Liberal or Conservative, or something else?

hello today we’re going to be going over
the difference in political affiliations we’re going to be looking at why Barack
Obama is a Noodle and why Donald Trump is in fact a communication no hello I’m Matt dumb and this is
jackwagon we’re we’re a hundred percent guaranteed to change our minds and we
might just change yours too so I think something got a little messed
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today on jackwagon we’re going to be looking at political affiliation so I
think going over some of these different categories is going to be useful because
throughout this show I’m going to be referencing these different political
ideas and it’s going to be helpful if you actually understand what I mean by
them a perfect example is when I say progressive I do not mean the same thing
as a liberal crazy right why do we have to make a distinction between a
progressive and a liberal well generally throughout a lot of these videos I’m
going to be using these terms in a relatively specific way and additionally
you know it might allow us to take a more nuanced approach to certain policy
aspects and go a little bit deeper than the superficial banality of just simply
calling people on a bad name anyways there’s another kind of important thing
in there and you know you might have your mind changed so anyways I think
it’s worth kind of clearing away some of the misconceptions that a lot of people
generally think and look more into how politics plays out on a political level
oftentimes when people are looking at the political spectrum what they think
of is on the right you have the Republicans the Conservatives you have
the libertarians and then on the left you have the Democrats you have the
progressives the liberals the Communists the Socialists the thing is it’s a
little bit more complicated than just simply a two part scale one thing that
you might think is that you know Ted Cruz and John Kasich are the same thing
and they’re not all so you might lump in Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Joe Rogan
on the same side both of them being on the Left Joe Rogan who is commonly
considered a liberal and Alexandre Ocasio Cortes who has a progressive hold
very different political views from each other even though they might classically
be lumped together perhaps you have seen some times instead of just a dichotomous
perspective on things you might have seen what’s called a political compass
now this has two different axes that you can label
people on unfortunately there are some restrictions to it such as a non
uniformity of these different axes the problem is almost of the United States
presidents we’ve had so far fit generally into the top right quadrant of
this depending on who you ask even though we have had some pretty lefty and
socialistic leaning presidents there’s all kinds of problems with this but at
least it does get at more nuance when you go horizontally across the political
compass you see on the left side those who take a more collectivist approach to
the economy versus on the right you see those who take more hands-off
laissez-faire perspective when you look at the vertical axis this is the amount
of control the government has over Social Affairs lower to the bottom of
the grid you go the less control the government has over people’s social
lives versus the closer to the top you go generally the government is going to
be more strict and more restrictive of what you can do in your own personal
life the problem is again this kind of leaves out a lot of different
alternative opinions and it ends up leading to some weird places where you
might have two completely opposite political ideologies ending up
relatively close together on this grid though it does allow us to make some
pretty dank memes to start off defining things I think I’m going to first look
at the psychology that’s involved in different people the way that those
individual people react to change there’s a pretty good quote by the
English author GK Chesterton that I think sums up people’s psychological
differences pretty aptly his quote goes the whole modern world has divided
itself into conservatives and progressives the business of
progressives is to go on making mistakes the business of conservatives is to
prevent mistakes from being corrected even when the revolutionist might
himself repent of his revolution the traditionalist is already defending it
as part of his tradition thus we have two great types the advanced person who
rushes us to ruin and the retrospective person who admires the ruins he admires
them especially by moonlight not to say moonshine each new blunder of the
progressive or prig becomes instantly a legend of immemorial antiquity for the
snob now I think if we look at the two of the
things it becomes pretty clear that there are two different psychological
tendencies that human beings can fall into obviously these are general
categories and they don’t always even reflect how an individual person is
going to think on every occasion not to state the obvious psychologists have
shown that people are split about half-and-half those who are
progressively minded who are open to change and welcome it and those who tend
to stick to a more ordered society and want to change things more slowly
personally I’m a progressively minded person in my psychological outlook which
is rarity for a lot of engineers generally a lot of my co-workers tend to
be a little bit more conservative and they want to stick to the way things are
because oftentimes engineering projects are complicated enough why reinvent the
wheel my personal tendency is always to reinvent everything from the ground up
and if it’s been done before get rid of it and start fresh
obviously this has run me into some difficulties when programming and image
recognition system or working on an AI anyways moving forward there’s obviously
differences between these two and not necessarily one is better than the other
they both keep each other in good check we’re generally you might have
scientists who are pushing the boundaries and who are always looking
for the next new thing you can have engineers who are trying to build
bridges that are reliable and not going to fall over because they look cool
another important distinction to look at is right wing versus left wing this
terminology came about just before the French Revolution when the French
Parliament would meet in session those who were on the site of the king would
sit on the right side of the chamber whereas those who opposed the king would
sit on the left side of the chamber largely these two names have stuck for a
lot of other countries other than just France because the French Revolution
became such an integral part of what the modern country looks like right wing
theorists think that there is some amount of social hierarchy to the world
those on the far right would say that those hierarchies are in fact a good
thing on the left side you have the opinion that all men are equal and
completely similar now it’s my personal opinion that most people tend to fall
slightly on the right side of the spectrum
acknowledge that there are certain differences among
human beings the fact is in the United States though those differences mean
very little just because I can’t dunk on the Brawn James doesn’t mean that I
shouldn’t be able to have a right to express my opinion in the public sphere
with regard to politics and I think largely many people would agree with
that even though it would still be ridiculous for me to say that LeBron
James and I are equal when it comes to athletic prowess coming to the most
important categories perhaps is that of the different political philosophies
that a political progressivism of political liberalism and political
conservatism now political progressivism was founded by jean-jacques rousseau who
came up with a number of different novel ideas and one of his most famous books
the social contract paved the way for a lot of future political thought he came
up with such ideas as the noble savage the idea that human beings originally
started in a state of bliss and only have moved away from that because of the
usurpation and the imbalance of power between certain individuals John Locke
is often considered the father of liberalism he is one of the most cited
individuals in the United States founding documents his work largely
paved way for many of the different ideas that we find in the Declaration of
Independence even the idea that each man has a certain right to life liberty and
property if that sounds really familiar there’s a reason for it and so largely
the founders took a lot of his work along with Montesquieu and they founded
what is now the United States of America the goal of liberalism is largely just
to leave the individual person alone that person can then pursue their own
type of happiness and their own end to their life in whichever way they see fit
this might largely be similar to what in the United States is called
libertarianism though generally libertarianism takes on a more economic
bend to it liberalism takes a more societal tone and it generally has to do
with whether or government can regulate people’s social interaction oftentimes
unfortunately in the United States we see that liberals and progressives often
fall into the same political camp this might not be the case anymore because a
lot of liberals have actually started coming over to a Morken
Servat ‘iv idea towards the aspects such as freedom of speech and different other
issues generally it was progressives who were trying to deregulate speech and now
in the current era we have progressives who are constantly trying to shut down
speech and so progressives and conservatives have largely flipped on
this particular issue the third and final category that came later than
progressivism and liberalism is conservatism and founded by Edmund Burke
whose most famous work was the reflections on the revolution in France
this book paved the way for what would later on become political conservatism
conservatism is ultimately idea that it’s very difficult to make a society
and even more difficult to make a good society and so once we have found
something that approximates a good society we need to hold on with that and
we need to be very cautious about changing that because for any small
change that we make there might be catastrophic pleiotropic effects that we
cannot anticipate and so we must through trial and error slowly and gradually
change our society to be better but without doing so all at once and falling
over a cliff I personally met conservative and a lot of my political
ideologies generally fall into the vein of classical conservatism now there are
different categories than just these three but these largely feature as the
grounding principles that all of these other smaller types and categories have
developed from to go over every single idea from communism to
anarcho-capitalism we could easily take an entire video series to do so one
potential thing to note here is that in the United States currently a lot of
times when you look at like the Republican Party which is synonymous
with conservatism you look at what is called neo conservatism which generally
looks at a lot more libertarian approaches towards the government and
towards the economy versus classical conservatism still acknowledge a certain
need for the government to step in on a more local basis in order to curb the
effects of large government and other foreign governments nowadays also we
have modern progressives who generally have developed from a more post
modernist perspective who develop different ideologies and have taken on
many different ideas such as that of Karl Marx now one of the most important
ones that I want get to because this just literally
drives me crazy is essentially the dichotomy that we
have falsely set up in the modern world that you can only be a capitalist or a
socialist you’re on the internet you’re arguing about something somebody talks
about taxation somebody talks about capitalism somebody else talks about
socialism and then you end up just getting these two people going back and
forth about how one person is an idiot and the other person needs to read a
book number one none of those comments are very helpful number two it’s really
not a binary choice now sometimes you do get this other person who comes in here
and they’re all like well actually there could be a mixed economy the fire
department already exists the problem is it’s not a binary choice nor is it even
a sliding scale between two extremes there are different ways to organize an
economy than just in a capitalist or in a socialistic way when you look at an
economy capitalism just simply means minimal government interference when you
look at a socialist economy it means a very specific thing it means the
collective ownership of the means of production distribution and exchange
unfortunately most socialists don’t even know what that means now if we look at
these three things one of them is a socialist the other two are not let me
give you a hint Denmark is not a socialist despite what anybody up there
might say again Barack Obama is not a socialist and I think calling him a
socialist has largely led to Bernie Sanders being one of our main political
candidates so anyways I hope you learned something there I know we covered a lot
and so just to break it down real quick the difference between somebody who is
psychologically conservative and psychologically progressive is going to
be whether you accept change with open arms or whether you are generally
apprehensive about it the difference between right wing and left wing is the
difference of your view on social hierarchies there’s also a difference
between political conservatives political progressives and political
liberals political liberals tend to be something more approximating
libertarians political progressives tend to be those who are always trying to
push the boundary of human freedom and generating equality for greater numbers
of people well where conservatives are generally focused on maintaining a more
stable society even though you can change that society doing so in a more
gradual way and then very importantly the difference between capitalism and
socialism capitalism is simply the free exchange of goods
socialism has a very strict economic definition where there’s collective
ownership of the means of production distribution and exchange and there are
different kinds of economic organization other than just those two so I hope you
learned something from that I mean if I didn’t leave a comment below and tell me
how stupid I am until then see you next time Oh so I hope you like that content if you
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