Learn about Hudson Community Enterprises, a grantee success story

[music playing] Female voice:
Kessler Foundation, Discoveries that Change Lives Female voice: Hudson Community Enterprises
has a mission that is very specific.It’s to create employment opportunities for persons
with disabilities.Maureen Walliser: So the Kessler Foundation gave us our start. We’ve
been able to buy the equipment to begin to do scanning.So here was Hudson Community Enterprises
via Metro Scanning able in the first year of operation to go from zero sales to about
$900,000 dollars worth of sales in nine months.Abbe Morello: The training program consists of
a five day intensive vocational assessment where we are looking at the individuals potential
what skills they currently have, but as well as their potential to gain the skills to become
a records management specialist. If they get accepted, it’s a nine week training program.
So it’s three phases, classroom training, document preparation, and computer and keyboarding
skills. Salvatore Cappola: Kessler provides that venture capital word’85 it’s, it’s we
have a project we want to move forward. It’s really hard to stop what we’re doing and basically
lose money in order to try this new avenue mail supported scanning system. Kessler provided
venue capital for us to start a mail management system. We’re opening up about three million
images a year in mail for just two clients and we’re going forward and opening up more
of these clients. Within this one client, there’s fifty one opportunities and that’s
just one client. That’s one hundred and ten people that are working here and we need forty
to fifty more just to keep growing. Maureen Walliser: It’s a happening kind of place and
the bottom line is, is that we’re thrilled that we were able to bring on one hundred
and twenty individuals with disabilities as employees and we’re really hoping to look
for new opportunities and new businesses. [music playing] Kessler Foundation, Discoveries
that Change Lives

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