Let's Play HOI4 United States of America | Hearts of Iron 4 Man the Guns | USA Gameplay Episode 1

hey what's up guys I'm Praetorian and welcome to heart spam for and the man the guns expansion as well as the ironclad 1.6 patch so I can't wait to jump into this expansion show you guys some of the features I will say right from the start here that I am absolutely loving it if you don't know the obviously from the picture here the main focus of the DLC is on the Navy completely changes the entire naval aspect side of the game which is very much needed because as we'll talk about as we you know play the this episode here the the napola side of the game was was pretty much lacking it was it wasn't very good so it does change the the naval game completely and it's it's so different that I'm still learning it very much learning it guys I played one campaign as Japan and I didn't get very far I got into late 1939 so I'm definitely not an expert with all of the changes to the naval side of the game and there's so many of them that you're gonna need to play several campaigns before you really understand you know how everything works properly and you know how things should be optimized with the best fleet composition is task force composition there's gonna take a little while to learn that so keep that in mind that if you're watching this you know a year from now that I'm still you know pretty new to the to the new mechanics so yes it completely revitalizes the game by changing up the naval aspects however the biggest addition actually comes in the patch not the expansion and that's the addition of fuel fuel come is a complete game changer guys and that's for all aspects of the war from land sea and air just completely changes the game up in so many ways that are actually unexpected I'm quite surprised at how fuel has actually fixed some of the problems I've had with a boy for a long time that I didn't I didn't even expect to be a you know improved with just the addition of fuel just a massive change and I just can't wait to show this to you guys so let's go and hop into a guys where do we start a new game this is the game I've been playing is Japan I got to October 10th 1939 watch out on the channel because I'm actually gonna be showing you guys some content from this playthrough hopefully the same days this video coming out if I can get it recorded so yeah keep in keep in mind that that should be coming up soon and I'll tell you why I want to show you guys some stuff on that as soon as once we get started I wanna get into the game so Irish me start in 1936 course and we're getting playing as the United States now in the last arts of armed for campaign we did on the finale and I talked about whether we're gonna do Japan or United States I thought those would be the best ones to do because I wanted to enable major power and we had just done the United Kingdom for the last expansion release waking the tiger that was our first campaign so I wanted to do somebody other than UK so the u.s. it's been a long time since we played to the US on the channel I'm gonna say it was the summer of 2017 when we did that Democratic playthrough as the United States so this time since we did a Democratic playthrough last time I want to do something a little bit different so I was kind of waffling between a fascist or comedies playthrough and I decided on a comedies playthrough and that's because I have a really cool setup that I would really like to do guys so first of all let's go and do our and I'll show that to you guys in a second here but these are the new custom game rules this is another edition I think was added in the patch I don't I don't think it's part of the expansion I'm not entirely sure though that could be wrong on that so these are obviously these were here before the major nation bus and we're gonna go ahead and buff we're gonna do them every AI country with the exception of ourself and we just pay attention while I do this because I always end up buffing myself on accident and then I have to go back and and change it so yes everybody's buff here and we're only gonna do one this time guys I know I almost always do 2 in my playthrough and the reason why I'm only going to do one is because of that little part at the bottom there army fuel maybe fuel and air fuel consumption negative 20% if you take it up one more it's negative 40 percent that's that's massive that means that the Armed Forces are using almost half less fuel than you would be using now for me that means it the one or two things either one the AI is going to basically be able to kind of neglect fuel in a way that kind of takes away from a lot of the strategic elements that fuel adds to the game you know where you know it's not just something you have to deal with it's also a weapon that you can use against your enemies you know by cutting them off from fuel and here's a good example just to briefly explain what I mean United Kingdom you know their infamous for producing thousands and thousands and thousands of planes which makes it incredibly difficult to defeat the raf well they can't do that anymore they can they can build the planes but they won't be able to keep them fueled if you cut off their fuel supplies they can have thousands of planes and they won't be able to run them so that's just one of the many aspects that fuel you know makes that how they feel can make the game better so III don't like that it changes it to 40% makes it almost irrelevant so for me either that makes it it's too big of a buff or that's saying that the AI has not been properly programmed to use the fuel and so that's why paradox has given them such a major buff I don't know I haven't played enough to say in my other campaign if the AI handles the fuel or not but I would like to test that in this one so we're gonna we're gonna see we're still gonna get a challenging campaign in our setup I'll show you why it should be challenging even though we're the powerful United States so I don't think we need to buff them all – we'll do one for this this first campaign maybe next campaign we'll go to – if we see that the AI does kind of suck with their fuel supplies so as far as all these settings I'm pretty sure they're all gonna stay a default this is mostly for multiplayer if you're playing a you know a multiplayer campaign where you know you want to have some restrictions one of the key ones is like paratroopers you know cuz paratroopers can be really exploited by by humans and you know obviously a human can defend again it's a fend against a little bit better than the AI can coos and boosting party popularity can be annoying in multiplayer as well so yeah these are multi player roles were not gonna mess with them this is what we're gonna be changing the AI behavior so this is actually one of my favorite additions of the expansion or patch I don't know once again I don't know what the custom game rules were added by patch or expansion but this is how we're gonna make a challenging campaign that's gonna be a little bit different than our traditional you know hearts of iron for campaign so we're only playing as the Communists United States and as the Communists we are going to go down the anti-monarchy route so there's an anti monarchy national focus that we're going to and we're gonna attempt to I think it's I think you can take it as the Communists because the communist and democratic branches are shared so I might need to look at that but regardless of whether or not we can take the focus that's gonna be our goal we're gonna go anti-monarchy so all of our enemies are going to be on our case most of them anyway so we're gonna have Germany restore the Kaiser I've never seen the AI go down that route before so should be pretty fun seeing that and then the other thing so Britain is you know a constitutional monarchy but we're gonna have them go down the empower the Kings party now the hope is that this will result in them aligned with Germany so we should have a german british alliance in addition to them going down the monarchy route we're gonna have the dutch go down the monarchy route as well to restore the queen so we should have three monarchies in europe as far as soviet union we're just gonna have them go down their default there's few choices here I mean I guess we can have them do historical if we wanted to to make sure they go down the historical route the alternative is just the Capitals first but that's gonna be kind of irrelevant and this played through so we'll just say historical Japan now this is another key for why this gonna be challenging hopefully is we're gonna have them go down the Neutrality route neutrality route still results in them aligned with Germany and I think they're more likely to do so if Germany is a monarchy and it results in them attack in the Soviet Union which is communist as we will be so if we do have an ally that there would be the Soviet Union so that should result in us going to war with Japan Germany Britain and the Dutch so basically two of the major naval powers as well as Germany restoring the Kaiser often results in them building their Navy up so since this is a naval focus expansion this should allow us to really dig into the naval mechanics with this set up I think it should be pretty fun a few other things we can we can change here I want to go ahead and Italy doesn't have a new focus tree yet so they can still only be fascist we're gonna have them go down the alternate route though in the hope that they'll ally with Spain to make the fascist a little bit more powerful in addition to that rather than have France standalone as a Democrat and democracy let's let them be fascist with Italy so hopefully there'll be a semi-strong fascist block between Italy France and Spain that's the hope anyways it really it's not going to be as powerful as the normal fashion obviously because they don't have Germany and then everybody else what we're gonna do with them we're just gonna have them go random I think every I think there might be one more a country you might want to change but for most part everybody's gonna go random and that should make it still be an unpredictable campaign I don't want to take all of the you know all of that out of it I always like not knowing you know what route yeah it's gonna go on their focus trees so this should still make it kind of fun since we don't know you know what all the minor countries are gonna do so we'll get all them set to random and then Mexico will also be set to random so that should be interesting our southern neighbor they could go communist they could go fascist we have no idea so I think that's I think this is it I think that's our setup yes so there's not gonna be any democracies for the major powers now for this playthrough I think should be interesting as far as the other game setups all this really lets you do is free and your decolonize all the regions so you can be colonized the Americas Africa Asia so on you know basically fragment some of the locations up which is a pretty cool little thing that you can do there but we're not gonna be doing that we're not gonna have that set up at all so that looks good that's all we're gonna be doing and oops it's like I closed that and yeah this looks good I made sure that USA is not buffed because I always forget to do that I just got taken everybody up and that looks good let's go ahead and go back and we're gonna be playing on the regular difficulty I say this every campaign because it always gets brought up why I don't play with a more challenging difficulty for somebody with as much experience with the game as me I just don't find well first of all you'll notice that the AI once again gets fuel consumption bonuses more reasons to believe that maybe the AI is not good with the feel I don't know we'll find out in this campaign but main reason why I don't do these is because it just makes everything take longer for the player it doesn't make it more challenging just makes you wait longer to get politico you know equipment and wait longer to get text is not fun it's just waiting more waiting that's and it's not more challenging it's just more waiting if you are looking for a like an elite play through my Soviet Union campaign last year was an elite play through which actually was really challenging but not because of the difficulty you would have to well I'm not gonna ruin it for you guys but it was a pretty fun campaign alright so this is good guys let's just go ahead and start it and and we're gonna be playing as the Communists the United States now I'm gonna try and show you guys the most optimal way to get the best setup for the United States when it comes to the National focus tree so we're gonna pick our focus first this is the massive new focus Street here guys and I'm really liking it the United States just I've been going through the bonuses and stuff and it's yeah it's it's a pretty good tree it's one of the better ones I think in my opinion now with this tree there's a lot of focuses that are really good that can only be taken if you're a democracy however you get to keep them even if you go communist or well fascist some of these you can't can't get if you go fascist so they continue the New Deal branch here is actually shared between the communist and democratic America so some of them you can't take unless you're communist and some of you can't take a lesser a democracy but some of many of them are shared so that's another reason why we're gonna go to do this really optimally where we get some of the best democratic bonuses by getting them first this is the other route here is the the fascist route so all these are the the fascist ones so and then there's another one it looks like this so it looks like these are tied to one of them they're actually not these are all these are dem and Democratic ones and you have to choose between limited intervention or Neutrality Act and we're gonna want to go down this route first and I'll explain why real quick so if you look down here scientists Haven to get the six research slot because each side does provide one research slot one right there on that side and then one somewhere on this side right there American Institute sciences to get the six one you have to be a democracy so if you want to do this optimally you should play as a democracy until you get the research bonus and there's also a lot of other great bonuses on this side you know this one requires you to be a democracy this one I don't know if it's worth it or not but it also I think requires you to be a democracy this one here does not so as long as you have these three here you're good to go same thing with Manhattan Project does not require a democracy this one does the wartime industry so if you wanted to get that one you'd have to go all the way down here there's a couple other ones I want to say I think yeah these ones right here and I also require a democracy so if you wanted these ones I don't know if they're worth it though honestly because this one just gives you a pay farm subsidies they all change the Great Depression modifier but you do that over here so that's irrelevant it does give you a pay farm subsidies decision I don't know if that's worth it or not this one doesn't do anything other than the change in of the Great Depression modifier and then this one gives you five extra built in slots I don't know if it's worth it guys delaying going communist just to get those three so these three you can get even if you go communist so basically we cannot go get the suspend the persecution the one to lead you down the Communist branch until after we've knocked out the Democratic ones so we're gonna be starting with the continuing the New Deal we are gonna do the neutrality acts sense of course the limited and it's not gonna affect this so there's no reason to go down this branch if we're gonna be communist I think this is the best option for us guys so let's go ahead and select it and then we'll get some of the other stuff taken care of now that we have our our national focus done so that does mean event with us focusing on getting those Democratic National focuses first it means that the civil war which is yeah I think there's always opposed to be civil war if you go communist or fascist you might be able to avoid it but I'm not entirely sure you know the civil war which is gonna be our main conflict in the early game is gonna be a little bit later than it typically would since we are kind of know you can say we're kind of gaming in a little bit by trying to get the Democratic focuses first so that's why I'm gonna be doing some videos with the the Japan playthrough guys because it's gonna be so long for us to really dig into the the warfare side of things so with the the Japanese campaign that I've already been playing I'm gonna do some videos of that guys so that we we have some stuff on the channel that's you know more oriented towards the the combat side of things since this one's gonna be kind of slow so we're gonna want to get rid of as we always do all of our weight air wings so we can build ourselves because I don't like their sizes and having to change it I find it far easier to just do it ourselves and it looks like there's a few of these I did not disband why is that I don't know why did anticipate those let's go and get all of them this banded alright excellent alright so those have been disbanded we're gonna want to build more air wings to get them training because that's one of the new things in the expansion is that you can now get air experience and not just the air experience up here of course I mean that your planes each individual air winkie experience which really changes things up we're gonna go ahead and up talk why I build these out and I guess it doesn't really matter I want to put them in though we'll put them in a large one so that we can keep all of our planes training in the same face and one of the things this this really changes is before the way I used to do we want to train our bombers up I guess we can train our bombers so I'm sure why not although they're interwar bombers I'm pretty garbage yeah we might not even use those but I think they keep yeah they do keep the experience yeah you know what we'll train them up because I think they do keep the experience even when you change them change up their equipment and you upgrade them so we'll get those guys out there we'll go ahead and put the clothes hair sport even they don't have much of them we'll get them training in anyways and then we'll put some fighters out there too alright so we're going to change all those guys up and then we'll go ahead and have them do pilot exercising so that they can increase their experience now one of the things that this changes is the fact that you know anybody's watch my campaigns knows that usually when I need to move an Air Wing really far away alright just decide I don't need it I just dis made it and I can always build it out easy enough it's it takes just as long to move them as it does to to put new planes in it an air base but now if you do that you lose all the experience so I find it's it's made the air game a little bit more realistic because I need to actually move the planes from you know wherever they're at because I want to keep the air spring so I like that nice new addition we're also gonna go ahead and train up our navies obviously the big focus looks a lot different guys as you guys and see now we have each fleet is broken down in – task force each of these are our task force here and I really like this system quite a bit guys but yes we can also train these guys up with naval exercises it does cost a ton of fuel as Japan it's been kind of challenging managing my fuel supplies but we're the United States we've got a lot of fuel so I'm just gonna train I might just train everybody honestly which means we're gonna want to to change up these these task forces a little bit maybe combine them just to make it a little bit easier to manage them because I think we'll just put them in – yeah I know we'll do let's just take all of these and then place them into one and I think that would be oh it looks like they do have to move however that's fine but let it move real quick before we start them training and you know what these SN stands is I just want them all to be in like you know one one task force just to make it easier to manage so it's gonna merge all them and some of these if they're next to each other like this orange one here yeah we might just go ahead and put them into the yellow and get them all merging over here where these orange ones okay these guys will just merge them here as well and then I think the red ones that are in the Philippines yes so it's going to merge them all right fantastic so we'll wait to train them just for a minute we'll let all of our fleets get moved in stuff before we actually start training them up here and the other thing we need to do is take care of stuff on the top bar let's go and pick our text should be easy enough let's go and get these some changes in the tech tree as well that we'll see as we kind of dive into this I'll talk about them as we as we see the changes so we'll get all all the standard stuff for right now I think we want to go and get the fighters so we can have a better fighters starting to build although I don't know how much production will have farm since we do have the excuse me we do have the really shoddy understood isolation so we build military factories and civilian factories extremely slow we're actually not gonna build any of those right now I don't think I think we'll be fine without them for a little while and instead what we're gonna do is we're gonna be focusing on our fuel situations so that we can secure the fuel situation for the future the United States does not have a very high fuel stockpile capacity especially compared to Japan only one hundred eighty four thousand so that's why we're able to completely fill it up here you see that it's going up those green arrows are telling us that it's going up and we'll have a completely fool in 14 days so that's just because we don't have very high capacity and sorry about the vehicles going by it is about that time right now guys so yes let's go ahead and build a fuel silo we'll build it there sixty presents okay I think there's some 70% locations but yeah there's not doesn't get too much better than been that so yeah we'll build one there and then let's build now I like keeping my fuel in the same area yeah I guess we'll build one right there as well just because it's a nice 70 percent and then the other thing that we're gonna want to do is build up the infrastructure in our high fuel producing states so that we can in fact it probably be smarter to do it the opposite way here but you know you know so that we build these quicker but yeah we're gonna reach the fuel capacity I think so it might be better to do it this way so let's just build these up I think these are the two highest fuel producing states in the country yeah so let's build up our fuel reserves with our infrastructure increases and that should really secure our fuel situation for the future with the military factories it looks like we need to get a few things we need to get the motorized oops thought I had them grabbed apparently I did not let's put these guys right here uh we could do some more planes I suppose we won't do any fighters till we get the new fighters no sense for building those let's do close air support I don't think we'll be able to build these honestly yeah I I don't we'll have the yeah we already building fighters that's fine I guess we'll leave them there you know what I'm gonna now we're too short on on military factories right now that's let's not let's not do that let's put all the factories towards these we could also do a bit more towards motorized but you know what we'll wait to do that let's see I think we need to get the naval bombers first and that'll be our final factory all right excellent as far as the ships go they're building really early holes right now so if there's any ones that don't have a lot of progress done we're just gonna go ahead and delete those yeah I don't see any reason to build these uh you know crappier versions unless they've have a little bit more progress such as these guys here this is another one that we'll get rid of and these guys well all right just so we can start building better ones sooner all right so we are gonna want to put all the dockyards towards the cruisers there and you'll notice you can no longer put 15 dockyards for every ship now the capital ships can only use five dockyards you know the screens can use ten and then you can use as many as you want for cowboys and that's another thing that we need to get down here at the bottom we'll just you know once know it looks like we got one to put there all right excellent so let's go ahead and just do it this way this will do so as they finish building make sure that they're all building one and as they finish building they'll all go to the next ship so that we can get all these finished up all right yeah that looks good guys I'm saying that we're short on rubber we don't want to lose too much production on our planes so we will go ahead and trade for some rubber we will trade with I guess it doesn't really matter who we trade with for the rubber so we're gonna trade with the Dutch East Indies and then we also need I can't build anybody right now we need to get all of our troops training yes that is right so let's go ahead and just create like one big ol you know training army and I might actually move all these guys first yeah let's move them all to like one central location on each side of the coast move all these guys over here put them into an army as well these guys can go over here as well all right and it looks like these guys actually do not need to be in that ro put them into a different one for right now the big red one division I think is one of the few divisions that we have this fully trained looks like we got a CAD vision as well so let's go and take these guys put them in here get these guys training up and they can go on that army right there so we'll just have two armies one for those that are trained and for those that not although you know as we change up the division designs they're gonna need to get more training anyway of course I could use this here if I wanted to be efficient just take them all and put them in the training army I guess that'd be the most easiest way to do this all right fantastic so everybody in our army should be training up now with the exception of those that already trained so I think that's all we needed to take care of guys until we get our ships mobilized over here so that we can get them training up so we'll just watch them and make sure that once once we get them all in here once they all move and get into there a new task force we'll go ahead and get them going out in training right now we'd get the fuel reserves completely full in 15 days once we get those ships out there though that's not gonna be the case any longer unless they were waiting for 11 more ships here but we can go and start getting these guys training now the way we're gonna want to do this we're gonna set the repair priority to high and then we want them to automatically split off I don't usually use this very often because it results in damaged ships getting you know often getting snatched on their way to the dock yard into battle and then getting sunk so I'd usually don't use this we're gonna use it now because if you don't then your whole fleet will have to go back to repair them and when you're doing this training guys they good God they get damaged incredibly often like way more than they ever would in realistic training I mean I'm talking about like half of their their strength here they lose half their strength and it's it's pretty consistent it takes a while to get them trained just because of that because it does take so long so let's it looks like everybody's done here so let's gonna get these guys trained up I keep getting messed up because now all of the missions are moved down here I'm still not used to that so they're gonna go out there and train and we're gonna assign all of them to do that so let's get these guys going out and yes that's right we also need to and this is the reason why I wanted them to be in this few Lietz as possible so they don't have that clique too much so we're going to make sure that all of them are training and set to automatically split off so oops also this is another interesting element with the reinforcements we'll look at that in the future and the task force composition editor and stuff all pretty cool obviously we need to take our time digging into it guys because there's a lot to it so I don't know if we'll be able to support all these ships training at once we'll find out I suppose so hopefully we don't get in a point where we can't can't support it because I don't have to like have them take turns so let's see yeah it looks like we can we can support them because we're America that's ridiculous no maybe not alright now that they're actually getting out you can see it's gonna take a lot longer now for us to to fully build up our our fuel reserves but even then we're still going up because we just have so much and what is this guy doing this is a new destroyer I think it's the new destroyer that we just finished up where is he located here okay he's right over here so we'll put him into the yellow fleet I suppose just gonna merge these guys one thing I really like about all this besides the fact that you know you can change the color of your you know each fleet you know change color and you know changing you know all of the icons and all that kind of good stuff which is which is cool but you can do it for each task force so you can kind of a base them on you know what they're gonna be doing so I do these for my mind guys you can do like maybe the sheriff's for the submarines or something or school or the submarine of course I guess that made more sense yeah I really like that about it's pretty cool overall alright so since we're really just gonna be letting our ships build up and if we've got any event here a couple events all right well let's go and read them representative criticizes president during a recent debate on tax reform a representative launched into a long-winded speech about the many failings and administration according to him no right thinking American could possibly want to support the policy as the president whatever their party affiliation may be his harsh words seem to have had an effect as the number of Representatives previously thought firmly behind the policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt made noises of support alright so 20 representatives go in opposition I haven't looked at that yet guys this is the new Congress here you can see how support we have in the Senate how much support we have in the house and that does determine your abilities to do national focuses certain decisions that's pretty important as a democracy it's kind of a cool aspect and almost made me want to play as democracy again but with the way we're doing it we're gonna be playing it's a democracy for a little bit so I think that's fine so we lost a little bit support and it looks like the senator speaks out against government policy as well all right this is I'm not gonna read this one since it looks like it's the same same thing we're losing four senators all right well that's that's a shame that means we might not be able to get certain national focuses done I have to wait we're getting those buildings knocked out fairly quick it looks like they're all deploying over to the Atlantic you know what I'm I suppose I'm fine with that we don't really know I'll probably have to move all these guys around any damn way unless let's go and make sure these merge with them all right excellent so all of our troops our ships are turning up we're gonna want to make sure that we pay attention to this and pull ships out as they get trained so we're not wasting fuel obviously that's that would be good it looks like we're training up pretty quickly should be having done here fairly quick we already got a solid amount of Navy experienced Navy experience is even more useful than it was before and you'll see why here in a little bit as we start going down the naval tech tree so we did finish up our fuel silos so that's got us up to 294 yeah that is not enough guys we're gonna build a couple more fuel silos I think that would be wise so we're not gonna have any more room in Texas so let's just go with you know it doesn't really matter I suppose we'll go with the 60% locations here you know I kind of want them all down here in the south so we'll put two more there and yeah we're building fairly quick so what we're gonna do let's make sure that our fuel reserves are just gonna be solid and I have no problems with fuel hopefully for a while and just do that through and finish up our first nephron focus and Germany is now embroiled in the Civil War of course their Civil War to oppose Hitler does happen really quick unlike our own Civil War so it's gonna be interesting to see what happens here hopefully the the monarchist win that's what we want to happen in the Payne so let's go in and select another national focus of course we're gonna go with the Neutrality Act it does seem that this will gain us further support and the government we're going to get political power and of course we get that national national spirit the Neutrality Act so grab that one first we can now change up our government modify our government so let's go ahead and do that we're gonna want you'll notice that some of these guys are free that's with one of the focuses for the Communists you can get these three for free and then the fascist won't have these two and they're not free they're just a little bit cheaper but we're gonna go ahead and do as we always do this out we're course so that we can go ahead and get our little power gain up quicker I think that'd be the best way to do it so we can start unlocking these a little bit faster now we do have some decisions available I think I want to say yeah that does require political power so we're not gonna do it for right now I we need the support then we'll we'll do it actually let's go ahead and say we don't want to do these so we don't get the notification so let's get mechanical computing next make sure that we get the best research bonuses here and once again we do need to be paying attention to the ships here I suppose what we could do is take a look at the ship designer I'd really like to make sure that we have that in this episode and what is this oh yes the second enable a second London Naval conference is about to happen so this is a new aspect with the naval treaties you'll notice with our national spirit here the London Naval Treaty a signet a signatory that does mean that we can only build carriers up to that production cost 9,500 cruisers up to 5,300 and heavy ships at 10,000 so it's just one way they're trying to represent the naval treaties and restrict how much you can you can build I like it it's pretty cool so we've already finished most of the ships here that's fantastic because yeah I wanted to make sure that we are going to be able to take a look at the ship designer in this episode so I always sort them by the actual ship type because there's just so many ship designs now so you can convert battleships and cruisers into carriers which is just really really cool just taking a look at at our current ship designs we have a lot experience so we're gonna want to make some adjustments though the ship designs are decent for the Americans unlike the Japanese their ship designs a pretty garbage in the beginning just stay gonna look at our carrier and the ship designer since I guess it's the first time some of you guys might have seen it if you have been following the developer diary there's different slots for modules some of them are open like this one here let you you know choose what mod you want you want to put in there deck armor hangar space a secondary battery so they'll do more allied attack damage which I guess are gonna click on that so you guys can see it and so we do a little bit more light attack you know hangar space obviously blue increase our deck size well deck armor increases our armor so there's those ones and then you have the ones down here which these ones aren't always open like this one has to be a hangar because of is carrier this one has to be armor or a hangar this one is has to be anti-air we could upgrade our anti-air suppose make it a little bit better and it looks like we don't have any radar or sonar you can put either one of those there and then the engine is already level two and then the secondaries is of course for us to do a bit more damage so it just opens up a lot of choices here like for instance if we wanted to reduce the production cost a slight amount obviously it's not it's not a huge amount but if we wanted to reduce the the production cost we could go to a secondary battery say hey our carry is not gonna be fighting anybody we don't need the the battery tube you could just completely remove it you don't even have to have this here so I really like that this allows a lot of customization right now we're going to change up our anti airs I think I think that would be a good thing to change so and we have a lot of experience I don't think there's anything else for us to change I like the way it currently looks we might want to go ahead and change up our if we build one of these which I think it would be a good idea to build one though it seems I don't have some oh I'm over the amount yes that's right that won't work and think about that that we are limited on how large being yet so that's actually the most you can do so that's unfortunate we did just waste six experience but it's fine we're building a lot of experience right now yeah we do have to keep that below I didn't even realize that my bad guys so that is the carrier that we can build and we're gonna go and build one of those I think but let's take a look at some of our other ship designs here because obviously you can't even build the Colorado because it's just too large at the moment so we'd have to reduce the size if we wanted to get some battleships going we got the heavy cruisers like cruisers destroyers in the submarines let's go ahead and build a carrier because why the hell not and we'll move it I kind of just want to put it over here for right now well we don't have any carriers over there yeah we'll go and build one carrier over here I guess because I think there's any starting here though this is gonna be a new carrier so let's put it over here we can always move one of the older ones so we'll have our new Yorktown class moved over here now as far as ship names ship class names guys since you can name every class the way I'm gonna do this in this playthrough is for the battleships and carriers we're in the name off the historical classes because I am familiar with the the class names for carriers and battleships so yeah we'll be naming them after the historical classes and when they came about you know the time so you know I already got names for the 1940 carriers to the 1944 carriers we're good to go same thing with battleships now as far as the other ships including the cruisers and and all the other screens they're not as heavy cruisers aren't screens but uh light cruisers destroyers and the submarines these are gonna be named based on what they do because we're gonna have a lot of different models so we're gonna have you know maybe three four five different destroyer models off with different tasks assigned to them so we're gonna name them based on our names because it's the only way for me to kind of really see what they're supposed to do it's just and post I don't really know class names for these anyways but I find it to be too hard when I when I come up with custom names to figure out what the hell they're supposed to do when I'm looking at them in the fleet view so that's the way we'll name them I don't know how we'll do the heavy cruisers yet because I don't know how free cruise your class names I guess I could look at that by suppose or maybe we haven't suggest the names for that one if we wanted to get you guys involved on it alright so let's go to make some some changes to our ship designs I'd love to get some some battleships going obviously we also want to take a look at the 1936 destroyers we want to get some of those as well some some 1936 Brooklyn class so let's take a look at the cruisers first looks like we have a little bit of room if you want to make some adjustments the American cruisers were always pretty heavily armed armored here so yeah they got there all the way up there already just taking a look at our our secondary matter battery could be improved if we wanted to use our experience for that but we also might want to use our Navy experience for something else to unlock texts and doctrines that's one thing you can now use Navy experience for so something to consider if we have half-decent like cruisers that maybe you might want to want to do that alright so this is gonna be our naming format for our ships you know we name you know basically it's like cruiser prior to that we're gonna have what it does this is an attack like cruiser the twos and indicates that it's in 1936 model rather than the early models and then alpha is that you know it's the first variant of it that we've made so that when we make changes to it we can easily change it actually has to be you have to change the name of it once you make changes to it so we can easily change that to be so b2b the next next version of it and the reason of course why it's an attack cruisers cuz that's what it does this is all about tagging other light ships for the most part and doesn't seem it can do any damage to heavier ships are not much probably so you know it's it's fooled up with the rapid-fire guns the light cruiser battery you do have two choices here this does affect speed which gun you have on it so we can go with a much smaller gun which would result in our ships being quite a bit faster but you know not doing as much damage and we have quite a few of those as you can see we have three of them so we also have the anti-aircraft guns what I think is pretty important for any Cruiser kind of you support the fleet we have on here we have the aircraft facility which is the catapult we do have an upgrade for that the main purpose of these is for detection sub and surface detection as you see it go up there so we are gonna want to probably upgrade these as well make them even better that'll be our first upgrade to actually I don't think we have better anti-air we do a better anti-air so yeah let's go ahead and upgrade those as well to remember we have to keep keep behind behind the 5300 so I don't waste any more experience I'm a precious precious experience could upgrade the secondaries to do even more damage this before we do that though this make sure there's nothing else I want to do because yeah this is this is fine this does increase our attack a bit the fire control but the later versions do reduce the reliability quite a bit we could put sonar on there but this this ship here is not going to be oriented towards fighting submarines so this is gonna be this ship is mingle will be and will change their icon here to indicate that their main goal will be to to fight other light ships so I think that's it so yeah we could upgrade that because yeah we upgraded everything else and we have a little bit of room left so let's go ahead and change these up and another secondary or a better secondary battery for increased damage alright so that looks good it's 12 experience it's gonna be the attack my cruiser to a so let's go and save that and then we're gonna want to get some of these building as well then pop those up towards the well it doesn't really matter honestly but and then let's have let's have them finish these crappier the crappier destroyer and hole here or excuse me destroying a cruiser here before we really pump too many end of these plus there's more stuff I want to get when you get a battleship gun you need to get just rares done I need to actually need to look at our fleets here now the Pennsylvania is done the Pennsylvania is our pride of the fleet which is special thing you can use your political power for that makes it a little bit better it also increases the rate that it gains experience which is the reason why it is done so what we're gonna want to do is just pull these out as they finish up so they're not we're not training them needlessly so let's just have this guy probably returned back to port here which I think he was stationed I don't actually know where we had him stationed honestly I think it was over here so let's put him back in San Diego and then another thing we need to do and I'll probably do this off camera actually I'll show you guys it as I do it is we need to change up our our priorities for our for repairs so let me just take a look here anybody else is done now let's just just the part of the fleet is finished these guys are done so let's go ahead and figure out where they've been getting placed they're right over here so let's just place them into it doesn't they matter which fleet will just place them into this one I think this one is over here yeah place them into this one get these guys merged now when merging if you want to keep you know all the icons you made for them you want to keep the Admiral on there then you do need to select the fleet that you want to keep first and then select the other fleet or else you'll you'll lose them so yeah I mean I guess that's kind of common sense but just something I thought I should mention and then we got to the the cruisers light cruisers done we're gonna want to build more types of light cruisers of course I want to get a a support light cruiser but before we do that I would really like to get some some battleships going as well as some destroyers and before we start building like secondary versions of some of these ships in fact let's not build battleships because we haven't researched the 1936 models so we won't do battleships that's fine no more battleships go into the fleet for right now let's just instead do destroyers and we'll see what we have left of our experience at that point we could also do some submarines so let's do our destroyers our 1936 destroyer holes so this is gonna be the sub destroyer it's gonna be focused obviously on destroying subs so let's go ahead and get the light battery good light battery on it so they can at least defend itself though I don't know man it's really not much of a big difference here honestly on the light attack and piercing maybe we just want them to be focused solely and it does reduce the cost a little bit maybe I don't think that's enough really to warrant the shittier stance but yeah we were going to get some anti-air decent anti-air well we will not get the fire control system and it's just not good enough for a a destroyer just doesn't do much instead we're gonna get the sonar obviously so we can you know do sub detection we're gonna want to get to Sooners in fact so you make sure that they're really good at we could get a torpedo launcher and I'm almost tempted to do that yeah let's go ahead and do that so that they can have torpedoes might as well and then for the back here it's gonna be slowly depth charges there we go so that would be 35 experience designers over maximum count of sonar modules okay so it's not letting us go yeah okay so you can only have one sonar module so yeah seems you can only put the two so NARS since radar goes here we'll put the sonar here then since we don't we don't actually have radar yet so we can't put that in so that looks good there's gonna be 30 experience I like the look of it we could reduce the the production cost a little bit by putting that light battery in there but once again I just don't feel it's worth it alright so that looks good that's our subject room so let's go and save that we're going to want to get a mother destroyer model as well and then I have a few other things that I have in mind too that I think we're gonna do including making ships that are slowly designed around wine lane and minesweeping however what I'm gonna do with that is we're gonna use early destroy our whole model because and I'll show this to you guys I got so much to show you it feels like we're not gonna play at all you can upgrade your ships to other designs however they have to be the same you know whole essentially you can't upgrade to other holes with the exception of changing like the cruisers and battleships to the special carrier holes you know converting them other than that though they have to be same hole so we have all of these early destroyers which are gonna quickly get outclassed and just aren't gonna be very good we could change some of them up to be mine layers of my sweepers because we don't really care about their stats so that's something that will likely do as we get closer to a conflict though I'm not too worried about it right now we'll do it in the future for right now we've got our our destroyers that are focused solely on sub taking down subs so we have that I'd also like to get a support light cruiser and I think that might be what we do next we will want to get submarines going as well eventually let's do the light cruisers next and then after that I think we'll be done with ship designs for at least a little while I just focus on building the ships that we currently have so yeah we're gonna want to get a a support light cruiser and I don't know it might be cheaper to build it out here experience wise not entirely sure which way it would be cheaper you know I think it would be cheaper to modify this one rather than starting from from scratch I don't think we're making that many changes so let's go ahead and duplicate it I'll go ahead and name it alright this is gonna be a support like cruiser to a and as I said this is gonna be focused solely on supports we're gonna be reducing these attack values these light attack and piercing values by quite a bit we got the anti-air there so that's good I don't know if we'll keep the fire control systems or not we'll just have to see engines fine secondaries fly over right now might reduce the armor not until I sure yet but we are gonna want to change all of these guys out and we don't want these anymore what we're gonna do is we're gonna do for this first one anti-air here and prove that keep that there obviously for this one here I mean I would like better spotter well we have anti-air that it's good let's do let's do depth charges here all right so that was good I think that this is this is fine I want them to be very much focused on anti-air a bit can't really change this up unless we just want to completely remove it and give them the light attack could reduce his armor a bit to increase the speed some yeah see we're at three so that would doesn't make a massive difference there it's a little bit faster like this but you know what I think it's it's fine if it's heavily defended that's the main thing I wanted to change up I want more anti-aircraft and I wanted to give them some depth charges so that's fine for right now we might make adjustments in the future one question though is do we want to keep this or not you know what since I know I'm not going to use the fire control systems in the future yeah let's just go and put the sonar here for right now yeah I think that looks good does reduce some of the values but it's it's not that that bad so I think that looks good for our support light cruiser I'm not seeing any other adjustments but the main job here is to provide anti-air coverage that's specifically in the Pacific but also we're gonna do it in Europe as well all right so let's go and save it make sure I got everything good yeah all right so it's gonna save that and then we'll want to get to some of these guys building as well that's let's go in place him here as far as I'm think I'm just in a place everything in San Diego for right now yeah let's just place everything here with the exception of the ones that were already building they can build out wherever they they're going I don't really care so that looks good and I think that's all we're gonna do for right now we'll work on submarines a little bit later let's wait until we get a bit more Navy experience alright so that looks good let's go in place we're gonna place these into the the cruisers I think no not the carriers we need more carriers alright so plays our dock here than the carrier oh yes the last thing I needed to do guys is we need to assign how many dock yards we're willing to allow to repair and I'm willing to spend $10 ARDS to to be spent on repair right now so this is also shows you what's currently your parent we have a submarine being repaired right now so yes we're gonna go ahead and and have the the dockyards repairing if they need to be so that we can make sure that we continue to get these guys trained efficiently it doesn't look like I'm taking as much damage on the training the Japanese man maybe it's the area that I was training in or something good gone cuz yeah I was not able to train this efficiently I had a lot of issues guys a ton of issues with training yeah I mean you're seeing some of them kind of damaged but yeah not not the way I was experiencing with the Japanese since I couldn't get anybody trained because they're constantly yeah they're consciously injured so we do have some decisions here to grant statehood to Alaska Hawaii and Puerto Rico this does reduce our political power gain and we get two senators that will support the government making it easier to do things and plus we get cores in those states which would of course grant more manpower and none of them are extremely populous so I don't know how much manpower that would grant what's yeah I don't think I don't think we're gonna do any of these right now maybe we'll do that in the future but right now political power is kind of kind of hard to come by the last notification that we're seeing up here besides it looks like we're short on chromium oh wow you're almost never short on chromium and can we just build somewhere for some chromium let's just take a look I don't know where the chromium supplies are located here in the United States so we're just gonna have to do a search so yeah that's gonna be one of the few things that we're probably not the trade for as the US and we will trade for them from the Soviet Union that's fine and then the event that we're seeing once again is just the second London Naval Treaty that's just letting you know that if you want to withdraw from it here's your opportunity to do so we do not want to withdraw from it the reason why we don't want to withdraw from it is because of the escalator clause if you withdraw from it then it lets everybody else that is a member of it they can build larger ships and that just gets you know worse I suppose or better for them as time goes on senator votes for government proposal so in a recent voter Center has surprisingly switched signs to vote for a government proposal so it feels like these are just events that change your current support I don't know if they're random how they work but yeah we'll take it five more senators now if you have more free dockyards let's just get this fully going towards that new carrier that we want to get all right excellent so things are going well Navy experience is building up and it looks like all of our ships are done training here so let's go ahead and have them return back to base and once again I'm just gonna put all of our make sure they're all signed here we're just gonna put all the ships in San Diego for right now I think it looks like all these guys are done so that's good but it's bad at the same time because that's our main source of it's our main source of experience this guy's not quite done yet but he almost is so let's just let him finish I'm not gonna pull the whole fleet back and then I don't know where these guys are at all right they're up here I suppose we can put them in San Francisco yeah oh yes that's right I wanted to do one other thing here so let's get these guys I don't want them training anymore and one more ship here still needs to be trained up what about on this side yeah me doing it the way I did it's probably not the best way so we're gonna pull all these guys out all the ones that aren't done training yet since I did mix them all up when I had them merging so let's get all the non experienced ones place them into their own separate fleet so if this fleet can no longer have to be using up our fuel supplies the ones again we're already full that was too easy man I don't know where we had these guys based but I think we probably made them in Philly that looks like the biggest one another than Boston what are in Philly for right now we can move around later in the future so these guys we do want them to continue training let's take a look at these um yeah this does warrant us changing giving them a secondary fleet so let's have I don't know where they were originally assigned maybe Puerto Rico not sure but that's where we're gonna sign up right now we're going to take all of them and then just take these three and then have them create a new fleet and train my friends train alright looks like this fleet is just about done I think these guys are currently pairing that's the reason why they're not done yet let's place them into their own fleet and then the rest of them can can go back home I do want to go and change all these guys up to disable that while I remembering it I suppose we can do that after I finish oh yeah we already done oh we have dr. it's too nice let's go and place these into our new cruisers probably should get some more combos as well and that's what they'll do once they finish up this Cruiser home and we do finish up the basic machine tools let's go ahead and get the dispersed and excuse me I meant concentrated industry so let's get concentrated industry and the other thing I wanted to show you guys and I'll let this play although I know that something's gonna pop up so I'm not gonna better get anything done so you can assign here's the second London Naval Treaty we have signed it yeah so you can determine where you want your ship street pair cuz otherwise they just repairing the the closest one the naval base size does determine how many ships can repair there at a time so they don't they I doesn't think about that at all so they'll go to one of these small bases and only one ship can repair there and yeah it will take forever so it's one thing to consider guys I'm probably just gonna actually anything that's below five will probably tell them not to repair and there's no reason to have them do it they might as well go to the larger ones so yeah we'll do that in fact I might do it off camera just because the I don't want to waste any more time I want to get this going I want to get through at least the first year uh what happened here minor scandal Oh lost forty representatives supporting us that's a shame and once again like in chromium it's going to trade for that and what are we doing with our factories that's right we're currently building these what I think we're gonna head and do let's go ahead and move that down to the bottom we'll let these guys finish this I want to get this one built in fact yeah let's just go ahead and do it this way when you get the fuel supplies the our total stockpile increased in fact we might want to build another one because our stockpiles are our garbage let's just put it right there and 60% try to get these stockpiles up so that we can stockpile a bit more for worthy conflict do have some free dockyards let's go ahead and put them into the cruisers I guess yeah we do need more convoys though let's get the cruisers finished up in fact let's just go and put a bunch into cowboys and did I finish up oh we did finish up something yeah we might want to use our experience again to to design something we did finish up our national focus the Neutrality Act excellence let's go ahead and go to arsenal of democracy and get all those military factories in dockyards that's six military factories six dock yards and a ton of experience so should be helpful we can modify our government as well I don't want to get any more guys here because these ones will be free so we'll save up for that well if we change the civilian economy the only one that were allowed to change to right now we're wasting a ton of political power guys yeah I mean plus there's national focuses that change these as well but main reason yeah I mean it's important enough I think it's worth doing but not for the civilian economy not and then we'd have to do 150 go to this and then you know 150 to change again and so the I don't think that that's the most efficient way of doing it so we'll wait to change that same thing what free trade we could change over to to export focus once again on a massive focus first and said I'd prefer to get tech bonuses let's start out with the industrial concern whole we can't get General Motors we need to have wartime industry alright well that's a shame well I guess let's go with our ship designer guys mainly because we we still need to get our battleship our 1936 battleship so we're gonna be research in that soon I think so I think it makes most sense to go for this and between obviously we're not gonna get the coastal defense or the rating fleet it's really between the Atlantic Fleet or the Pacific Fleet designers and I think we might go with the Newport News Shipbuilding because of the increased max range in the deck size of the carriers now we do lose a little bit of armor on the carriers but that's okay I think that's just better for in the Pacific which will be very much focused on in our war in Japan so I think we're gonna get that first I think that's a good good one to start out with and then we'll get a nice research bonus for our our battleships and they'll also have increased range what is this amount this is a special measure and nation-building in the Philippines well we night not want to do nation building in the Philippines because going down the Communist route we do lose the Philippines as our our puppets unfortunately so we don't want to go with that I would want to use my little part on that right now anyway special measures is just one quick way to get more support all right well it doesn't feel like I mean we're doing good in the Senate it's in the house that we kind of like don't have a lot of support right now they passed another child you act fantastic yeah I didn't click this and say I don't want to be notified my bad it's gone get that done so we did finish something maybe I'm tell you where we finished repairing something that's that's right oh I wasn't building I only built one destroyer apparently all right so that's what happened here all right so let's go and place the destroyers here make sure they were building a lot of them I don't know why I said that I want the carrier set to only build one though for right now and yeah we want all of these guys building all right so let's go and put them into destroyers in fact let's go ahead and reduce the cruisers just a bit I'm really liking the whole naval system so much better and billion we have troops that are done training as well that we're gonna pull out these guys might have been done for a little while let's make sure that we're not training unnecessarily and I'll just play some in our little army here for right now and then we should also take a look at our ships that are currently still training scenes that these guys are now done so let's go ahead and make sure they go back to San Diego they're done we don't leave them trained all right so how about these guys are they done they are done excellent although once again it's it's not always necessarily a good thing because we're not getting the experience anymore I don't know if I have these guys I don't know if they'll go back out the naval exercise if I tell them to move everybody else is currently repairing it seems all right uh it's going to let it time fly like so I'm trying to get through the first year there's just been so much to deal with with this that's why it's taken so long I swear it doesn't usually date me this long case it's go any of the carrier fighters as well although we don't really have the production to build on we'll research it anyways I suppose and then let's go ahead and get I guess the excavation all right excellent and what decision is available Oh a bunch of stuff is available we should probably say we don't want to be notified of any of this though that does give the research bonuses but for the cost of stability stability is fairly high and we could really use the research bonuses I don't know if we lose those you know what I think we are going to do it I think it's it's worth you know I love research bonuses guys so I think we are gonna go ahead and give refuge to the German scientist even if that does kind of limit our political power I think it's fine I think it's worth it especially getting it nice and early dust thing we have some troops done training here it's gonna get these guys pulled out and it looks like we're just about done training all of our troops up and we'll just keep them everybody in one army for right now we'll arrange all that later and probably around the time of the Civil War I suppose whenever that happens like I said it's it's not gonna be having this episode we're gonna have a late a light civil war unfortunately it's just gonna take us a while if we're able to make it happen so getting the fuel silos built we currently have four hundred six thousand we're gonna need a lot more than that guys just because we produced so much fuel and I want to have as many as high as fuel reserves as possible senator speaks out against government policy oh no more senators standing up against us it's gonna move these guys alright let's make sure that nobody else is training naval wise and we did finish arsenal of democracy excellent that's more military factories more civilian factories I can't get the giant wakes because not enough for support but we want scientists Haven that's what we're working on working towards getting here we do have some missing equipment and our production queue apparently I guess we're gonna want to get fighters going here now we have those built excellent oh yes my planes I mean take a look they are done training as well so let's go and stop them got them fully trained can we get any more not really I suppose we can do one more air wing up fighters I guess yeah I'll do that so that we just so that we're making sure that we're UPS training training these guys and trained excellence military factories let's assign these do we still have a shortage of oh yeah we have quite the shortage of infantry equipment so let's start taking our military factories and infantry equipment for a little while at least and yeah we'll want to get more stuff here too and we gotta get stuff our carriers as well don't we we will want and I'll arrange the the what we have on our carriers later as we closer to conflict let's do carrier naval bombers here and we're doing the carrier fighters so wait on those I won't get the carrier close air support just yet but we will eventually get those and I think we'll put the last one in two infantry equipment try and deal with our shortages there oh we have dockyards as well alright let's take a look here let's put them into let's do the cruisers right and more convoys just trying to get our combo we got a lot more doctors on top you do I just trying to get our Cowboys built out a bit we will want to get yeah we do need to build something else here guys I'm trying to like make some progress in the game because this is gonna be the longest video ever but yeah I can't really a guy I can't neglect this we've got to get some stuff so we have the submarine class here is we weren't nunny need to make any changes here honest because yeah they might tell no they don't all right so we do need to make some changes so let's get the torpedo tubes to they do have the best engines and then we can either do mine warfare or more torpedoes which is exactly what we're gonna do we'll do mine warfare a little bit later guys I'm not too worried about my mining stuff just yet as I said I already have a plan for that and you know we can keep the skull here I suppose yeah that works so we'll keep the skull in there well I didn't want to change their icon up though good as we call them attack submarines and we are gonna have different types of submarines so I think it'd be wise because you can its it can be useful to use my warfare I don't know maybe we won't we'll have to see you guys let's go and save that and then we're gonna get the submarines constructing yeah it's at least a couple dockyards placed toward them maybe two and we'll get these guys all moving to San Diego as well we'll be organizing our fleet in time guys this is not a priority right now it's really just about getting the ships built so we have R sub destroyers we could always build other destroyers if we wanted to I still can't build the battleships I think we're gonna save our experience for the battleships guys since I'm hoping to get those guys researched here soon at the very least I wanted to put Spanish Civil War has happened national Spain is declared war on Spain I would love to be able to send volunteers unfortunately that's one of the problems with us going down this Democratic path first is that we're gonna be quite limited we're not going to be able to unfortunately and we're just not gonna be able to do anything as long as we're you know in our isolation and we're not gonna go send any volunteers and I'd love to be able to help Spain out here but it's fine we wanted a strong and maybe the win on their own that's possibility tube we wanted a strong a stronger fascist block here between Italy France and Spain so let's go ahead and build well we could get more fuel silos and I think that's exactly what we're gonna do I really want to get our fuel capacity quite high so that yeah we don't have to worry about it at all we should have a just massive amounts of fuel no matter what's going on that's one of the advantage of the United States honestly though I hate that we're building no this is not optimum but let's build these around here I think it's fine and that'll get us up to maybe 700 something thousand so that should be good for right now and apparently we're not building something tactical bombers okay well we don't have a good good tactile bombers yet so we're just gonna wait to get that and fifty representatives are now supporting us excellent we have more dockyards as a sign that's going to place these into the let's do more destroyers and cruisers alright excellent and you know just to leave that up there so are these guys enough trained yet they're not and we have finished up the research so we will go ahead and get those building and we're done with the planes until 1940 well we do have to get the heavier models like the tactical bombers but I'm not gonna prioritize that right now and I feel like there's other things we could be doing so you see little indicators here says that we can spend a hundred experience to get a hundred percent bonus they have changed the way the bonuses worked by the way so that doesn't mean that it completes it it basically splits it in half for the most part so it would take from two hundred twenty one two days to 118 days if we wanted to and we can also use those for a lot of these naval equipments on these pieces not all of them but some of them so that would be helpful another thing to use our Navy experience for however I would like to get some stuff for us to use our army experience for so let's get the field hospitals you guys know I love field hospitals so let's get those kind of early on I think so we can add them to our armies and then we'll get the retraining again and get more army experience so just taking a look yeah we got just these eight divisions still training I think the reason why they're a little bit slower to Train is because they didn't have all their manpower yet we had to wait till they got it we only have two hundred fifty three manpower until we change up our laws but like I said I wanna get to the end of this year guys that's the goal let's get through one year here in the first episode and I suppose we can keep you know we're just gonna keep having issues as well trade for it we got two things done excellent mechanical computing we absolutely need radar so we're gonna make our way towards that concentrated industry is completed let's go ahead and get I you know what I know that we need rubber guys but I don't think we're gonna work on that right now there's just too many other things that that we need so let's not I want to get the the battleships since we have the bonus for that so 99 days to get the battleships completed since we did get the design company for that Italy has one in Ethiopia took them a little bit longer than usual and we have two more troops done here all right and you will we've got at 517 517 thousand right now finished up scientist Haven excellent that's another research slot could do Manhattan Project but we won't obviously and I think that's all we needed here I want to say that there's this does not require democracy I want to say we're done with the the democratic stuff yeah this is war sport can't do that one yet more sports just not high enough gonna get a 30% so we probably won't better get it which means we might not be able get war time industry unless I can get worse for it up higher which yeah it's the fact we have the world and the real tension up and we have back that pride of the fleet is increasing it's um but just not enough hmm I think we're gonna beeline to the next research slot then I think before we go for the Communist so let's get this make sure that we're researching at full efficiency with all six of our slots since we will be finding an early war the Civil War which if I had to guess would probably be sometime maybe late 1937 I don't know so we're gonna go and get some some bonuses for our troops I think make sure that they perform full capacity and do we want to get more fuel silos I almost want to just go up to a million just make sure that we have a lot but we're also neglecting a lot of things that obviously it takes a long time to build the civilian and military factories we could be working on dockyards though right now that would be efficient you know what let's build a couple dockyards let's build like two dockyards we'll build one and California with a high percent bonus and I'm not gonna build in Texas though I don't think let's build up here instead nice 80% bonus right there alright so build two dockyards and then maybe we'll start working on fill silos again in fact let's do that now I'll build on the under spent hundred percent of Texas at this deal silos alright excavation excellent I'll have to take a look at our resources make sure or not get anything we don't need and we can get the basic fire control system you know right now we have this zero one which just gives you the five percent light and heavy attack so this would give 10 percents there plus anti-air bonus you notice a massive reduction in reliability in fact maybe that's why I was getting so much damage when as plain as Japan because I did have these in place and several of my ships so that might be why I was having issues with that so I don't know if I want to prioritize that it does do a lot more damage though so it's something something to consider well we get the smoke generators pretty quickly forty-nine days fleet speed when retreating yeah we'll do that well just start knocking out some of those naval texts because there's a lot of them now guys quite a few of them it's like we're done here let's gonna move them into the army and it's like we it's a representative speak passionately in support of the government of course she's right so I got 25 more representatives fantastic and we have a couple or decisions available as well we can just trying to see what these are amend the budget and research grants alright where are those located because I'm not seeing them must be up here yep alright so amending the budget would be opposed but yeah we wouldn't have to do it many as many factories to consumer goods we're not gonna do that right now though research grants that's a nice boat it's tube once again more senators going opposition that's something we'll do right now I think it's the same BART political power and we can have another research boat is that permanent research bone it's pretty sure those ones the one with the Italian the Italian scientists I want to say that's permanent now it's while it's active it reduces your stability increase your research page so yeah we're gonna want to do that we might not build to keep it once we leave democracy though I'm not entirely the election of 1936 the day of the presidential election arrived incumbent Franklin D Roosevelt has already implemented several the programs referred collectively as the New Deal intended to take the us out of the Great Depression while many of the efforts have been popular his plans to Peru to further extend the role and power of the government has been met with criticism from his opponent Republican Alfa London Landon coming with the oil industry Landon wants to see greater economic freedom while Roosevelt and the Democratic Party want to expand Social Security and ensure economic stability the election may be a close call or a major victory for the Democrats all right so and we elect the Democrats we get the national spirit New Deal which increases stability and infrastructure construction speed and the in the congressional election the faction supporting the government will face stronger opposition okay and then we support the Democrats are they excuse me the Republicans then the moment the game of the president election one is likely to carry over to the congressional elections so of course we'd have more support we gain political power we get the Standard Oil of California which is increased speed for Industrial Research and synthetic resources and we get a new leader which our ideology direct defense is plus 50% I want to say maybe I'm confusing this with the fascist but I want to say one of these require that you don't have ok more than 10% for Communist Party so this one requires harry s truman to be the current leader all right i know there's one that requires that you don't have FDR ok it was the establish the gold standard which requires the FDR's and the president so that's fine we don't we don't want to go that way anyway so we can't elect FDR and I think that makes the most sense for us you know since we're going a communist round so yeah I think we're gonna go ahead and do that they don't crease our stability in infrastructure construction speed yeah let's go ahead and reelect FDR every two years a third of the Senate seats and all seats in the House of Representatives report election all right so the people have spoken and the fraction in support of the government gained two seats and in the house we gained 14 seats Oh okay I was thinking that we would lose support but apparently that's not the case all right excellent so we have a little bit more support people overall like our policies which is very good well once again we're just about done with the episode guys I wanted to get done with the first year here it would have been a lot quicker if you know obviously I have been digging so much into the naval side of things and and we're not even we haven't touched the surface of this guy's there's so much more to do and we will go ahead get karey our fighters is why I forgot about these let's let Sun place them yeah we'll place them down here jam it prioritize the naval bombers so yeah once we get a factory oh go towards their could pull a factor for something but I think we're still pretty short on infantry equipment yes sir still pretty short and we have completed a few things we've got that WPA done excellent it's more political power and we're gonna only get the research slot next of course we've got the smoke generators pretty quick not too challenging to get those let's go and take a look at what these are all you know bonuses passive bonuses which are great I love passive bonuses but in this case we're looking for ship parts so we need the sonar new depth charges new torpedoes and torpedo launcher better okay so that's the from torpedo launcher that's just passive effect as are all of these all right so I think we'll probably get the sonar so we can add those to our ships something they're probably the best part for us to get right now we could also start working on those once again just passive bonuses I need stuff I can build so let's get the sonar guys 67 days can't spend our experience on it unfortunately let's take a look at the ships I'm sure we have ships training that don't need to be yes sir alright so let's go and stop them all right keep them training keep producing experience for us I'll tell you what man this is so much different playing as the United States compared to Japan a very different experience fuels such a factor this plane is Japan it looks like it might be more choices now of course we can go with speed and reliability and get cheaper production cost for me in light tanks we can get increased armor and heavy attack this one specifically for tank destroyers and then we can increase viability and soft attack you guys should know at this point that I'm coming for speed I have my eyes have been opened over the last I don't know maybe six seven eight campaigns on the channel max speed for tanks is ridiculously overpowered man if you stack those up it's so incredibly powerful it's way better than any attack bonuses or armor it's just ridiculous yeah I'm all for max speed now that's what I go for now just fast fast tanks so let's go for the mobile tank designer so we'll get that so that when I get those 19:36 tanks because we don't have those yet we'll have that bonus and then maybe after that maybe we'll go after the material designer since we still can't do industrial concern no reason to get aircraft designer till we get that closer to 1940 and then once again we need to get that one national focus before we get anything over here could change these up but I need to take a look if there's a national focus that does that but really I don't want changing it is up to war supports higher I know that's not the most efficient as far as like production wise but it's more efficient political power wise I don't know let me know what you guys are thinking on that regard we got the heavy ships done excellent I'm excited to get one of those built you know let's gonna get the light tanks guys I think that'd be the best thing for us right now since we did just get the design company for that there's a whole reason why I did that and it looks like we're just about done with her look we're done excellent it's gonna get rid of that I can't train any new troops because we just don't have the manpower and we're short on equipment as well I finished up the field hospitals excellent do we want to get more so we can add those more design companies yeah I think we're gonna continue down the design company around guys i logistic companies a lot better now I mean I always like logistic companies but now it reduces fuel usage as well so even more powerful so let's get those for our armored units radio let's get radio detection now so we get the radar stations but I really want the radar but I don't think he can get that until we're in 1937 I did not realize that alright I would have changed up what a research in perhaps yeah instead of getting a radio detection since we can't get a radar until 38 I don't know I said 37 you can't get it to 38 which is really what I want we're not gonna build right our stations just yet and I think it'd be far better to work on production of course so let's get the concentrated industry since we don't have any progress on that yet and what was the other thing I just got logistic companies well I think we might actually retain that in fact I don't think there's anything that unlocks in 1937 that I feel that we should get instead no no that's fine yeah we'll go ahead and continue working on on those though I do want to go ahead and hand that to our division designs the division designs are pretty decent for the you know starting American division designs let's go and change these up let's get the field hospitals here will likely get the Recon companies as well for right now and then let's go ahead and move some of these guys here and remove this one and then get some artillery going since we have the experience as well alright so that looks good for our 20 comment with divisions we might make larger divisions in the future let's go ahead and save that that is gonna require more guns less symmetry equipment which is what we're really lacking right now so that's another advantage to it I don't think we have anything to put here just yet just go and save that that will requires to retrain all those guys but that's okay I don't think I'm gonna use the National Guard division in fact I might actually go ahead and take all National Guard divisions and then change them up let's just put them into a star so we can see them oh good god yeah I don't see any reason to be keeping all these here now we need to take a look what everybody's working on right now I will probably do that as we end in fact yeah this is completely unnecessary let's go ahead and remove a lot of these guys ups it's gonna remove them all that it's gonna use all my fucking experience yeah maybe I don't want to do that just now we don't have any tank division designs yet though we need a tank division design I suppose there's no reason to get one those and we don't have anything gonna have any manpower yeah we'll just make adjustments yeah we'll just continue make an adjustment see I think that'd be the best to do we can change these guys up eventually I do want to do that but man we could get a bunch of manpower by reducing because yeah there's this is completely unnecessary don't need all this yeah that'll save us a bunch of manpower mm-hmm all right so we'll do that because yet we're just gonna be using these guys for their suppression so yeah let's go and save that and it does use all of our experience unfortunately but I think it's worth it for the amount of equipment to manpower that we're gonna get from it so that's good to go it does mean that divisions are gonna have to get retrained I'm only seeing one right now let's get him training up and I'm magic I imagine how these guys are gonna have to change up as well and our production might get changed up to immature equipment a little bit better obviously support equipments pretty bad though now so let's go ahead and just change up how we're prioritizing this actually this is this is good for the amount of military factors you have we don't have a lot I represented this from Montana office support so all right let's see what it's saying the congressional delegation from Montana have approached the government with several suggestions to improve the infrastructure of the state federal funding should be made available to upgrade roads and buildings in order to promote commerce between the states they also noted that support when the government in this would certainly make them more inclined to support the president or directly in his agenda what's commendable initiative I would say get more support we would have been vest in them I think though yeah when the decision is selected we have to invest in them I mean we're doing pretty good we got really good support right now obviously the house is you know we're only about half right now but we got good support in the Senate right now I don't really feel like this is necessary getting more support at the moment especially because we're going communist so let's just say let them try to push that through by themselves sorry my friends can't be bothered with it at the moment and you got a new decision decision available which we're gonna do the Italians even if this is only temporary until we go communist it's gonna take us a while to go communist guys so 3% bonus it's pretty good for 100 political power and allow us to research a lot used texts get a nice jump on a lot of texts here early on you can see we have a 21 percent bonus right now pretty decent honestly let's go ahead and focus on industrial tech so it's good construction we continue to build nice and quick and we need to get let me just take a look I think were gonna get to once again I think we're gonna get having done the wrong thing up to a million for the fuel silos while we can't really build military and civilian we can get more dockyards though so let's do a few more fuel silos and then after that we'll work on let me see maybe I think we need four more to get up to about a million so yeah we'll do four more of those and then after that we're gonna do dockyards hundred percent there oh yeah I'll do that and I'll do over here as well and that looks solid for right now should keep them busy oh yes we are now in 1937 all right so that's as far as I wanted to get guys excellent let's go and move these guys back over to here though but there's much troops here that need to get changed you know what they don't need to be trained I'm gonna take a wild guess they haven't got their manpower know they've got their manpower alright whatever adjustments who made didn't increase the number of troops so we don't actually have to train them above a good thing and a bad thing I don't want to move them over but obviously I'd like the army experience so yeah that is actually going to be the end of the episode guys did we finish the oh yeah we finished the the ships the heavy ship whole so we're gonna want to get our battleships here so this ship design is gonna be the North Carolina class and we're gonna we're gonna get a design next episode guys cuz it is the end of this one it's a pretty long video so yeah this is this will be the North Carolina class and now that's what we'll do in the beginning next episode so we can start getting some some battleships going and I haven't been paying attention to my ships that are supposed to be trained yeah like this guys currently done here so like we probably merged these guys ice will stop them training for right now yeah we're gonna merge these and then I'm gonna be surprised these ones are done as well yeah they are we do have new ships here though let's go and place them here and then we're just gonna have these guys merge there we go so they can help so they can continue to Train all right so let's combine these two there we go all right so I hope you guys enjoyed this first episode of man the guns I'm honestly just ecstatic to be playing – I'll show you guys this so much left to show you obviously the whole naval system hasn't changed up we haven't even looked at that hardly at all we're not gonna look into anything that until we get into conflict will end this episode by looking at what everybody's doing there you know in the national focus maritime colonial railway here in Canada enforcing the Calais law is if they go this way then which way would that lead them place week church to put atheist state it's hard to say cuz when it's random when I've noticed is a they can go a lot of different ways they it doesn't necessarily mean that they will go down this branch sometimes they'll go that and then they'll go down another way that when it's set to random it's not set to like you know they're definitely going to go one way once they start going that way it seems like it's every time they make a decision on which national focus to get it's random so he might necessarily go somewhere else I don't know which way that leads him but I want to say in my Japan playthrough he got that one as well and it led him down the Communist path if I'm not mistaken but I'm not seeing communism you know the men took in a National Post tree is is huge man good god yeah so I don't I don't actually know which way that's going cuz yeah this this right here would result in them going communist so either way I think it really depends on what they go here yeah it's hard to say now what does that those watch and see and see which way they go right now there looks like more communist support than anything else so we might have a communist Mexico which would be interesting looking at South Africa working on South African steel Australia South Australian housing trust new Siemens working on whatever that is – in Zef think that's it over there China nationalism the Soviet volunteer group while University Japan national mobilization law group that Great Purge Yugoslavia living itself government local development here Hungarians are industrial revitalizing Poland expansion of new towns check the spa Kia Democratic bastion we I guess we haven't paid attention to the the German civil war at all but this is how it's gone I completely forgot it was going on it does look like Hitler's losing as expected so yes they are going with the Kaiser the return of the Kaiser so they should win here I just need to get Berlin that looks like they took him a little longer to win the night is expecting them to it's not of a whole year so far but they are winning so that's what's important so they're currently working on Kaiser Kaiser work I don't know and if they're working on political effort not that it's matters any more the Dutch working on finishing a word you didn't know I am terrible with pronunciation Kings party here as we expected we can already know what all these guys are gone for since we set them France is revising Versailles because remember they're gonna go fascist army primacy here in Italy and I want to say that's everybody there's so many national focus trees now unique national focus trees now so it's I'm sure I'm forgetting somebody Oh India India is India's free the bang so Bangalore torpedo but that's the first thing I'm noticing here is that India is free Oh what happened here did they free everybody with that direction that's interesting where is this focus huh I don't think that frees everybody they must have went down this one the revisiting the colonial policy yeah I think that Friesen so the UK no longer has any of their dominions that's interesting yeah looks like they just have Malaysia well it does seem that they still are over there in the Commonwealth of Nations with Canada South Africa New Zealand okay so things have changed it up a little bit guys that's interesting very interesting what the keep our keep our eyes on that I don't know I ever really looked at their hash baggage tree much so yeah I wasn't expecting that so now they're completely independent that's pretty interesting what to see if uh we could take advantage of that at all I hope you guys enjoyed this first episode is extra long ridiculously long episode I know I'm having a blast already if you did make sure you leave a like on a video subscribe to our Channel hit that notification bell and leave a comment all those things all those interactions in the comments the likes they do help with the search engine so I definitely appreciate it I also go check out some of our other content on the channel if you like hearts my room for content I've got like 20 something campaigns on the channel so she should be able to find something that you enjoy including an American playthrough if you're looking for a Democratic one though once again that is a pretty old playthrough so you might not want to watch that one since it is so long ago so a lot of things have changed with the game but recently we did a a French one we did a last year I know we did you know Germany UK and the Soviet Union as well as a couple mods so quite a few from last year if you're into other paradox games and you just played at CK to a role play CK 2 campaign which we are putting on hold for a little bit and then we played efore last fall and then it's the Lars as well it's just distill our series so lots of paradox content on channel other strategy games as well if you're in net non strategy games then check the front page everything's kind of categorized based on you know the genre of games so you should below find something that you enjoy if you looking for any of our links our social media links whether it's still like Twitter or Facebook or whatever you know all that's down in the description below as well as our like patreon and our merchandise store all that kind of stuff twitch all those links are in the description below and yeah if you have any questions about the expansion and feel free to ask below since I'm pretty much free to share anything now outside of my official review I can't really talk about my personal feelings on it how I like it or not but I can't tell you guys about about it you know what I've experienced from my Japanese campaign once again watch out for those Japanese videos so we're going to end it here hope to see you on the next episode and thanks for watching guys

  1. The game has recently been patched, it's now impossible to go down the Neutrality Act, or Limited Intervention and then go Communist or Fascist. Unless of course you cheat. One of the requirements for Neutrality Act/Limited Intervention require you not to have an advisor with 'Communist Revolutionary', or 'Fascist Demagogue' trait. Also hiring the advisers with those traits require that you DON'T complete Neutrality Act, or Limited Intervention focuses.

  2. Just found your channel! Easily the best hoi 4 lets play I’ve seen can’t wait to binge the rest of the episodes!

  3. I followed this guide to a T, and by the time we got to the november election I only had 5 army experience as compared to your near 60, what gives?

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  9. Holy crap this looks awesome! Nice.
    Definitelly going to try out this dlc this weekend 😀

    I'm also absolutely loving the fact that you can choose which routes the AI is going to take. I've wanting to see AI Germany going alternate routes forever but it never does unless I force them to do so with console commands.
    I'll likely start out small first though like I always do when new stuff comes out so it's easier to manage 😀
    Maybe I'll do a Mexico campaign or even the Dutch since I've never actually played as the Netherlands before. After that I'll propably do a fascist UK campaign since it's something I've wanted to do a long time now but I've been waiting this dlc to come out first.

    The ship designer now looks some what similar to Stellaris which is awesome. I also like the fact that you can now have command chains in the navy and task them to do various tasks so you can have specific types of ships for diferent missions.

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  12. I find horse cavalry to be very useful scout, second line, and occupation troops. They have a bit of extra movement without significant equipment demands. Obviously armored units will eventually replace them for primary combat roles but you can build up a mobile force early on with horses. Also handy for severe terrain and weather areas to avoid supply shortages and equipment attrition.

    For the USA they are handy for expanding the total number of fielded battalions early on which raises your special forces and volunteers caps and gives more backup troops. Foot infantry can then focus on defense of islands or switch to more capable templates for offensive use.

    I used to ignore horse cavalry but after playing many hours I now almost always build a significant number of them.

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