Let's Play Equestria At War As The Socialist Republic Of Skynavia Part 3

hello and welcome back to let's play a question war is sky Navy Alesi left off we're finishing up this but now we're dusting a rust down to her fifth resource lot yes no it's good to avoid giving a voice for the masses and the Communist Texaco misery yes excellent now you do a whole bunch of stuff is them all and ads for you all all all open up the communal manufacturing capacity really to these someone's stuff with the community elders still in power is that temporary oh that's temporary that's still useful though because I see speed this up for a bit but if we need to form the Welfare League because that's a permanent bonus listen either definitely keeping just temporary bonuses you can get whoa what waves good stuff this Ford Welfare League once we had the political power formed Welfare League but hey I'm sweet bonuses like welfare leagues now give a voice to the masses there's still like this about these buzzer don't need to take care of so this is what our time is gonna be important well gain the support of the socialist nations of the world we're definitely gonna need to do that because there's a lot of guys oh gosh be kind of scary if Pony Hitler won you like some so yeah the old bandits got taken out why still hilarious and Ramu wins I'll certainly make things a lot more you me ragged bureaucracy oh boy is right from the sea yet it what you're actually holding your life padeen is definitely gonna be very very tough to deal with ooh boy yay okay I'm keeping the perfect forgiveness face freeing bleezin names but no these are better hop it what the father estimates like dang my gosh I can't really just write any of them good now does this uh now he's what our process is going on shut up computer what's going on down all right warfare accent me pretty strong winter done I think the fighting accidents not doing anything after guys Equestria okay so question of this completely cursed on the Saints list unless you do the stupid thing like they usually do okay don't need to do DS definitely get mobile as eight motorized techies apparently know how about County we'll give you some hazard bonuses like it means that your small army you can just excellent war we're definitely keeping that for later we're definitely need new gun submachine guns so we still racers penalty but it's not nearly as big as a substantial scientific base now I just need to develop one was he stood get with her fifth and then probably doing the means of production will give us modern society eventually probably from like the does this give an event that might do it I stupid computer and it's stupid Wi-Fi constantly doing sex because assume you can just keep that going because there's the whole bus yes okay so our resource penalties aren't that big now see it's consolidate the means for ducks I mean this is a take too long dear nationalists Vanguard is this dudas at least down to here wrote I mean yes let's do this real quick and then nurse and RevoluSun might do it too I mean that's actually pretty good suppose man there's so much to do because he doesn't need to do stuff like I actually get our army kit began to get her centralized military story for don't we what yeah I don't know oh yes form the order to pioneer the pioneers of socialism yeah I get a lot done your nationalists his a dozen to have the best bonuses for my style of play we're gonna need to research like army stuff the long hard revolution strong around a revolution he's back to get flippin tanks as we actually do need especially we just end up fight with red bleak cuz they certainly can see one thing and that one thing you know what doesn't mean most for this game no stop but it slows down this computer stupid man sort of thing okay everything's fine now just fix something real quick specially says I don't need internet record so I said have turned it off a long time ago this had to deal with some annoying stuff in the background because you know just doing something real quick don't second something make some really ridiculous bonuses hey the welfare states started yeah it's not an either remember this the community calm you of the community lacera take power again Friday they can and oh wow okay permanent RevoluSun oh we can't uhh hmm so everybody's a resource radio at this point yeah we should resource radio we need it cut the big deal elects the election is about to have a new year NASA stood about those kids doesn't Illyria so Hughes welcome foreign fighters Wow okay yeah that's some man this is like some pretty great a awesome stuff you could do you have stuff to do this is a very busy time asking a via cuz I still need to get our industrial stuff ready to actually deal with anemia you're kind of man army I mean I don't want to kiss very next year I still construct it's true so I actually it's the little more conscious why slow the Saints perfect now we're not proclaiming the Republic now we have low pony power which means easy to get rid of there so for one divisions is actually Hughes this is our night citizens to different night divisions wife supply rater yes yes and you had the look of someone who will be good stuff done for this nascent you could pick up radio I love this HUD hold on internationalists they got two seats hey now hold now we have a split you has a really useful bonus cuz that's 10% research speeds nice and big oh yeah the fire the rebel this will burn forever wise so now makes it a solid solid bonus the harbinger 2 revolutes and um yeah SS keep going with it the machinery of socialism actually in turn asked us to hold up seats for us to really benefit from that for now so I guess get this build slot Santa tools motorized because motorized gives you a sweet bonus you can actually set up that company ok our industry is good our electronics are decent enough its get better artillery for crying out loud actually we don't have our two lorry in our army for now you better support weapons so now I see how positive resource bonus thank goodness once we get these done I start defending the revolution we're definitely need to go down to this to get the fifth resource lot so we can get all the sweet bonuses we suppose we'll probably get like him okay they're actually pretty expensive the good so yes not picked them up for a while everyone has 40 seats but I want the internationalist to hold majority so we get those sceneries socialism done was gives me a weapon yes I really want that company harbingers RevoluSun then but I pick up consolidate the means of production and get all these sweet bonuses from there and then finish this up then we didn't even do some army stuff but then we're gonna be moving on and anyone's for fighting we'll do from the asses and tribalism a sister Republic arises and all that sweet symptoms sick bonuses we said OSA probably go to extend conscription so we can keep our sweet bone in fact get a bigger bonus in the end so you gotta say what the gaming extends conscription world tense it's not quite high enough for us to get war economy boys so it looks like they might go for the Dark Prince yeah second down to this fear the gas mask bird oh I'm sweet we actually have like oh we need it's like kind of weird a gas will happen to our factories hey socialism works no no I'm not talking about their stuff anymore because it's taking too much time you can you can pause the video to view their stuff if you want this like that sense brah oh boy we just increased world tastes in whoops I'd buy a lot though so they don't do can't alright consolidate the means of reduction because we'd actually really need that done I mean I wasn't a fence is up but we can wait crying out but probably get this first well it doesn't really matter as most it hasn't resource P bones probably this first nursery and yeah and get this real quick and then probably this was a massive monthly population bonus and then we're gonna do the military and then we're gonna use this so we can keep up really six oh boy okay probably Revolutionary Guard will probably must better for my purposes don't over mass of solves maybe feza who who holds the majority in the end this a cool deer still holding on yeah honey cast these are net war it's okay that's fine from now you know he's good is he a passive salt because it reinforcements meeting straining Tyree dachshund Master how monster and I improve the others formed the stuff but we're fine ooh I'm actually sock that happened no really sees kind of abandoned towards the dark side I did not expect dad actually happened to be perfectly honest you mean I guess you'd get this up is sexy pretty good excellent defend our homes goes away we're not to like me completely crippled it just starts training were cards I mean we couldn't prove the guards instead anymore a thousand more now we have sub asleep it's good he desperately needed them okay so you have good guns I guess we should start researching this we were resource bama's we're actually doing really well I like to think Riggs I mean the Republic still terrifies me this is us the one issue I still have the Republic still absolutely terrifies me and that's pretty much my major concern is why we have these awesome bonuses they might not hold up against a republic now would hope from the socialist nations around the world we should be able to do with some volunteers to help was it yeah right this at Thomas company cooperatives Lord Alfred I need to get off all these to get at least this so we can get massive resource bonuses they're gonna need to bore how the army at least get down probably to these two that's good hold on in turn ass so I can get more stuff done themselves okay so the added ear that's lost I mean they're doing pretty well oh okay now lined one and things are up in the air a mixed army they have better bonuses those that are probably nobody's help please go fastest on a right play this is like the most hideous thing I've ever seen in the river Republic was the same a lot it's real Republic's pretty hideous at times and that's going on by the fuss okay here missing to necromancy feels at least we have that going instead Garen isn't a conifer everything this is so stomach it awesome at the same time I love this mod and we revived that energy Rizzy pretty far isn't model already is for only five parts in up cats meowing oh yeah new night divisions yeah okay so yeah we have way more soldiers than they do and have like no pony power Oh II have a Navy haha no but don't have to actually like your entire army so they'll be striking the house for the best you know they have massive bonuses fritter nights like your nights will completely wrecked my nights my nights suck in fact our entire army sucks now can't meet escape motorized excuse me no services and better nights I mean thinking counter night so they don't use magical weapons I actually think they use it anyway no they don't see yeah I mean yup we need to research medical weapons one and then would have definitely don't get fighting spirit and probably dust capped us out and we also need to get industry policy to be the tree bonuses are nice you know probably focused on the messenger stuff I mean st. and Santa armor I mean this boys is really good but I'm not something to have paratroopers and sometimes they don't have tanks and stuff so yeah misses there in st. mints and standard armor and and getting all this will be Hugh's I like the fact that ponies Griffin's like they have a different set yes get it have a different set of resources just really play up just the differences between how you play the Griffins are all about industry and heavier armor a lot of ponies actually bit more focused on solid ace enflamed actually so yeah this has been a very very fun part thank you all for watching please like subscribe and subscribe in ser because it's right thing to do and I'll be seeing you all next time in next time on let's play Equestria war as Stan Naevia well this also is Republic of the free Griffins that's a nice bonus filter don't get that later anyway thank you all for watching I hope all you have a good night

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