Kum & Go Store Culture

I am Hannah Lytle. My name is Moe Todd
I’m Eric. My store is full of energy fun and positivity. The single most important
ingredient in my store is laughter. At our store we sing in the registers our
customers come in and sing with us. It’s always on the go. It’s fast paced. Every
single associate cares about what they’re doing and it’s very
family-oriented because of that. They care about the team they care about the
community because it’s not just about work it’s about family and about caring.
We’re always trying to find a better way to help customers have a better day. It’s
about our customers it’s about making sure we have what they need but also
making their days better as they come through. We want to connect with the
customer whether it’s a thank you hello in a short amount of time to make that
experience that much more great. I make the customers day better by knowing them
and knowing what they want. Ask them how their day is going. By being fun and caring.
I say thank you almost too many times is what might my team members say. I let
them know that I recognize the great things that they do for this company. A
great team can make a big difference every day.The thing I love about my job it
it makes me happy every day. I wake up every morning with a huge smile on my
face just knowing that I’ve been fortunate to have a wonderful team. It’s
fun to be around my people about my customer helping my customer put a
smile on their face. We want to have a great fun atmosphere. Energy is

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