1. Prisons are not exaclty safe either. The idea of complete safety is a lie of course, and that is one reason I strongly promote the warrior ethos. We have to defend ourselves and those who cannot defend themselves. Depending on others for your safety or security is very foolish.

    Speaking of control, I split people into two groups. The first group of people want to control others. The second group doesn't want to control people or have others do it for them. Just leave me alone as long as I'm doing no harm to you or your property.

  2. Thanks, you are both speaking truth 🙂
    People who think we can't live without a strong State are often insecure people with no self esteem. They are also selfish and unimaginative, because they can't even picture a society where people help each other voluntarily.

  3. Why not take a lesson from religion … if something as important as "GOD" can be left to each one to decide (or go to hell for ETERNITY). Why a lesser authority like a "LEADER", not be left to each one of those who think they need a leader! And have them sign the SOCIAL CONTRACT that bonds their descendants.
    (Finally I will get my hands on most dangerous superstition) 😉

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