Liberals Try To Answer: “What Has Trump Done That Is Impeachable?”

– Do you do hugs? – I do do hugs, yes.
– Aw, bro. (electronic thud) – Hey guys, Benny Johnson here inside of the socialist
state of California. We are asking people
for Benny on the Block, a very simple question today. Should Donald Trump be impeached and why? I can’t wait to hear
what they have to say. Let’s go find out. (upbeat music) Darth Canyon from Three Musketeers. – Hi, what’s going on? – Should Donald Trump be impeached? – Yes, yes. – He should be impeached? – Most definitely. – Why do you think that? – He’s just a complete idiot. – But, being an idiot isn’t
an impeachable offense by the Constitution. – No, but the other things that he has done that are impeachable. – [Benny] Like… – Shit, uh… (Jeopardy theme music) Like, um, now I’m blanking. Um… (Jeopardy theme music) Help me out here. – What do you need? His impeachable offenses. – Which one? – Yeah. – I mean… – What do you think he’s
done that’s impeachable? – I feel like somebody
should have taken away that man’s Twitter
account a long time ago. – Donald Trump should be
impeached for his tweets? – Yes. (bird tweets) – Should President Donald
Trump be impeached? – Yes. – Why do you think he should? – I just think he’s doing a bad job and I can’t stand a lot
of the things he says. – And is that impeachable? – Yeah, um, by law, I’m
not sure about that. – Should Donald Trump be impeached? – I think he should be, just because he should be held responsible for his actions, yeah. – Why do you think he should be impeached? – ‘Cause he should be held
responsible for his actions. – What? – Which actions specifically? – I don’t want to go into it, it’s a lot. – It’s a lot. – It’s just too much and I don’t know, I don’t really wanna
get into it right now. – Sure. Should Donald Trump be impeached? – I think he should. – Why? – Because he abuses his power. – In what way though? – In a way that he kinda like, thinks that he can get away with anything. – What did he get away with? – His phone conversation with everything that he talked about and everything that he’s
trying to go through with the Bidens and everything. – His phone conversation and everything? What do you think? – I mean, I don’t think he ever should have been in the office, so, yeah, I agree, he should be impeached. – Because he should have
never been in office, he should be impeached? – I mean, he’s not even a politician, he’s like a what, a failed
business owner or something? – Wrong. – Should Donald Trump be impeached? – I mean, the guy’s just a kook, but he’s our president, so how
everybody’s supposed to be, you gotta stand behind him. I prefer to stand in front of
him and kick him in the nuts. – I was a political science major. – So, do you believe Donald
Trump should be impeached? – Yes. – Why do you think he should be impeached? – Well, he should be impeached based on the premises that he… (crickets chirp) Basically, in layman terms, it’s just… (crickets chirp) Like, no quid pro. – What law was broken? What do you believe is
an impeachable offense? – I mean, he is not legally allowed to ask other countries to
help his own political gain. It technically falls
under a treasonous act, therefore, that is an impeachable offense. – A toast, yeah? To high treason. – Do you think Donald
Trump should be impeached? – Most definitely. The most corrupt, worst president this country could ever
have, as a veteran. He can say and do anything he pleases. He gets all the morons behind him. These are the same people that
believe in the flat Earth. – Trump supporters are
Flat-Earthers? (laughs) – Oh yeah, they’re in the same league. (loud thump) – If we impeach Donald Trump,
remove him from office, that means President Mike Pence. What do you think of that? – He’s also not of sound mind. – Just the whole cabinet
should be done with. – So, impeach the whole cabinet? – Yeah, I mean, Paul Ryan’s not great, but he’s gonna be fine for
a year, I think. (laughs) – Paul Ryan isn’t in government anymore. – Oh, he’s not? – Would you be okay with
President Mike Pence? – I mean, based on everything
that’s going on at the moment, Mike Pence will also be
indicted and removed. – I don’t like him but I
also really do not want his vice president taking over. – President Mike Pence? Would you be okay with that? – Um, I’m not sure. I don’t know a lot about him, so… I don’t think he’s much better than Trump, maybe a little bit better
than Trump, but not much. – That’d be a great slogan for him, I’m a little bit better. – (laughs) Yes, that would be. (laughs) – Would you support President Mike Pence? – No, I think they should impeach him and then Nancy can step up. – So, impeach both of them? – Yes, yes. – All right and then, President Pelosi. – Yes, President Pelosi. – Do you think Pence should be president? – It’s just all bad. – [Benny] That’s a no? – No, no. – So then what’s gonna happen? We impeach him, then Pence is president. – Exactly, that’s why it’s such
a tricky thing to talk about because it’s just all bad and it has to start from the bottom up. Like, we have to build it,
I think, from the bottom up in order for it to be
a better country again. – Started from the bottom, now we’re here? – Yes, exactly. – So, Drake should be president? (siren blares) And that is what the
wonderful people of California had to say about Donald
Trump getting impeached. They all want it to happen
but nobody quite knows why. See ya next time California. Read your Constitution. Later. (upbeat music)

  1. I live in California and can confirm that people are politically illiterate here. One big hive mind with very little individual thought and logic.

  2. 5:26 "They all want it to happen, but nobody quite knows why" HMM let me guess, maybe they are being force fed a daily dose of propaganda from all the MSM channels that use single source reporting from anonymous intelligence officers and hire ex-spooks to be panelists and contributors?

  3. I’m a Californian and plan on moving to a new state in 2023 because I don’t want my future grandkids becoming one of these idiots.

  4. The Damage of Propaganda Media, and these idiots have been programmed by HATE which will stop or strip these ignorant people of their critical thinking.

  5. Education is an ACTIVE process, only if you put forth the effort.
    Propaganda feeds on complacency and ignorance and the Leftist Media knows this.
    These people are WEAK minded and are sheeple until they actively participate in self education and critical thinking.

  6. America has a treaty with Ukraine signed by Bill Clinton in the late 90’s dumbasses..trump did nothing wrong

    Trump 2020!!!!!!

  7. They know why he should be impeached they're just afraid to say it. It's because Rachel MadCow, I mean Rachel Maddow said and that's good enough for them.

  8. Recalling the U.S. Constitution while walking the Huntington Beach pier or main street is the last thing that would be on my mind on a warm sunny day at the beach. While your question is simple  “What has Trump done that is impeachable?” If I would have been asked this question in these surroundings my mind would respond emotionally with incomplete sentences.

    If I was given ten minutes to gather my thoughts I would have responded that I would need more information to determine if Trump had abused the power of the presidency and committed a crime. In my opinion, the allegations brought before Trump should be looked into further.

    My political opinion is just right of the middle and I have lived in Huntington Beach most of my life. I am good with Pence becoming President should the Senate find Trump guilty of the charges brought before him. I will also have a problem with our representatives voting strictly along party lines. 

    Looking forward to the 2020 election.

  9. I’m an LA native and I approve of Mr. Trump. Was proud of my family when we voted Trump and we’ll do it again in 2020. Our vote doesn’t really mean much to remove our state’s pathetic leadership so… Not ALL Californians are lost!

  10. Dumb fucks!!!! The media is the culprit for these dumb fuckin idiots being brainwashed.!!!!!! Bunch of stupid people in California!!!

  11. I don't think I have ever heard so many errr, ummm, aaahs in any other video. OMG, the stupidity of Californians! 😂🇺🇸

  12. All of these retards should be impeached…why? Because I do not like what they say or answer to the question, or lack there of. These people, just because you do not like the president's politics and policies you should yell impeachment.

  13. The year is 2024. Trump is preparing his speech just days away from retiring from the presidency after completing his second term.

    Democrats: 'We're gonna impeach Trump!'

  14. Why have the capacity of thought when the Alt Left Media, Education, Democrat, Hollywood, Google, Facebook Elite will think for you?

  15. why am i not surprised by the this, or by the fact that CA is burning to the ground, kind of feel God has had enough with shear and utter stupidity. Even more importantly then any of that, I am out of peanut butter DAMN YOU JIMMY CARTER ! ! ! ! !

  16. Liberalism is a brain disease. Symptoms include cognitive dissonance, delusion, irrational thoughts, unable to speak in a coherent sentence.

  17. This is also exactly what I experience when I ask liberals why they dislike Trump. It’s always “uhh well, because ummm, like, cuz he’s like a racist, and stuff.” Clueless people like this is how Democrats get into office. They depend on ignorance, and they buy it with welfare checks.

  18. Don John Trump is a billionaire but that makes him a failure in a Californians eyes… Right? Haha go step in human shit losers

  19. I really feel sorry for California. I highly doubt they would ever survive under most of the things they believe in. Here’s a thought. Any citizens who want illegals to come in should sign up to have illegals live with them. Anyone who wants high taxes should sign up so only their taxes are high. Therefore, those who don’t want high taxes won’t get high taxes and those who want high taxes will be the only ones getting high taxes. There, everyone is happy. I guarantee, not a single one of the democrats and liberals won’t sign shit for their plan. Hahaha….

  20. I couldn't even watch the whole video. These people are total morons. They don't have a clue as what Impeachment means or the crimes a President musty commit in order to be impeached, at least according to our Constitution.. I would love for someone to actual state an actual crime Trump has committed, they can't because he hasn't. Can't wait for that big one to hit California and put the country out of this misery.

  21. When will California have one of two things happen? Fall of the face of the earth, or remove itself from the United States. Like they keep threatening.


  23. Califidiots! Is there anyone who believes that the senate will have the two thirds majority vote required to convict?

  24. This is why normal people think left wingers are stupid. The fact that you cannot name something shows that you don’t think for yourself.

  25. They should answer truthfully, they want him impeached because Hollywood says he should be impeached. "Useful IDIOTS"!

  26. For starters, Hillary is still out.
    Deep State strong as ever.
    1850 miles of border is still unfenced.
    Big tech is still shutting up conservatives.
    3 million new illegals during his term.
    US conceding ground to dictators abroad.
    Antifa rampant on American streets.
    The question then remains, why ask liberals.

  27. Ill admit there is a lot I don't know. But if you are going to want the President to be impeached you should have facts and reasons. Just because he says something mean it what you find disrespectful doesn't count. Like at all, because if that was the case how many other public officials would you condemn? You can't single out just one. For example every politician who said the border crisis was manufactured, that president trump is commuting treason. The list goes on.

  28. DemonRats are IslamoRats Traitors Party Now Islamic presidential candidate Booker and Ellison Talib Omar and 23 Islamic Senator's and Congressman your Replacements and New Masters Islam and Sharia Law your choice your fault

  29. Funny watching libturds pretend to be libertarians, concerned about excessive government power.


  30. Omg! All those people don't have a clue and not knowing the reason to support their theory for impeachment. VERY DISTURBING!

  31. That's effect of leftists, liberals agenda they present u as victim!! As normal human nature everyone like when someone take extra care of u and tell u that u have right to claim a resources and things without any hard work..
    and they speak against moral responsibility and values so many who can't brave enough to tackle problem they support them

  32. Most Californians are over weight and they are dumb or like to play dumb that why Demoncrats run theirs state like piece of shit

  33. This is unsurprising but funny anyway. I just wished you followed up with a question 'would you think it would be fair if you were sacked from your job for the reasons you just outlined'.

  34. I think the basket of deplorables is ummmmmmm…… ON THE LEFT, HUH HILLARY!?!?!?! I ALWAYS have intelligent conversations with Conservatives, Libertarians, and also a lot of REAL Independents. Even when we don't agree on everything. But NEVER have I seen or been involved with an intelligent, reasonable, factual conversation with a single leftist. I am convinced they are ALL morons. 🤣🤣🤣🤣👎👎👎🤬🤬

  35. I think it's quite fascinating.

    Do they know what impeachment means?

    Do they understand that more than uuuu emmmm is needed

    or I don't like him,
    or he uses twitter,
    to impeach anyone?

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