Lan Handling Technologies nominated for the BORT 2019 entrepreneur award

Lan Handling Technologies is a company that specialises in sterilised product handling and end of line automation solutions in the global food industry. Handling systems are being developed from two locations in Halfweg near Amsterdam and in the place where it all started 50 years ago: Tilburg! Lan was founded in Tilburg a long time ago by mr. Jos Langen. And we never left. Our connection with Tilburg? About 50% of our colleagues comes from this region. We have a nice collaboration with schools, such as the ROC. When we started the new construction project two years ago, we consciously chose to stay in Tilburg. Despite the unfortunate shape of the building plot and we had to adjust our building we are happy that we were able to stay in Tilburg. Since May 2019 Lan has moved from the Jules Verneweg to the Nieuwe Atelierstraat 9 in Berkel-Enschot. A building that is energy neutral. We are an industrial company. So we tried to find a matching interior. And that worked out well. It is robust. Tough looking. Pragmatic. But not overdone. It looks fantastic. And especially the transparency, which is quite innovative. People in the production hall overlook the office. And vice versa. That increases involvement. And stimulates cooperation between colleagues. Important values which are reflected in our building. Everyone in this company contributes to the value. We aim to make that visible. In other words, our engineers overlook the machines they have developed. Then commitment grows. This applies to all employees; from the Finance to the HRM team. Everyone has insight into people, processes and the machines we build. That is our core business. And that requires great dedication. To maintain a competitive product portfolio, Lan is constantly working on product development. For example, we are looking into digital twinning. Which is software known from the gaming industry, that looks realistic. By applying this software to our machines we can make simulations. This becomes an important tool in our sales process. Early in the process, our customers get to see a digital version of their machines and can configure themselves. So they can optimise and determine themselves what they need. Lan Handling Technologies is looking to the future with confidence. Our core business will be the same. Maybe we have found new markets. Our products are distinctive. One of these points on which Lan will stand out, is the lead time of projects. We expect this new building offers enough space for the next 10-15 years to double our turnover.

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