Let's Play Equestria At War As The Socialist Republic Of Skynavia Part 7

hello everybody welcome back to let's play a question war is a soldier of Fogo the free Griffins lastly left left off we were barely doing anything in our focus tree so I decided since was this to take forever get down to this to just do that off camera this gives you one infrastructure in all your promises by the way so I decided to build up my military and I'm just now researching socialism in our time well focus in on that so we're all sissy waste and as you can tell the world is gun even dumber so you're fighting empires now fighting a I don't even know how he fronts war at this point excuse me Weber T is now super-powerful is like actually doesn't be the most worrying for me to fight because the Empire's is dumb at this point question what the saint is seemingly losing despite the Saints having such a horrible amount of soldiers because the clear gangsta name is Garrett deep by Equestria everything makes sense in its own dumb manner and also these stupid birds stupid birds can't Ava's out this one to right spot this is I can't myself throw my hat in declaring war on everyone else Boswell's and I got a whole bunch of resource so yeah the oh yeah and Diamond Mountain beat up the far Brook state and they puppeted health will this is height that still be continues to be the dumbest thing ever seen queerly is helping the seasons in pretty much everyone who's fastest us against the Empire so yeah I had a brought war really does escalator darn it I didn't know we had deeds can I sort of I'm headed the paint dad was attempting okay we get that from a sweet resource bonus we desperately need he's taking Pettit of racers sluts so we're pretty fluent powerful and I also have been researched in a ton of the race holes three I'm almost done with it this is about the best point of the game to do it if you're Griffin's and hoop boy do they get some sweet bonuses as I did a whole bunch of the subtle forces straining I don't even know what it does but the plan is simple die die a lot especially since they're busy oh great they set the holder army now we only have a sentence and I'm like then we have an Air Force now curses we want this Confederation autonomous corporate why operatives because I think it's a sweet resource buckets cycle production unbreakable materials excellent we're a great statement brothers in the other room writing some stuff down laughing himself about that because we say say some pretty hilarious things no camels about to be tagging because it's like I don't even know what's going on okay the world is this stuff so stupid and it's not even funny anymore okay there's so much stupid going on in this current world of equestria war it's not even funny anymore it's also dumb and that is us and we go fight off now guys if volunteers from wing greedy's that's when I thought it couldn't get any dumber stupid strains will always run out in time because the stupid wing verde luckily I can just sort of mess up their day with our surprisingly good motorized army so yeah here's our basic infantry get speed attack bosses from that oh good there we go yes sweet we also swagger into work around yay and I just fixed work around so did it's so hilariously bad you already have the polar bears chrysalis dolled it is sort of magically being fastest I blame the Saenz ones okay guys fight over phone yeah I think I don't even know anymore okay I don't even know who's in the rut like in the lead for this I think in spite it was wooden land definitely not Diamond Mountain I think wouldn't lands to come out on top on this sissy wants the Black Rock bandits cleaned him stuffs looking so dumb Oh guys I had the normal focus tree but they can't do anything about it and it's usually like near the end point of most of my last play so we're not even close to done this hilarious enough almost certainly news gonna be ended up fighting the entire flippin world you know even when I was playing a Griffin Empire was I had this bad at the game it's just like it's every front isn't every front war I mean the only way you can get worse is if we reduce their war CID Empire's going down Griffin house for the people okay so who's in majority who will be majority guess we're starting off at the Republic Conrad is me starting off into Republic save the plans everyone saves the planets go on the cloudberry there let's go with a guy that's gonna take forever because we have no infrastructure but luckily they will not do anything to us because they're paying sees day they might accept war on us is why we must be ready oh gosh they are ah dang I want to look you're funny if I to have even more trouble ahead no obvious get this troops up there we did built before we did build the fort line for something so this will eventually inside a socialist insurrection cloudberry there's a good need to swing everything towards the favor of whole bunch of stuff this is really just a stupid world okay seems like if I had a polar bears Oh has he left war okay everyone's on a pony power so guys how those who wounded by the mere fags they have like some reserves installer has doing pretty well for themselves made a soul sistas world will unite in conquer it probably not right I dive into some stupid fake seas probably get puppet it by like tadeasi if there's something stupid like that no probably strawberry does see we will then become Finizio and then somehow dramatically become fit easier because that's how this game works yeah what Scott have feared is you're stupid okay you're not a style offender your stupid decision oh my this piece of alternatives are gone that guys are a terrible spot army what can we do no we don't need that we're fine we're fine we're perfectly fine this one's business on research we need to research better computers so we can be better more fine you tell do this let's play is getting my very very very small nerves now it's slow probably because there's this war everywhere okay whoo boys is actually a bit slower but it's still faster than anything else going on because you know it definitely don't play the same sons next well in the secondary series I could see if yet to record that by the time I'm recording this uh don't you worry I mean no one needs to worry because it's already out for you people oh gosh you're fine to fronted Bazin for Luffy storm that's good though he wants the election to happen so then we get to the slope we booed the Opposition in cloudberry it was point we need I see this sort of wait around for the next stupid elects it was probably get the strong-armed two revolute well actually do this and by the time that's done we'll get probably the scenery of socialism no no we need to do this stuff because we don't as you can't get this we can't get this and then we will finally get miners society we need to get stuff flip and done this is just like I don't know how stupid this is or how dumb I am let's get pocket offense this this will become better electronics we're doing maxi really well for ourselves all things considered I mean we're in a terrible terrible spot late in the Republicans gonna completely wreck me analyst Liang to believe the late leave the fight to front war but even then I'll probably just lose hilariously yes only the interesting happens gesture to have love victory points so while we have the fight hard to gain anything get anything done well against gain some sit down opposing induce till I call up the Melissa's and caught many factories and stuff to get some stuff done and yeah and then we're gonna be the Liberator neighbors they're destined to be so annoying the deal would be Nia we're always bad enough but Vanina is gonna be so hard and so bad and so brutal how many do you have you have six divisions they all suck probably go at least you're actually like doing something SQL extra Mexico has icy good ideas we need electronics sure about the finished night divisions probably can get armored claw and mitts and hit barrels actually no we don't need that for now because all right we don't really have artillery we're already researching better guns oh boy so we probably just need to reset mean out guys there's our Recon companies exactly Reser's better recon company I'm starting to run out of stuff to research after days use a toll totally get atomic research that's exactly what the economy this need we need rockets and explode and news because you need to research strategic bombers but that's okay because I actually think that's a good idea more fighters and then drop that out of the production and it's they put it in the guns you know to get rekt so completely it's not even funny but we actually do have some force down here some that terrible fault line it's not massive one in the first place good the communalist one the majority says during majority power this means we'll get communism and then we got a socialist uprising this point we can finish this up finish this stupid Street the side of the street finish this wall actually it's probably dude no no focus to get this done get this done get all this done get them to get all of them sweet bonuses they save a decent-enough are ok 124,000 is actually really good for our size considering we only have one point five three million no opposition Sabri excellent this was radar radio work start the insurrection well then lead the insurrection puppet they said eventually something wait a bit I'll probably just like late for those things rarity mess da I need to click the right buttons oh gosh so Katie Empire's defeated so the Empire is defeated that's good I guess actually that is good for the most part except anemia please don't tell you're not a maser good or not amazing you probably get puppet by someone stupid and then there's this nonsense of this nonsense but Salem's are winning which is on the one hand good because these Equestria's out to be clicking anything on the other hand bad because it'd be the same tournament date yeah we have assault rifles yay fighter two's we need fighter two's we're exid to get anything done these could be going far worse ok I mean you look scary maximally dark cloth like what and yeah I'm breaking materials Oh Duke's bankable nukes quest reward nukes are unbreakable answers to development good good the Griffins tootle is a new dawn triple the military factories it was crazy off I have stuff it's gone yes work with them again we want to hear nationalists hold majority this is just I working with them ice leaves me massive resource buff wasn't definitely exploit here wait a sort of left old no they're now a puppet of edenia of easy oh boy if these is about to become the successor to the Empire yep there we go nothing saves it and now they have this 3-1 Empire Falls lead to another Empire days in a must better State I mean no they're not actually that much better of a state sister all adults serve hit that must pony power so I guess I'll take my blessings for a king the way we needs I mean for back here making good progress because Bert can't tell now fry innocent across my pitiful divisions templates because I can't really improve them without like completely crippled in my army but hey we have some really strong night divisions all four of them motorized that are pretty good this is primo just an end probably with me being conquered with my hilariously bad play but hey they said this is one of the hardest things to do the entire flippin games sole Easter's dad the ease myself which ain't some Club Gus why are they all saver is that racist look at that it is safe don't say I don't know why but this seems like the longest 16 minutes my life grind up against us can we conquer it out now we don't need to we don't need to do that or that or that here cup see look good Melissa's Oh Carol Melissa so we least we got some more bodies yes Eddie impart photos against us see look hey this mr. Boorman well county power Weis how did that happen we do not eat war propaganda actually well not for now at least okay things are a bit awkward down here really sir gave us some stuff done okay ah open up the oils there we go okay artillery no that's okay great we're surviving that's more than I can ever hope for yay you got one division does it take forever to get here the least are actually dying be bad if I wasn't losing even after alder post it against us apparently I'm just in a bad enough stay that they feel good enough pushing me I guess I guess and I feel good enough about themselves to push but they're not quite good enough so I might as well as lessen grind up against my soldiers and I repeatedly I mean we have the crypts of advantage and a fort so I guess it's good enough [Applause] we aren't fucking good enough casualties is not completely like we're gonna lose completely we're gonna need to bump up our conscription all to service my requirement nobody get some freedom fighters up in here am i right I need help from this stupid oh boy what's there oh good they're coming Walter dying as soon as they die a lot and often okay so anyway that's this part what seems to be the longest 20 minutes of my entire flippin life thank you all and I'll see you all next time on let's play grifone here at war I guess and yes that was intentional' in my part please like subscribe comment and Sarah because the right thing to do I'll be seeing you all next time on s play sky Vania or the free Griffins or whatever

  1. >Princess Skoldsvard has a big questline where she grows and learns to be a good Queen
    >Feathisia puppets everyone
    >lol jk this baby griffon kid is in charge of Vedina now
    Savage Silent Duke

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