Livestream 4 Cameras to YouTube or Facebook Live via iPad (Without Wires) — SlingStudio Review

– I’ve done two major live video streams. One was for a conference
where I had to have someone actually man a bunch of cameras, we had to hard wire SDI
cables for 150 feet, did multiple cameras, it
was really complicated, really complex, and basically
needed that extra person just to use all the
hardware and to make sure we did it properly. But I’ve been testing out
a pre-released version of the new SlingStudio, which
comes from the people that made Slingbox, who’s now owned by Dish. But this SlingStudio is
a pretty sweet way to get up to 10 camera angles,
all wirelessly broadcasting through this directly to
somewhere like Facebook Live or YouTube Live or some other kind of live streaming platform in the future that they hope to support. I’ve been testing this
out and lets get into some of the features it
has and how I could use it. Whether you’re broadcasting
live to YouTube or Facebook or probably some other
platform it’ll support soon, it creates its own wifi network to connect all of the different cameras
and devices you’re using that you want to broadcast
different streams of, and it can also connect to
an existing wifi network if you then want to go live. It can record up to four units at once to an internal SD card that you insert or a USB external hard drive. But it can have up to
10 total cameras where six of them are kind
of in a standby state. Then if you put them
into the main four angles it’ll start to record those as well. And your cameras can
be up to 300 feet away using this wifi network. When recording, you can have it do it in a few different ways. One, you can have it record
all four sources separately and isolated so you can
always go back and fix which angles are being shown when. You can record a quad view
which is kind of a preview of all the different angles and then you can record the audio through the line in port. And you can also just record the program or output stream with all the live cutting and switching of angles
that you already were doing during the broadcast. As far as other plugs on the back of it, there’s an HDMI input so
you could run one camera or a computer feed or a video game system directly into the device
via a hard HDMI cable. Also on the back is an HDMI output port. It’s not a full HDMI size,
it’s actually a mini, but that’s an easy way for you to tell the difference between the two ports. And you can go from there to a TV or some other kind of
external monitor and get a quick preview of the quad view, showing the four different angles, so that’s really great
for one person to kind of sit and monitor how all the
camera angles are doing. To get additional camera
angles into the SlingStudio, a few options are to, number one, use the iPhone or Android app
that they have called Capture. This enables you to use
your phone as the video feed and you can kind of change
exposure or focus point just like you can when
you’re normally taking photos or video on your phone. The other way is to use the CameraLink. This has a USB port and an HDMI port that enables you to
plug in HDMI feeds from video cameras, DSLRs,
or mirrorless cameras. You charge the CameraLink
through the USB port either while plugged into a wall or maybe a battery pack
if you’re on the go and you want it to continue
to last throughout the day. Then the micro-HDMI port is great for then connecting into a mini-HDMI
port on something like a Canon 5D Mark III or
IV, or a full HDMI port on something like a Canon C100, or whatever size HDMI port you
have, you just have to maybe buy that cable so it goes from micro-HDMI to whatever your camera has. Another way to use the
CameraLink is actually from an HDMI out on a computer. So I was able to plug an HDMI cable from the back of my Mac Pro
into a CameraLink and then the SlingStudio found
that desktop display of me just showing my YouTube
channel was working as well. So you could use this for
pulling in the presentation slide of someone at a conference,
or maybe you’re doing a software demo and you want that to be one of the angles, too. How this all comes together
is by using the tablet app for both iPad and Android called Console. This allows you to switch
between different angles, you can monitor up to four
of the angles at a time. You can choose which camera’s sound to use and actually adjust the
audio levels in the mixer. It allows you to connect
to all your CameraLinks and your iPhones and
the hard wired HDMI port and just use all the
different camera angles to switch between. You can tap once to preview that angle. You can double tap to go
immediately to that angle through the program or broadcasted feed. You can also drag them around. You can do picture in
picture, whether that’s side-by-side, three of them side-by-side, four in a quadrant, or
even picture in picture and be able to resize it as you’d like. You can create and add text titles live while you’re recording
and then preview them and push them to the program feed. You could also do things
like sports scores, update them when someone
scores, push them live at the bottom of the screen. Over on the left side is
where you would push record to actually start recording
to either the SD card or an external hard
drive that’s plugged in to the SlingStudio. Then right under that
is the go live button, and this enables you to set
up a YouTube live stream or a Facebook Live stream. You can schedule them,
set kind of the frame rate and set the bit rate
that you’re going to use based on your internet speed, and you can go ahead and go live. It’s a pretty easy system to use. I figured out how to use it
in just a couple minutes. You might want to schedule
your YouTube stream and then when you log in
that’ll pull it in automatically with all the correct title and description and metadata and stuff. The audio mixer is really easy to use, whether you’re using just
one camera’s audio feed or you want to use a
mixture of each of them. It’s really easy to adjust the levels and you can even monitor the audio levels and playback using your
headphones on the iPad. For a bigger production like
a live event or a concert, you’re most likely going to
have an audio mixing board that someone’s going to be managing, and you can just take a line in from that into the SlingStudio and
choose that as your audio feed. To make the setup as wireless
and mobile as possible, you’ll probably want to
pic up the battery as well that plugs into the bottom of the hub. This charges in about three or four hours when plugged in directly to a power supply or it charges in about
10 hours if it’s plugged into the hub while you’re using the hub. The hub should be powered
by the battery for about three or four hours depending on what kind of recording you’re doing and how many angles you have running into it. But that should be plenty of
time for most live broadcasts. This enables you to be
away from power outlets or even out in the wild somewhere. One more accessory to check
out is the USB-C extender. Now the USB-C port
could be used to plug in a newer external hard drive and use that to record your footage
onto, or you can use this extender to go to a
USB 3.0 type A hard drive, you know, one with the older connectors, or it has an ethernet port as well. So if you’re doing a live
stream you probably want to be hard wired in and not rely on wifi, so getting this USB-C
extender enables you to do so. When you’re ready to
edit, you’re gonna want their software plug-ins. The Adobe Premiere Pro CC one is on the Adobe add-on exchange, and
the Final Cut Pro 10 one is on the Mac app store,
called Final Cut Pro Converter for SlingStudio. Overall I’m really impressed
with the SlingStudio. The iPad app is really easy
to use once you figure it out, and that only took me a couple minutes. The ability to cue up different angles, get them exactly how you want them to, and then push a button or double tap to make that the live feed. It can be really dynamic and really quick to switch the angles and
do what you need to do for something like a sporting event or a live broadcast of a conference
with a speaker on stage and an audience there
with multiple cameras you’re switching between. I can see myself using it for
that reason for my clients or perhaps doing a little
YouTube Live studio here in my office where
I have cameras that are kind of permanent in
places and then I have one or two that’s roaming
that’s just connected using that CameraLink where I can take it even somewhere else in my home. Or I can use my phone
to get a very specific angle of something I’m talking
about and switch to that. You don’t even need really a producer or someone else to be there doing
the camera switching either, because you can just have
your iPad sitting there to the side, switch to
what angle you want to use, make sure the audio’s connecting, go straight to live on YouTube or Facebook with a couple clicks. This is a really cool
system, it’s probably the best that I’ve seen
out there compared to using the Blackmagic systems which, you know, you need a lot of hardware, a lot of wires you’re running all over the place. I didn’t really notice
any delay at all on using either the built-in
wifi on the SlingStudio or using my own wifi network which is also here in the same room,
but in general I was going upstairs and stuff
and it didn’t have any delay in the playback or in the recording. Then one of the biggest time savers, which my editor Tim is going
to be very thankful for, is with these you can
record both the live feed that you’re switching between angles and all the originals if you need to get back and make a minor change on when exactly you switched angles to something. So that can save a ton
of time in the edit of really long conference
talks or sporting events, to just have the live to tape thing that you can immediately upload
right after it’s done if you have someone switching angles live. Features like that make
this a huge time saver in the long run versus
having to then go and sit through and edit that
entire video that you filmed. So I really like the SlingStudio, I’m excited to test it out
more, do some more live streams, maybe think of a more advanced
way to use this as well. I’m thinking about what
kind of audio inputs you can have through a specific camera or through the line in port
using an audio mixer board. This can kind of get as
advanced as you want it to, with as many camera angles as you want. But doing this three camera
setup that I was doing with a couple CameraLinks,
one hard wired into my computer to show on my
desktop, one from my phone that’s a little more
mobile and easier to use. Ideally you would use
all of the same cameras so that things all look the same quality. But with live streaming,
a lot of people are just used to watching people that
are holding out their phones so if you’re using some
DSLRs, even if they’re different brands and stuff,
you can at least set the white balance and maybe
change the tint a little bit to get them dialed in right and then equal exposure levels. Your live broadcast is
gonna look way better than most of them that are out there. Maybe the SlingStudio is an investment you’re willing to make. Just the main box is about
a thousand dollars here at the launch, and you know,
the CameraLinks and stuff are a few hundred dollars. Then if you want an adapter or a battery for the SlingStudio, which
is really great because if that power cord gets pulled out you’re gonna want the
battery, or if you’re in some remote place and
you want to live stream you’re gonna need that battery as well. It’s a bit of an investment,
you’re probably gonna spend 1,500 to 2,500 dollars
to build this out but for live streaming I
have not found an easier solution to use. A special thanks goes out
to both B&H Photo Video and to SlingStudio for
sending this out to me to test and review before this thing is available in the market. Now I want to hear from you, what are you using to live
stream, what platform? Is that YouTube, is it
Facebook, is it Periscope, is it something else? And then what equipment are you using? Tell me in the comments below. I like to know what
people are using so I can get my hands on that
stuff, do proper reviews and demos and tutorials as well. If you’re not subscribing
to the YouTube channel you can do so right here. We’re closing in on 20,000 subscribers. Thank you everyone for subscribing and watching my videos and following along. It allows me to have
opportunities to try out equipment before it comes out,
share it with you guys, do little demos, do detailed reviews, and I really appreciate you all. I’ll see you guys in another– what was that?
In another video, peace.

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