Living With an Eternal God | Sandeep Poonen

Isaiah 57 : 15
For thus says the high and exalted one who lives in forever
1 John 2 : 13 I’m writing to you fathers, because you know
him who has been from the beginning God has been there from the beginning
And I began to think about that Lord what does that mean for me to live with
you Who is eternal
Doesn’t sound like such a big idea Doesn’t sound like a very complicated idea
I don’t think any of us have a problem in believing
Okay God is eternal Okay I knew that
But what does that look like What does it look like for me to live with
God Who is eternal
And I meditated on it Lord what does that mean
You are outside time And that has helped me understand
That that’s where God dwells Remember Isaiah 57 : 15
This is where God dwells So when God invites me home
And says come and live with me God says “Abide with me”
Come and live in my home Bring your stuff and live with me
When you live in God’s home When you live with God
One of the things that becomes more and more real to you Is that God lives outside time
Now what does that look like If you are living with God who lives outside
time This will be the mark of it
You won’t get anxious By the things that are bound by time
When God doesn’t answer my prayer today Or I have a deadline on next week
Or my Children haven’t gotten their education Like I thought they should
They’re still struggling with some concepts in third grade
Some of you have children who are older than third grade
My Children are in Third and Fourth Grade And we get assignments back and
they got 50% and Arrrrggghhhhh And you parents who have children in college
You’re like what are you worrying about They are in third grade
But for me it’s a storm They haven’t Figured out Multiplication and
they are in third grade And the parents who have children in college
are like calm down See they are living in the time outside of
the third grade They know what it is
I figured out math over time but my Child doesn’t understand math
and he’s in third grade or she is in third grade
doesn’t know how multiplication tables and I’m living in time
Then you become a father of a 24 year old or a 20 year old
and you live outside the time of a third grader Then it becomes a different storm
I need to get my children married They need to get a job
And then that becomes that storm Third grade multiplication Naahh
Don’t Worry about that but Marriage that’s a huge issue
What are my children gonna do Then your children get married
then it becomes a different storm about Grandchildren
and it’s retirement and all these storms happen but you’re very calm
when it comes to the third grade parent Don’t worry multiplication No Problem
It’s not a storm at all that storm has passed
but the storm of retirement that’s a huge storm
And that’s how we live from one storm to the next
I remember this I had a boss who was difficult for me to work
with And that became my big storm
Now I have a boss who is easy to work with And now my boss is not the storm anymore
It’s a different storm now Now it’s one of my co-workers
that’s a big storm And when I go to some other work and my co-worker
is fine and I will have something else
It will be the coffee machine I’ll have all kinds of storms
It’s the commute time All kinds of storms because I live in time
I dwell in a house called Time Children are third grade I got a time for
that And what God says is you come and live in
my house You dwell in eternity
There’s no watch God doesn’t wear a watch
He doesn’t say what time it is ? He doesn’t. Time is something that is on this earth
He lives in Forever God is the same yesterday, today, forever
And the challenge for me is to mature in the faith
As it says in 1 John 2 To go from just knowing God to be a forgiving
person To go from Victory over sin
And God says what’s beyond that You know whats beyond that
Is to live with this God who is outside Time The storm is raging and he’s asleep
The nail’s are piercing his hand and he’s at rest
I’m not This is Jesus who we’ve read about
Pilate says don’t you know I can release you Jesus says No
I’m in my father’s house He’s the one in Control
I’m not pressured by the situation now Pilate You’re engaging with me
I’m in my father’s house Where it’s eternity
And so this word we know which is God is sovereign is a very big word really
Another way of saying it is God is Eternal God is in control in an eternal way
And we really need to embrace that And our challenge is so often I sin so often
we sin because we are so time bound This teacher really needs to do better teaching
to my children This job really needs to work differently
This airline really needs to do things differently In the way they serve the food on the plane
All of these things Or the way they take my baggage
or the way the traffic works All these little things
Time bound issues God’s keeping on telling me
Come and abide with me Abide with me
And I’m eternal And if I’m eternal you’ll relax
Knowing that God can order circumstances We’ve seen this in our children’s lives
How God has ordered teachers One teacher to get pregnant and leave
Beautiful Celebration for her So God can bring another teacher
That is better suited for our children And sometimes the teacher is not so suited
for our children To help us to not Judge
And God orders everything Bringing the right help at the right time
Giving us the right references to help us when our children have needs
And when he doesn’t reference us God says not my time
I live in eternity And to trust in this as we are handling the
church in different situations When a brother gets married
When a sister’s proposal works out All different kinds of things
Caring for different situations God’s timing is Perfect
And to trust and to not try to force God to work in a particular
way at a particular time God you live in eternity
If you’ll close doors blessed be your name If you’ll open doors blessed be your name
And we just live in eternity cause that’s where God dwells
What a life of Rest we can have If we will stop looking at our watch
and our calendars and our time frames that are earth bound
And say God I’m gonna dwell in eternity That’s where God dwells
That’s his home So ask yourself
Are you abiding with God ? It’s a very big deal to abide with God
The prodigal son had to come home and then he had to live in the house
And there is no place in God’s house for our time bound issues
God says Stop Stop! You Can’t
This All your issues Can’t stay at my house
You want me to work a particular way and drive a particular time according to your
watch Because of your Time
No! throw away your watch When you come into my house throw away your
watch I live in eternity
So there’s no such thing as time I’ll drive as I feel fit
And to some people he gives different situations To some he gives children who are not
Who don’t have the same DNA as the rest of us
They could have certain challenges to walk
to talk to think
to speak to do math
To each person he gives Some he gives difficult Families
To some he gives easy mother-in-law’s and father-in-law’s
To others he gives more difficult ones To some he gives easy opportunity to make
lots of money To others he makes it very difficult
to make money month to month All different challenges and God says
We all know we all have different trials To some its this to some its that
But God says you can all live in eternity That’s my home
Come live with me And so it’s beautiful to see the father running
out to meet me It’s beautiful to celebrate with God
But then God says You wan’t to not just have the feast
Now you got to live with me I always imagine how was the Prodigal son’s
life the next day Then the feast is over
Now it’s normal life What does normal life look like
No:1 – He lives in eternity I’ll take care of all of your issues
I know we are broke I knew you wasted all my money
It was my money you took the inheritance and now we don’t have em
Don’t worry we live in eternity We’ll figure this out
We may have to have bread and water for the next 3 years
But it’s okay We’ll figure it out
There are consequences for the mistakes you made
But I live in eternity You don’t have to bring your troubles
I’m Sovereign I can turn water into wine I can feed 5000 No problem
Be anxious for nothing It’s a sin to be anxious
because God ‘s house is outside time It’s really important dear brothers and sisters
It really blessed me to think of When it said you know when you are growing
in the faith You know when you are becoming a father in
the faith Is when you see me as eternal
Use that as a way of knowing that you’re maturing in the faith
That you are more and more relaxed When people bring troubles to you
You’re like Its okay guys We’ve got a Father he’ll take care of us
He’ll help us Yes we have to use our wisdom to make decisions
in short periods of time but We’ve got a father he’s eternal
Outside Time This day will come this day will go
Next deliverable will come next deadline will come next deadline will go
My home is eternal The boat is shaking the water is coming into
the boat Jesus is living in the father’s house of eternity
What a beautiful place to live in that And that’s the life i want to live
I want to draw people more I want to invite people more
I want to ask people to come with me and our church and in our lives to say
Live with God who is eternal And God is trying to tell me that too in my
own life Sandeep you are getting into so many problems
because you make You want me to come with you into your time
bound issue Live with me
All these problems and all that’s solved Abide in God’s house
Don’t come just for the party on Sunday mornings And then leave on Monday like the prodigal
son God’s inviting you to stay in the house beyond
the party Beyond the celebration
Which is the first thing and as we stay in the house he says
Your issues No Worries I’ve got this No Worries
No Worries in this house here I live outside time
And I want you to show your children Dear Parents God is wanting us as parents
to show our children that we live with a God who is eternal
God’s got this under control God’s got everything under control
God’s got that issue with your fellow student who is constantly teasing you
Let’s take it to God Let’s ask God
I remember that one time when I was interacting with a situation
where I felt oh you know what I need to email the principal and let him know about this
Cause one of my children was struggling with something
with some situation at school I felt that the school needed to step in and
help And the Lord checked me and said hold on
First why aren’t you checking with me Do you think Sandeep that I’ve created this
issue I’ve not created but I’ve allowed this issue
In your child’s school because I’m trying to reach your child
I’m trying to reach your child to say “I’m here”
I can solve your problem If you keep emailing the school and try solving
all your children’s problems for them You’re never gonna create an opportunity for
me to reach out to them Maybe I’m the one who is behind this
Who specifically allowed it to cause that trouble in your child’s life
So you being the Godly parent that you are would encourage your daughter to reach out
or to encourage your son to reach out in this time of struggle
And let her cry to God and let her wet her pillow to God at night
and then I’ll speak to her like I spoke to Samuel when he was a little boy
But its not gonna happen if you keep coming in the way and messing things up
And I’m not against emailing the schools and emailing the work or anything like that
But where is the place for God to work in some of these situations
Take it to the Lord in prayer Lord am I giving you the space
You’re outside time Some of these problems of pain
Look at your own life look at where God spoke to you most clearly
Wasn’t it the times when it was the moment of pain
wasn’t it in the time of trouble that that’s where God could speak so clearly
Is it gonna be any different in your child’s life
Is it gonna be any different in our co-worker’s lives
In that moment of pain for us to be able to be messengers of God’s word
that we can speak to God Speak on God’s behalf into a situation and
bring life but it wont happen if we are constantly getting
in and trying to make beds of roses for our children
and Wanting ourselves to have a better roles everyday
We don’t need God’s voice We don’t need God
God says I live outside time I know you’ve got this time bound issue but
come and live in my house and rest And when the Pharaoh’s army is just at the
right time I’ll open the red sea not before that
I know I know the pharaoh’s army I know exactly where they are
I know how fast their chariots are going at the right time you’ll go through
and cause it’ll have to be at the right time because
right after that I’ll need the pharaoh’s army to go through into the water too
thinking they can catch up with you And once they are half way through
the water comes over and closes them But if I open up the water two days earlier
the pharaoh’s army wont come into the water At the right time to maximize my Glory
Hold on Hold on I know the speed of the chariots
I know exactly what I’m doing I live outside time
I know exactly what I’m doing God bless us

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