Live TV Prank Calls to Pro-9/11 Communist Public Access Host Jack Jersawitz

thank you you're becoming hey a big wheel and the government the world has changed and moved a little bit we go to the phone good evening you're on brainstorms hey why don't you tell us your names everybody out there can know what an idiot you are if people who have bloody idiots um good evening you're on brain stop let me pick up the phone good evening your brain stops that's our local assholes let's go to the earphone good evening you're on brain stops I'm listening providing you straight you wanted to talk about what we're not talking about ratings ha nothing serious and that call was there uh my engineer is going crazy good evening you're on brainstorms with our big jack and you I don't think we want to talk to you doing hello yeah I'll be number one caller yeah you're the number one pest ah that's a call we don't really want to deal with where do we go next this is with brainstorms you're on it hey Jack uh I've been trying to call the last dammit and get a busy signal what gives what do you got to say besides that oh hey nice day should have hung up on that lad you mean the rich yeah and I hung up on you didn't I it's the same dude good evening you're our brainstorms hey now listen I'll make this short sweet holiday right yeah short and sweet it is I got the button putting in your on brainstorms big Jack what's up yeah I just gotta say well your colors not a real Punk bitches and that's one of them you got any nerve come on in here and say that sitting here on the chair good evening you're on brainstorms jack you don't really want me to tell everybody why you're not in school do you folks the call one's bluff or what – be very careful what they do good evening you're on brain stops you hear me all right yeah we can hear you yeah I got it I got this agreed why were you saying out Sally me wrong now now I got a lot of respect for you and your your TV calling show but at a loss see I'm on hold on a cell phone here I'm on the toilet I'm gonna wipe my ass oh yeah that's one of our Joker's um good evening you're on brainstorms hi the big tag yeah hi I got this number on bat ball I said advocate I mean got some folks out there that are just a crew of idiots here and there the same good evening you're on brain stumps we're playing those games again it's the way it goes guys come on mail and leave that alone we all we have we have these folks that call over here and play games with the phone system you know we'll take action about that we can do it it's traceable traceable in this world of electronics really traceable so good evening you're on brain stops Oh first time caller left forgive me a little nervous a big honor be on your show I can't believe it another clown what are we gonna do we have a world of clowns out there good evening you're on brain stops hi have a place what we're talking about earlier now isn't it true though now let me get this straight here Jack can you hear me okay yeah Matt Matt if you won't use a penguin in bad Myint or two nut cases all over the place got one of the control panel to sign that goes the phone again good evening you're on brainstorms yeah this is for the penguin I just record we have lots of cretins out there good evening you're on brain stops yeah I've got a question about the weapons of mass destruction sure do you think this weapons like freeze rays something that should be banned as well like what like freeze rays I mean you try that in Gotham City right another instead they call in here and play games good evening you're on brain stops that's what I mean I don't know guys my size has nothing to do with it one wonders what the sizes of what's between your ears facing what you face in this society with this government and all you know to do is call them here and make fun to the phone range on brain songs that's all local assholes function fast my face is all over the place from bloody idiots bunch of creeps will get clowns calling in here it's myiasis we got more freaks out there another freak we have Queens and queens unit please its crown and you're the number one pest the crew of idiots one of the clown's huh that's one of our Joker's and show visit Frank's increasing function fast I'm not a clown never understand these folks that's one of the asses we have lots of cruises out there smile and say why your car and you're one of the local freaks another freak the phone again of this previous disappeared it's clown without a clown one of the clown's will get clowns calling in here it's clown what are we going to do with all the clowns out there that terrible bunch of I can't think of enough names the colder by to crave same Queens freaks bunch of is ass my ass as much as my asshole the bloody idiots punctured fast yes they're out there tonight in force

  1. I definitely dont agree with his commie ideas but for some reason I really like this guy. But the calls are funny as hell I almost feel bad for him. RIP Big Jack

  2. 5:15 “We have a world of Clowns out there.” Oh Jack indeed we do Honk Honk🤡🤡

  3. We can't just pick on the funny little communist, nooooo. We have to bring ethnicity and religion into it….fucking limp dick scared little Nazis.

  4. “World of clowns out there”

    10 years later and this video is more relevant than the year it was posted

  5. I literally spit out my tea at the part
    "Hey Jack, didn't you play the penguin in batman part 2" lmfao😂😂

  6. Every six months or so I listen to this and laugh my ass off. It’s like a prescription for having a bad day

  7. Penguin: "hello your on BrainStorms!"
    Pranker: ""Mmhhmm Jackkk! Your a BIG MAN!
    Mhhmmm yea! Your SO BIG! "
    (Endcall beep)

  8. Jacks the type of guys to rape and kill young girls in rural Louisiana and then keep body parts in the fridge frozen while burying the remains in his corn fields and later being caught by the FBI with the help of Hannibal Lecter or some shit

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