LAUGH OUT LOUD: OG Shapiro brings down the house with best socialism joke ever

No one has the right to steal your money right there another right and you don’t have the rights to anybody else’s money Stealing other people’s money voting for somebody who could have gotten here ahead and take your cash this makes you a bad person Right if you and I and Bill Gates are in a room And you and I decide to vote to take all the Bill Gates money that doesn’t make us anything other than Deeds right, we are thieves and that makes us bad humans right cynicism so every aren’t that hard couched in terms of morality and it’s particularly through the big government the Thing I hate the most from the right is its constant refrain Yes, socialism is a great idea if only immoral it’s not true it’s an. Unbelievably morally shitty idea to heroin socialism The reason is this the basic premise of socialism is I’m here I’m breathing a give me crap Right you have an obligation to care for me I have a right to health care I can force that doctor to go to medical school it spend $200,000 spend her entire life learning medicine and then I can walk into her house and force her to provide me medicine Right, that’s that’s. Nonsense. Attendance immoral right you don’t have a right to somebody else’s Labor that’s called slavery 100 servitude and it was ruled out in the 13th amendment For good reason right then the the left’s perspective design rate to housing boom from the other bill do a house You’re never right to demand the house from me blood work for your house right Capitalism by nature is the opposite capitalism, is being given. I will starve unless I give you a good or service that you want Right if I would give you something that you want I’m not gonna eat tonight it’s forced altruism effectively we have to have a trade We have to come to some sort of consensus I could give you something cool and you have to give me something cool Right it’s great Socialism is rape and capitalism is consensual sex

  1. So basically the republican should take everything from the democrats. Then the democrats can work the fields or whatever for just enough food to live. Then the republicans will redistribute your houses and belongings amongst themselves? Is this what you want. Then maybe the trump family can just stay in power forever. Sound good?

  2. Socialism is not a "right or left" issue. It is empirically an issue devoted to those that want something for doing nothing. Ultimate case of entitlement. Put all these believers in one place and eventually someone's gonna say "wait" I do all this and I'm supposed to give you all this. BS…

  3. Socialism is a vile cancerous disease, endorsed by extraordinarily stupid, or evil people. IT HAS NEVER WORKED, in fact it has destroyed entire countries, and is in the process of destroying other countries this very minute.
    Bernie Sanders is a vile and evil man, pushing a disease of an ideology, that he knows full well is wrong. And Cortez is a monolithic idiot, who is just a plain fool. The fight against socialism, is the fight of this generation, if we lose, our children will suffer and die.

  4. What about stealing land??
    Like how Israel stole all that land from Palestine then built a wall around it so snipers can set on top and gun down little Palestine children and their own side of the border?

  5. The basic idea of socialism is that we are all of equal value, and therefore the product of our work should also be of equal value. This is a nice idea, but it's just not true. Some people are much more productive, in terms of the value of what they produce than others. If we take the amount by which the value of what they produce exceeds that of others, and give it to those others, pretty soon they stop producing this extra value. This is why socialism ultimately makes countries poor. That being said, we need some restrictions on the way wealth is distributed in capitalist economies to prevent it from becoming so concentrated a small group can deprive the larger group of the value of what they produce through monopolies. It is like everything else, not one or the other, but a balance between the extremes.

  6. It's a weak argument. Even Mr Shapiro takes public goods for granted – courts of law, safe streets, FDA, etc.
    You need taxes for some public goods. Everybody who says he wants 100 % socialism is a fool. But the same applies to those who say they want 100 % capitalism. Who, after all, would enforce 100 % capitalism, if not a government who is paid by taxes.
    The question we need to discuss is how much capitalism and socialism we need and what's the right balance. A cross country analysis might help…

  7. But… They have free education, so to become a doctor you DO NOT have to spend a fortune on tuition. In fact, in USSR they paid students a (laughably small) stipend.
    One enters into a contract with Government (you might say Society) to receive free education AND get a salaried job FOR LIFE, then A PENSION (women qualified for retirement at age 55, men – 60!). In exchange one is supposed to apply themselves at learning and later at working.
    And I am fairly certain Shapiro must be aware of that fact, as intelligent and educated he is.

    I strongly dislike socialism, having experienced its ill effects on my own ass (I was born in Moscow in 1968 and lived there until 1992).
    I like capitalism.
    I am simply pointing out a logical inconsistency in Shapiro's argument.

    Also, there was no joke in that excerpt, and click baits are evil 😕

  8. I don't like socialism because I don't want to pay for other people's shit. No one pays for my shit. Why should I pay for yours?

  9. Instead of just listening to Shapiro’s propaganda please do your own research.

    Research assignment:
    Actual Cost of Medicare for all.
    Green new deal.

    If anything, don’t take anyone’s word for anything, ESPECIALLY BEN SHAPIRO. He is a classic GOP propagandist.

    I have never heard a socialist make the arguments Ben makes.

  10. In a socialist state YOU would have paid for that doctor to go to university (for free) to be educated (for free) fed and housed (for free) so that in the future she would treat you (for free).
    Socialism fails not because it's a bad concept (the military is in essence a socialist organization) but because people realize they can get the same for doing next to nothing and no incentive to work harder.
    Greed drives society.

  11. Capitalism is the MOST moral of all economic systems because it encourages the voluntary exchange of goods and services.

  12. At some point before I shed this mortal coil, I would love to see a free form debate, at least 2 hours in length, between Ben Shapiro and Elizabeth Warren and/or Bernie Sanders.  Warren would be more satisfying because she is so arrogantly insistent.  I just want to watch her stammer for a response when Shapiro comes out with simple, demonstrable truths like this.

  13. because socialism is just wrong.

  14. In germany we have free healthcare for everyone. So everyone can go to a doctor, or as we call them "Slaves with Porsches" ;).

  15. CHRIST was both a socialist/communist and a capitalist.. HE didnt come to bring democracy.. HE is a KING.. HE is THE KING.. HE was great carpenter and a great scholar..
    7 Billion people live in some sort of slavery, forced servitude, feudalism or tyranny..
    less than a billion live in democracies.. and as we see,, half of those are becoming communists.. there is a balance between hard work and compassionate care for the weaker..
    i dont know the answer.. i like democracy.. we make lots of money.. but when CHRIST returns… HE has the answers.. i m happy to be a free citizen or slave under HIS RULE.. no questions asked

  16. Capitalism doesn’t have a damn thing to do with altruism. Capitalism is about win-win transactions. Altruism is about making sacrifices. In other words, win-win transactions. I guess this explains why you won’t debate an Ayn Rand objectivist like Yaron Brooks. You know you won’t win.

  17. David Friedman nailed it years ago. There are only three modes of human interaction: love, trade, and force. Love works great within one's circle of family and friends, but that doesn't reach very far. Force disregards the rights of individuals. That leaves trade. Q.E.D.

  18. Smart man with a real education . Not a brainwashed libtard that was indoctrinated by socialist professors . M.A.G.A. USA USA USA

  19. Because Ben speaks truth, these Socialists do everything and anything to keep him off campus and so what should these obviously Fascist efforts be telling students? I'd pull out of that fucking college right now! No way am I going to attend a University that stifles freedom of thought and speech. I am there to learn from all angles and NOT just from the Socialist angle.

  20. "Socialism is great until you run out of other people's money"…stated by Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the UK.

  21. You tell em ben. While your Israel friends enjoy socialims perks like condos military aid medical and education paid by the morons commenting below. Ben is laughing at you dolts and you don't even know it.

  22. Socialism has failed EVERYwhere for the last 120 years – Read about Karl Marx he was a LAZY Rich boy from Germany living in UK

  23. He's conveniently avoided mentioning socialistic components of the US economic system: start with the FED, Medicare, Social Security, public schools etc…."You're living, your're breathing"free health care for indigent people (albeit limited), and one and on….yes, everyone benefits and is entitled to these things and people seem generally happy with them. . Our economy IS NOT a pure capitalist system. Someone in the audience may have mentioned to him the semi socialist systems in the Scandinavian countries….especially Norway. while no fan of Socialism I'd be curious to see what would have happened to the socialist countries that were around the late 20th century if we'd have left them alone to live or die on their own.

  24. He continually brings up his wife spending $200,000 dollars going to medical school. The real cost, paid by the taxpayers, for her education far exceeds this amount. I am sure she works in public supported hospitals. I am sure she makes a good salary. I did four years in the Marine Corps in the late sixties for which I received less than $10,000.00 cash money. You can see where I am going. Mostly I agree with this guy but to an extent he is full of crap.

  25. That last line is bound to make snowflakes heads explode….especially since they've commandeered the word "rape" to describe anything they disagree with.

  26. Pretentious prick, socialism may not be a right but is is a duty of care that the rich owe their fellow man, why do you INSIST on having desperado's wandering your streets?,
    shit like you have more compassion for stray cats and dogs than you have for the children and dependents of unemployed family breadwinner!,
    I demand that selfish shit like you create a social catch net that keeps your neighbor out of poverty, I demand you at least honor the first three levels of Maslow's basic, basic needs,

    "Physiological needs

    Physiological need is a concept that was derived to explain and cultivate the foundation for motivation. This concept is the basic foundation of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. This term was coined to represent a similar premise as drive. Physiological needs are considered the main physical requirements for human survival. This means that Physiological needs are universal human needs. Physiological needs are considered the first step in internal motivation according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. This theory states that humans are compelled to fulfill these physiological needs first in order to pursue intrinsic satisfaction on a higher level. If these needs are not achieved, it leads to an increase in displeasure within an individual. In return, when individuals feel this increase in displeasure, the motivation to decrease these discrepancies increases. Physiological needs can be defined as both traits and a state. Physiological needs as traits allude to long-term, unchanging demands that are required of basic human life. Physiological needs as a state allude to the unpleasant decrease in pleasure and the increase for an incentive to fulfill a necessity. In order to pursue intrinsic motivation higher up Maslow's hierarchy, Physiological needs must be met first. This means that if a human is struggling to meet their physiological needs, then they are unlikely to intrinsically pursue safety, belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization. Physiological needs include:







    Safety needs

    Once a person's physiological needs are relatively satisfied, their safety needs take precedence and dominate behavior. In the absence of physical safety – due to war, natural disaster, family violence, childhood abuse, institutional racism etc. – people may (re-)experience post-traumatic stress disorder or transgenerational trauma. In the absence of economic safety – due to an economic crisis and lack of work opportunities – these safety needs manifest themselves in ways such as a preference for job security, grievance procedures for protecting the individual from unilateral authority, savings accounts, insurance policies, disability accommodations, etc. This level is more likely to predominate in children as they generally have a greater need to feel safe. Safety and security needs are about keeping us safe from harm. These include shelter, job security, health, and safe environments. If a person does not feel safe in an environment, they will seek to find safety before they attempt to meet any higher level of survival, but the need for safety is not as important as basic physiological needs.

    Safety and Security needs include:

    Personal security

    Emotional security

    Financial security

    Health and well-being

    Safety needs against accidents/illness and their adverse impacts,

    Social belonging

    After physiological and safety needs are fulfilled, the third level of human needs are seen to be interpersonal and involves feelings of belongingness. This need is especially strong in childhood and it can override the need for safety as witnessed in children who cling to abusive parents. Deficiencies within this level of Maslow's hierarchy – due to hospitalism, neglect, shunning, ostracism, etc. – can adversely affect the individual's ability to form and maintain emotionally significant relationships in general.

    Social Belonging needs include:




    According to Maslow, humans need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance among social groups, regardless of whether these groups are large or small. For example, some large social groups may include clubs, co-workers, religious groups, professional organizations, sports teams, gangs, and online communities. Some examples of small social connections include family members, intimate partners, mentors, colleagues, and confidants. Humans need to love and be loved – both sexually and non-sexually – by others. Many people become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety, and clinical depression in the absence of this love or belonging element. This need for belonging may overcome the physiological and security needs, depending on the strength of the peer pressure",

    You ignorant, penny pinching, selfish bastard!.

  27. Have you ever driven on a road? The road is owned by the government and you paid for it though your taxes, damn socialism making me pay for a road that I use every day. So if you can't afford medical care, you should just die?

  28. Take this speech to countries where health care is provided for free ,they would be laughing at him .I guess he forgot to mention that capitalism is also failing .

  29. Whoever votes for socialism just remember they will take everything you have, then what stupid, duhhhhh, period…..💰💩🤡🤓👹

  30. Capitalism = voluntary and mutually beneficial exchange of goods and services without taxation or the coercive boot of government. What we have today is socialism: extremely high taxes, extremely high regulation, welfare (enables and creates dependency). We are so far from capitalism today, it isn't even funny.

  31. "Socialism is rape. Capitalism is consensual sex." One of the best lines ever. Another good line is "Socialism takes from the rich & gives to the poor until everyone is equally poor."

  32. Ben Shapiro is the best at putting politics and life in general into common sense terms, I hope he is able to lecture to every college campus in America and try to shake some of this wisdom into the liberal undecided masses out there!

  33. While I agree with him in principle, his argument is absurd. If it is forced in one it is forced in both. I am being forced to provide you a service by extortion that if I don't I will die. See how absurd that sounds. That is the equal absurdity of the argument that Socialism is forcing someone to provide you services of healthcare. It is exactly the same thing, but he wants it to not be so in the case of Capitalism. The true fact is that it is not so in either case. When Socialism makes a provision of healthcare through doctors, those doctors are compensated by the government. The government is the one who bears the burden. Of course the government passes this burden to the people so it is distributed across the entire population. We all bear each others burdens.

    He should have argued that Socialism breeds lazy people, while Capitalism breeds vicious people. Which would you rather have as the population of your country?

  34. Socialism = using government to steal other people's money while you sit on your lazy predator ass and do mostly nothing. Capitalism = you engage in mutually beneficial and voluntary interactions by exchanging labor for money, or money for labor and goods. Socialism wins hands down because most people are lazy, stupid, immoral, and greedy. Socialism works for about one generation, and then society degrades into an animal slum existence. Capitalism works forever, and those willing to support themselves on their own do quite well, while the ever present lazy, stupid, immoral, and greedy people perpetually have very little. And there is the entire history of humanity in one paragraph. It is a repeating circle of lies, deceit, and theft, rising and falling according to the majority will of the masses. For about four generations since 1776, the US was in full flower. Then beginning in 1913, with the advent of the 1% federal income tax and the illegal establishment of the Federal Reserve, the US began its descent, first economically, then politically, and now morally (with the perverted filth of l-g-b-t, no prayer in schools, abortion, etc.). We are in the third phase of decline, the fourth phase comprising war, famine, disease, and revolution.

  35. I never refer to Socialism unless I preface it with "The theft & slavery of."

    "One of the consequences of such notions as 'entitlements' is that people who have contributed nothing to society feel that society owes them something, apparently just for being nice enough to grace us with their presence." -Thomas Sowell

  36. OMG that is the line I've been looking for. 'Socialism is rape, Capitalism is consensual sex." Brilliant Ben.

  37. "Socialism is rape": reminds me of the lieutenant governor of Virginia and Bill Clinton. I don't know why but, aren't they socialists?

  38. What needs to be explained to EVERY college student in the U.S. is:  Their college professor… their TENURED professor meaning they probably couldn't be fired even if they tried to be (like saying the president of the United States should be killed)… is the biggest capitalistic jack weed around!!!  He or she spews out their socialist crap, the exact same crap as last semester and the semester before that, and the same crap as the next semester and the semester after that…  while working around twenty hours a week and pulling in a nice six figure income.  Then, explain how socialism is actually suppose to work.  You are in college.  You are busting your ass to get good grades.  You finally graduate.  However… you won't get paid any more than the guy at the side of the road digging a ditch.  You will live in the same type of house.  You will have the same stuff in your house.  You will drive the same type of car.  You will have the same cell phone (oh gawd no).  You will eat the same level of food.  You will receive the same level of hearth care.  The only difference in your life and that guy digging ditches is… you busted your ass in college and the ditch digger screwed around and dropped out of high school at sixteen.  NOTHING else is different.  And no matter how hard you work… or how easy the ditch digger works… NOTHING will ever be different.  THAT is socialism.  Everyone is equal.  So if that's the case… why would anyone want to try harder… or design anything…or build the better mousetrap.  The only improvements that come out of socialism… is via the gun to the head.  And the very people that are spewing the socialist crap… the professors and the politicians and the media… are some of the worst offenders of capitalism around.  Little feel the burn Bernie owns three extremely expensive properties, jets around all over the country… but he believes in socialism and is concerned about the environment… RIGHT.  Teddy I left her to die Kennedy was so concerned about the poor he donated his entire pay to charity.  Did you ever stop to think… then what did he live on?  The tens (more like hundreds) of millions of dollars of family money.  He could have donated ten times his pay and not felt a pinch.  Tax the rich the democrats scream.  THEY ARE THE RICH.  Everyone in D.C., even if they come dead broke like poor little A.O.C., will leave after just one term multi-millionaires.  And, they will receive 'retirement' pay for LIFE after that just one term.

  39. I agree except where the old,sick,mentally ill,disabled or disadvantaged through circumstances beyond their control are involved.there is an element that needs care…

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