Learn Names of Fruit Vegetables & Nuts Vocabulary + Pronunciation British English Lesson

Hello everyone and welcome back to “English with Lucy” Today I’ve got a vocabulary and pronunciation lesson for you. We are going to be talking about to pronounce Fruit , vegetables and nuts in English. In this video I am going to show you 42 different fruits , vegetables and nuts, with pictures and the pronunciation. It should help you improve both your vocabulary and your pronunciation. This video should be relevant for everyone. I wonder if you learn how to say : a new fruit , vegetable or nut in English. I am going to start of with more beginner vocabulary and move up towards advanced. Before we get started I would like just to thank the sponsor of today’s video.
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Pear Pear Ten Strawberry Strawberry Eleven Blueberry Blueberry Twelve Fig Fig Thirteen Pomegranate Pomegranate Fourteen Pineapple Pineapple Fifteen Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit Sixteen . My Favorite ! Watermelon Watermelon And seventeen There is a debate on this whether is a fruit or a vegetable . Tomato Tomato Ok , those were seventeen fruits. Comment down below with your favorite. I have already told mine. It’s watermelon. I love watermelon! Right. Let’s get started with vegetables.
One Carrot Carrot Two Potato Potato Number Three Pepper Pepper Remember this is British English. Sometimes pepper would mean something different in other country. Like the next one.
Four Chilli Chilli In some English speaking countries you would call a chilli , pepper . Sometimes to clarify we say chilli pepper. Five cucumber cucumber Six Aubergine Aubergine Seven Artichoke Artichoke Eight Onion Onion Nine Garlic Garlic Ten Avocado Avocado Eleven Asparagus Asparagus Twelve Broccoli Broccoli Thirteen Mushroom Mushroom Fourteen .
Okey this is a pickled cucumber . But it is important if you want a really good burger. Gherkin Gherkin Fifteen Radish Radish Sixteen Pea Pea And remember the plural ” peas ” is with a “z ” sound , not peace which is world peace. Seventeen.
Pumpkin Pumpkin And number Eighteen Perhaps a not quite a vegetable but still important. Ginger Ginger Right. Let’s move on to last part of this video the pronunciation of nuts. Number One Walnut Walnut Two Pistachio Pistachio Pistachio was the name of my rescue cat, who still leaves in Spain with my ex-boyfriends family. He was lovely. He is lovely. Number Three Brazil nut Brazil nut Four Peanut Peanut Five Hazelnut Hazelnut Six Macadamia Macadamia And number seven . The final one. Almond Almond
This is commonly mispronounced as A’l’mond or A”ll”ond. It should be Almond. Right. That’s it for today’s lesson. Don’t forget to comment down below with your favorites from this list. And don’t forget to check out lingonda, the link is in the description box and you can use my code Lucy 8 for 25 % discount off for your first month. You can also connect with me on all of my social media, I’ve got my Facebook, I’ve got my Instagram and I’ve got my Twitter. And I shall see you soon for an other lesson.

  1. You know ms lucy you're very beautiful n you're very clever. Thanks for ur efforts to us. Keep on going 😍😍

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing knowledge to us miss lucy about fruit, vegetables, nuts, in this lesson, I'm really happy by your teach everyday, I love british accent, My favourite fruit is avocado, if in indonesia says avocado fruit is Alpukat

  3. really i love this video, because i can improve my british pronunciation. I love you Lucy and thank you

  4. Hello, I am Ahmed from Pakistan. My national language is urdu and mother tongue is Punjabi. I'm looking for someone (native or non – native) to practice speaking English with. I already have a couple of native English speakers to practise speaking English with, but I want one more person to practise speaking English with as I'm on summer holidays these days. I've been learning English for years and my level of English is intermediate. I can speak English quite well. I wonder if you can speak English and you'd like to speak with me. Please at least let me know.
    Thanking you in anticipation

  5. I admire your pronunciation, Lucy😍
    Videos are so clear and understandable… thanks a million!!!

  6. Hi Lucy! I am Italian and I am a mum. I really love your videos and I find them very useful. I love English language and I decided to speak English with my son since he was born (now he's 1 year old). I am looking around for some help with "children English". I mean, sometimes it's hard to find the right words. Examples: vocabulary for cooking and kitchen tools, or for doing the laundry, but also how to teach him to tidy up his toys, or to brush his teeth, or what to say when he's being naughty and so forth. He loves watching what I do but I can't always use the proper nouns/verbs.. Could you do some videos about these things please? It would be very helpful!

  7. Hello Lucy. My favourite fruit are pineapples. My favourite vegetables are peppers. My favourite nuts are walnuts 😉 Take care. Now, my stomach is really hungry 😉

  8. My favourites are Mango, Avocado(but u mentioned it as a vegetable ), Durian, Langsat and Rambutan 😁 Asian fruits. Just search you will mouth watering 😆

  9. Sorry teacher for commenting about your ex,how could anybody do that!!you are such a good teacher who has beauty with brain.

  10. My favorite fruit is watermelon.🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉In my language, it is called Sazamtro-საზამთრო

  11. simple question are you sure that you re of British origins .. Your features are not British…?

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  13. There is also a useful way to practice on these words by playing cooking games… They really helped me to remember all of these words…
    Thank you Lucy for this video… I really enjoyed it…😘😘😘

  14. 0:29 Hmmm Did you just say 'fruits' instead of 'fruit' Because there is a proverb I heard of, which says "The man, whose house is made of glass should not throw rocks on people" ( I meant 3:09), and second thing it is 'grapes' not 'grape' because it is a whole branch not one seed, and third thing is that you forgot mango, so everyone makes mistakes it is not a big deal, Ms. earl and it was nice to watch the video

  15. Oe ctm, muy buena la pronunciacion pero eri terrible de weona, la mitad de la weas que dijiste en vegetales son frutas ctm

    PD:Que me importa a mi que tu gato ql se llame pistacho o que tu fruta favorita se la sandia, vengo a la caga de video a aprender no a conocer tu vida.

    PD2:un tercio del puto video era publicidad CTM

  16. Lucy, thank for your videos. They are very useful for learning english, especially pronunciation and grammar. Could you please make more videos like this one, my little daughter is learning words, and such a video is very helpful, because it contains both pictures of words, how they are written and your perfect pronunciation.

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