Let's Play Equestria At War As The Socialist Republic Of Skynavia Part 3

hello and welcome back all – lets play Scandinavia in Equestria war lastly left off we just established the Congress in power because if you go down civil Clause stuff well yes just say did nothing must gets done I think this is a smart idea okay to get temporarily removed okay to temporary like this this is a five bonus so one of the commune lists in SARS I can't we died excellent yes is do this we start first provide on conditional developments a developmental aid from the central governments to the hill for is autonomous reason it's really nice need to make play play nice the legacy like except slowly be able to warn the North Tower Oh sir what on the snow and in the conflict I hope this works out okay so we have a lot of stuff to do like you know I actually have an industry but first just try to get the liberation of Sciences equipment so we're gonna do socialism in progress hmmmm taming the tundra okay so yeah it's been progress – lists have argued for DePaul's for a policy of efficient and productive industrial industrial Laysan we still seek the strengthen ourselves military socially industrially we were to carry on a revolutionary revolution and liberate the rest of her phone eeeh we must not forget the reason for our exile so we must fight to return to our homeland as liberators as soon as possible by all means possible so likely all these focuses are always in disel focuses are quick do stuff like this and this sort of really rust indicate this in this actual resource lot and we'll do more of this later but then we need to do something about the war in the works quickly and we also needed to decide whether or not we're gonna focus on the come-up communist the communalist yes get you pointed because you need to keep both of them happy right now the International is from Mozart II in the Congress we do have a license coming up free times easier for your axons are held reducer okay okay or plan or deal with the strives ponies yeah there's always stuff to do you don't need that for now go to fight autonomous reason essence it's harder to Republic okay mmm and then Environmental Protection Clause I was locked okay got it so you guys need to do starter or Republican we should be good hmm I was gonna read this use wall text you can if you want you can you know utopia in the future if one gives away at present okay so we need the fist war to the north this appears that's the best way to deal with any any of this so democracy through Confederate confederalism you must Pat I'm this is like a whole bunch of big big to fancy works for me I don't speak super fancy communist talk most exam not a communist Ultra High Command okay Sudheer to most there we go yes he was fifty-fifty see this is actually like a ton of fun is you get up customize your nation so massively I was trying to keep an even split so not like the Cedars like the mixer just under the horrible die having to eat don't keep it split the asses tribalism assist Republicans I probably want that okay see you need complete posties okay principle species welcome to exiles socialism our time what do we need to do for that his Werner has been resolved okay Oh gasp okay yeah this is definitely gonna be our please leave the lines of sky Naevia okay that's what I mean socials were telling the barrel blast focus and they're fighting themselves Oh Suzette satisfy the Communists okay he has the fleet okay didn't have food oh gosh okay so there's not a border conflict finally the masses can five oh gosh they're like so many things to do see it's good to start a republic dump even if we need that and then we should probably do the war north actually there's a lot of our focus trees strapped if we don't complete the war in the north my gosh this is stupid single claw we need to buy we don't need the planet Republic yet okay this is fun I really I'm really in the up guys this is like kind of stupid okay I really like this and this is really cool these are playing around with the citizens but this is kind of stupid excellent work comrades okay if you don't even turn more over okay good we are not straining more revolutionaries so we stood completely ranked and ordering tribes once for once once we're done here starter door a public taking inspiration so social constructs of the autonomous Commons because rather the Constitution for our Republic Oh fire our liberation and Democrat a Rotarian democratic ideals yeah we're no identity result or nor so you get our fourth resource lot where else can't yes we'd hope we need to complete this what we need to resolve the world a North look it was massive bonuses once we do feeding the people first in a completely like stay away from unlock specialists military stranded we definitely the Revolutionary Guard strong-armed or RevoluSun lose armory to the people see our daksa don't need to go for revolution people mmm I have it no one holds a majority okay man I mean I guess I'm gonna need to focus on someone internationalist Holden is already right now okay let's see what happens bill Alexan Oh what's this I want to get you but I can't get the military fearest welcome well done everyone so nonsenses I hope to keep it that way because having a slight internationalist as this okay is actually probably for the best the problem that is the creme the soldiers republic of free Grif of the free Griffin's and em like I guess work down here you physics are probably only need to do to war no war north actually a bolt-action rifles now so we don't need to upgrade our guns this also means once we have the develop and we can yes we can definitely get this once we're done Oh gasps okay hmm well whole seasons occur Buffalo Steveston and one has a scenario history father you can do High Command already oh oh there's still mmm kind of dumb it you ask me yeah that's actually rather stupid so questions have you super strong and powerful because it's stupidity and weird game mechanic stuff not actually like anything else sister de Socialist Republics kind of a nice guy Navy likes to give us some sweet bonuses actually keep these sweet bonuses blood on the snow you oh nothing I need to resolve that right away this is this fun the Wyss I I hope because this means trying to develop Naismith ass red lip racing to all ok so Warren North right on our doorstep urdhva backward are the backwards in order describes who award against this is the foundation the Socialist Republics K maybe it he insisted the insensitive petty skirmishes on the board continue to claim lives or a brain but brave fighters power so he might be down the put ended this meaningless conflict this is to say when I kill them all codified a autonomous reason you never done proclaim this free Republican all that and we can definitely dad lee demilitarized em which will give us an as against Vinny Mia there's other than a small number of soldiers done wise oh oh gosh they're not even know they're silly Oh gasps I hate it when that happens just let the fuzz okay there's like really dumb right now okay I'm really glad I'm not on Equus because that's just like so covered in dumb was not even dumb anymore yes once we get rid of the warden or so many of our penalties are they go away just deal with it now instead of later hey we can get a better scientific base yeah we're no longer so dumb that's good I hate being dumb once this is don't even improve our guns realize that we just have it good guns in a in this the spammable air force we should be good so once we give the army done we should probably say liver stuff to establish the air corers corpse and get the most adorable Pony I've ever seen I want to see a full portrait of Conrad cloud hoods is he sucked um she's faced have someone at this point died but hey you're here to listen to me babble as as ponies and have Eagles have Birds kilee Sutter and all this are adorable I mean the Griffins are less adorable I'm certain I can be adorable in some way see husky with time horizon that reason was an easy internationalist forget us very big Ed's here soon we wanted to do a whole bunch of stuff it's the commune's ever since we found his boat Nora has been blasted out of us determined his rivals out and maintained a barbaric lifestyle the fool of savages keep attending fruitless attacks at our border guard sounds under machine gun in places with swords and axes every year dozens of cruisers on our on our side and areas dine at constant small-scale fighting the border there was a time to the sky Naevia had now become a pledge spotter killing grounds killing ground this uh be dealt with sooner rather than later too many have already died in pointless endless courses across the border many voices have argued for a peaceful solution but if the worst comes to worst we still be ready to defend revolution with beacon claw you see to the internationalist Fulton Missouri took out galva galvanized our our enemy twenties we were fighting against our members of the oppressor of an oppressed social group misled into diverters tribal leaders we saw Senate delegates deciding to go see at the end of this conflict in North strife or feeling that instigate the counter parties into rebellion a soldier's the die pointless this law on guns or deadly didn't even work on the gun bit for a bit and they're gonna need the Swiss but hey they're actually good base because they also have recon this is random and men once we actually can do right we're definitely getting massive salt for revolution all that nonsense co-written by the hate you're free already this is so big because you know for the longest time I just you know again two year free and this would be seven parts but now again it done it free I'm so happy she likes him too bad to be done in you had the international soul of authority yeah kind of a code near nationalist old majority didn't have the best bonuses at least in my opinion and did the conflict so this like it's bypassed right no I'll bypass it or something like weird like that like a first day I mean actually I guess we do need that when we're fighting them liberation north and yeah we're deaf we don't need to fence this later but then we don't need to get part of the people and the liberation of science and and then get we need fire resource lots right away like I don't care what everyone says we're definitely in five resource slots right away and it will face over government stuff and that's pretty much like all we do I might skip ahead for because of that then I mean even people find it inherently interesting to watch me do stuff like this I guess I'll keep it up oh gosh we definitely need that we definitely definitely definitely definitely need that here and we're stupid illiteracy yes man we could finally finally be militarized and do a whole bunch of stuff as internationalist really nothing interesting that I mean this might be a very sort let's play in many ways except here's the thing new foci so my god is a sort focus treat no it isn't because just dummy more focus as the outcome of the elections well done internationalists yeah like thinking oh yeah this is easy and simple and like there's NASA mean you must of anything no once you're done fighting to gain control because like this gives you a puppet is this requires us to have puppets CIA looks like we're gonna need to establish them as puppets and I wonder down a thousand the sister republics were hopefully don't need to go for a painting or phony anism this is fun we're near free oh gosh there's skirmishing again that's actually good so that's bad because offenders are the ever I've ever frost decent templates forgetting more tubes in the front there we go you don't even have all the soldiers here yet and we're already waiting so probably a fruitless or a fruitless skirmish never know if we'd uh need to fully finis up and get ready to march upon them get so close be sweet Soha got what it takes okay so yes start getting ready our soldiers as much as borah conflict has done me some boob against them an estimated about the end of this part red banner guard i mean we could just sort of skirt around them but still and then they only have yet i only have five at cap carried at tourists and i right yeah this is a fruitless skirmishes the probably make me lose political power can you meet support equipment real quick yeah we're definitely view industrialized once this is done we're def we don't need to pick up this because that's not give us probably the anti illiteracy stuff which is gonna be big because that means we'll actually get rid of a lot of our penalties so them next time oh good week actually got bonuses you actually have experience and stuff actually you have more offense or more promising zone yeah you're more promising it's fight them this is a great place to end our let's play part so thank you all for Watson Oh Oh gasps okay so they're getting debated I can just sort of go super defensive anyway thank you all for watching I'll see you all next time and let's play the Socialist Republic of sky Naevia soon will become us you know that so this was a ton of fun please like subscribe share and comment and especially surveys the right thing to do and I'll see you all next time on Friday for more or less play sky Naevia because this is going so much faster and I'm so happy because now I can actually do like new full Let's Plays in a nice span of time the tank-like 9 part like 7 parts to get to this point if we were doing the old speed ok but now we're in year free already and it's only been an hour and I'm so happy see I'll be seeing you all very soon and yeah this let's place I'll record again probably because for me scheduling-wise open heart record again on Monday on Sunday and Monday then on Tuesday I will start recording the Saints ones so there'll be plenty of this and then once the sails let's get started I'll go back to this and then I'll finish this up and I'll finish the Saints ones up and then we'll go forward from there so thank you all for watching I'll see you all soon


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