Les associations 2018 de l’EM Strasbourg

Sir !! Julian ? What’s going on ? I’ve been told to warm you ! Here they are ! The new students.. Great. Thanks ! How many ? A hundred or so. New students arrive every day. I want each year spent in our school to be
printed into their memories. That these moments at EM Strasbourg are the
richest and the most enriching of their lives. That’s my opinion as well. And that’s a challenge I’ve been considering
carefully lately. I am all ears. We first need a person able to organize a
Skiing Weekend for two hundred participants. That person will have to liven up the sporting
scene at EM Strasbourg. To take up the challenge of supervising a
multisports tournament gathering all the faculties in Strasbourg. E-sport will have also to be developed as
a proper category. Finally, this person will have to lead our
teams to the top, knowing perfectly well that there are ups and downs . What’s more we have to find a person capable
of chairing all kinds of debate, whether it be over brunch or before four hundred spectators. This person will also have enough charisma
to lead a conference. Beyond an orator, an individual able to do
business with companies cannot be overlooked. In fact, someone to oversee the supply of
professional services with our region’s professionals will definitely be an asset for us. Participation and organization of professional
events is equally a must. It’s also important to defend the key values
of our School : Sustainable development by offering baskets of organic vegetables every
week, Ethics through consciousness-raising campaigns
and finally, tutors of excellence managed in parallel by our top students so as to promote
Diversity. The person charged with these missions will
have to be committed and versatile, as we have planned. Journeys to the four corners of Europe will
be organised all year round by somebody who has a deep understanding of languages and
foreign lands, somebody who will know exactly how to integrate our exchagne students, night
and day. Student night life will be managed by sb who’ll
organize our end of year gala and the integration weekend. How about new students eager to enjoy the
artistic dimension of their community life ? We’ll simply need an EM student who’ll be
entrusted with the talent show, a festival, and the fashion week while promoting the arts
within the school. We also have to find a Captain, in charge
of recruiting and coaching a crew that will then hoist our colors during the EDHEC sailing
cup. There will be 1300 participants competing
in varied and numerous trials. A multimedia expert, able to immortalize each
moment in a Yearbook and to edit video is indispensable. A bright quill and an ability to captive a
radio audience will complete this team. Beyond this aspect, recruiting a person willing
to carry out a humanitarian mission in Africa and to dedicate his time to orchestrate crowd
founding and blood donation campaigns is essential. Paid missions; CV correction and street marketing Here is what the next to last person will have to do. Finally, we’ll add a profile capable of organizing
an afterwork drinks for entrepreneurs, to support a embrionic project to finally lead it to its incubation. These people will need a leader. A person able to coordinate their actions
and to make them work hand in hand. Finally, these people won’t be alone, but
all standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a crew of twenty or so individuals. Well, I see. And what if one of these people… was YOU?


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