LGBTQ Insanity, personal responsibility and freedoms

so here we have an eminent physician eminent physicians who is that a loss on how to proceed with the treatment for his hydro-quebec Oh for his hydro contract patient I don't know what happened there I'm older I just had a stroke who knows anyway the man had been consulting with him for months yet the doctor could not find anything wrong with him finally the doctor decided to bring matters to a head this time he gave the patient a large bowl and ordered him to urinate in it the patient followed orders then the doctor ordered him to defecate in the urine it was difficult but the patient complied the physician took a large wooden ladle from a drawer and mixed the concoction then he ordered the patient to open his mouth and swallow a large ladle full of the muck now remember this patient is a hypochondriac and the doctor is now having the patient take in shit and piss which has been stirred together into a slurry and now is being fed by a label the patient did so taking in that concoction and promptly vomited huh said the doctor you have an upset stomach yeah and you want to know why this fits in today's pain I'll tell you oh I don't have my props I don't have my tea got it damn it anyway I'm gonna continue it doesn't matter cuz I never do edits in this shit I just like blast straight on through umm this is pertinent because of what's going on these days with group agendas and the bullshit that they're trying to feed the public I'd like to start off the LGBTQ agenda it seems hello back when was the GLBT we fought for equality and we had like our civil moment we had Stonewall we had all that we had like you know our foundations and our causes and everything and eventually we got equality it's like you couldn't be fired for being gay you couldn't on like so many things which work systemically written into law where we had to basically live in the underground so to speak and it was fun because it was more taboo so it was like a lot more exciting now like this boring shit today but I digress we only wanted to be considered equal to everyone else and by god if some bitch hasn't gone and now started oppressing other people and taking the rights which people from my generation the generation before in the generation before and all those other generations which were actually oppressed are now bringing it forward and trying to oppress the very people who were allied with them to begin with and for some reason I don't understand why the some of the allies are going with this bullshit as if this is okay III don't know what's wrong with these people it's like can you not see that the LGBTQIA community is fucked up right now I mean it is completely fucked up totally fucked up oh my god I remember when pride used to actually be pride no its corporate and causes and bullshit and just it's not I stopped going to pride years ago because it just such a headache there's nothing there's nothing fun about pride it's like you go to pride to what see people offended and then see other people being offended that other people are that or you have the like you know cunt who's like I have not getting any sex so I'm gonna go ruin someone else's day at pride but that's like a everyday event for these people constantly trying to push their agenda on people who never asked for it to begin with can be walking down the street minding your own business somebody comes up and says hey you want to take a survey and you're like okay I'll take a survey sir well how dare you call me sir I am a ma'am you know with like you know really masculine traits but they're going to now not only get you in trouble for calling them by a pronoun which they absolutely it's what it's what you see your eyes are lying it's what you see but they expect you to be a mind reader and they want you to like feel guilty they want and that not only do you feel guilty they want you to pay for your transgression mmm-hmm the some members of the community in fact I don't belong to this LGBTQIA ship anymore bullshit is what it is but the members of that community have gone off the deep end completely off the deep end transgender children when did it start to become okay for us to start telling our children to not go with the flow of their biology and to start living in a gender neutral society I don't understand that do people not understand that if you bring general Asians up in a neutral society where a lot of things been removed there's no more art no more perfumes no more dreams because people got so offended and then you take away their gender all you're making our units little units to go out and carry out a larger master's plan and that's what we're coming to because people are now so afraid to be individuals they want to be safe and conform to this safe space which is not safe at all by any means see this is something I wish I had somebody to talk to on this because I know that my child would see things a little bit differently I know that my husband would see things a little bit differently and it would be wonderful to have them on one of these episodes where we could actually talk about what we have served in life I don't like kids I know I don't like this idea of like a kid a seven-year-old for instance being given a packer okay a packer is a prosthetic penis and scrotum which a biologically born female places in the pants in order to give the illusion of male genitalia which is fine if you're an adult and you have a fully formed concept of your minds gender fine you can do whatever you want giving a child a disembodied penis and scrotum seams mmm like it's really kind of pushing it I mean what's next you know and we see what's next we're allowing our children to be sexualized and people aren't stopping it the laws aren't stopping it but the laws will stop you eventually from misgendering someone and if you show that you don't go with the popular public opinion of feelings you can be doxxed they can take your job away it's been done it's not bullshit it's actually happening I don't think a child should be given a disembodied penis at the age of seven I think that that should be like a choice they make much later if they want to at all um I myself I felt feminine when I was a child I am so glad my parents were not like these progressives who would have given me like stupid-ass books on you were born this way but you don't have to be that way I mean it was hard growing up those challenges and those obstacles made for a very good life no one held my hand and I didn't need anyone to help my head did I feel suicidal at times sure I felt suicidal but it wasn't because of what was going on in here it was going on because on the outside it was what I was perceiving so maybe it was what was going on in here at the same time I had to make a conscious decision on what I was going to let bother me and what I was going to let slide it starts with personal responsibility this victim mentality people have fallen into and wanted to blame their government oh lordy let's just take personal responsibility and coping mechanisms and throw them out the door because who's gonna need them eventually you'll have someone else thinking for you who needs to think for themselves who needs to do research on stuff let's go and you know let's go with like start accusing students in Kentucky who are wearing megawhatts of being racist and causing a calm based on maybe I don't know 10 seconds of a tape that comes from a two-hour long actual video which tells a completely different story or hum let's get a baker fired you know it's like they won't make a goddamn cake for your wedding it's like why why should they make a cake for your wedding it's like they can choose it's their business what the fuck does government have anything to do with how a business is run by personal beliefs and stuff I mean we have we're supposed to have like religious freedoms and you can't say a goddamn fucking thing about Islam though but Oh Lord you can go after the Christians you can go after the Jews you can go after the Catholics and you can go after the atheists but oh no mob it oh lordy don't talk about Mohammed fuck that fuck that bunch of bullshit what we need to understand is that we are individuals and we do not need to clobber each other based on beliefs okay you can believe whatever the fuck you want as long as you're not hurting my family as long as you're not late coming on in here trying to act like what's mine is yours when it's clearly not we're gonna be just fine but this this ridiculous attacking people and when they defend themselves then they're there they're the aggressor is bullshit and we see it a lot these days the the justice of common sense has been replaced by feelings oh those lovely feelings I know it doesn't take logic anymore you just have to have heart idiocy absolute idiocy anyway ah I think I I think I've like talked enough mm-hmm yeah I think I have all right well the suspend the racist tranny I hope that you're enjoying this Tuesday a day after MLK hope you all had a good day yesterday mmm not everyone did but I almost feed it okay anyway ciao


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