LAPD Protects Fascists


  1. Wow it says a lot when TYT is defending an advocating for ANTIFA a facist grup that use fear and violence to get what they want and have outright TERRORIST that go and try to attack and ICE facility. Is TYT begining to become pro-Terrorism?

  2. 1:14 wow that lunatic that jhon in interviewing sounds as crazy as someone that says he is being stalked by reptilian alien Nazis of the NWO.

  3. Now you know why Fat Bastards Barr & Trump put the nebulous name of 'anti-authority extremists' on the top of the FBI's to-do list. These guys need to re-group. They should file human rights and free speech suits. Trump is desperate as fuck and needs a new demon. Do not get sucked into their agenda. The right-wing extremists killed 50 last yr and are on pace to repeat this yr. Left-wing zero but Trump is busy calling THEM terrorists but REFUSES to call white extremists terrorists. This is a game of tag he's trying to make YOU it. You need to get some suits in front of you.

  4. 4:52 so he is saying he doesn't believe in democracy and would rather just overthrow the goverment because in his insane mind he thinks the US is nazi germany.

  5. So we know almost all the current terrorist attacks have been directly linked to right wing groups but these guys are attacking the left like they are terrorist?

  6. Finally, someone who speaks openly what we're really dealing with. Yes, the 2020 elections are important. But don't count on it.

  7. Absolutely. I have been waiting for it to start. Trump and the police are going to get much worst before the election I promise you. Remember people anybody can be a victim, you skin color does not matter to them.

  8. Oh Lord, how much more propaganda-like can you get? This channel is filled with crap. Anyone that buys into this is a fool.

  9. World change is needed and happening. Earth has more knowledge and desire to stop it's desecration. The conservative/GOP is trying to turn democracy into authoritarian country, but like mustard yellow urine it is serving out is toxic to be forced to drink.

  10. The police are not political they should not support any group or any cause.

    Their job is to uphold the law, protect innocence citizens and prevent criminal actions

    Amazing I have to tell some of you this.

  11. Um, yeah, because police are fascist criminals who use their badge to commit crimes and their gun to intimidate people. Around here it's just terrible. They use the patrol cars for their personal errands, that's illegal by itself and that's only the beginning, if you don't "contribute" to their bullshit fundraisers, they will harass you. They will stiff any restaurant, saying it's just procedure, they expect free gas, movie passes and food when they're not in uniform, and to expect free stuff because of the uniform is bribery and it's absurd. Anyone can come and watch it any time. Butte Montana has the most corrupt police, per capita, in the country.

  12. Puerto Rico did it we could do it, Protest, Protest, Protest!!!!!!! The more people the better. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  13. Of course they protect them if they didnt have to work they'd be right there marching with the fascist assholes

  14. "Fascist" is the most overused word of 2019. Somebody tell this leftover flower child there is no fascism to refuse.

  15. trump isn’t a genuine fascist he is conservative corporatist, he doesn’t actually care about the people

  16. I remember the Bush Administration and when they started the Patriots Act. This was after 911 and against a terrorist threat happening again. People warned that this was against the rule of law and lock up protesters. Bush did start an illegal war and go against people who protested the war under the umbrella of the Patriot Act. The Trump Administration are full of fascists and corporate criminals with Donnie being the one on the top. They are now blocking the FBI from investigating his illegal ties with the Russians and money laundering. Trump has broken the emoluments clause, riled up his base and supports the Nazi white supremacists that support him. He's tanking the economy (bankruptcy is what he's best at plus using other people's money) he also just spews vicious attacks at people he doesn't like at his hate rallies. He supports dictators like Kim Jung Un and right now is going after legal immigrants. This guy is nuts how about his supports who believe in Quan or the other crazy conspiracies our own president believes in?

  17. I'm so glad that police are abandoning Seattle, LA, Portland etc. Now homeless are everywhere and crimes are going uninvestigated. You made your bed….

  18. People have been protesting almost as long as politicians have been lying and screwing them but nothing changes. The system is failed but cannot be taken down. Revolution is better than protesting.

  19. This guest of John’s is correct. We cannot wait until the 2020 Election. We just CAN’T!!! Refuse Fascism, huh.

  20. As Chris Hedges says, 'We don't fight fascism because we can win but because it is fascism'. He is an ordained Presbyterian Minister who calls contemporary Evangelical Christianity both heresy and Christian fascism. I believe him because these Evangelicals who still support Mr. Trump in spite of 'children in cages' and 'family separation', have totally missed the fact that Jesus Christ put children and their welfare above all else.

  21. I'm glad to see this message going out ! This political system will not save us ! Change , real change does not come through the ballot box ! It comes from grass roots movments from below !! All power to the people!!.

  22. They can peaceful march for just a bit anything then counter protest who hate the ideology come by. Police are trying to stop violence. Its because you side hates their side. Use nazism? False equivalency. Try the civil rights movement. Wasnt popular in 1920s but guess what! They had the 1st amendment.

  23. Interesting that the LAPD would be the protectors of the Top 1%. I guess the phrase: "To Serve And Protect" does not apply to everyone. Very interesting "Double Standard". My message to them is: "Why bother wearing a Police Uniform in the first place" if you're not going to "Apply The Law Equally"????????  Yes indeed, Jack Webb would be so proud of this action taken by the LAPD (No He Wouldn't). Infiltrating is just another form of "Cowardice" which seems to be the "Brand Label" for the GOP & Trump.

  24. You can't just demand a president be removed. That's just pointless. They have to be impeached, which will NEVER EVER HAPPEN. 2/3 Senate vote? DREAM ON. Face it, we're stuck with this monster for another year.

  25. Anyone wearing a mask and carrying weapons, is not a protestor, they're a combatant.

  26. When your government does torture like they did in iraqi prisons on foreigners. Now ethnic illegal immigrants kept in internment camps won't be long for when they do it to more Americans.

  27. Be careful with ANTI FAscists. Ive heard of one group that gets way to riled up. Usually its just dick moves, but they can be terrible.

  28. The Republican party is the most devastating organization in history!
    They see their power is threatened and they are doing everything to hinder that by Gerrymandering and supporting election meddling by Russia.
    They will go much further when they really lose power. Some of them have already advocated for civil war.

  29. The more you hear stories like this and the ICE truck story, the more it becomes clear that the Administration is trying to criminalize being a Liberal.

  30. White supremacist have been in the police since 1776, and fascist since 1933. They are there for a reason, just look at the system. On the other hand fascism ia a ideology that is destined to be a failure. White supremacist and fascist can try all they want, even with ephemeral success here and there. But at the end of the day they will lose, the world will keep moving, and what fascist hate will become a reality.

  31. Calling people fascists doesn't make them fascist. Just like calling people anti-fascists doesn't make them anti-fascists.

  32. Brilliant summation; "It is collaboration with facism to wait until 2020." Thank you Nancy Pelosi…for doing nothing and letting all life on earth perish.

  33. Ive said it for year now. You want our country back from the 1% we will need to flood Washington DC with millions of people refusing to obey the police then the military.
    Nixon feared the anti war protesters would burn down the Whitehouse. He blocked the roads into the property with busses.

  34. Is this guy really equating border patrol with the concentration camps of the Nazis? Are people being shot and gassed on a mass scale there? Plus Jews were not begging to come into Germany during the Nazi era, like Mexicans and others are begging to come in the United States. This guy is basically a hysterical lunatic.

  35. Thumbs up and a comment to beat the algorithm. Thanks for the report! 👍
    And thanks to all the no-life right wingers, spending all their free time in the comment section of left leaning news sources; you're helping the cause!

  36. It would only be shocking if the cops protected the actual good people for once in protest situations. They always arrest or hurt those on the right side of history and protect the monsters.

  37. Sure, be against fascism. But dont stand in front of traffic and shut down a fucking freeway to do it. That's a public safety issue. If your organization is planning to commit crimes like this, then that is a conspiracy. This "our crimes are ok because we're doing it for a good reason" argument is horse shit.

  38. Fascist Trump and Shell oil force union workers to attend his demented, hate-filled rallies. Republicans in six states have written bills making it legal to run over peaceful protestors with their vehicles. Trumpists, Republicans are basically taking a page out of the Nazi playbook, calling anti-fascists terrorists.

  39. The cops are full of right wing fascist. That shouldn't be news to us in L.A. They're Trump lovers. Give me a brake. 💩

  40. I love this guy he is say what I've been saying for a long time. The right want's a war. Maybe that's not we want but it is what they want. The only thing I don't agree with him on is the time part. There is no more time. Very time that passes thing get worse, more freedoms are taken way, more imprisonment both Americans and immigrants, more people die, and do you really thing right wing terrorists will stop when e on our government or mainstream new won't call them terrorists. They want a civil war I say let's give them one. Nazi's and kkk don't belong in our country.

  41. Americans all should worry about how their government treats asylum seekers as it's a measure of how they think they can treat you…

  42. The very best way to deal with a fascist is to a) catch him alone since they are cowards when they are alone and b) have a black jack or u-lock so you can knock some sense into him and c) don't wear black so they can't screech about "muh AntiFa violence!"

  43. Do we really need police? I’m sure we could elect a moral man to each community to use conflict negotiations to solve our problems.

  44. We all need to ask what we're going to do if trump loses in 2020, and refuses to leave office. Does anyone doubt that he would claim that the election was stolen form him? Does anyone doubt that every medium/large city PD/SD will back trump if this happens? Time to start planning for this very real possibility.

  45. Abbie Hoffman said you could always spot the police infiltrators because they were the loudest voices calling for violence. That, and they couldn't get the haircuts quite right.

  46. I just signed up with refuse fascism and even made a donation. However, it it’s another liberal sight that verbally crucifies Israel every chance they get then I’m not gonna remain a part of it. Nobody has ever come close to suffering from fascism as much as we have and there is such a thing as tyranny from the left as well as from the right.

  47. My family lived under Nazi occupation in Norway during WWIII, and I can tell you that YOU don't want to live under the influence of anyone displaying a swastika.

  48. First we had the Black Shirts in Italy. Then we had the Brown Shirts in Germany. Now we are seeing the BlueLine Shirts in America. Wakei-wakie.

  49. I see our Military that is abroud. when they are supposed to have been here protecting the United States. I don't think that they don't know that we are being attact here, our young kids girls, boys are being sold and abused. our water, air, land, our jobs, homes, Buisnesses, mass shootings, the infrastructures, our Constitution, History, ,everything is being stoled and demolished. Even our Vocabulary is being exploited and abused. Our Military already come home to the dangerous hungry streets with ailments, lost limbs, disfigurements, trauma, no jobs, and to famillies that are loosing everything with no real help exept on an ocational TV. Show of the concerned and helpful few that still take time to care. There is Unity in United. Don't ask what the Country will do. It's up to You

  50. It's anyhow the government calls people who fight against white supremacy terrorists, terrorists! How ironic is that?

  51. Domestic Terrorism in the form of White Nationalists has been more of a Terrorism Threat than from oversees for years! Then Cheeto Racist President removes federal funding in the millions bookmarked to fight white nationalism.

  52. Any American who loves our democracy should happily stand in unison with antifa. They fight against fascism that is not so slowly taking over our democracy.

  53. Nazi Germany all over again, antifa was name then created by goebbels to discourage fascist protest. The tactic of infiltration if groups is an old fbi cia tactic under Hoover especially in sixties and seventies, and yes, some communists infiltrated then as then agitated left wing, but by eighties right wingers to destabilize the west. Many police and military members, unlike old days, have been INFILTRATED BY ALT RIGHT FASCISTS. In older days, COULD not be drastically pro political in military. Alt righters have studied revolutions and serious change, and protests do not along cause serious change in repressed nations but it is when MILITARY TURNS AGAINST A REPRESSIVE LEADER THAT REGIMES COLLAPSE.

  54. Cops are fascists they love power and control. They love authority figures tyrants because most of them came from the military and they are order followers they like to be told what to do just like all those sheep in church They love committing any kind of crime under color of Law and getting away with it this is why they love Donald Trump.

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