Little Havana Food & Culture Walking Tour // Miami Culinary Tours // Calle Ocho Restaurants

Hello. Today is a very special episode because I am with Miami Culinary Tours and we are going to take a little
Havana food and culture tour. I am really excited for this
because I am starving, I haven’t eaten all day
just waiting for this. First stop is El Pub Restaurant
which has been open for 30 years. Really good. I’m not really a coffee person. Wow. 1 dollar, 1 dollar, cacahuate,
peanut, organic peanut. No chemicals, one dollar. He’s being doing this for 51 years
since he was a little boy. Mr Bacco is the founder of this location,
that’s actually a photo of… The oldest building in Little Havana,
it was built in 1926. We just got to Ball & Chain
which is the second oldest building here in little Havana on the calle ocho,
it’s the 8th street. And I was just getting a mojito, this is a virtual mojito
because I actually don’t drink alcohol and I’m the only one in the tour who… VIP. We just sat down
at Old Havana Restaurant and we are about to have
some Cuban sandwiches. These are very hot, very delicate. They’re done
by Loco Miami artists actually and actually they’re women,
female artists. The lovely Pastelito de Guayaba. We just got to this place
where we are about to have some juice but I am so full already. That sandwich was really, really good. So, the juice is called guarapo,
the machine is the guarapera. It has these two metal wheels that rotate. When you pass the sugar cane through it, it squeezes all of the juice
from the sugar cane. This tree is actually native to Africa,
known as the Ceiba tree. That drink I just had
is actually made out of sugar cane, so it is extremely sweet but I love it,
it’s really, really refreshing. And we are actually on our way
to go get some ice cream, so, more sugar. …Ice cream anywhere else. These are all guayaberas,
the seat. Look at that. That’s it, that’s the end
of the Little Havana food and culture tour which was organized
by Miami Culinary Tours. It was extremely well organized
and it was really fun. We ate a lot, we drink a lot,
we walked a lot and it was an awesome time. I was really happy
that I was able to do this even though that I grew up in Miami I never really spent enough
time on Calle Ocho in Little Havana, so it was a really
interesting experience for me. I hope that you enjoyed
watching this video. If you ever find yourself in Miami then you should
definitely check out Miami Culinary Tours. They have a lot of other different tours I decided to do the Little Havana one because I thought that it would be
the most interesting just because of my history
and being Cuban. And, of course,
I wanted to share that with you. So, if you enjoyed this video then please
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  1. That looks like a fun tour! Food looks good!

    As far as drinks go, I'm in the same boat with you. I don't drink much coffee and I don't drink alcohol either.

  2. Bravo!!! I use to visit Little Havana with my folks, but it was our own thing. The tour was amazing. It had everything. The food, culture. Wow! You had a cafecito, guarapo, then Cuban ice cream. You didn’t sleep you a week. (It was worth it). 🇨🇺❤️❤️

  3. Thanks for sharing with us your time at Little Havana. I’m in Central Florida but rarely go to Miami; You definitely got me going. Love your vids btw.

  4. Excellent tour I enjoyed watching this video and next time I visit Miami it will be in my list to do it. Thank you for let me know about this. Look that you are in Cuba

  5. I loved the video! I live in Miami and I haven't been to some of the places you went. Thanks for sharing our culture to the world 😘

  6. Guarapo, [sugar cane juice] actually has a lot of healthy minerals and enzymes in it; as opposed to regular refined table sugar, which is nutrient devoid. However, It still has a lot of sugar in it, so drink sparingly.

  7. Great editing. You do a good job with content too. I have to say I discovered your channel by searching for Havasupi Fall, but, keep up the good work I enjoy your videos.

  8. I love when the streets are alive like this! Looks like a cool place! I definitely want to go down to Miami sometime.

  9. Oh my gosh, I went to almost the exact same places in my "Havana Cuba vs. Little Havana, Miami" video on my channel! Even that lady with microphone made it into my video too, haha!

  10. Be aware when you eat in one of these restaurant expect to pay service charge 18% AKA tip..!!! So do not give them a tip since its already included

  11. Thank you for your video. Me my wife and daughter are visiting Miami next month and will definitely check out this tour.

  12. Hello Romina!.. Loved the blog about Little Havana food places… Where did you hire them tour ? Who do you contact for tour ? How much it cost ? Thanks !

  13. Such a great video, I love Little Havana and went to these places in my video too! Now hopefully someday I can actually go to Cuba <3 <3

  14. Ball and chain is actually one of the newest establishments in Calle 8! I live here so I thought you should know ❤️

  15. must suck to be a local there.. be at the park playing dominos and then a group of tourist pop up with a white lady on a speaker talking loud af

  16. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to take an art tour of Miami. Spent a couple hours near and in Little Havana. What a wonderful experience. I had lunch right across the street from Ball and Chain. Only downfall was it was a torrential all day rain that day so we did get wet!

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