1. Is the original artist –   Song of the Old Communist      Artist    Leon Rosselson      Album  Wo Sind Die Elefanten?Thanks

  2. Fuck the capitalist that dived us workers of the world I love you, no matter if you are Russian, American, Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese, South African or France or where ever you life we will rise again and be free!

  3. Wow.

    On another note, reading the lyrics, and I get to the bottom – "Listen ad-fee with YouTube Premium". Just wanted to say, fuck you.

  4. This song reminds me about my grandfather who spend most of his life fighting for socialism, for our Peoples Republic. And after fall of soviet block and triumph of neoliberalism in Poland all what he built was stolen or destroyed by international banks, corporations and polish oligarchy.

    One day when I was teenager and my granfather was yet very old and sick he told me:
    – "no matter who you will – engineer, teacher or what ever – promis me that you will always work in honest way and YOU ALWAYS WILL BE ON WORKERS SIDE."
    – "I promise" – I said.

    When he was dying I sang The Internationale saying goodbye to him last time.

    When his body was lowered to the grave I threw a red rose on the coffin and I said: "
    Do not worry, grandpa, the next time we do it better. I promise."

    This is my story about old communist.
    Strugle goes on.

  5. Glory to to the ever approaching march of the Vanguard! Glory to Socialism! Glory to the martyrs and the heroes! Our cause is just and victory will be ours!

  6. Thanks for that, Leon. So many years compressed into a three minute song. Pathos, nostalgia, history, determination, and hope for the future. The struggle continues . . .

  7. But yes we defended the First Workers State, in face of the slander and lies of the press. And you who have nothing at all to believe in, you whose motto is money comes first. Who are you to tell us that our lives have been wasted?, and all that we fought for has turned into dust.

  8. "And I'll always remember how fear shook the wealthy, like thieves who have just been caught out in their crime. But we, who had known only war and the workhouse, rejoiced that a new world was born at that time!" Those lines in particular always move me.

  9. The main theme of failing socialism/anarchism/syndicalism etc was infact Stalin. That guy fucked all of us and he still keeps on fucking us from his grave – we never recovered from his knife in our back.. and its damn sad some of us still praise this son of a bitch facepalm9000

  10. "And that day will come yet – but not in my time"

    Some day, some day

  11. This song is everything. It is hope and sadness, suffering and triumph, melancholy and resistance. A man, old and experienced, who is hopeful and content in knowing socialism will be victorious, but sad and resigned to the fact he will never see it.

    This song has made me cry so much. Long live communism! We WILL be victorious, we will avenge the fallen, absolve our comrades (Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Fidel, all of the revolutionaries deemed criminals by the capitalists) and honour these old revolutionaries!

  12. As I get older, i think of what's been lost in comradery and given way to splintering of the communist movement into small opposed fragments and fear that without the leadership that only a class conscious workers party can give, it will be all for nothing and the future will not be Star Trek but Mad Max…and yes i shed a tear or two hearing this song.

  13. Communism doesn't work any more than capitalism does.

    It may be a fairer system, but you always end up with some 'dear leader' who rules like a monarch with his family and friends.

  14. The inauguration of Donald Trump and the rise of Fascism as a whole shows that when we are old and grey, if not as successful revolutionaries then at least we shall be known as 'those dogged old men'.

  15. Much like the failed democratic revolution in Germany at the time of Marx, our revolutions have either failed or fell to revisionism. but also like Germany it did eventually become a Bourgeois Democratic state. for this reason comrades we must not give up hope we might have lost this round, but we have not lost the fight. for only three things in life are certain death taxes and a communist Society.

  16. As the child of Trotskyists, still and always a Marxist, I find this incredibly moving. I first saw Leon at the Vancouver Folk Fest in, I think, 1988. I try to stay true to this history, even recognizing all the tragedies.

  17. Our movement has failed, at least for the present. Where once we could summon several million people for a may day parade through NYC now we are but a beleaguered few. This is a result of many factors, including state repression and the decline and atomization of the working class communities in which our politics once had purchase. However, this is not the only factor, the sins of our movement were also a factor. Slavish devotion to the dictates of Moscow and opportunistic betrayal of principle for a quick surge in popularity also played a role. We must look at our history critically, with honesty and courage. We must avoid the twin distortions of cynicism and nostalgia. We must find the true heroism in the struggle for a new world while also being willing to honestly and bravely point out when we betrayed that heroism. We must be willing to see our past as a complicated thing, filled with both heroism and betrayal. The task of the communist historian is to look at our history and point out the good, the bad and the ugly that make up our heritage as communists. Only on this basis can we begin to rebuild our movement from place of strength.

    However, this cannot be done without practice. We cannot wait for a perfect history before we move forward. To do so is to admit defeat, we must do both.

  18. I love it, the 110% accurate lyrics, the music, the flow, the lyrics. I Just Love It
    Portugal will turn red on the map, I promisse that!

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