Life After Whitman: Tim Howell ’18, Team Trouble, American Basketball Association

(soft mood music) – [Tim Howell] My name is Tim Howell. Graduated Whitman in 2018 this
past May. Studied Sociology, when I was at Whitman. And
right now I am currently, a professional basketball player, in the ABA in Northern California. And I’m also a teacher’s
assistant. And a coach. (soft mood music) The benefits of a liberal arts degree, is that it’s very broad. And you learn a lot of different
skills that can go into, different you know … career paths. You know, it’s not just
something that’s very specific, to where. If I get a degree in this, I have to get a job between this market. It’s more like you know. If
you’re a Sociology major, or Psychology major. You learn
a lot of different skills, And about people and thing like that. So you can branch out
into different fields. So I feel like that’s, what’s very special about
liberal arts education, is that you just get a lot of
different skills all in one. And then you know, you
can kinda, you know. The world’s your marathon
there. You kinda just choose… you know where you wanna go with that. – [Announcer] From Los Angeles
California! Starting guard, number three! Tim Howell! – [Tim] After graduation I kinda knew, I still wanted to play
basketball at the next level. If I could. So, once I
got back from traveling, this past summer. I was just working hard, Just training. Just training myself, to try to get myself ready.
And then once September hit. Made my decision and then
decided to come play here, in the ABA…now with Team Trouble. (soft mood music) I’d say one of the more influential
memories that I’ve had. And still to this day
that impacts my life was, the friends for change
program. And this was actually, community service. Program
that we as a team at Whitman, got involved with. Think
it was my sophomore year. Just the other day. My mentee,
he’s a seventh grader now. In Walla Walla that I mentored
for a couple years. He messaged me actually, a
few days ago. And was like… ‘Hey, I just to see how you were doing.’ And he was actually at the
Whitman men’s basketball game. He was like, ‘I really miss you, and I hope that I can see you.’ And that just, that just touched me. And that touched my heart.
Because it lets me know, that I’m making a difference.
And then, you know… He made a difference in my life as well. To continue to keep going
on, you know this path, that I’m doing. So that was
super special and emotional for me. So yeah, that was
probably one of the most like, I guess like, profound
memories I’ve had at Whitman. Just being a part of that community. And giving back to Walla Walla. (soft mood music fades out)


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