Lansing Community College – The Writing Center

Communication is so important, especially
in today’s workplace. That’s why Lansing Community College places such
an emphasis on effective writing skills. Here in the Writing Center you can get help
on developing and refining those skills. We provide one-on-one assistance at no
cost to any LCC student who is working on a project for any LCC
class, whether it’s writing nursing, physics, math, speech or art. Our writing assistants can help. Working with a peer writing assistant I like begin to understand for the first time how papers fit together. It was that aha moment for me that made me want to come
back. I was always afraid of writing like because I always thought they are
not gonna like it. It’s gonna be weird, but they instilled
confidence in me, simple plain elementary confidence, there’s nothing to be
afraid of. Just write. The idea of thinking beyond your paper
and who your audience is was probably one of the biggest benefits in helping with
the writing process. Our writing assistants are students just
like you. They’re not here to judge your work and they won’t take over and do it for
you. They’re friendly and knowledgeable peers who are experienced with writing and have been
specially trained to help other people with their writing. You
can come into the Writing Center located in 202 Arts and Sciences at any
stage in your writing process. Brainstorming, composing a rough draft,
revising, or even polishing your final copy.
Your session with a peer writing assistant will last a little less than one hour and we
will do our best to answer your questions. We want to help you develop not only
better writing skills, but better strategies for approaching your writing
assignments. We also want to help you succeed in becoming a
more independent writer. All you need to do is bring in your
assignment sheet, and whatever you’ve written so far so we can get you going in
the right direction. Getting a new perspective on something I’d
already written was really helpful to me. See places in my papers where I made
sense to myself but I might not necessarily make sense to somebody else. It was, really just me reading out loud and her listening and kind of identifying my
own mistakes as I read out loud. It’s much better to come here when you’re
not sure about what you’re writing about. If you’re wrong they will try to correct
you. It is better than sitting and guessing and you’re not gonna pass. While we suggest setting up an appointment to work with us we can also help you on a walk-in basis when our schedule allows. However, the Writing Center gets busy
during certain times of the semester, so please plan ahead. We do
post regular updates about appointment availability on Twitter. Which you can find at For further
information about Writing Center services, you can visit us at Make sure you take advantage of the Writing Center, because it’s gonna help you out. I’m gonna learn from this and I’m gonna be able to grow from this, and just bring your paper in and work on it.

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