Lauv: My Blue Thoughts | Microsoft In Culture

[MUSIC]>>How would my fans describe Lauv? I think a weirdo. That’s how they describe me. Music has been my way to figure out what’s subconsciously
going on with myself. I’d go in and it’s
really therapeutic. [MUSIC]>>I’m the type of person that just feels more comfortable
when I’m an open book. Especially when I was going
through a really dark time I wanted to let people into it. I was really nervous the first time I started talking about
my mental health. For me, I almost feel like my
experience isn’t valid enough to be spoken about and I think that’s probably a tough thing that
a lot of people experience. My blue thoughts, it
started a few years ago because the same way that
music for me is like my place to discover and confront my feelings and whatever’s going on in my life. I wanted to create that same vibe
for people who came to the show, at My Blue Thoughts Box, where people could drop a little
note and people will use it as a place to get
something off their chest, which I think is really cool. Now partnering with Microsoft, the website is so much more expansive
than it was before. They can either speak
or they can type text. Speak about whatever’s
going on in their life and upload basically silhouetted
photo themselves. There’s a really amazing
AI component of it that Microsoft develops
that will analyze what’s being said even in different
languages and can then take that information and classify and
sort out different experiences. There’s keywords like
lonely or a keyword like depression or whatever’s
going on in somebody’s life, all over the world it’s
all mapped out and organized by what
these experiences are. I just think the new
experience is going to be much easier to connect
with other people. Because I think that was like
something that was hard before, really trying to figure
out how you can organize people’s experiences and
try to make them feel like, no matter where they
are in the world, they can see that somebody else is experiencing something really
similar or exactly the same. I’ve never really seen somebody
do something like this. I think it’s actually
quite a big risk but I think a really beautiful risk. [MUSIC]


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