LIVE: Growing your business – Everything from Money to Systems – Susie Carder and Amber Vilhauer

I feel like we should have started with
dancing why didn’t I think about that Susie’s so fantastic when she does live
streams you see her standing up in her office and she’s bumping she’s having
fun with with her music and she’s dancing and it just really brings the
energy up into the room and people are commenting and engaging and it’s it’s
really run so definitely for those of you who are joining us live let us know
where you are joining us from just make a comment below I’m just curious to see
where you guys are from but I have to tell you about Susie so I met Susie many
years ago back when she was working very intimately with Lisa Nichols and helping
to build her global brand and it was through working with them that I got
redden as the book launch coordinator helping them make number one on a couple
of their books which was exciting but Susie is like a comet blasting through
the universe with who she is she has an incredible heart she is incredibly
intelligent she has the serious side because she can get shit done and I love
that about her and she helps authors speakers coaches small businesses to
grow from about 250,000 a year let’s say all the way up to 10 million now if you
want to know what on earth is holding you back from having a multi-million
dollar business then you definitely want to listen up to this interview we’re
going to talk about all sorts of cool things today I’m just gonna pick her
brain and Susie before I ask you your first question I have to share my screen
to let you guys know that Susie has a webinar today
it’s coming up really soon here at 11:00 a.m. Pacific and the conversation that
we’re gonna have is a little bit of a preamble to this webinar and it wasn’t
planned this way I’ve just been wanting to interview Susie for a while but she
just happened to be having a webinar today that I really believe in I’m
signed up for it myself there’s more than a thousand other
people signed up for it and Patti on my team is going to paste a link so that
you guys can sign up and watch or participate in the replay but and I
will bring that back up again here toward the end but Susie thank you so
much for spending some time here with me you’re very busy lady so I appreciate it
and I want to get started by asking you what should we know about our
relationship with money because I feel like a lot of people have a bad
relationship with money yeah what do we need to do to try to correct that or
shift our thinking so that we are open to making money well if you think about
it and first thank you hello this morning for me it’s a little
left afternoon for you or I’ve been mourning for you so welcome welcome
welcome I’m so excited that you guys are here I’m so excited that we get to pour
into you you know this is one of the funnest topics on the planet when you
can embrace it so I always say I’m a mantra that wealth is our birthright
right and I say that because I came from nothing right we were poor and I don’t
mean the kind of poor that you didn’t know you were poor this was the kind of
poor you knew you were this was the kind of poor but you know when groceries ran
out you just had to wait till the paycheck came in before you went and
bought some more groceries right this was you know here you’re you know white
bread sandwich hopefully there was some meat if not you just had a piece of
government cheese kind of poor there was nine kids
Bobby Ronnie Stevie Terry Joanie Shelia Susie Kelly Debbie nine of us and twelve
oh my gosh twelve hundred square feet Amber six
girls and one bathroom three boys and the crazy part is two bedrooms I don’t
know like I go back not know this I don’t know how we’ve been working
together I do not know this Wow oh it’s so crazy and so I knew you know people
discern in many different ways people discerned by what they want and people
discern what they don’t want right and from what you don’t want you choose what
you do want well I’m the discernment of I know I don’t want that I don’t know
what the other part looks like but I just know I don’t want that you know
everything when you have that many kids everything is brown
you gotta keep it there’s no keeping anything clean Oh
I chose early on right that wealth was my birthright and I knew the great
lesson my dad did give me is he said sue you can do whatever you want you just
have to work hard right so there wasn’t we didn’t have this conversation go to
college it was you know get a job get a husband those were the two directives
because you’re moving out that many kids you are moving out of 18 there is no if
ands or buts go and so early on you just had to learn how to deal with it so as a
young kid I was I’ve been a serial entrepreneur I would mow lawns clean
toilets babysit you know whatever I needed to do to get some money to buy my
bicycle to my fetish was underwear cuz again nine yeah I got it
girls everything was a hand-me-down and there’s two under me so I’m saying
everything was a hand-me-down I did not want use peony so I immediately I gotta
get a job so I can buy my own underwear and hide them that kind of bored so I
just learned early on to go I need to master this thing called money I need to
figure out how to make money and I didn’t have a formal education right I
have a PhD and I don’t know if you know that but my PhD is my public high school
diploma and so I just figured out how to start leveraging what it is that I was
doing you know I got married young because that’s what my dad told me to do
you know it was not the right marriage okay cuz at 17 what do you know about
picking a husband right I met him on the team he got married when I was 20 we
were divorced by 25 I had two little kids and when I left the baby was six
months old and my daughter was 18 months old
no child support no alimony so I had to hustle I had to really go how am I gonna
take care of my children and that you know I think that the gifts that you
have don’t always they don’t look like gifts the gifts that you get are
sometimes wrapped in sandpaper and that was a sandpaper gift says oh it made me
roll up my sleeves it made me hustle it made me as a parent as a
mother the things you will do for your children versus for yourself you know I
got really strategic on Mickey bunny I was a hairdresser and did a quarter of a
million dollars a year three days a week as a hairdresser and the average
markable yes crazy is remarkable I like shoes so you know she wasn’t me care I
had to figure those and so I grew you know I grew that business and created a
multi-million dollar business inside of that industry where the top 1% of a
nation top 10% in the world and we earned that by the productivity that we
did what I knew how to do is hustle I knew how to book clients I knew how to
make money and then opened a salon and spa became the top in the industry and
then people would ask me how how did you do that and I’m like well let me show
you numb realize like there’s another business here Harry
created the largest training and development company in the beauty
industry and then sold that for millions to Richter’s Publishing Thompson
learning and along that journey you know people Norton normal just a regular
entrepreneurs because hungry will you coach me I’m like I’m not coaching you
know I don’t know anything about graphic design the craziest business I coached
amber was there were a art wear store and it was a mom-and-pop business and in
the middle of the hardware store mom opened a jewelry store
so if imagine like a Home Depot and then in the middle of Home Depot store and
get this fine jewelry Rolex carat diamonds you know beautiful diamond
rings but that that’s the location this year here’s the beauty of it that
location was doing 3 million the hardware store was doing a million and
when I met them they’re like we’re pulling the jewelry start out I’m like
whoa whoa whoa whoa time out time out don’t pull it out like the man that came
to that location didn’t want to go into pretentious jewelry store they didn’t
want to go into like and be intimidated they were dealing with mom right and
then their daughter and and that was the most profitable piece of the business
was right in the middle is any jewelry store so you never know right there’s
blessings all around you so we just looked at the whole strategy and when we
took that on I don’t know how to do that but what I do know is business so for
the last 15 years I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs in how to grow business
sustain a business and there’s money everywhere there is money everywhere and
part of its our mindset part of it’s our limitation part of it’s our relationship
part of it’s our limiting belief part of its observability right all those things
when we look at money it stops us and money is a masculine energy so if you
look at women have a harder time accumulating mastering it and you start
looking at the foundation and underlying beliefs of money
it’s got masculinity tied to it so if you have any kind of dad issues or
authority issues or you have a tendency to resist right and what you resist
persists or you’re afraid of it or nervous of it and you know so I love
that diving deep not just in the strategy around a business but what
what’s your relationship with money right what’s your inherited relationship
from our parents and our grandparents what’s our community relationship like
how is your community deal with money and credit and you know is it a healthy
relationship so there’s so many little things that I believe business and money
is like remember in school we’d have those padlocks oh yeah
and remember one little tick off that sucker wouldn’t open right you go 2264
no annoying money right that’s your business one little tick off and you
know this you’re a business strategist one little tick you come in and you just
tweak a couple things in someone’s business and we start making it rain
how’d you do that because we have that experience of going it’s just a tick
like let’s figure out what’s where your stop block is let’s figure out what’s
working what’s not working and let’s open it up or open up the floodgates to
your prosperity okay everybody you are playing why I’m
feeling this moment that like okay I got to pay attention to this woman god I
signed up for the webinar got to follow her on social media I’ve got to figure
out how she can help make it rain in hi business and so I’m actually super duper
fortunate to be working with Suzy she and I hope it’s okay that I’m saying
that so you can tell but I mention it because Suzy has a book that’s coming
out next year that is going to be a total game changer for small businesses
I know a lot of people say that there’s so much hype these days but like I can
tell you having worked so intimately with Suzy getting deep into her business
into her teachings and with her community and her team number one that
she’s the real deal high integrity so giving so loving
really takes care of everybody around her I don’t honestly know how she does
it all sometimes but on the other side of it like she is getting unbelievable
results for her people not just heights left stuff but like she goes and laser
focus she fixed that she does the TIC Suzy can I ask you to brag about
yourself for a moment and just shares some of the the stats some of the big
results that you’ve been able to get I mean obviously you spoke about your own
business success which was remarkable but then going into Lisa’s brand and
others just a couple of highlights so people really get a sense of what’s
possible yeah so you know what Lisa’s brand when I first met her many many
many years ago we’ve we’ve had a long history and I’m the kind of business
coach that if you’re doing the work we should be getting results so if you’re
not doing the work I’m gonna fire you because it doesn’t make sense it’s not
about money money is a fair exchange it’s about your growth and development
so the thing I love about Lisa is she’s a great student you tell her to do
something she would do it and so we started at $80,000 and built her
business to almost 10 million dollars right and that was in a 10-year period
so when I took I took over her company I was the CEO and president of that
company she was at about eight hundred thousand previously I was there just
your business coach but then when I took it over we started systematizing
everything and then took the company public which neither one of us knew how
to do but what we didn’t know how to do is find the right people and find the
right system that you could learn how to do that and to take a company public
girl that is challenging right you know everything about everything and your
your systems have to be meticulous you’re being audited every quarter you
have to dot your i’s cross your T’s there is no there’s no hiding anything
right everything’s out in the open so to be able to do that as an organization it
was phenomenal just inside of that you know I have dr. Judy who’s been a client
of mine for about five years we took her from 1 million to 4.8 million and we the
first year we worked with her we went from 1 million to 2.2 million in one
year just again looking at where’s where’s
the money you’re leaving on the table right that’s my genius as I see money
everywhere I see money an opportunity I see money in relationships I see money
that you’re leaving on the table going oh do you know if we could do this I
think one of the biggest challenges that we have as entrepreneurs pricing and
valuing our worth inside of the community and inside of what you’re up
to and what you’re doing and so to really be able to have an objective
party look at that and go well here’s what you should be charging based on
your overhead right so I have story after story after story Cathy kid came
to me she was doing $60,000 a year in publishing and the first year we started
working together we took her to a half a million dollars a year so there’s you
know when you find the right team and the right coach to support you miracles
can occur right now you have to be in radical action amber is my book coach
and I’m she tells me to do something I’m in radical action and what’s next what’s
next yeah right that’s what kind of clients you’d love to work with and then
are gonna things you tell them to do right but but you shorten the learning
curve right you can shave 10 years off of somebody’s learning curve by having
the right systems and structures in place I’m loving this so we talked about
mindset we talked about systems we’ve talked about team what are some of the
tips that you have to be a more active leader for your team so that they
are hustling for you and driving you towards scaling incredible some of the
things you do thank you one is constant improvement right so I
have coach it is in many areas of my life right so I have two financial
coaches right once attack strategist one’s an investment strategist right to
really look at long-term not short-term we as entrepreneurs we don’t want to
spend every dollar that we make we want to save and really set yourself up to
win you know I have a business coach that I work with you have you as my book
coach I have a personal development coach or aka therapist the reality is
you need people who are willing to say what you don’t want to hear show you
what you don’t want to see so that you could be the person you knew you could
be so we need to have people around you that can hold you
higher than what you know yourself to be so I have a really high accountability
in my life because I’m playing a big game
I want the tongue in my mouth and my tongue in the shoe going in the same
direction because a lot of times we see leaders and they say one thing will they
do something else it drives me crazy bananas right bananas can’t even handle
it wait you just said this but you see their their family their teams you know
they’re gossiping about them their families don’t talk to them that’s not
the kind of life I want and the money’s not worth that to me know what’s working
to me is that I’m like I love my team I hold them accountable right I’m not like
codependent I’m gonna hold you accountable to what you need to do and
say you do but you know I’m right or die with my team bride or dad with my family
you know and my kids are at a age where they could just go away and never talk
to me again and we you know see each other every week or you might be a
little codependent I’m not gonna lie but we just love each other that much and so
for me creating that environment which is being staying humble and being humble
and being willing to have people who are ten steps ahead of you right I want you
to find a coach that’s ten steps ahead of you that can support you versus I
don’t want someone I want someone on my team that’s going to support me and
where I robit that’s not the only thing we’re paying
for right and what’s on your person thank you push me grow me stretch me
make me uncomfortable like when I got off the phone with amber you guys is
hilarious okay I love that I’m so glad that was recorded because that it really
is about challenging the situation and having us all up level right because
otherwise what am i doing and you know having such an intimate vantage point
and Suzie’s organization has been really wonderful what I really appreciate about
Suzie is that she is willing to invest in hiring the best right so she doesn’t
want to waste her time or anybody else’s and so when you work with Suzie she
expects you to bring it and it’s just this beautiful accountability she
doesn’t even have to say anything she doesn’t have to remind you of it but
just being around her you want to be your best and always bring your best to
it so it’s really wonderful it’s neat seeing her team and the different
vendors that she works with all showing up in that same capacity as well and you
know Suzie is such a driver I mean we talked about hustle earlier it’s like if
you ask her to do something consider it done probably that day or the next day
and she’s busy at this level of business she’s doing live events year-round she
has her global leadership program that’s a you know it is for serious business
owners who were really ready to grow not hype actually get results and so she’s
pouring a lot into her GLP program her her clients there she’s speaking she’s
featured on the press all over the place I mean she’s busy so it’s it’s
remarkable to me where I’m like hey I need you to go do this it’s like done
give me more next because she just has this trust and it really helps me to
uplevel helps the rest the team up level everybody’s working in harmony to
support her we want to and so that’s why when I ask you about leadership because
you really do inspire your team and hold them accountable in a loving and
professional way too so it’s been really neat to be a part of and I appreciate
that Susie and there’s so many other things that I want
to ask you and I realized that we’re writing down in our time so maybe a
couple last things to touch on one would be you are so good at running events
live events right so what is it what are a couple of things that come to mind
that contribute to you running such successful events well I love that you
said team because team’s most important and I want you to realize that team
isn’t always paid team so my events 90% of those people are volunteers but
they’re people who are in my tribe they’re people that have been in my
tribe for a long time and we have training for them so I’m training them
just as from the minute we look at how the events gonna go how do we open the
door how do we set up the room happy how do we greet customers what’s the goal
what’s the financial goal and everybody knows the conversation right so it’s not
I’m gonna put it in on and hope it all works out everything is planned out from
where we set our pens to where we sent our handbooks and when people leave the
room how we reset the room so every detail is planned out you want to think
about it like remember and if you haven’t been married that imagine
hosting a wedding right you had excruciating pain over everything every
little flower every little detail every little food same thing right your
relationship with this is an event for people and people are investing their
time and money they want to be wowed don’t just slap something together and I
learned how to be you that amber by being a volunteer at other people’s
events and looking at what worked and what didn’t work no I don’t get paid for
that and I still have an organization that I volunteer for because it keeps me
humble it keeps me looking at what am i doing
in my events what am I not doing in my events I love going to other people’s
events right and borrowing best practices notice the word borrow best
practices I’m not stealing their stuff I’m borrowing this right I want you to
emulate not imitate not imitate make it your own right because we’ve all seen
the 20 Robbins want to be right what what is that and then the second thing
that is important you got your team in your systems and the second thing is
your budget right going into an event I have
so many clients I want to put an event on but they have no mailing list you
know they don’t have a sales team or sales structure they don’t have a budget
they’re just really nearly spending money and by the time they come to me
they’re like I’m thirty thousand in the hole how do I make money at this point
well the events next weekend you end up hosting event so you really need to be
careful going into it that you know what you’re doing
well expense of hosting them and if you don’t walk away with any kind write-up
service right and I say up service not upsell because I don’t want people to
feel slime to go is it the right people coming in the room right you have to
look at am i attracting the ideal client right an idle client by the way y’all is
someone who can afford to pay you there’s no shame in that we have to make
a living at what we do you do exceptional service you do exceptional
you know give a special product or service and they will come to you it may
take a while but I find so many people who are not making money well you’re
working really hard and you’re pitching or talking to people or working with
people that have no money of course it’s not going to work out and I think I
learned that early on you know learning and cleaning people’s houses as a kid
and babysitting you know is really one your fees upfront here’s what I’m going
to do I’m gonna deliver my part you have to deliver your part right and so it’s
important that you put that budget together going in so there’s no
surprises and go ah and here’s my back-end strategy and the back-end
strategy that I have a team to support you and the backend is when we get there
how are people going to take action how are you going to invite people to take
action says my job is to educate and my clients job is to choose they can choose
to work with me or they can choose not to work with me but my job is to educate
so there’s you know we have successfully million dollar events you know every
event that we do that’s the goal is to go my goal for you is if you put an
event on I want you a minimum 100 grand to a half a million if you’re first
starting out right and what’s the strategy you do that it’s not chance
it’s not luck it’s all about systems and it can be fun cuz it is fun because math
is money and money is fun I’ve had both I’ve had none and I’ve had some and I
find a lot that’s so such great advice that you’re
giving and I think now for those of you watching you can see why I’m aligned
myself with Suzy I love her integrity I love her approach even when she says
it’s an up service not not self the way that she makes her clients feel but she
educates she doesn’t force these are all they’re such so many subtle but powerful
pieces of wisdom that she shared throughout this entire session and I
just want to remind you all again that she is having this webinar leader today
I’m very excited to attend Suzy I’m just gonna show them the screen one more time
and you maybe want to just share like one or two things that you’re going to
talk about sort of things you should you see did you see so what I like to do is
give you the things that I learned the hard way right so really what are what
do I do to create seven eight nine figure businesses with my clients there
are simple doable things that you can do right really looking at leverage points
inside of your business what’s the highest income producing activity only
you can do you know amber said it she said I hire people like I’m I know what
I’m great at and then I need to outsource people who are playing in a
bigger game and that can hold those hold me accountable my team accountable so
what are those activities that only you can do where’s the money and where are
you leaving on the table so we’ve got about an hour and 15 minutes you know
inside of this program you know this afternoon so I’m excited and love for
you it’s all free come you know to see and really it so it’s an opportunity to
go oh I want more I want to hear you know how do i leverage what I’m up to
and what I’m doing because I can promise you wherever you’re at you’re leaving
money on the table wherever you’re at we can double your phone double your money
double your sales double the pleasure because we know that no that’s great so
guys and again I you know when we scheduled this Facebook like she didn’t
even have this on the book so it’s just such a great transition point and I hope
you guys can make it and see what you think about the rest of her teaching
because we literally just barely scratched the surface of it and you
could even definitely from there go to Susie Carter comm and learn about
/ GLP program learn about her next upcoming live event in September
reach out followers on social media and my last call to action for you guys is
to make a comment below and let us know one or two things that especially meant
a lot to you today based on this conversation so that we have that
feedback and if you have any follow-up questions just put them in the comments
below and we’ll be sure to respond so I’m going to end this live stream now so
that Susie can get to her next call but I just want to thank you Susie for your
time I know it’s precious and for everybody
who is able to attend thanks amber thank you for being who you are in the
industry thank you for being such an advocate for myself but also for every
client that you touch because I get who you are in the world it very similar to
me money is the fair exchange but it’s all about contribution and how do I help
people sort grow and make a difference in the world so thank you for who you
are oh okay

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