Liberals And Conservatives Fight Labels And Stereotypes

I identify as a liberal because I was raised by a super strong feminist mother and I believe in equal rights for all human beings by a definition I'm a conservative because I voted for Donald Trump the liberal policies are more humanistic inclusive and less restrictive I believe that my conservative values align most with my morals stated is I am nervous about things a nice topic sir and I think they're really sensitive to a lot of people and a lot of people feel very strongly and a lot of feelings get her and you need to see that in society and stuff like that so I'm nervous because like yeah we were forming relationships like talking and getting to know each other outside just like now it's it's all gonna change like let's hope not I personally think that it's in my opinion through civic duty to vote yeah and I don't see why you can complain if you didn't take the initiative to go out let your voice be heard people should be going out and making their voices heard and that should be just general like what we do because that's what we are supposed to do as opposed to oh if somebody else to take care of it oh it's not my problem oh I don't know most of people I know that didn't vote kind of non voted their conscience and yet I think that everyone should still have a say in the right to be participating and I wouldn't want to just silence someone they should be participating that's not that's the issue they aren't participant but they not see any value in the local elections at all yeah there's a lot of things other than that's one that's a clear view here my friends do they go look I saw no value in any local election at all zero nothing you guys do realize a lot of the people being affected by Trump are people who can't even vote so they're complaining I might go ahead complain you've been here since you were six five months old you still can't vote or you're good tailed those people they don't have a right yeah no I think those people have a right to complain however my my beliefs and my thoughts are pointing towards people who are have the ability of the rights and the ability to register to vote or to vote and choose you know yes you guys your premise that if you can vote but people who cannot vote they don't have that right that's true so that's why I disagree uh uh I'm not gonna lie I didn't vote haha so all y'all in the comments you guys can put it in there now huh it wasn't my personal favorite I'm not I don't agree with a lot of the ways he conducted himself in his presidential campaign but I think if we look at him versus look at him from before he was elected president he's a very very different person we're not in World War 3 so it's the how the same freedoms we can still talk about it we can still not like him though all these things and think that you can't be doing a worse job than she's doing right now it could be much worse I think he's doing the worst job my thing is it's like when did it be okay for him to be the least common denominator when was it okay for our president our the leader of this country to be oh he's always not as bad as he could be yeah I'll be honest I didn't vote for Donald Trump but on January 20th I said you know I hope he does best job just like any President Obama did to you guys that I hope he does because that's I have to put my faith in the office of the president regardless of Reinholds it whoever that is they deserve my respect the only reason I voted for him or the primary reason was because Ben Carson came out and supported him that's how a conservative we behave not gonna be swearing he's not going to go through divorces he's not going to be on the news saying stupid things that this what a conservative person would look like to me I just think that people don't you know you get different experiences so you're gonna learn differently you're gonna see things to different through different lenses like there is misinformation on a lot of the conservative side you guys have info wars you guys have things that are blatantly saying Sandy Hook was fake that the Hurricanes are to populate climate change like that we have an agenda as in like there's another reason for us besides saving humanity to try and do something about what we're causing it just comes back to you know what do you believe to be truly why I think sometimes when I have had interactions with people that disagree there's so much emotion attached to it and it's hard I'm glad you don't think we're misinformed by well I I think I think she's like I was listening Jen when you're talking about the kind of things that you feel the Conservatives disagree upon or think about I think you're discussing a radical set of conservatism we generate what is promoted is not but that is not what most people are relating to if you add if you would out but you're associating yourself with those values so you in what way so sometimes value that there you have a white supremacist we're like we're Christian you have unfortunately but I'm totally that's not what most people Ruth and your dicks and you support white supremacist the same thing with I mean most of those people are great my biggest problem right now is that each party is painted with one broad stroke of everybody falls under ten things challenge at least the reason I didn't come in cuz I don't think the other side is misinformed but I think we're informed differently exactly it's interesting social media allows you to interact with people they're very very different you guys friend me on Facebook you see I'm friends with more people that disagree with me then agree with me I don't care what you believe I'm really really really interested in like a twat it's like I believe this or why I believe this why why why why and and that's that's something that only happens when you develop a friendship or a lot of interaction and proud to be in America and I think about that a little bit it's like you know you might love your child but not be happy with how they're acting right now and I see things that upset me and embarrass me about how we are and yet our possibilities the way we respond to people all over the world or cover our values we're still proud but not maybe as proud as I used to be there's a lot of freedom in what you can say and I think there's a lot of power in that because I know a lot of people into other countries if they say anything about their government like they'll disappear the next day and I get to not only in voice my opinion but also live it being able to do whatever you want to do make who you want out of yourself that's the awesome I thought the idea of how this was going to be that there would be more polar rise more agreement and I see it more centrist most people do a great motor that's why but I think some quarters represent all conservatives are all Republicans no but that they're a big population though but I think tonight today I was pleasantly surprised at everyone because I think that centrist messenger maybe that I agree with you but I also hold my beliefs and I respect that I think that's something that we it should be happening more and more because I think there's so many conversations where I kept me this crazy person I talked to they think there's no it's we disagree but that's okay I didn't expect you to be super argumentative or you know we have to be uncivil about things because you know people are gonna think differently and if you can think for yourself and think about the position you're in it's very hard to argue somebody and it's very very very very hard to really dislike somebody just because they believe something else but I was happy to hear all of us it kind of be on the same level really as far as social issues like I mean as far as being people as opposed to like this is my side this is what I'm right uh you know and that's much better I was pleasantly surprised okay the Facebook

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  2. I'm not saying that being a conservative or liberal is a bad thing, but I think that being balanced between those two is the better choice. If you've gone too far on the left, you'll be close minded to what the right is saying, and if you've gone too far on the right, you'll be close minded to what the left is saying. Extremism always ruins an idea.

  3. Thanks. After only seeing/hearing conservatives online, I thought they were all mentally insane. This gave me a little hope.

  4. Man, imagine thinking all conservatives get all their information from info wars. You just hate to see it.

  5. Info wars isn’t “conservative”. They are conspiracy theorists who support a non establishment trump

  6. The diversity in these videos are forced but they show both sides equally and I really appreciate that

  7. When the girl in pink said “the hurricanes are to populate climate change” I about died of laugher

  8. Well. He hadn't started WWIII when the video was filmed, yet now he has started an economic war that creates negative effetcs globally.

  9. Blind Allegiance = Stupidity, no it's not whoever is in office deserves your respect!..the person in that position should be a respectable person of character

  10. I was expecting this one to be a little deeper I think. I would like to see another one like this but maybe with a few more pressing questions to get more of a conversation/debate going. Still love this channel and segment so much, very informative and nice to see people willing to hear and discuss others opinions or ideas 👌🏼🙌🏼

  11. not going to lie i almost hate but i cant so. I have a very very very big dislike for librels

  12. I totally lost for this session

    Don't know why… kind of like they talking about nothing but emotion

  13. Why be a liberal just because you don't believe in God?  I'm a non-religious conservative.  There are so many good reasons to be a conservative that have nothing to do with religion.

    1) Smaller gvmt, less regulations, more capitalism

    2) Conservatives believe the Constitution should be interpreted literally, whereas the liberals have no respect for our Founding Fathers at all

    3) Abortion IS murder.  Women think abortion makes them more equal because they see it as a way to control their reproductive system.  Let me tell you something.  The only thing abortion makes you more equal to is all the other low-lives who have already had one. 

    4) Conservatives do not try to brainwash anyone.  Liberals have sought to take over Hollywood and the university system in this country.  Conservatives simply debate, state their position, and leave you in peace to make up your own mind.  This alone makes the conservatives more manly and more noble than their liberal counter-parts.

    5)  Conservatives want lower taxes and the freedom of each individual to be able to purchase healthcare in the way that best suits their needs – or to do without altogether.

    6) Let's bring back the gold and silver standard!

    7) Lowest unemployment rate in 50 years occurred on Trump's watch and he is a Conservative!


    9)  Gay marriage is sickening and should not be allowed!  I don't need the Bible to convince me of this.  I've seen 2 men tongue-kissing on the street corner.  I wanted to puke my guts out. 

    10)  WE NEED THE WALL!!!

    11)  We ABSOLUTELY have to defend the 2nd Amendment.  We can stop all shootings by teaching our children proper respect for guns.  I grew up in a house full of guns.  At 5 years old, I didn't know about how it's illegal to take a gun to school.  All I knew is that if I took one to school, I'd have to deal with the old man when I got home.  That alone was more than enough to convince me that taking a gun to school was an extremely bad idea.  So I never did.

  14. I'm a black Trump supporter. Don't hate us. We just have a different worldview. I used to be a democrat voter.

  15. I thought the girl was too aggressive….. but other than that I loved loved loved this conversation

  16. The lady in pink said that radical Muslims don't represent Islam but radical conservatives represent conservatives. Hmm isn't that interesting how it doesn't go both ways? A true foolish liberal.

  17. Please tell me that old man didn’t say Liberals view are lest restrictive?? Wtf they wanna put restrictions on everything except killing babies !!

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