I have a question! If you say yes it’s coinc, if you say no it’s coinc coinc *COINC* CLAP, HELLO ! Today we will play a game that I think is in the top 3 of the most bizarre and wtf video games of the history of video games. It’s called ‘VR-chat’, it’s a sort of social media in virtual reality where you go in a place and you meet people, WICH MEANS you can physically interact with people and that creates quite funny situations. I- really, I don’t even know how to explain this video to you because hum…. because it will be wtf there’s no common thread. Don’t expect a precise scenario we will just go see weird people that are using virtual reality; and we will interact with those human beings. Let’s go. Welcome in VR-chat ! You see? I am- I ha- I have a body it’s my avatar, and we will be able to meet other people and shout to them: “HEY, HI, HOW’S IT GOING” etc., there. And so, it’s supposed to be funny… well I think… Let’s go to the hotel on the beach. GO! So we will probably meet a lot of people in english, because sadly there isn’t a lot of french people on that game. “HEY HELLO!” “Oh hello there Mr. Robot” “A-ah- mi- hello Mr. Ko-Kogalagagogusaurus” “You wanna get on?” “You wanna get on this?” “Yes, wh-wh-why not?” “Aah that’s-a my first time you know” “Alright you’re ready?” “Maybe, Yes? I don’t know!” What are they doing ?? “There you go!” “WOAH OK” “Have fun!” “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW” “WOOOOOOOW!!!” Ooooooh shit that’s terrifying! Man, I met someone after 2 minutes he put me in a motherfucking slide ! Woaaaah there’s an impressing need to puke Woooow ! Woaah ho ho… Wooow ! Oh ! Woaaah… wooaah ! Woaaaah where am I ? A MINUTE AGO I JUST ARRIVED I MEET TWO GUYS : THEY PUT ME ON A BUOY AND I DID TOBBOGANGING ! WHAT THE HECK IS THIS GAME?! “I don’t understand what you’re saying” “This is because I speak french!” “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH” “How was it in VR ?” “That was crazy man !” “I-I was like completely sick… but it was crazy.” “Just so that you know though, be warned because there are some worlds you join, you will see things that you probably don’t wanna see” “OK” “A.K.A ‘Naked people’ ” “Oh ok.” “That’s not allowed.” “Ok !” “I want to see it because I want to make views !” Cafe Leblanc! It sounds very french, let’s go there. This game has no end. I will die on this game. I will pass way too much time on it that’s for sure. “Heuuu hello hum ‘Tigrou’ (Tigger) ! ” “Is there a french guy in the area ?” “Or I am alone to speak with-
WOOOAAH!” *sexy voice* “Yeeees hiii ! ” “Yes, hello!” “Hello Gilbert ! ” “How’s it going?” “Who are you? You are weird !” “Do you want to bunk with me?” “Huuuuuuuooooooouuuuuuuuoooooo-” “Yes ?” “Yeah ?” “Why not ?” “Tonight ?” “Tonight yes ! Why not, yes.” “Yes, of course!” ♪ Playing “Lady Marmelade” ♪ We will go meet some people. “Hello !! You’re doing good ? You’re the best !! … you don’t give a shit… So I will choose my avatar, something that’s more or less uh…. somewhat original… Very good ! Let’s be this man, that’s perfect ! Yaaaaay! I’m a human being, cool ! Ok we’re going to a new world and it’s a… it’s like Jamel comedy club (stand up event in France). I will improvise myself as a standupper. WOOOOOW ! Ok I-I-…. I’m going ! “Hello everybody, how are you ?” ♪ creepy music plays ♪ ‘WTF’ ‘What does he want from me ?’ ‘I only wanted to be a standupper…’ “U-uh shush! Shut it !” “Shut up…” “SO !” “Aaaaah uh welcome to uuuuh my…” *angry russian* “SO…” “I do-I don’t know if you noticed,” (overused comedy vlog starter in France) *more angry russian* *laugh* “Shut up !” “I- I’m talking there !” “Love Russian uuuuh… angry uh…. people.”

  1. Le mec qui parlait au début de la vidéo qui avait pas de personnage qui était en bleu c'est un arabe qui disait le Coran

  2. bon tout ceux a 3:00 qui dise qu’il sont en kiff ou qu’il savent pas ce que c’est, c’est un nasheed c’est ds chants coraniques mais « hypnotisant » et ca sert en gros a vous faire penser ds trucs bizarre en rapport avec la guerre la syrie etc et n’ecoutez ps ca psk ca peut aller tres loin

  3. Celle qui vient de la Suède je l’aime 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  4. Vasi le mec que t'as dis " t'es chelou" c'est mon personnage pref de mon jeu pref !!!!!!!!

    Pas touche à Sans 😂 il est à moi 😂❤️

  5. Tu pourras dire à la meuf qui a dis que les français étaient des merde en anglais que c faux prc que mes sœurs et moi on est bilingue

  6. le mec a 3 minutes et 6 seconde il parlait en russe et il disait des gros mot sur amixem par exemple . putain, un truc comme connard .

  7. Apres plus de 28 visionnage de cette vidéo je vien de remarquer qu'à 11:21 pendant sa transformation y a un op de farytail x))

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