Libertarian vs. Socialist heated debate ensues

who's afraid of the big bad wolf the scary monster of which I speak socialism and you may have noticed the tide of fear is rising one example of this can be found in a new film premiering today it's called I want your money take a look the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people's money from the time they get up in the morning and flush the toilet the American people are taxed then they go and get their cup of coffee and they're taxed this goes on all day long tax tax tax so at a time when the economy is so rough why this endless debate over capitalism versus socialism and which financial system is superior joining me now to help answer this question Michael prize no member of the party for socialism and liberation and Wayne Allyn root vice presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party in 2008 and also a very outspoken anti-socialist hey there fellas I want to thank you so much for joining me um the first thing I want to do is just make sure we're talking about the same thing socialism can conjure conjure up images from happy commute communes overflowing with wealth and six weeks vacation and on the other side dark streets filled with marching troops and no personal liberty so in one sentence or less what is socialism Michael I want to start with you sure socialism means that the vast wealth produced by this country produced by the society by so many tens of millions of hard-working families that that wealth we actually put in the hands of those people that create it and used to meet human needs here at home to fund housing to find jobs fund health care all right now education fund all the things that people need and deserve all right Wayne what about you well it's a way to destroy any economy in the world that sentence one but I'll just give me one more sentence and the other way to put it is redistribution of wealth what he's talking about is theft I earned the money you steal it for me to give it to people who did not earn it that's theft that's how you destroy an economy all right over the last few years I mean you may have noticed this debate has really been picking up steam on cable news on the mainstream media at Tea Party rallies and often socialism portrayed as a blood sucking vampire Michael who stands to benefit from making socialism out to be evil well the big capitalists benefit from making socialism out to be evil because they're really the only ones that stand to lose anything from changing the political situation from changing the economic system and you know the other person I'm talk to you on on this interview is correct there is massive theft going on there is massive amount of theft going on in this country but it's a big capitalist that are stealing from all of these working families in this country we make this country the richest country in the world there's so much wealthier and it's all being sucked up by a tiny group of billionaires and their multi-millionaire puppets in Washington there is a vast amount of stuff going on and it's coming from out of our pocket and going into the pockets of the richest people on the plane we're talking about trillions upon trillions of dollars over eleven trillion dollars that was stolen from us that it was a product of our labor that was our tax money that was handed to the richest people on the planet because they couldn't pay their debts and what do they do with that money they used it to pad their own assets to give their executive higher and higher bonuses and they actually created no jobs and job losses continue so there is theft going and I think more and more people are recognizing that every single day and just this past this summer it was record-breaking foreclosures in this country we're almost a quarter million families had their houses stolen from them by the banks because they could they were struggling to get by they couldn't afford their payments anymore in all 50 states investigations are hey Michael if there's been widespread fraud widespread corruption on behalf of my people when I give Wayne it's a genuine Morgan Chase so all of those families are struggling because of the theft that is built into the capitalist system I want to give Wayne a chance to respond to that please well obviously we don't agree on socialism versus capitalism socialism has never worked Christine anywhere in the world that's ever been tried right now in Cuba communists like Raul Castro have decided to fire most of their government employees five hundred thousand government employees I've been fired instantly and told to find a job in the private sector good luck and god bless we can't afford you anymore government can't take care of everyone and they're promising to fire another 500,000 in March so you're talking about a million government employees in a country Cuba that only has 5 million total employees in America we'd have to fire every government employee in the country to equal those kind of numbers not everybody can work for government not everybody can be supported by government not everybody can have their hands out if you want your country to survive but here's the last thing I'll say so I'll keep it brief there's one thing I do agree with your guests about he's wrong if he thinks I'm against or I'm for bailouts stimulus handouts to banks handouts the big corporations corporate welfare that's not capitalism that's crony capitalism and it's mostly practiced by Liberal Democrat socialists like Barack Obama so I'm not for bailouts I'm not for handouts let the banks either succeed or fail but don't give them taxpayer money and you bring up the president so real quickly I want to play another clip from that movie that comes out today I want your money what you're doing here I'm redistributing the wealth I learned in school spreading the wealth is good for everyone well I learned from real life that it's not in fact there's a word for it it's called theft and I know when you've already talked about this and I know you've written about what's happening in America regarding the President Obama you say that it's his plan and he's following the advice just like we just saw in the clip that he's following the advice of professors at Columbia University I know you're talking about Richard Cloward and frances fox piven make your case for why you think this is all part of a bigger plan by President Obama that he knows exactly what he's doing Christine I am impressed you did your homework very good you get an A in my ax in my exam I graduated Columbia University class of 83 with Barack Obama my classmate we were both pre-law little science majors I plan to be a presidential candidate 2012 running against Barack Obama as a libertarian third party candidate I called it before we ever had the 2008 election I said pretty much every classmate I ever had at Columbia University was either a communist a socialist or a Marxist they hated America they hated capitalism they hated anyone who made money any CEO who runs a company they were antagonistic towards and and you see what you get with Barack Obama I didn't right a piece called Barack Obama purposely overwhelming the capitalist system to try and destroy our economy kurz ball business which contributes all the money to conservative candidates so to hurt his opposition and make sure there's no money for opposition candidates and to socialize America and I think I called it right on the money every day not a day goes by where you don't see whether it's Obama care cap and trade car check to unionize the whole country making Puerto Rico the 51st state legalizing 12 million illegal immigrants who are all gonna vote Democrat for a socialist nation filled with handouts to make government bigger everything Obama wants is to simply make this a socialist nation and kill people like me I'm not a big businessman I'm a small businessman I've never had a company with more than a hundred employees everything I do is small business and Obama wants to kill the people at fun Republican conservative and libertarian causes Michael what do you think about this um well I think I'd be doing it to service to our viewers if I didn't call you out for being a complete racist for your demonization of all the undocumented families who are forced to come to this country to work because of the economic policies imposed on their countries I also think it's important to say that you know you're really what you're trying to do all these tea party attack dogs all these libertarians all this anti socialist propaganda all this anti-communist hysteria that you're trying to whip up it has one goal and that goal is maintaining the status quo we're a small handful of people hoard the wealth of society while tens of millions of working families are increasingly pushed into poverty every single day you know you're really trying to blur the lines between who the enemy is and who you really need to be uniting with you're trying to demonize immigrants you're trying to use all kinds of racist propaganda to demonize the president but there's really two sides in this economic crisis and I think the capitalist system has proved the people all over the world especially here in the United States that is a system that does not work but you're trying to blue lines that there's two sides you're on the side of the workers who are laid off from their jobs because the capitalistic owners of that company all they want to do is increase their own profits increase their own bonuses either you're on the side of those workers who are laid off or on your they're either on this side of the CEO who wants to lay them off so they can pad their assets you're either on the side of the families were being kicked out of their houses through no fault of their own you're on the side of the banks who you feel should have the right to take their homes away either you're on the side of the tens of millions of families you can't even go to the doctor if they're sick who can't take their children to the doctor if they're sick or you're on the side of the insurance companies who profit off of their suffering there's two sides there's a line drawn in this country either on your on the side of the vast majority of humanity the vast majority of the population that creates all of this wealth on society or you're on the side of the bosses the bankers the big capitalists will do everything right and their power to steal more and more from us every single let me jump in here I was gonna move on but I gotta ask you Wayne are you a racist yeah I think that's kind of funny I know what's great about Obama is that he's brought all this out of the closet everybody now laughs when people call a conservative a racist tell your guests that his news is old news you know what the definition of a racist is anyone was winning an argument with a liberal or a socialist they immediately pull the race card out and call everybody a racist that's a joke we all laugh at it again to bother us anymore with it the fact is the biggest racist in the world are in the Obama administration someone like justice Sotomayor the Supreme Court justice who actually believes and says publicly if you're a Spanish Hispanic woman you are smarter than a white male and you deserve to be on the Supreme Court that's racism if you want to give houses to people because they're black or because they're Hispanic or because they're poor which is the policy of basically liberal administration after liberal administration that's what caused the bankruptcy of America destroyed the whole real estate industry that's racism if the Obama administration just passed financial reform and they want to give small business loans specifically to Black's small business owners that's racism I believe everyone's equal and no one should ever get a loan for a house for a car should never get into a college because of the color their skin not because they're white not because they're black they should get in because they are talented the gray matter in your brain Christine is all that matters I'm the one who's not racist on the other side I'm facing nothing but racist they should look in the mirror Michael I want to talk to you about um kind of your method here all right do you have a lot of followers who kind of are on board with this movement to try to change the system I mean what what's the strategy here to get people on board to follow this I idea of socialism what's your argument well every single day it's becoming more and more apparent to people all over the country that this system simply does not work all we do is watch all of our wealth all of the wealth that we produce in the society squandered on things that do absolutely nothing to benefit us there's just in California here in this state there's a new budget passed where one family firm got a 30 million dollar tax cut at the same time there is cuts to people receiving HIV and AIDS care funding for a child welfare you want to talk about racism and politics that's racist to attack the most vulnerable sectors of society the people who are suffering the most taking from them and giving it to the richest people in the state that's the status quo in this country what's happening all of this country's people are seeing people are seeing that line between those who are hoarding all the wealth the billionaires who are hoarding all the wealth and all of us who produce all the wealth yet we're laid off from our jobs we're kicked out of our houses we go bankrupt because of hospital bills and more and more people are waking up to us you know Warren Buffett the multi billionaire said it himself he said there is a class war in this country it's the rich class who's making war and it's my class who's winning well that's not an equation that could sustain itself forever because our class is being pushed more and more into poverty every single day having more and more taken from us every single day and what I'm seeing as an organizer with a party for socialism and liberation is more and more people from young students who are cut off from education to veterans who are sent to fight in these criminal wars for profit the people who are being kicked out of their homes and laid off from their jobs more and more people recognizing that it's not an individual president as our other guests would like you to think who is just really the CEO of the capitalist class who's just representing those big business interests it's not an individual president who's the enemy it's a system that's an enemy it's all right and that cares only about making more and more profits for a small group of people at the expense of the vast majority and those people are ready to fight back all right and real briefly I want to get both of your reaction to a headline from yesterday's Wall Street Journal that headline capitalism saved the miners now the gist of this is that a small company in Berlin Pennsylvania had the technology a drill bit the author argues that if this company sent a rock incorporated was not in it for the money they wouldn't have developed the technology and most likely and this is straight from the Arctic all the miners would be dead so your reaction to this to this headline capitalism saved the miners Michael log I'll go to you first sure you know what it's really kind of ridiculous to say that only capitalism and only this need for profit is what drives technology you know where most of the great mines in the United States are we're all the physicists the chemists they're all working for major pharmaceutical companies and the majority of them are making bombs to destroy innocent people all over the world to maintain global hegemony for the US capitalist class that's where all the great my imagine of all of those great minds we're using we're being put to use to try to better society to try to better things for the sea it is not profit that's the motive for people who want to create I think in a country where we can provide every single person a college education through the highest level that they want I think we'd have an entire new generation of scientists and doctors and chemists that would really revolutionize society and that's what we've seen you know our other guest said that socialism has failed everywhere it's work look at a country like Russia who had a socialist revolution went from a completely backwards country with 90 percent of literacy to being one of the world leaders with amazing technology an amazing economic growth in such a short period of time that's what happens when you take the vast potential of society in the vast wealth of society and use it in the common interest of all people not a tiny group of people who hoard all that wealth alright we are almost out of time and Wayne I do want to give you the last word well the last word is that America has been the greatest nation in the world for 200 years we defeated the Soviet system China today is becoming capitalist nation so that you needs becoming capitalist nation I dare say Cuba is trying to become a capitalist nation not everybody can work for government people get up in the morning with a profit motive then they want to change the world but they also want to make money changing the world not only were those miners safe Christine but every day in this country without universal health care people's lives are saved you have cancer and brain disease and diabetes because there's someone out there inventing something fantastic for society and getting rich while they're doing it god Bless America let's keep it going and let me tell you something do you remember the Soviet Union what kind of things they had on their shelves in their supermarkets when was a communist country nothing their shelves were bare in America can't even believe when they come here that our shelves are filled with what it's filled with why cuz all the people and all the companies that make that have a profit motive capitalism works it always will god Bless America and let more people like your guests keep talking cuz they will scare the heck out of most Americans away from socialism alright certainly an interesting discussion a boxing match if you will Michael prize no member of the party for socialism in liberation and Wayne Allyn root vice presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party and as he announced on this show future presidential candidate in 2012

  1. "heated debate" Yeah, ok, RT you don't need to act objective. It's objectively obvious that the debate wasn't heated, and the objective facts that the libertarian man said outweighed the crazy delusions that the commie spouted

  2. And again this dumbass totaly did not take advantage of explaining in point blank simple reason y capitalism is better than socialism. Wtf wants to rant about cuba firing Gov employees wtf. This guy is an idiot wasted my time watching this no debate y is it better. Compare point to point

  3. I came to this video for a lighter view of socialism but it further strengthened my libertarian views. Thank you.

  4. 7:34 Starts the personal attacks, the arguments has ended.
    I am from Brazil and we have a left wing who does exactly the same things.

  5. I cant believe somebody can so vehemently debate for socialism. And then he starts the old "racist" card. Just stop it!

  6. "On side of poor people who cant afford healthcare or on side of insurance companies?"
    Libtard thinks u can make money off of poor people who are dying? Insurance companies can only profit by selling to people who are alive and have money.
    Capitalist don't get rich off of poor people . poor people got no money fool.

  7. Capitalism doesn't steal from you. Politicians do. Michael was right in saying that the people in the white house are stealing from you, but not billionaires… You don't see Bill Gates knocking at your door demanding your money.

    As for Crony Capitalism, honestly that's just the same strawman excuse Socialist use when they say "No true socialism". I may be a Capitalist, but I know it's not perfect. It has flaws. Government being involved in it definitely doesn't let it strive. Socialism though, it has major flaw in the sense it can never work. Any "working" signs of Socialism is because it is fueled by Capitalism. European Socialism is the best example for this. Socialism ended up killing a lot of European countries economies, now the ones that are bouncing back are bouncing back because they are finally embracing Capitalism more and more.

  8. I was listening to that dude until he threw out racist. 🤦‍♂️ Then the vile spit he spat. 🤦‍♂️

  9. Socialism is a way of concentrating power in the hands of government, the ensuinig economic system does not, for some reason, benefit serve the people…
    What is called capitalism (by western politicians) is quite simply "market socialism"; it is government in power, determinig the rules, disturbing market processes, hence anarcho-capitalism and anarcho-communism, with the former the prefix changes the meaning of the word capitalism. Anarcho-communism can't really exist, because private property is a natural instinct, so communism can only exist with a powerful dictator to force it upon people.

  10. What a joke of a debate.

    How retarded they must think their potential voters are to treat them like this.

  11. If all you socialist thing is't great , what in the hell are you people doing in a capitalist country , GET OUT !!!!!!!!!!

  12. Truth is the moment you stop investing into people intelligently is the moment of downfall.
    America started its downfall with the globalist economic policies applied by Reagan. Every important company in the US emigrated to China. Thus the Chinese economic growth is a direct relation with libertarian policies. Opening the markets is fabulous but it also has side effects.
    The cut on investment on education, health and science has troubled the middle class.

  13. poor people under capitalism are obesse or overweight, poor people under socialism are starving to death.

  14. The only people who are against capitalism are people who have nothing to offer society. It doesn't matter how hard you work, how many hours you work, and whatnot; what matters is the value you create which is determined by the interest it generates and the amount of people who will patronize it.

  15. As Root has all kinds of sports memorabilia behind him which costs plenty!  And he accuses the Socialists?  Look in the mirror and all your items in your house Root if you wants to see who STEALS!!!  Capitalism has never worked anywhere chew the Root!

  16. 8 years on and….wait for it…Capitalism is still king and no one but pampered spoiled white college students want socialism! Tadaaa, i think the war is over. by the way micky boy, pike down, Im not a big capitalist, Im an unemployeed guy on sick leave, i have very little money, capitalism has made it so that I can live in a country where I get to heal before i go back to work and pay taxes, in a socialist nation i would be on the fucking breadline with the rest of you!

  17. Makes you think and wonder why every one of his classmates ended up being far left… 🤔

  18. Charging money for oil and water is stealing from God.
    Nobody owns the land, nobody should be rich as bezos….
    People like bezos are only possible through years/generations of usury, corruption, federal reserve monopoly, (capitalism is dependent on free market or else it's just fascism)

  19. Capitalism Doesn't Work? Whaaaaat? The Fuck Are You Talking About!!!!!; Capitalism Has Been Working Since 1783 (When America Won The American Revolutionary War Against The British). Capitalism Has Been Working For 235 Years & Capitalism Will Continue To Work Until GOD Destroys The Earth With Fire. Every Country That Has Fully Tried Communism Or Socialism Has Not Last For Even 100 Years & Never Will.

  20. If Someone Is Poor It's Not The Governments Fault, It's Not A Corporations Fault, It's Not A Small Businesses Fault, etc. If Someone Is Poor It's Their Own Damn Fault.

  21. A Lot Of People That Come Here Are Criminals.

    Closed (Secure) Borders Help: 1) The People Of Mexico & The Countries South Of Mexico To Protest & Over Throw Their Corrupt Governments. 2) The American Economy, LEGAL Immigrants, & Minorities To Be Free & Truly Liberated. 3) A Majority Of Legal U.S. Citizens (Born & Naturalized) To Get Jobs. 4) Cut Down On Person On Person Crime.

    The 6 Main Reasons These Communistic/Socialist Fascist Nazis aka "Democrats" Want Open Borders: 1) Destroy America. 2) Destroy The Constitution. 3) Manipulate Immigrants. 4) Destroy The Anthem. 5) Destroy The Pledge. 6) To Take Every Bodies Freedoms, Liberties, & Rights Away From Them.

    If You Are A Registered Democrat #WalkAway Because The Democratic Party Is Just Using You, Lying To You, & Manipulating You; If You're A Registered Democrat You Are Their Slave & You Should Break The Chains & Run From The Democrats For Ever.

    Vote For The Person, Not The Party Unless They're Democrat (What I Mean By That Is ALWAYS VOTE AGAINST DEMOCRATS, & NEVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT).

  22. Communism & Socialism NEVER Has & NEVER Will Work, Communism & Socialism Only Murders, Rapes, & Destroys Nations; Both Communism & Socialism Are Nothing But EVIL!!!!

  23. Anyone That Supports, Defends, Or Pushes For Socialism Is A Fucking Dumbass & They Should Be Involuntarily Committed Inside A Mental Asylum For Life, Imprisoned For Life, Or Publicly Executed. FUCK COMMUNISM, FUCK SOCIALISM, & FUCK THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!!

  24. Did the young man make his own clothes or were they purchased from the free market? Is he authentic or just another hypocrite?

  25. A socialist scolding someone for maintaining the status quo. And then he has the audacity to speak on the squandering of wealth and defines it as theft. That's adorable.

  26. Issue is: it is neither nor. This means it must be something in between. A compromise. Compromises a boring grey, not a flashy black or white. Nobody loves grey.

    A prure socialism/communism is BOUND to fail, if you cannot achieve more for your effort than the one next to you who does nothing, you will give up after a while. Only a few people are so idealistic to work their ass of "for free". (and those may be dangerous)

    Uncontrolled capitalism is equally catastrophic. When there is no means to reign in those who have the most greed (just for the sheer sake of it, not because they need it), ultimately you end up with one (wo)man having all the money and the others have nothing. That again destroys him, as nobody can buy the goods he produces anymore, and ultimatively he will go bankrupt. System reset, start again, until this point is reached again, system reset.

    You need to find an equilibrium where it pays off to invest your workforce to gain more, but not ALL of the gain is going directly back to you; part is invested in the common good, improving life for all (including the "gainer") and via better economy and more buying power the ecomomy is pushed.

    But, as said, compromises are complicated. Who could have known that.

    Issue is also that nowadays the money in the producing economy is just a fraction of the virtual stock market capital (about 1:10). So you can outspend ANYTHING with this virtual money. This is a real problem.

  27. 9:20: "I've gotta ask you, Wayne, are you a racist?"

    9:23: "Yeah…" (Rants about Obama and Justice Sotomayor)

  28. The socialist is a rude ass. She kept telling him to let the other guy talk. She should have either told him to shut up or cut off his mike

  29. How do libertarians not believe that there is theft by the capitilist by exploitation of the labor class? Like wages don't track productivity at all. This is true for low skill jobs but multiplied exponentially when you are talking about ppl who are software engineers for example. They are paid 100-200k and they produce millions in productivity. I think the "risk" that capitilists take with their money is nothing compared to the risk Laborers take with their time and work. Exploitation of the labor class will always happen since the capitilists can collude to bring down market value of Laborers. Again you can look at software engineering for example, google Facebook apple etc have promised not to poach each other's employees and start a bidding war for the best engineers. Socialism is the answer and it helps anyone who works for a living

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