Let's Play Equestria At War As The Socialist Republic Of Skynavia Part 3

hello and welcome back everyone – let's play a quest reward sky Naevia lastly left off we use this to clear worn and order tribes time to commence the operation I'll end their little operation party just gonna move fast against them what can we do in the meantime we're not gonna caught Melissa's that's about it yes yes there we go this is camps resort either army sister Army's all in one place we do boogly we can pull this off or die completely trust them yeah some technology okay we're a bit behind on this once we get this we're gonna pick up this and then we're gonna be a good good enough spot more like we'll fix that soon enough okay game okay you're making good time is this take care entire flippin army and then they're done for circled her army nice now we introduce do you think the lights ever Frost is ours and now we can get rid of that me there's nothing important up to her and keep moving your new capital is a bit far away in frost bail okay we're making good time in progress let's get on them beat them no I look good it's real the same you have to be executed for guerrilla revolution can't tell quite yet all is going well Equestria is being on Moya and can't tell what they're doing from now all right we got a new set of ideas oh we don't need warp gas it's far down it's close all that uh we got another military factory now this is a very temporary arrangement do the factory no need the puppet done to continue to focus three well we got their army okay there we go but for knotted a disintegrator Army but it looks like her or not it looks like you're making us sad making this – guys I can't afford to lose a thousand ponies Griffin's kill all them again Saints claim onelia a care soldiers ready there's an ogre say no you must make sure that the right to the decent come princes cases filled for the people of skåne Avia schools will be open with winner will be when there are none volunteer tutors will be strength that courses will be made available to the workers soon as a case will be made accessible to all no sir dad alexinnz being done never never claimed room oh okay they got a lot of support I was using declared war Julia does not Bend oh well we're good on the soldier front oh yes develop that because we need more naval stuff yeah Cody's a Griffin standing in solidarity and in the conflict say guys our next stop is dinya she just lost like all the sweet factories Jesus God I'm sure he'll be fixed in time huh but no proclaimed a soldier Paolo you of the three Griffins stroll on pony power we have the free North popular revolution hmm your toes are down whatever don't need to end what's going on in the ward morph because I think that's we're still getting probably for that that's nice Lister getting that they're gonna be a bit of a suffer not cracked about the same difficulty because of how few soldiers they have offend in our homes that we that's the very temporary okay we're making good time in progress why does a slower me a second okay thank you fine just a bit slower than normal for reasons I can't explain we fixed in time don't know why I slowing down some of us and as it the fastest read can't saves anything right now weird okay it looks like it fixed itself looks like well-done communalist is everything is still slightly in favor t internationalist but that's fine if I don't want any of them getting a supermajority alright good progress it may be one that Wharf fast okay they have a decent number of soldiers they'll be useful refine say torque refining Republic was then me probably moving on sooner rather than later when they get to move on us Oh sputters fast RevoluSun ah there we go yeah okay so take a little bit but still it's still gonna be an issue if not careful there we go now we're back up the speed let's find us some processes in the background that happens you know how computers are some days reconcile Oh Riley this is tribal ponies gives us us massive bonuses when we're done let's do it formed a welfare state whoo formed the order of pioneers soul you see some things you for the socialist international Oh about the international socialist identity you see I want all of these if you know what you're doing you can mmm this issue is so yeah II spent a lot of photo power skyping it's kind a via this is actually really cool I like how they play around mechanics in Scandinavia so this is Republic of the free Griffins I even say it's a little so this work took a bit longer because of the war it's just to take the free North I have to goes to dear they did pretty well have a decent army but they're just not smart enough easy yeah it's kind of thumbs some days Oh gossip question sooner our learning will yeah we're gonna get that so but yes and and in the conflict in order tribes are no more having treatise tribe ponies from dears ackles we must now a lot under freedom to be rebuilding Rewald remoulded your society in a socialist into social esteem is of course will be dere Helen and wondered fruit is difficult transition alright it's makes it automatically like liberated and stuff this didn't want the nonsense it comes dad so once this is done I'll get some massive bonuses I think what I actually want the communists' to get bonuses because like oh sir they can actually proclaim to Socialist Republics guy Naevia I'll actually want to form the whole first stake oh yes stupid Birds the undead Fred o-cedar King nights of socialism really that's cool that's awesome see I like this focus tree already hey it's just thanks account was taken out time to build I don't want to start straining any pump any soldiers quite yet we might cruel population is gonna go down by a fair bit you're soon yeah that's temporary oh that's cool okay so the internationals get massive bonuses once you're done with stuff so frozen communalist need to take them just get you as a SAN role or any good we're hmm okay now we're back to 5050 I guess he would be willing to create a fax which is awesome welcome the Exiles uneven ah there we go hmm curious kid read nice one because so we confirmed it you know deal with the undead strife in state the Crusader Knights of socialism it's so stupid yet it's so awesome at the same time like this entire focus sweetie I love it just right but is stupid it awesome ladies entire monster army is up here so we gonna sort of encircle dad who boy are they done for who cares our divisions are Louis's so zonked that nothing can be done Nadya Lex is about to be held and we're split 50/50 so I don't think anything's gonna really happen oh yeah I need to get that Ford resource lot here soon you know like I said I would get your research bonus deserve but we just need the dealers small scientific base this is the base of the north demilitarized puppet whoa from the asus rambilas yeah we'll do that a bit later we need that for greaser slut power to the people see how her done be doing a whole bunch of silly nonsense like the means for a dachshund or stuff like that so yeah we're gonna need to like do a whole bunch sort of like yes I actually get stuff like you know factories I guess once we're done with the infrastructure guys actually or construction is not so bad we just have an outdated industrial sector mm well then everyone nothing happened so there'd be militarized Papa but they have a ton of pony power I'll just get rid of that prompt because it's kind of annoying okay so this is cool I like this this is fun okay actually one I'm actually sagt world tez is not that high right now there goes pride win okay so this is this denna gala this is gonna be so much fun to see rapid industrialization Oh perfect oh man Oh guys has to be a bit of an issue of this does succeed now we're not the message that we're good for now and at the part meant welcome souls clergy oh that's a nice good old big bonus well temporary a small bonus but it's still a bonus yeah hey yeah hey you're actually doing nice we rise again nice things done realistic that one let's see at the end of this year that's actually nice we're bath under year for was this insane okay actually more accurately the proper year three years into the game or like the fourth full year I'm making good time actually considered this is only the fork part is you're busy power to the people and I need to do oh gosh okay paid about so yeah we're gonna need to be we're gonna get some busy busy to stuff I just want the communities to be in authority since radar yeah about really a signal companies I get that Ford research slide the liberation the science up you had a gang wrecked yes this weights like goes way and I don't want to try anything like that go away yet again Rex and Stella oh boy so high hill is now and SARS that's fun warplane quest Celestia dump okay isn't going Daybreakers sadly can't with see was at this point yes just keep that up okay I'm not doing anything guard oh boy become of that prepared for there oh boy and still be you don't need that yet yet definitely don't need that later though we do need the ability to sort of create some really powerful see this is like cool yeah so we get rid of illiteracy soon and then we're gonna need to get a given a voice format for masses ready the fist is okay we're gonna do it's gonna finish this when I get this we're gonna faster put our main political body hmm manda is tough / me rep a loose fan and RevoluSun hmm it isn't me I name what I need to get this and this we think is really sweet Bonas you don't have radio tech yet and we're gonna need to get this this should take too long okay Jackie doesn't take a fair bit and then we're done you do stomach scare of æneas peoples are described manian people's army and stuff like that it'll be a bit busy at least the resident rolls nice to be a fun place to look at in fact it's just terrible pony power okay what a free city drama okay that's fine that's a great deal I want niggas get this buzz we don't need this yet hmm so exalt whoa oh man Vegas of sweet bonuses mr. Dunn conquer in our neighbors and we got to do the rest of every flippin thing it's me so hard I see Gil to Republic because they see have decent division templates and like population while we have a whole bunch of incompetent fools if we're definitely going down our brothers arms first and still is take the night sulles we definitely need those divisions suppose we're done with that word I get to to sappers will be formed Floyd sweet okay guy great idea no sudde the free nurse I'll say free [Applause] once he get this this part will fess up when we went to the next part man this is going fast normally it'd be like so long to get this done knowledge is power oh goody yes yes we desperately actually already did that but still clicky um thank you all for watching this part of let's play quest street worth sky Naevia this was a ton of fun please like subscribe share in comment set specially Sara part because that's the right thing to do you know see you all next time on let's play sky Navy a cuz I'm loving this and we're gonna get someone's done in the current Parsons you don't need to pause because of war or anything so thank you all for watching and I'll see you all next time

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