Liberal vs Conservative: 24 Hours Side By Side

how you judge me and what you try and keep me from doing is kind of futile because at the end of the day I'm gonna do what I want I do think there is a wrong and a right I don't think my beliefs are gonna change for a long time my name is Alex Vander Hoek I live in West Hollywood California I'm a writer and performer I try to be as open as possible I just happen to find most liberal policies more convincing my name is Micah Diaz I'm 25 years old out of Riverside California my production manager over at singing automotive and I drifted my spare time people are afraid to talk about their opinion and where they stand I do stand more toward the conservative side the left with the gender-fluid and all these like in my opinion these CooCoo things I don't really understand I don't know it doesn't make any sense to me I think all these things are like racist and offensive and all this stuff it seems more of like a softer side of the aisle the primary problem is fear we're afraid of things we don't know it limits your view of people and what you're willing to accept from other people I think of America as this country as my house and so if you're gonna just come into my house I don't know who you are I don't know anything about you I don't know if you're trying to come in and hurt me and I'll just add i'm i'm mexican and puerto rican so like i still want all do you build a freakin wall like we need to have our properties our property and i mean and people don't like how he got it but nations have been taking over nations since the beginning of time it is what it is america should be a place where everyone can succeed and i get that for a conservative they are mostly focused on their families succeeding and not necessarily everyone else i do think there is a wrong and a right you know the sanctity of marriage I believe is between a man and a woman or gay marriage I just don't it's just not right I don't think it's right if I was pretty clear on it what you might see as flaws or sins or you know whatever if that's how you choose to interpret the Bible know that that is your interpretation of the Bible and that is not necessarily how God intended you to read the Bible just love that's what the Bible says to do is just to love I definitely believe that who you surround yourself with will shape and form your beliefs I was raised by a marine when my dad was alive he was always into politics and they didn't even care now that he's passed away and to just not care and like throw it in the trash that just seems like dishonouring to me and like disrespectful I grew up in a largely republican place my parents would question certain beliefs that I'd have and they'd say oh why did you believe that and so I always had to defend my beliefs people just write each other off and I'm guilty I write people off all the time I got anyone to talk to you that's something I didn't have to work on when you get shut off because someone believes a certain thing it's like how are we ever gonna get anywhere as long as we keep being true to ourselves and communicate our pain and our struggles and our stories authentically then we will achieve the progress that we're we're sitting together there's all these things I really want to accomplish in life and these things I want to do in life if not in any kind of Hollywood or acting or stunt driving then hopefully running my own company by making my own income I hope to get a house to buy a house I have to get married having up to have children I think love would be the key let other people live the way they want and accept people for who they are you need to be able to talk to people is really the biggest thing there's really not this giant disconnect between different people you

  1. In an effort to bridge people together, we're proud to present Side By Side – a new series that reveals we may have more in common than we might think. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  2. How does the conservative guys job help people any more than the liberals. He makes cars it’s not like he’s a doctor.

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    By the way what is blue states or red state meaning ?

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    The big eye / 🍸lighting/pale 🥃yellow skin support 🍾 liberal democrats 🍻 partiessss🏳️‍🌈

  4. Inaccurate representation. Liberals are poor, beggers, usually privileged and mainly young. They lack life experience and they don't really know what it is like to work for something and then harvest the fruits of their labor. Basically they don't have much to lose. And since they are poor, they want what wealthy have, so they tend to be vocal. Conservatives are usually wealthier, older and are protective of their status quo.

  5. This video didnt make liberals look bad with what the guy on the left was say but dammit could they have chosen to do this on the day(s) the liberal dude was actually working??? Conservative dude made the lib guy look like a scrub smdh

  6. There's a significant genetic component to personality and temperament, though it's common for people to dismiss or even deny this fact. Personality and temperament are very good predictors of political and ideological proclivities. There are big environmental factors as well, but I think it's important to recognize that because genetics underly personality and temperament to a large degree, and personality correlates highly with ideology, that the political and ideological differences that give rise to interpersonal and social conflict are not going away. Political conflict won't be resolved through eduction, propaganda, brainwashing or indoctrination. So, it is therefore highly advisable that we learn to live with our differences, and resolve them in ways that are not destructive or harmful to ourselves, to others, or to the environments upon which we rely for sustained well being.

  7. I just want everyone to know that both sides work hard! Many people in the comments are saying only conservatives work hard and not liberals, both sides work equally as hard. And it is disrespectful to assume that one side does no work when both are trying to shape their country. I just want to say that both conservatives and liberals work hard.

  8. The liberal = The generic GTA V npc around Vinewood
    The Conservative = The generic Far Cry 5 resistance member in Hope Country

  9. Just a quick note, leftism and liberalism are not the same. Just wanted to point this out. 😀
    (if u disagree u don have tell ur opinion to me)

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