Let’s talk about early American capitalism and its shanty towns

hey dare 13 subscribers don't all come piling in at once you know where's my youtube plaque for 10 subscribers passing the 10 subscriber mark and pissed you know tonight I want to talk about America's economic history because I think it's important and very telling so you can go back through America's economic history and you can look at tax rates you can look at regulations let's talk about the Great Depression what were tax rates what was regulations who was in charge what was their ideology at the time and so much to say you know I'd be here all night so I gotta really try to sum this up but you know at that time you had three major presidents all back-to-back complete free-market nut jobs yeah yeah Calvin Coolidge warren g harding Hoover Hoover all during that before slightly before Great Depression and after you know and during that time they were putting through all those policies free-market tax cuts just like the politicians do now you know that same that dogmatic free-market they never shut the up about they were doing it back then too and they were putting through all that and of course obviously he didn't work and wrecked the economy you know during that era you know they talk about you know they don't talk about the depression they talk about the Roaring Twenties when the 20s Roaring Twenties man yeah during that time that was the beginning of the baseline beginning a consumer credit some six out of ten automobiles let's you know ottoman automobile manufacturing house when people that was first taking off six out of ten cars were bought on consumer credit and then that credit dried up and wages were suppressed obviously and this the depression everybody's poor during that era you know when we talk about depressions and recessions it's always the same thing everybody's poor where's the money at the rich habit back then it was the like the Rockefellers had some forty to fifty percent of all the money an entire economy like two people why why does that happen because capitalism this is the most important point that could ever be mentioned capitalism really is a game of Monopoly it funnels all the money naturally on its own no conspiracy it just naturally funny funnels money into the hands of a few on its own and everybody ends up poor and during that era the Great Depression everybody they couldn't keep the couldn't prop up the economy there was no unemployment benefits there was no security there was nothing so you know we had this huge depression and then it took a socialist FDR coming oh he's so bad he came in and he put in the GI Bill he put through Social Security unemployment insurance and it's like all this save this country and here you are on it and you're praising those stupid failed free market ideas that made that mess and it's making that mess now so FDR he goes in front of corporate America he says this is a calm he's not working we got to do something here and he said we got to raise your taxes half of them agreed they're like yeah this isn't working the other half said off but they passed in anyways you know they had tax rates ninety percent would it had loopholes well even after that they're paying sixty percent percent you used all that extra money for public spending because they realize the private sector can't employ everybody and do everything and you shouldn't want it to do that you don't just constant retail that's it's not good so they spent a lot on you know it was world war two and it was a lot of military spending and liberals need to admit that but that was all that prompted everything up they gave people jobs other than just working in retail stores and it stimulated the economy the middle class during the arrows during the 50s 60s and 70s had the biggest chunk of the money and guess what no depressions obviously so you know it's like you got a look at all this America's economic history it's so important you know if I didn't know this I probably wouldn't be a liberal I probably just be like you like cut my taxes and don't any any spending I don't want it on people lazy bums sit around do nothing but I learned America's economic history and that changes everything so stop with the right wing talking points you're it's ignorant there it's all oh this video is getting way too long there's way more to throw in there you know like Herbert Hoover in his you know they had what they called Hoovervilles it was shanty towns for miles before FDR right at the ninth in 1932 the unemployment it was 25% and people were living in shanty towns and you want to talk about socialism that was free-market capitalism at its height you know and then into two cept 2007-2008 and the economy reppin it was the same thing all the money funneled in the hands of a few naturally on its own and but luckily it's not nearly as bad you can't call it oppression when you have on unemployment and sure and food stamps because that's gonna cushion it but they want to take that they go ahead take it you're stupid Fox oh my god it's like they get away with the because most people they don't know America's economic history well hopefully I help you a little bit you know and still love you

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