#Leo Testing Your Patience, What Will You Do? | July Love 2019

hello Leo this is Kelly from Patara getting ready to do your July love reading Leo Sun Moon rising or Venus some of the messages may or may not resonate take what works leave the rest you'd like to get a personal reading for me just click on the description box below the links are all below and if you have a desire to reach me on the ends to go up you can now do so through your Android a Google Play Store so I know a lot of you've been waiting for that for a couple of years so definitely let me know or maybe a year I don't know can remember how long it's been but um yep you can do that now okay let's get started with your reading remember it's a love reading so this can cover multiple situations love romance friends family we'll see how the energies play out and I'll pull clarifiers on any of the major arcanas okay let's take a look and see what the Romans angels have to say for love for the month for romantic love okay make the effort great love is worth taking the steps you got it to take okay somebody could be making enough hurt this month could be you or someone is being told to do that okay pass position Leo ten of Pentacles very beautiful security abundance trust financial stability at some point in the past okay maybe with you or maybe with someone else perhaps maybe you were married and had this at some point maybe this is your family or some of your members of members of your family or someone you're connected to there there was an energy of somewhere along the line and when I say family family does not necessary have to be blood it could just be a core good group of stable people our stable community that you were connected with this could also have to do with a family business this could not have to do with wills trust finding out about the inheritance or some money being somewhere okay it could have something to do with feeling safe and secure within a work environment with people whom you called your family okay so some of that energy was there okay and so while your readings just I have to tell you readings really good I could just it's it's really nice just going forward here July lots of healing balanced energy blessings to a-cups energy emotional stability balance in the emotions okay I know some of you are been struggling with some type of emotional issue and I feel like it's leveling out things are getting mixed up that Archangel Michael watching over you for sure keeping you strong giving you strength and he's doing something behind the scenes here so he sachet Arius energy with cancer on the board we have Lee I almost said Libra why did I say Libra okay well we could say Libra we have Scorpio Pisces you know here's where we have Libra down here with the skill goodness basically everybody's here okay so this is energy okay Sagittarius energy this is some I feel you're coming into a much bigger and greater understanding something in your life and I feel like you know you're still trying to figure out which direction you want to go in your life I feel like you kind of have an idea because this is in the upright like you pretty much know what you need to do but there's a struggle with being able to do that it's a little bit of a challenge and I feel like you're getting some divine guidance in regard to this situation so it could have something could be something as simple as buying a new car you could have something about traveling or relocating moving I'm going to see someone having it's someone who could be at a distance and having to travel back and forth with them I also feel like with that two of cups energy there's negotiation as well here when I say the two of cups is because that's what she has here or that's what he has here okay there's an energy of um it doesn't feel for you it doesn't feel like the love is surrounding you or that there's love in this partnership doesn't feel like it is but the reason why it doesn't feel that way is because it's not fully cooked yet that's how I feel it's it's basically like it's just not it hasn't been tenderize just yet there's struggle with this connection and there's a the reason why it hasn't exactly if there's a challenge to move it forward is because it's not I'm seeing like a steak in the oven or a steak on the grill you know when it's just right okay your situation with someone is still being marinated and for somebody who is extremely hungry that can seem like days before that's finally finished you know and that's why the temperance is here is saying be patient relax calm yourself down I know that you are in a rush to have something have love in your life or to have a person they're not gonna get here any quicker with you being in a fuss or if you are trying to control a situation when it's divinely guided divine timing that the divine works at his or her own pace does not work at your pace so patience is needed rest prayer meditation okay and make the earth effort to it's a it's a huge step for you to be in this position Leo because you are pretty clear when you know what you want you go for it and the reason why you're not getting what you want right is because you're not in control of this and you your was driving this reading here is this needs to be you need to go in the opposite direction of how you usually are I mean mmm and that this is difficult for you to do I know some Leo's have a tendency to you know be like a lazy lion in the Serengeti just but that's after they're filled up that's after they've received what they want that's after they're satiated but when a when a leo is not being fulfilled or does not have that satiated feeling leo does not just do this and say oh okay oh wait until the food comes like a lion has to go out and get its prey you know go after its prey lines don't wait this situation is different though because I feel like this person has already come to you and you have already gone after them but I don't feel like their journey is finished they are still marinating that's how I feel okay I know here in this reading that this is what you're wanting this is what you're after the commitment the proposal the marriage for it's different for everybody you know so some of you are also wanting an apology you're wanting someone to come to you and communicate to you that they want you they want to be with you they're ready for you but it's it's just not time all right and I know that's hard to hear because some of you have taken on have been patient you have been waiting you have been praying you have been doing all of the things you know I think maybe at some point you did think you were gonna have this with this person but temperance is like nope not yet not yet I was just asking if what your what your advice should be and I heard don't give up they're saying not to give up okay they're they're going to be significant in the future okay whoever they are the king of cups does represent a water sign cancer Scorpio Pisces if this is not your person this is just someone who is with holding on the emotional affection you're sharing in that way okay just their personality this is their this is who they are okay they have did they have passion sure you know are they logical in their speech sure okay but I will say the things that they do do do come from the heart when they make a decision it's based on a feeling not on a thought not on their passions not on the practicality of the situation whether it you know weighing things out this person makes decisions based on how they feel okay so if that's any consolation to who your person is but they're just not overly affectionate they don't wear their heart on their sleeve as you can see they are very much covered up here okay they have a very positive not much red little red which can represent their passions much with the blue shows much more cool energy but they are they do have emotional turbulence within most of the time their feelings their emotions their if you got to a peek into what their emotions look like under a microscope you would just see chaos but they hide it very well okay so your advice here is to keep moving forward with what you're doing in your life and you can so when I was saying not not to forget them I don't feel like I don't feel like giving up is the answer it's just to keep moving forward in your life and you can keep taking a peek back or checking up to see where they are okay you know like if for example if they are not ready to be connected to you if you have communication because some of you are communicating with this person of maybe through the internet or just text type communications maybe phone not really being in each other's physical presence but if there is communication with them you basically can say you know I am still progressing forward in my life and you can do it a little check in with them like um how's things with you if things changed that kind of energy okay or you can check them with your gods in the universe but you're being guided in this direction you're being guided to keep moving forward you're being guided to stay in a position of victory within yourself and within your own life okay they're just not ready yet and that's okay because you don't you you would not want them to come to you when they're not ready because then there's a much greater risk of them turning around later and saying you know I tried and it's not going to work it would be better for them to come a hundred percent or not at all right at least that's how I feel this reading is playing out here okay because I I do feel you won't settle for crumbs you're not a and this is this is what they this is their energy this is what they're giving you as crumbs they've been giving crumbs for a really long time okay you had high hopes and and I feel like their intention was good but it was more dutiful than anything because they there's a part of them that does not want to lose you and and so leave her an energy here and they do try to keep the balance but and do the right thing as best as they possibly could but that right thing was done enough for you and it's not because there was anything wrong with you or anything wrong with them or anything going on it's just you got you guys came together for a reason but you weren't meant to you were either meant to marinate together or separately whichever I feel like it's more like marinating together because you are both going through these major growth colossal changes in your lives internally spiritually mentally emotionally and it's just divine timing is how I feel for now this person is only capable to give you little bits and pieces here for now that's all and you know but a the energy is not telling I'm not feeling that you should just completely walk away and give up there's a very strong passionate sexual connection with this person then one's energy it does definitely drive you and sometimes it gets you into trouble and sometimes if it's not happening you feel a great loss because it's the passion is what connects you both very strongly and you feel it you know this person is Wow's you a lot of the time and I feel like you do have an energy if you hope you don't lose that but there is a fear that that's gonna be gone at some point the outcome is some things start coming into balance okay now of course this could be the end of July but this could really just be anything any time the partnership within itself is is seeking to find stability okay the emotions between both of you are a bit roller-coaster II okay and the universe is trying to balance these things balance things out okay and I also feel Leo that you know both of you will be actually taking a look kind of like there's a check-in but then kind of like weighing the options and seeing where we are seeing how things are alright I just want to clarify this card yeah this is my wounded warrior this is my boxer in the ring who's taking a time out to reassess okay to contemplate what's the next move because damage has been done of course because of this connection and it's probably just par for the course because it's been a little bit of a struggle but I feel like things are going to balance out I really do so that it can move forward and that's really what I feel like this person wants to try to do you know sometimes I look at this car tonight you know I was seeing like um you know when you go in and you get your tires rotated they put those little weights because the wheel has to have an equal amount of weight opposing it so that if it's got only one weight one particular spot the wheel will wobble okay it has to have like a proportionate amount of weight within the wheel for it to move forward evenly right some some centrical centrifugal force I think something like that so what I feel like is happening here is uhm this person along with you and your guys and angels are trying to put the weights in balance to put things in proper order so that to get the situation to move smoothly going further because it's been some woundedness between both of you I see both of you in this boxing ring and I see you both you know in your prospective corners with your dukes up trying to figure out how do I beat the other persons very competitive energy between the two of you and I feel that's not the way to go I feel that to take the kid gloves off and to find a way to work together to complement one another through this path through this journey let's take a look and see what your love message from the lever Oracle card deck is there we go that's calling to me let's see what it says when you pass from this world you take nothing with you but your soul in the memories you have shared with those you love so this is a message for you that if this person was no longer in your life okay this is this is what I'm talking about here balancing out this energy with what is most important if you see these Pentacles Pentacles are these are tangible things these are what's real these are facts if this person were to leave your life you need to look back and really just look at the facts of this connection what has this connection done for you what are the most important aspects of your connection with this person and that between both of you taking a look at that that is what will balance out this relationship because I feel like there's some as I was saying a bit of competition and ego in regards to this connection so I feel like what's her most important is that what will you think of and and what will you remember about each other what were the benefits to being together okay this is not saying that this person is going to pass and it's not saying that you are it's just a reminder if you need to gain clarity about this connection to ask yourself what's the most of what am I getting from this connection with this person some of you really maybe need to reevaluate but I do feel like it's divinely guided I feel like it's a test for you a test for your patience it's a real test and even if you've been tested and you've been patient you've been waiting you're being required to make more of an effort with that because even doing nothing is something right leo so that wasn't if I had to put that reading on a scale 1 to 10 I'd probably give it like a 7 because in terms of excitement I guess so I'm gonna leave it here I hope that you enjoyed this reading and that you did get something out of it and again if you have an Android please download the Instant Go app from your Google play store so you can reach me on the app and we can get readings out to you have it wonderful July fourth of July for those of you in the US and I will see you guys soon okay bye

  1. If I'm not supposed to give up, I at least need a sign. I am not a freaking mind reader. No communication.



  4. So on point w/my situation. Even when I know I need to focus daily on myself…it is so hard at night or those moments alone at home that you long for the DM. Yes, it is a TF journey-2 Leos and 16 months separation. Yes the DM is a July Leo w/signs of Cancer for sure. Wow the more you speak the more it resonates! Yikes! Oh yes he is in a karmic marriage. Not even crumbs. I blocked him. OMG I have had the fear of losing the passion as the time goes too long. I feel like a PLANT that has not been watered.

  5. This was the first Leo reading Iโ€™ve been able to see as โ€œfor meโ€. My person is a Leo, but Iโ€™m a Leo rising. I always avoid the Leo readings because they feel like they are โ€œfor herโ€. I felt drawn to this one strongly & now I see why. It was truly for me โค๏ธ

  6. …not fully cooked yet… interesting analogy. But i get it. Thanks for taking the time to do this read.

  7. I'm at a point of Who care's? Obnoxios lowlife can sort his oen shit our. And not at my expense in any way shape or form. Done like the chicken he is. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘‹

  8. I'm at a point of Who care's? Obnoxios lowlife can sort his oen shit our. And not at my expense in any way shape or form. Done like the chicken he is. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘‹

  9. Can you pls do cancer reading earlier, I'm not leo and not crosswatching leo just came here to say that ๐Ÿ€๐ŸŒธ

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