1. lmao heard of communism? It slaughters ethnic and cultural identities in favor of a cheap "we are all the same" rhetoric. Russification during the USSR destroyed so many ethnic groups because they wouldn't comply with regulations that made then "more like everyone else". Sure Capitalism creates consumer identities, but it steals other identities and recreates them? That's laughable at best.

    This video has extreme bias and very weak talking points, but what can I expect from any part of political youtube.

    Also I will point this out like I do with every commie, stop absorbing capitalist media. You are downright promoting unethical film industry practices by watching anything made for profit. I know you probably wont because it would utterly kill you to stop consuming and utilizing capitalist products (ironic). You are supporting a television show where the actor is paid $800,000 for one episode while a boom mic operator probably received $20 an hour.

  2. Basically, McDonald's is trying to sell happiness, but in reality, what you're getting is heart failure.
    Gotta love the beautiful irony of capitalism <3

  3. I think the most dangerous aspect of cultivated identity is how they form identity around consumption. nothing more insidious than teaching people that the only way too identify with increasingly large swaths of culture is to buy {insert corporation]'s products, as if culture is defined by what we have and not who we are

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