to their citizens than the US does to black people? Which nation in South America gives their citizens a better life than the US is giving to those who immigrate to the US from South America?

    America was created by white people. I am not saying it belongs to white people only but those who have darker skin colors should respect America.

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…Bernie talking about living in the "Ghetto". BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Like he knows what it's like. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. As if he grew up in the Projects. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. And these retards REALLY BELIEVE him. AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! You people are hopeless.

  11. Socialism is a form of government sponsored and enforced enslavement! When promised free things from the government by people like Bernie , keep in mind that free is never truly free.

  12. The left thinks conservatives are trying to kill them?? As Dr. Jordan Peterson puts it, you need to sort yourself out.

  13. This is why we have antifa, it's so diverse in race, culture and people that it puts any "real" political party to shame.

  14. So for every non-American, their (as a group; not a party) like:
    – Podemos“
    – „La France Insoumise“
    – Die Linke

    but not like:
    – PSOE,
    – PS
    – SPD


  15. I really relate to Jibari Brisport–the disillusionment with Obama, changing my registration to Green last June. I live in Philly but I might just send him $5 anyhow, lol.

  16. The democratic socialist are just neo communist riding a wave of hate trying to suppress free speech under the guise of anti racism to get votes . the ussr they made sure people where not racist by force so it should have been wonderful right ? Wrong it sucked really really bad and millions died its why they are attempting to make conservative voters out to be nazis because they need a boogie man worse then stalin or mao good luck .This guy also sounds like a pro segregation pro antifa American dream killing piece of poop i hope he dosnt win and has to move to china!

  17. Socialism kills. Look at every attempt in history. The economy always tanks after massive shifts in wealth and resources, and the commodity price fixes never solve the hyperinflation.

  18. Socialism makes it harder for people to o live there lives the way they want weather there rich and especially if there poor it is a cancer on society

  19. Lmao. I'm French, socialism has made our country stagnant and hopeless. Almost 7/12 months, you work for the State and you're left with peanuts. The services provided by the State are crappy and crowded. Our normal unemployment rate is 8%, 20 to 25% among our youth.
    No matter where you go, young people are talking about moving to the US, UK or Australia. Our youngs are fleing in mass our socialist hellhole to settle in your dynamic capitalist paradise and these people are trying to turn it to the same stagnant and unnatractive country my people are leaving.
    It's easy to sell free shit to people, and harder to tell them that there are other solutions to their problems than just more government handouts.
    NEVER succumb to socialism, you're a beacon of innovation and economic dynamism in this world, and we desperately need you to actively play this role, so that we can grab a few economic growth points to sustain our massive welfare state, even though it is doomed to bankruptcy in the long-term.

  20. Well unfortunately Bernie Sanders didn't have the the political resources to buy and butter up connections with African American votes like the Clinton family did for years. You see the shots of the DSA having people of all types and Vice is still trying to push the race card.

  21. The DSA already has race quotas. Neolibs will smear anyone who doesn't support their establishment as racist. Smh

  22. "Republicans are trying to kill us"
    "We need people of colour to run things for people of colour"

    Sums up how ligitimate they are

  23. "When you are white you do not know what it is like to live in the ghetto or to be poor" I firmly believe it is people like Sanders that started this trend of it being ok to just talk out of ones ass and say whatever while trying to take away others free speech.

  24. Yeah, let's vote for the guy who was too stupid to anticipate the 2008 crisis, and who thought it was a good idea to spend the years leading up to it in college. Sounds like a genius we should all get behind.

  25. So the right to bear arms means we will get free guns? The right to freedom means we get a stack of free "get out of jail" cards? The right to free speech means we all get free airtime on tv? Damn, you leftist got to actually study in those schools you're going to. Having rights doesn't mean anyone owes you shit.

  26. Of course there is a color barrier. All that blacks can see is skin color. If it's not black, its not good. No matter if it's good for their community or not.

  27. It's okay, the doctrine of Intersectionality will destroy their movement from within. If you care about this country and it's foundations at all, do not support socialism and read history. The empirical evidence is clear. Socialism does not work.

  28. Socialism is cool… If you don't produce or contribute anything to society.
    For those of us who produce and contribute, it's fucking stupid!

  29. "Democratic socialism" is another way of saying, "the majority demands you give us more of your stuff." They dress it up in social justice and civil rights but it is the oldest rackets for organized theft.

  30. Meanwhile, the international co-operative movement is one billion strong; and is arguably the greatest force promoting social ownership and economic democracy in the world today. It doesn't rely on the next election, or the coming revolution, or a myriad of petty ideological distinctions. Just a lot of creativity and international solidarity.

  31. Give me Socialism = totalitarianism = Give me some Venezuela, some USSR, some Communist China. I'm always amazed at the ignorance of youth and their ignorance of history. 100 million killed under Communism. Hurah! give me some of that. Oh yeah.

  32. Right off the get go ANOTHER Liberal says affordable housing when Democrats are WHY rents and housing is NOT affordable because of Democrats property school TAXES . MY SCHOOL TAX is $ 4,578 a YEAR!!! My dem run city taxes are $ 2,000 a year, WTF that's already $ 6,578.00 a YEAR !!!! WTF does that do for Cheap rent and affordable housing when you add Insurance on the building the cost to LIVE in that home is $8,578 divided 12 = $ 714 a MONTH not including a Mortgage WTF Dems school superintendent is paid $190.000 a YEAR plus 30 ;paid sick days pay Money for gas.

  33. The purge is coming! We know who you are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbNLt8UKWQA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYvQPKskqSU

  34. Look at the dummies.
    Smh, where do these idiots come from….?
    If you don't like the way things are, you can LEAVE and move to some third world country where you'll feel at home.


  35. Plato's Republic warned us against democracies run by mob rule. This is what liberals are currently offering. Dangerously close to treason today – tomorrow?

  36. Yes I agree, "Housing is a human right" but you have to raise taxes to the working population so the lazy ones
    can have a home. Nothing is for FREE. Someone has to pay for the free healtcare and housing you Democratic Socialist are proposing.

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