Leaked Tape – Fox News Exec on Obama & Socialism

in the newly uncovered audiotape obtained
by media matters a fox news executive reveals he lied to fox news viewers about brocco obama
during the two thousand a campaign speaking publicly in two thousand nine on
a mediterranean cruise sponsored by right wing college fox’s washing
managing editor and vice president bill senate describe his attempts to link obama to socialism even though he believe that idea the before factions paperless flashier continuity brocco mama stood on a sidewalk usually dole heil and
first let it slip to joe the plumber that he wanted to quote spread the wealth around
at that time i have to admit that i went on t_v_ and fox
news and publicly engage in what i think this was an rather mischievous speculation about
whether brocco bomber really advocate of socialism of premises that privately i’ve found rather
far-fetched uh… that’s awesome obvious is being a little mission this is
the vice president of the news if found a far-fetched but by the one of the nebulae manipulate are always good
anyways right before the election wannatter lied to them and get them all worked
up about house still real bombing remember this was their fare our and balanced means organization as media matters reports multiple times in
october two thousand a sammy usa’s position at fox to get in front of the camera internally to obama the socials and and marxism
in anyway that he could even those we just showed at the time he privately
thought the concept wasn’t true iraq obama said to the former you know we
need to spread the wealth around him that he is from red meat when you’re talking
to conservatives when you start talking about spread the wealth around that is tantamount
to socialism dot red bra promised looks pretty carefully and he had his own words talks about being
drawn to marxists as soon as i heard brock obama say did this go on almost two weeks
ago step two weeks ago spread the wealth around i mean the red flag went up that is exactly
code for re income redistribution which is tantamount to socialism i like at least wrinkles and marxism everyone
smile just in case socially is a scary now socialism
marxism they were that come from also made up send this campaign is narrow obama whether
it is limited to his on-air appearances by the way you try to get other fox shows to
join in on the socialism theme by sending out a nasty mailto boxing staffers
with the subject line quote f_y_i_ obon those references the socials of liberalism marxism denmark says that is all about biography dreams
from my father he’s telling them hey you know mention the
stuff on acknowledge this simple suggestion by disinterested party this is the vice president of the network
we’ve seen countless levels like this leaf herbicide fox this is having dictate the use of america why do you think they all repeat the same
war is over and over it is a question s football star men this very in a case of themselves
listings cameras caught on tape eating will leave the stuff they should change the name fake news channel because that’s what they
do over there

  1. @nilbud ooh no, corporatism and Marxism definitely ain't the same, and Obama is nothing like a socialist given the billions in US$ tax cuts he's given to the uber-wealthy. He knows who he needs to suck up to.

    The world is waaaaay too complex to be understood by a lot of those US commentators (and others) anyway, because they think too narrowly and too short term, as if a brief sound-bite shed light on anything

  2. @gmcjetpilot You say atheism is "fanatical" and "without proof". Me not believing in something doesn't need proof!!!! Its you who believes in something extraordinary who needs proof, yet you have none, you have faith. Your theistic scientist percentages are way off too. I am unsure of how the earth and universe was created, but at least I admit that, unlike you. Science is at least attempting to find out how. Unlike you christians who claim absolute truth about just about everything.

  3. @Joshua001A It's the only country in the world where the poor are terrified of unions and think tax cuts for billionaires are a good idea. Closing schools, repealing child labour laws, compulsory drug tests, prison slave labour, the government permitted to tap all communications and educational standards which are a global joke. All while crying about communist muslims hiding under the bed while the chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines and HAARP kill their children not global warming, that's a myth.

  4. @Joshua001A Yeah yeah calm down I explained it was mistaken identity, no need to go all Mel Gibson on me 😉

  5. @Hughganaught – "Not only is a pregressive tax Marxists, but it is also covetness." – You're one of those people who picks your nose while you’re sitting in your car at a stop light, because you think you're alone and no one sees you, right?
    So, just to point out, you need to realize this is a world forum here, where many here have actual working knowledge that your opinion is severely flawed.

  6. @EmoBoyWhoLuvsEmoGrls in a nutshell, marxism is the worker 'proletariat' class taking direct control of the means of production. i.e. the workers who work at a factory or farm would collectively own it.

  7. @EmoBoyWhoLuvsEmoGrls
    Marxism is socialism as defined by Karl Marx which is the type of socialism that got used as the plan (in theory) by the soviets in Russia. All socialism (real socialism) is about more fairness through more democracy. It's about working together to get things done. Within that there are different kinds of socialism, Marxists are the ones who see history as class struggle with the minority opressing the majority which must inevitably end in a revolution and a workers state

  8. @MrBergunder
    This is what Americans actually believe:

    Capitalism > liberalism = social liberalism = socialism = communism

  9. I'm not even american and this makes me so fucking angry ARGH why cant the american people realise they're being lied to?!?

  10. Having a "news" organization that just reports on what another channel is pointless. Remember lean forword is just another way of saying "stumbling" .

  11. @MrBergunder Because instead of finding out what words and ideas really mean they would rather have things explained to them in ways that support the belief over the fact. This is how a theological organizations work.

  12. @nilbud That comment was a response to someone who asked, "WHAT THE FUCK is so wrong about MARXISM?" My response was meant to imply that violent revolution isn't really necessary in a democratic society. If a democratic society desires change, then the populous must first educate itself, then seek a course of action to impose the desired change. The need for a violent revolution in a democratic society implies that the ideas of the revolutionaries are not in congruence with the populous.

  13. @Richardisdorky Its called Argumentum ad Populum. Its a logical fallacy used in politics that is so old the Romans actually had a name for it.

  14. @MrBergunder I'm not affraid of Socialism. Most progressives like the idea of Socialism. And if you watch enough young turks you know if pollers don't ask misleading or biased questions people actually answer in favor of a litlte Socialism. We are a progressive country that has alot of mega wealthy people lying to and misleading the country to get their way.

  15. These conservatives are sick. The same people who claim to be the christian party deny Jesus' wishes of feeding the poor and helping people. They are the most selfish disgusting UNchristian people I've ever seen.

  16. @jumar1281 you're absolutely right, however it has to bother you to the point you'll do something you probably didn't do in 2010…vote. the tip of the balance of the supreme court could definitely be at hand during the next 5 years & can we afford any more conservatives on that esteemed panel? i think not.
    individual freedoms along with a number of other rights are on the line & are scheduled to be reviewed or decided upon by these people in the next few years. please, care enough to vote!

  17. @DeathKorps94 "Ok so he found it far fetched to begin with but now we all know it to be true"

    Only those who watch FOX "News". The vast majority of Americans know he's doing all he can to cover up for Republicans, Big Oil and Wall Street.

  18. @thomgray some might call it stealing. Your social welfare states are in collapse just as in the U.S. MOney printing and borrowing won't stop it in the long run.

  19. @KEvronista The president isn't a communist, but he is certain ly a democratic socialist. How exactly is the Democratic party platform any different from political parties in europe that correctly identify themselves as democratic socialists.

  20. @VictoryCough Nonsense! Can I come over to your house and take my share of your property then? How about my share of what's in your wallet. Oh, I see–it's o.k. when the state is the mechanism for the theft.The collective is an abstraction. Abstractions don't have rights, only individuals do This just creates conceptual chaos. I find it amusing that leftists get upset when the presiden tis properly identifies as a democratic socialist, but then post comments advocating what amounts to just that.

  21. @cgord31 Yeah, "It rocks" if you have a rock for a brain. We already have a mixed economy with much socialism and corporatism interjected. I call it the progressive-corporatist state. There is a market there, but it isn't free. The free market boogieman is kept around to be trotted out when the sins of state collectivism create crisis. Look at the results of our centrally-planned money and interest rates. Bubble after bubble. Our welfare state is about to collapse as is the warfare state.

  22. @joepeeler34 He's a démocrate nothing more or less. You're still trying to make him a socialist. Anyway a lot of systems in the US are socialist. The police, military and fire department are all designed on a socialist format. Its Marxism that people should really be worried about.

  23. @Relyt22 ah, correction oh ignorant one…actually you might have an inkling what the word means, but unfortunately for you, and only for you, you DID NOT use it correctly in that particular sentence. that's unless, of course, you intended on contradicting yourself.!

  24. 1. Cenk u think MSNBC, CBS, and ABC doesn't do the same thing? U obviously don't because you're working for one of them.

    2. I have listened to that clip of Obama over and over again. What do u think he means by "spreading the wealth around"? That is taking from one and giving to another. That is marxism.

    3. How about all his appointees that have made outrageous socialist-like claims? Yea let's not mention that either on MSNBC, that might make the President look bad.

  25. @KEvronista And the other networks don't right? They're all perfect and FOX News is the only one that does it right?

  26. @KEvronista U are insane if u don't think MSNBC lies. It is so blatantly obvious that they promote a left of center agenda. A news organization doesn't promote any kind of agenda. The only agenda it should promote is the actual news.

  27. @leizuoer That's fine, but the purpose of govt is not to take care of anyone. We don't want the govt to take care of those who can't afford something – that is not the role of govt.

    If you want to pay for someone's healthcare, be my guest, but I don't want to. If you can't afford your healthcare, that really is not my problem.

    Government run healthcare most certainly is socialism and Obama is a socialist for advocating it. I support an everyone for himself society. Everyone pays his own.

  28. @KEvronista "signing" your name doesn't make you smarter or any more credible. And nice job ignoring the rest of my comment.

  29. @imN0Ttheone he probably said… "Or is he a socialist?" audience laughs and applauds. What else could he have said to denounce what was already clear in his statement?

  30. @SweetCash33
    What really gals me is that Socialist is used as a political hatchet in America.
    It's been perverted in the American psyche by the Republican party. Having certain socialist aspects of society doesn't inhibit people's ability to make money or result in some sort of 1984 style state, like most republicans would have you believe.

  31. @floppykid Exactly floppy kid – Republicans prey on the weak minded with fear tactics, they make the dumb believe we will become Soviet America – this country will never get fixed – 25 years from now cities will have giant walls to keep out the common folks, while the politicians and the rich enjoy everything they have stolen.

  32. What kills me is the most of us needed that wealth to be spread around any fuckin way. Maybe the millions that lost their homes and jobs could've had a safety net if the rich shared in on all that money they raped out of our pockets in the first place.

  33. Salmon isn't lying or exaggerating…Obama is a socialist. He meant every word he said to "Joe the plumber" and everyting that he does NOW involves spreading the wealth and making rich people, who have worked hard, pay for all the bumbs who don't want to work and make a living for themselves.

  34. @KEvronista FOX uncovered many things during the Obama campaign about Obama that the left-wing, drive-by media never reported, mostly b/c many of them were in bed with his administration, particularly Jeff Immelt from NBC. They did their homework even before "Joe the plumber" solidified what they already knew…b/c they did their research and reported the truth. So the only media that is lying and covering up for Obama are the drive-by's that are in bed with the administration.

  35. Cenk, at the very end of the video, you should have said:

    "They should spell the name to F A U X News Channel, cause that's what they do over there!"

  36. @KEvronista No, Jeff Immelt didn't lie, he just never reported the truth at all…he's in bed with Obama. Not to mention he and NBC brutally attacked and lied about Obama's opponents. So, what's the difference?

  37. Are u kidding…Immelt is the biggest corporate scumbag that ever lived. Didn't you hear that he recently got reimbursed by the Obama admin for lying about his opponents and helping him get elected. GE didn't have to pay one cent in taxes, and, can you believe it…the tax payers gave him billions of dollars to bail him out of his failed programs. Not to mention…BO just gave him a nice cushy job as "head of the council for jobs and competiveness" as another perk for kissing his ass.

  38. @leizuoer Churches, charities, and individuals can feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and help the needy. It is not the role of government to do so. Allowing the govt to do so makes it larger and empowers it. Sure, helping people is a good thing, but not if it expands and empowers government in the process.

    There are always unintended consequences, and if govt is too large it robs us of our liberties. Churches and charities can not – they should feed the hungry – not government.

  39. @Redpilldown I like trees but I won't make a religion from them. I am an agnostic, anti-theist, atheist. Only my Jesusism post could possibly be confused as pro religion. Trust me I am not pro religion.

  40. @cosmicforums PRecisely correct. The Church can not compel me to give money – government can. I am more than happy to VOLUNTARILY give money to the CHurch (I trust the Church). I resent the hell out of the govt robbing my paycheck (it is not voluntary and I don't trust govt).

    Churches have no power of enforcement and therefore can not rob anyone of liberty – churches can only persuade whereas govt can throw you in jail.

  41. @cosmicforums I'm certainly not a fan of it b/c I see it as a government attempt to corrupt religious groups. I oppose govt money being used to help people – period. Keep the govt money seperate from the church groups. The role of govt is not to help people – it is to defend our liberties, period.

  42. @cosmicforums OF COURSE I oppose govt helping people – that is not the purpose of govt. Helping people is best left to individuals, churches, and charities. The price of govt "help" is a little too high for me to pay.

    I don't trust govt – not for anything, certainly not this joke of a president.

    There is nothing wrong with being rich and redistributing wealth is socialistic. Govt running healthcare (and GM and AIG) is certaily socialism.

  43. @cosmicforums Of course I am opposed to drug companies preventing people from buying drugs in Canada . I believe in teh free market – you should be able to buy your drugs wherever you want. It is BIG GOVERNMENT that prevents this.

    I don't trust the govt and I always vote – for whoever advocates the least amount of govt. I vote for whoever promises to limit govt the most.

    Monopolies for drug companies are not free market policies. I do not believe in wealth redistribution – PERIOD.

  44. Ah conservatives… No matter how much the video they're commenting exposes the lies & BS, they'll stick to their BS as if we didn't just hear the fox news guy…

  45. The FCC should require outfits like FOX NEWS and MSNBC to append the words "Political Entertainment" into their channel names.

  46. @nilbud
    So you decided patronizing those who don't understand your position is the best way to convince them your right?
    Your right I don't get it, enlighten me!

  47. @ModerateAmerica I just said that voting for change worked out just great. It was a sarcastic remark however. Voting in the US correlates exactly with campaign funding, that would seem to imply the main political education people get is in between chunks of TV shows. In my country politicians are allowed a maximum budget of between €42000 and €53000 to get elected, still a money game but within the scope of a second mortgage or a few fundraiser events not hundreds of millions.

  48. @MyTemporaryAccount88 when you prove them wrong they become apologetic, its the same trend they follow with religion. You can't win.

  49. @MAOgly The whole world is going downhill right now, but the US at a much faster rate.. Sorry, but the US suffers the most right now..

  50. @SuperGreenSmartie, If Fox news get shut down so does CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and all of you're other liberal networks that are fund by Big corporation's, oil businessman and right wing executive.

  51. Obama is evil, and you people better wake up before its to late. If it's not already to late for us and our country. Things are fixing to get really really bad, and you better find the lord Jesus before it does. God bless all.

  52. Fuck em all! Someone Nuke DC, then we can start fresh! And send out death squads to get the straglers who escaped Operation Bake-off.

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