LGR – Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Review

[♪] Greetings, and welcome to another LGR quickie and today,
I would like to somewhat quickly talk about Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. And as you might be able to tell as
I flash you with my geeky cred here, I’m a little bit of a Civilization fan. Always have been, really. I was introduced to the series
as a kid by my uncle and I’ve been into it ever since! I always loved to check out the new iteration of Civ,
but usually, after about a year after its release. You know, after its got a bunch of patches and they’ve ironed out
some of the kinks and weird stuff, given it an expansion or two. And if you’re not familiar with
the whole idea of Civilization, well, well, it’s pretty much a 4x turn-based strategy game, so… Explore, Exterminate, whatever the heck – it’s one of
those things where you start off in ancient times or you can, and you go off into the future until you go to space. And it just sort of goes infinitely after that,
and you just keep playing one more turn, after one more turn, after
one more turn, until your life is gone… and it’s awesome because you were playing Civ. I chose to dive into VI though because
the changes and the updates and whatnot they were super intriguing to me. SPECIFICALLY, the city-building aspect
that they have added to Civilization now. So if you weren’t aware, in the past,
Civilization had you building cities and then you would just sort of
stack things on that city, and you know, things would get piled in there, and
it would kind of look you know, whatever. It could stand to use a little bit of an overhaul and
what they’ve done here is that they’ve unstacked them, much like they unstacked units in Civilization V previously,
but it’s gone even further with these cities and now that you have to rely on districts for things – You know, you want a bank, you’re gonna have to have
a Commerce District, you want a Factory, you need Industrial, etc. So, you have to think ahead and do
a little bit of city planning, and as a fan of Civilization, SimCity, Caesar,
and other games of that ilk, this is super fun to me, and… It’s also just interesting with some of the effects
that you don’t think about as you’re building until like, much later in the game,
like say you discover uranium, and… Whoops, it’s underneath your district for Culture! But that, you know, that’s the price you pay for choosing
Nto build the things that you use in each city. It gives… if you play it right, each city more of a specialization. And you’re not just having every city to have every single thing.
You’re just gonna run out of room in a lot of cases. And that’s pretty neat. Another smaller change that
makes a pretty notable difference is that the civilizations that you run into, like AI players
and whatnot, are each going to have their own agendas. And other details that you can look
into regarding how they act, what they’re gonna expect from you,
and it makes things more clear, when, you know, say they denounce you or
declare war on you for very specific things. It also adds extra options like making more deals: Casus Belli, or however you pronounce it, things like that that
you maybe you’re not gonna have as much of a warmonger policy if you declare a holy war on them
in a certain situation, like, it makes that much more fascinating
to deal with each individual civilization. Another thing that they’ve added is religious stuff, not just to the point of what
they did in Gods and Kings with Civ V, but also a Religious Victory condition now, so that you have your traditional Domination,
and Culture, and Science, and Points, but now you have your Religious Victory and that’s the only victory so far that I have
not actually achieved. I’ve gotten close, but… as you might imagine, it’s pretty hard to convert
the entire world to follow your religion, but I really like the overhauls that
they’ve done to religion here. With one exception, and that is religious fighting,
like theological debate, I guess it’s called. They just call down lightning on each other
and there’s not really anything to it, not much strategy or tactics involved there at all.
You just send an apostle out and they fight. They’ve also split up the Technology and Civics
and they’re both their own trees now, but… It’s all kind of split up, and…
actually, I kind of like that because it provides some different things to go for in a different order
than maybe you were able to in previous Civ games, and there’s some really interesting
combinations of going for certain Civics. I like that sort of anachronistic weirdness
where you get to play with history and this provides some extra opportunities to that in a… a way that’s a little more streamlined, maybe. It looks complicated, but it’s really not too bad. Another thing that they’ve changed in regards
to this, making governments and whatnot, placing policies, they’re now cards. And so you unlock these cards and you have slots
depending on what kind of government you have. I got used to this… surprisingly quickly! As long as your people are sort of okay with that government
switch, you can make it at the appropriate time and then totally go overboard with something that’s
gonna help your civilization right that moment! And, it felt… more free, I guess, to experiment
with what kind of government I had, and then mix and matching pieces of
the other ones with these cards and placing them in a different order
with wildcards and things. It’s pretty neat! But yeah, this is not a perfect game, even though
it’s one of my favorites of 2016. It’s got some issues. The AI, as always, I mean…
it’s never particularly good. Prince is fine, you stick to Prince difficulty,
which is smack-dab in the middle, everything’s on a pretty level playing field, but you go above that, and the AI cheats to a ridiculous degree,
and you go below that, and they just do nothing! It’s no challenge! And um… there’s a little bit of leeway
there with some of the difficulties, but it’s just not very satisfying after
you’ve played through three or four games. And at this point, I’ve spent about 75 hours
with it and I’m… like tired of the AI, really. So multiplayer is pretty much where I wanna be playing
right now. And it’s awesome there, multiplayer works great! Also not great are some of
the *really* bizarre choices in terms of the user interface and
hands-on usability of this game. There’s some real problems with stuff- Clicks not going through,
notifications not working right or not going away, or… coming up the wrong time, or just
stuff totally getting lost! I mean, there’s still… icons and buttons that I have no idea what they do. The tutorial only helps so much, the CivPedia… while definitely helpful, leaves something
to be desired in terms of minutia. it’s good at a broad example of what you need to do,
but there’s a lot of little stuff that is just… super irritating and they take
way too many clicks to get done. Still, regardless of some of the issues that it has and, eh, there’s some room for improvement.
I am not gonna deny that it’s still been one of the most enjoyable games that I’ve played in 2016 and it’s a *fine* addition
into the Civilization series, in my opinion. In fact, it might be the best base Civ game we’ve had… in two or three iterations now,
and heh, that’s worthy of praise. It still needs some work though,
so maybe don’t spend the $60, uh… or just, you know, wait for a discount, I’m sure there’ll be
a discount during Christmas, Holidays, that kind of thing, on Steam So yeah, I’m really looking forward
to expansions and mods and just playing more because I’m not
anywhere near done with this game. It’s a lot of fun. “Embrace the chill winds of the motherland, Tsar Peter.
Your fascination with science and culture is a gift.”

  1. Did you film this before the latest "big" patch out of curiosity? There were a lot of AI balances and things they claimed. I haven't sit down with it since so I am not sure.

  2. I just finished my first game of Civ V as Japan and crushed everyone. I'm thinking of playing as Rome, see if I can get the Empire up and running again.

  3. I don't know how many times this company is going to release the same friggin game. I LOVED CIV and own almost all of them since Civ2 even giving away extra copies to friends. But I cannot stand this shit where they release the same thing over and over again. Sorry Fireaxis, or whoever owns this thing now :/

  4. The AI is really a major issue in this series. Regardless if the game is new or old, even with mods, the AI never works well in any Civ. This applies to the Total War series as well. Makes you wonder if it's worthy to play multiplayer… Never tried, it doesn't look too inviting. But eitherway, Civ 6 is a addictive game and one of my favorites of the year. I played on launch, had a blast, then I abandoned it. I downloaded again today, also there's some AI mods out there in civfanatics… I will give it a try once more.

  5. I love how Civilisation II is displayed prominently on your bookshelf!! This was the first civ game I played (way back in the 90s) and imo the best one ever made. I really really miss the advisers and the throne room – I wish they would at least bring back the throne room.!
    Also I love that you have Myst and Might and Magic there as well – also very good solid games.

  6. my biggest criticism, is the trading card style government system.

    "oh you attacked me that activates my fascism third alternative trap card that doubles my production of millitary units"

    yeah stupid

  7. Don't understand why nobody mentioned the horrible cartoon graphics as an issue. I am a huge civ fan but I cannot get over those graphics. I hope civ7 tries to go more realism, that would make me fall in love.

  8. bad espionage system with no toggle for turning it off, no way to demand an end to missionaries, no way to demand a withdrawal of troops, very disappointing game.

  9. Civ 4 i think wins the best AI's and the best user interface like civ 4 you rarely leave play scream with all the tabs and stuff but its not clunky like civ 3 it is nice fancy looking boxes overlaying the gameboard and i liked that alot about 4 why i havnt dove into 5 or 6 plus i like unit stacking

  10. this game looks very complex for someone whom has never played a civ game. Is that true? How long would it take to get used to for someone who plays strategy games from time to time, but usually plays card/fighting/rpg games?

  11. It's a shame they went with such an ugly art style. It looks like a tablet game. Civ 5 is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, and really makes you feel the immersion, the dignified triumphant inspiring history of humanity. Civ 6 is more like Lego Bob the Builder. I could never look at this ugly art style for the 8 hours it takes for just one Civ match without getting a headache. Even worse, it reminds me of how far art and culture have fallen.

  12. So I have been wanting to get into Civ as I've never played any of the games in the franchise, and was therefore debating whether or not to buy VI or V. The amount of negative reviews on Steam is overwhelming, but I am leaning against VI after watching your review. Have you played it during the last couple of months, and has the AI been improved any further? I would also really like to know how the dlc's that have come out has affected further gameplay.
    Thanks in advance!

  13. Honestly, until I hear that the AI has been fixed I'm going to keep playing V. Multiplayer was never my thing anyway.

  14. the "hax" for a all religion victory is to play a game with your opponent being all the africa civ. they can't make their own and want you to spread to them.

  15. Religous fighting remind me of an old C64 game called Populus. Its like they tried to implement it as a minigame or something.

  16. Was introduced to Civ by my father when i was 6 with Civ 3, then shortly after slaughtered him.
    My biggest gripe is religious victory seems to quickly to achieve.
    Loved nuke happy policy for Gamdhi.

  17. I don't know if i'm to old but i didn't like 4-6, 3 was my game, 2 was good, not call to power, but 2 and especially 3 🙂

  18. I own civ 5 and I haven’t played it a ton I’m prolly gonna get 6 cause it sounds way better and easier to get into

  19. just got a 50% off steam coupon for the digital delux version so i thought i would check out youtube to refresh myself on the game. if you like it i probably like it because like you i am in my early 30s and have played all of the civ games, so the question is, is civ 6 worth 40 bucks with all the dlc included. i think it is but i invite comments, if i get it i'm going to have to pull some levers to do so before my coupon expires.

  20. To be blunt, the AIs are completely insane. Or at least they act that way. They compliment you one turn, trash you the next, and sometimes declare war the moment they meet you.

  21. I love the Christopher Tin theme music for this game (and Sean Bean's voiceovers); however, although my spouse has played a lot of this game (and is looking forward to the 1st expansion), I've only played a little of the tutorial (too different from Civ 5 & earlier). It was good to hear a review from someone (other than my spouse) who's spent a fair amount of time with this game, though.

  22. I remember when I was like 9 and Christmas Eve was at my uncle's house and I have a cousin she's a girl like me and we were like lying on the bed playing some games on the tablet and he just comes in and like sits at our desk and he's like "hecc, gonna play civilization here" and it was so awkward lol

  23. New civ and gameplay aspects but I’d love seeing things I saw on and old freeware civ. Nuclear winter made the world more arid across the world, even effects of greenhouse gas. That was the free games.
    I would love to see and update that could make natural disasters.
    Sea level rises, tsunami turning ground into water, land tearing away making chasms. But the mechanics involved is things now are cool enough

  24. The a.i is ridiculous. Even in the easiest level they declare war all the time. And they're so fast . Civ 5 a.i was way better

  25. So Civ 6 is $12 with a Humble Bundle subscription. Is it better than 5? Is the game in acceptable condition as of now?

  26. Gandi is still a war mongering ass hat right away with starting unit he says my army is to big and i deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth… they never changed him

  27. Still think civ 1, civ 2 gold one my favorite, andciv 4 are the best of all CIvs, even civ call to power are better then this civ 5 and 6

  28. I’m interested in getting into the civ games. I haven’t seen all of your backlog yet but have you ever played the Anno games? They are some of my favorites in this genre. I’d be curious to see your thoughts on them. Maybe you already have videos I’ll eventually come across.

  29. Finally somebody says it. Personally I don't call it AI if it operates on a different plain to win. Like that old chess master on my gameboy! Finally winning against the bastard AI suddenly my king is a normal king the computer however has a "super king" that moves like a queen?

  30. I think the maps on this game look to busy, it's hard to keep track of what is going on for a colorblind/minimalist person like myself. Civ 5 was fun though.

  31. LGR: Do you recommend Rise & Fall Expansion? OR should I just start with civ VI and wait for expansion to fall in price? Civ VI standard and deluxe is 70% off at GOG. Rise and fall expansion is 40% off.

  32. It gets boring in the mid game, especially if you’re playing peaceful, and I kinda dislike that there aren’t any advisors to help you, but I still think that it’s a great game, just not an impressive follow up to Civ 5

  33. I disagree. Everyone I know still plays Civ5 and we all spend small fortunes on the DLC and expansions for Civ5. Why is this relevant? Because Civ5 still has a ton of bugs that have gone completely unfixed. Then here comes Civ6 and everyone is praising the crap out of it for "innovations" that were ripped completely wholesale from other, better games. Seriously. Play Warlock and Warlock 2 sometime. They are far better, imo.

  34. My attention in this video is all turned into that one game on the left shelf, below the Serious Sam boxes with an alien head… (0:01)
    It turns out to be a game called "Drowned God: Conspiracy of the Ages", which even got a release on GOG. It's almost similar to the classic "Myst" game.

  35. i remember building the modern electronics factory japan gets sometime in like the 1800s it felt really out of place, but dam was it funny

  36. In terms of strategy and realism, the districts don't really work for me. Having one district per tile seems bizarre to me. It would be interesting if each tile could hold 3 districts starting with the central district. And you could build more districts over time and expand the city into more tiles. Eventually, by the end, you could have these multi tiled seamless metropolises with suburbs, infrastructure etc. Right now, the whole thing just looks and feels like a huge mess.

  37. In my civ 6 games when ressources spawned beneath districts I still got them. I'm sure that the devs are aware of the fact that you can't raze districts and changed the rules to not fuck the player up.

  38. "Great minds think alike, I see. There are so many uses for that technology…" – Gandhi when you have a large arsenal of nuclear weapons.

  39. It's odd watching this video again since it makes me realize you didn't cover Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm this time around. It would be cool to hear your thoughts on what you think the new expansions brought to the game. While Rise and Fall felt a bit weak, and was priced appropriately, Gathering Storm really has a full-on Sim City effect on the game having you manage resource usage as well as adding some more considerations to your urban planning.

  40. I never got to play Civilization, but what they did with Gandhi sounds hilarious… I really want to play, but know I'll get addicted.

  41. The whole city district system is the dumbest and most historically inaccurate change in civ ever.
    Until the 20th century pretty much every city was concentrated and everything was stuffed in the city center. Most cities were pretty much built around the main marketplace and or public structures. Yet civ 6 throws this out the window. And not only is it historically inaccurate, its impractical in game too. It completely takes away the option to build smaller close together cities since you need all the terrain you can get to grow your city since districts and even wonders make tiles useless now.
    And let's not forget the districts, massive tile encompassing wonders and messy looking improvements turn your map into an unclear, confusing, jumbled mess by mid-game.
    I really, really don't like the district system. To me civ6 is the worst iteration of civ yet. Sorry to disagree…

  42. Great review! Much like you, someone else introduced me into the Civ game long ago. I've played the original up to 4. Sadly money constraints and the fact my last PC died, I haven't played since Civ 4. I am hoping to have a gaming PC built before the end of the year. Civ VI looks like a great game! 🙂

  43. I wish they would add a way to close the border to religious units and give us a way to designate a border you plan to expand to and if an npc settles there it gives you a causus belli to take their city for settling too close. The AI is also really bad and constantly needs to be told to stop but when you go to war you are a war monger but when they do no penalty for them. Also annoying as fuck that even your allies constantly send spies to siphon gold or steal tech. It should give automatic causus belli when we catch anyone's spy.

  44. Civ6 is the first one I enjoyed since 2. But indeed the AI is atrocious. I dont feel Civ multiplayer enjoyable unless you play at LAN. It just eats too much time between rounds.

  45. Perhaps we could have an updated Civ VI review??? I personally think this has become an incredible title and it has me very curious where they might take the franchise from here with the next installment… CIV VII

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