Libertarian Socialism in 5 Minutes

hi there so last time we talked about socialism in a broad sense and as I mentioned there isn't just one consensus about what socialism is there's quite a lot of different kinds actually so today we're gonna get Eric and I'll explain what I personally believe which is libertarian socialism so first off let's all out that old dusty dictionary and see what the definitions are here Webster's new international dictionary defines a libertarian as one who holds to the doctrine of free will also one who upholds the principles of Liberty especially an individual liberty of thought and action and according to the American Heritage Dictionary socialism is our social system which the producers possess both political power and the means of producing and distributing goods I guess that's how the American Heritage Dictionary was sounded without a voice so one of the comments I get a lot is essentially enough things socialism only leads to dictatorships I'll take my American capitalism over North Korean socialism any day well not only are we not for North Korea North Korea isn't actually socialist like at all and um that neither was the USSR according to libertarian socialist anyhow Leninist would argue differently but obviously all this is coming from the former's perspective we don't consider these states socialist because there isn't such a thing as a socialist state there's a really good video by libertarian socialist rants that all linked to that gets to all of this basically we're libertarian not in the American political party sense of the word but in the sense of that we don't like using state power to achieve our goals when we say workers ought to be in control of the workplace we don't mean just not the bosses we also mean the state or anyone else we don't want the state managing us any more than we want capitalists managing it so why don't we want first we want the workers in control of the workplace second we want communal stores available to all for all to take as much as they need of whatever they need this is an ideal libertarian socialist society food for all who need it as much as they need a bit the same principle goes for all things education health care even leisure and pleasure if you know what I'm saying the incentive people in such society have to provide for everyone else is well because benefiting individuals benefits society the good you put out into the community comes back to you when you need something a common counter-argument would be to say what's to stop people from thinking everything for themselves well if they can already get what they need basically whatever they want there's no reason for them to take more than they have to greed and theft only exists in a society where there's enforced artificial scarcity there just wouldn't be any point to it oh and this might go without saying but probably doesn't this system would replace a market economy since markets are based on imbalance the whole exchange of goods and services for money or barter would be made obsolete the point of a revolutionary society would be radical equality of race gender sexuality Abel nough smore things I'm not gonna list because I'll forget one and economic quality talk of which has been lacking in the current mainstream political and to boot not only could this work it has for a few examples take revolutionary Catalonia the Paris Commune or the free territory in Ukraine or going on currently IRL the zapatistas in Mako I probably butchered at least one of those pronunciations but I tried if there's one historic flaw that is done otherwise successful systems in its that it's hard to withstand the might of an entire military last time I also mentioned that I'd be talking about communism and lo and behold what is this loser talking about libertarian socialism that's not competence of a tall or white is it well yeah according to libertarian socialist a que me we've also been known to call ourselves and our Co communists or M comes if you're a cool kid anyway thank you guys so much for watching like no actually thank you so much I do read all your feedback so if you'd like me to cover a certain topic next let me know in the comments below and I assure you I will at least strongly consider it if it's an actual one so subscribe and I'll see you next time

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