Kurdish Anarchists Are The Group To Support In Syria

in Syria there is something really really fascinating going on and obviously we're used to just the horror show that's been happening whether it's you know all of the atrocities and horrors inflicted by Isis the atrocities and horrors reflected inflicted by the Assad government the kind of multivariable civil war our engagement there our air campaign that's obviously adding significant damages to the civilian population not necessarily advancing any type of real reversal against Isis although certainly the Kurds are with their tremendous fighting capacity and I am totally under I have zero apologies about how much we should be supporting the Kurds and as part of supporting the Kurds here is a fascinating story about something that's taking place in a long serious border with Turkey and northern Iraq and it's a mainly Kurdish area and it's a population about 4.6 million people and these people are fighting Isis and it is under the governance of the Democratic Union Party and the Kurdish National Council and basically they essentially are implementing a anarchist politics in this region now one part of it and I will tip a hat to libertarian friends here and maybe my position on guns might be different in this context this is a very heavily armed area for pretty obvious reasons so that's one thing that is fair to mention but in the canteens of rojava which is the city where the central government is there is quote and this is from a report by Gareth Watkins I think it originally appeared advise 40% an absolute minimum of 40% of delegates to the assembly or women that's mandated there Federation the Democratic invasion Federation's chief architect architect Abdullah Ocalan says quote ecology and feminism are central pillars of the system that he is designed in rojava quote men who beat their wives face total ostracism from the community making their lives in a highly socially connected society virtually impossible instead of a police force in jails quote peace committees in each municipality work to defuse cycles of inter family revenge killings by consensual agreements between both sides and it works and quote now there's still criticism of the system there's very young people including as young as 12 we're being basically trained to fight you know in in in in Kurdish fighting forces again I I think there's some I wouldn't categorically dismiss that given the situation as it is to be blunt but you're looking at in addition to all of these internal reforms a military force that has helped protect the Yazidis which are a Christian minority that Isis had pretty much wanted to genocide and they're implementing this politics and not only this politics this social transformation amongst a very large part it not at all in significant part of the population in Syria and when we talk about who we look for solidarity with and one of the reasons that I get irritated with you know the search to well you know if if Putin is acting against America then I'm with him or if you know if Assad as opposed to this then he must you know there must be some secret conspiracy about this or that I'm not interested in any of these people I'm not interested in the mechanics of our foreign policy because of how it impacts most people in the world I'm not a supporter of that I'm not a supporter of the regional hegemony of Russia I'm not a supporter of the right and human rights abusers anywhere whether they are in Ukraine or Syria and certainly not a supporter of any type of fanatical brutal terrorist group nor many of our responses to them which only adds to the problem and kills many innocent people but I am in complete solidarity with Kurdish anarchists fighting this battle and I'm always gonna look for those examples of real people on the ground fighting real battles and really innovating and not to me like that's what this politics is about that's genuine democratic politics that's majority report that's what we're actually committed to and I have nothing but respect admiration for what they're doing even if it fails doesn't matter

  1. War holds this democratic confederation in place at the moment in my opinion. If it survives and gets to a point where it has no external active threats, I don't think it will hold together in the end. I think if they survive their present situation, they will want to become a sovereign nation. If that happened, every other kurd would want their piece of Kurdistan to join up. That would start more wars against turkey, Iran, and Iraq. If their stateless nation survived that and no one was threatening them from the outside, some bankers would overthrow it and install whatever they wanted.

  2. I heard the Kurds practice female genital mutilation. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me (and try not to badmouth me too much, I'm sensitive that way).
    If true, how does FGM go together with their utopian "Democratic Confederalism"?

  3. I would like to carry over from my comments on your video "Sam Seder vs. Libertarian Prof. Walter Block: The Types of Libertarians" in which I noted the distinguish-ment Walter Block failed to make between his right libertarianism and democratic left libertarianism. I believe his failure to mention libertarian socialists despite his undoubted knowledge of them was deliberate on his part to limit our exposure. What these Kurds are doing is an example of libertarian democratic principles. Anarchism is known as real democracy as opposed to the state systems of Europe, America ect. Walter Block is anti-democracy. He would admit as much I am sure. The only sort of "democracy" he supports is buying and selling on "the market". I am glad you guys are covering this and I do hope though that you cover these Kurdish anarchists and what exactly they are doing for democracy in the region and highlight them as a shining example not just in the Middle East but to the so called money ruled Western "democracies"

  4. The Kurds have credited US airstrikes with helping them fight ISIS, especially in Mount Sinjar, Kobane, and the Mosul Dam. Sorry, just because you consider the Kurdish anarchists sexier than F-22 Raptors does not mean one is good and the other is evil.

    That's an aesthetic position, not a strategic or moral one.

    And the Yazidis aren't Christian. They think Jesus was an angel, but their faith is closer to Zoroastrianism.

  5. Kurdish Anarchists FTW! This is really uplifting to me, as an Anarchist. Shows how well the anarchist ideas work in practice.

  6. This is the beginning of the Rojava revolution, and the resistance in Kobane was proof that it works. Democratic confederalism is the system run there, and is different in that Kurds don't care about getting a state anymore. We want to make our power go beyond the nation-state. This is the perfect response to our situation and is the best way to approach a revolution. They're rebuilding from the bottom up to build a new society. One free from the strangle of capitalism and income inequality. This should definitely be getting more attention. 

  7. of course libertarians won't even remember this life gives them some data and they don't even pay attention

  8. if i were the president…..i'd be backing Assad.
    i'd have supported Ghadaffi
    i would never have overthrown Hussein
    and i'd happily overthrow Netanyahu and ban Likud and every hawkish political party , and happily shoot Lieberman and Netanyahu immediately afterword

  9. This is the same Ocalan who lead the Stalinist PKK for years, whilst modelling himself on Stalin, as a national liberation movement until he apparently read the works of Murray Bookchin whilst imprisoned. So forgive us anarchists if we are currently sceptical of the current situation in Rojava and I believe you guys should not buy into this so easily as of yet. Although, there are a lot of questions to be asked and answered we must first show some scepticism. 

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