KREE (MCU): Cultural Index

The Kree are blue aliens from the Marvel Cinematic
universe. No, Yondu is a Centaurian. No not Nebula either, she’s a Luphomoid. Yes I
know they’re both blue. That’s a Levian. That’s a smurf. There we go that’s a Kree,
no go back, that’s a Flerken. Okay. So there will be minor spoilers for
Captain Marvel throughout and major spoilers after a warning. Now, this index will delve
into the militaristic and noble race of the Kree Empire as seen in the Cinematic Universe.
“For the Good of All Kree”. The homeworld of the Kree is Hala, a technically
advanced and ancient civilization with access to the Universal Neural Teleportation Network.
The homeworld houses many cities and complexes and has a golden hued atmosphere from the
Pama systems star. Transit systems operate within the cities that snake through the flat
topped towers that rise up from metallic structures. In the hearts of these cities, it is almost
impossible to spot natural growth. Heraldry of the Kree Empire is silver and
green and its crests include a three pointed glyph as well as a ringed planet.
The Kree themselves are humanoid and vary in skin tones from pinks to browns but most
commonly dark and light hues of blue. Hair colour is varied and the most common eye colour
is purple, though yellow, hazel, green and blue were not unheard of. Many Kree in the
military choose to shave their head. The variation in skin tone is, as on Earth and many other
planets, a result of adaptation to various climates and genetic heritage. This may tie
into the levels of Nitrogen on the planet as high concentrations of Nitrogen can change
the hue of a blue-skinned Kree to pink. Another common trait among the Kree is that of tattoos
and war paints, even among positions of official capacity.
Physiologically when compared to humans, Kree biology is far more complex. They are stronger,
more coordinated and agile as well as much more durable, being able to take rather sizable
kinetic impact with only a short recovery period. This is aided by their healing factor,
though not at instantaneous levels, is remarkable enough to inspire humans to study it and found
project TAHITI to attempt to utilize Kree blood as a cure. The use of Kree blood to
revitalise a comparatively basic human form has been accomplished twice. Once with Agent
Coulson of SHIELD. The products of this amazing physiology might
be down to genetic engineering as the Kree are known practitioners of the science, even
experimenting with other species and forming the Terrigen Crystals that were part of a
process called Terrigenesis where a subjects DNA was rewritten to create a new meta ability.
The civilization is an Empire, ruled by its Emperor, though the Supreme Intelligence is
seemingly the true seat of power, so let’s start there. The Supreme Intelligence has
control of the Kree Military and its many branches. As the civilization is highly militaristic,
this gives the Supreme Intelligence great sway over the decisions of the Empire, some
would argue complete sway. The Supreme Intelligence is an artificial intelligence and a compilation
of the Kree’s greatest minds. Highly respected by its citizens regardless of position, the
Kree consider direct communion with the Intelligence an honour and deeply personal experience.
Communion is accomplished by linking neurally to the system and therefore, the Intelligence
will adopt the form of the person you respect most when in discussion. It is therefore unknown
if the Supreme Intelligence has a physical form at all. As one of the Kree beliefs is
that the deceased join the collective, perhaps this could be an addition of a Kree’s consciousness
to the Supreme Intelligence? The role of the Emperor is unknown in the
late 20th century but is likely the ruler of the Empire, but like all Kree, defers to
the Supreme Intelligence or at least seeks its council. As of the early 21st century
however, the Emperor has taken a greater stance on diplomatic relations and appointed ambassadors
to rival powers, such as Xandar. The Kree possess literal nobility in the form
of Houses. These houses often act autonomously with their own agendas, but all must place
the good of the Empire before their own gain. “For the Good of All Kree”. This ideology
is the focal point of the Empire and has led to many acts and conflicts with the ultimate
goal of expanding Kree influence throughout space.
The military of the Kree, under the purview of the Supreme Intelligence, has several divisions.
Starforce is an elite taskforce with a focus on stealth operations and provided with some
of the most advanced equipment in the Imperial armoury. This includes camouflaging armour
that is environmentally sealed and houses a collapsible helmet. The Starforce uniform
can operate in a vacuum or underwater and provides a great deal of protection for the
wearer, only outshone in performance by the armour donned by the Accusers.
Most of the military is equipped with directed energy weapons of various functions but all
engage in rigorous close quarters combat, many even favouring it and sporting melee
weapons such as swords, axes and hammers. Engaging a Kree at range in dangerous, engaging
a Kree in CQC is stupid. The Accuser Corp is ranked higher than all
other military factions of the Kree and operates under the direct orders of the Supreme Intelligence.
Despite their position, they operate in cohort with other divisions but are the only ones
able to authorise certain actions, such as the destruction of a planet.
The Accusers were notable for having incredibly durable armour, distinctive cowls and carrying
the large hammers that acted as a symbol of their authority. The name Accuser likely stems
from the fact that they carry the ability to judge, discipline and enact justice both
within Kree society and without, this is not alluded to in the films, but must be the case
(as it is in the comics) as the functional title is still the same.
The Accusers also have their own fleet of ships, such as the Dark Aster, captained by
Ronan the Accuser which are the most formidable, powerful and heavily armed vessels in the
Kree armada. In 2014 however with the signing of the Xandarian peace treaty, the Accusers
were disbanded. Kree language is a series of glyphs and they
utilise universal translators when communicating with other species. Their names are usually
double barrelled with a forename and surname of once syllable. The Surname is likely a
family one but many Kree have only a single name, often of more than one syllable. In
the case of Ronan and Korath, titles are affixed to them as a designation, the Accuser and
the Pursuer respectively. Another name, Taryan is the head of the Kasuis House, suggesting
Kasius is a family name. It seems that if a Kree has a single syllable name, there are
addressed by their full title but if a first name is longer, then it is the only name used
in face-to-face conversation. Though, there are some exceptions such as is Maston-Dar
and Vers. Though Vers is likely due to her amnesia and loss of family name.
The history of the Kree is one seldom without extended periods of conflict. During the 20th
and 21st centuries, the Kree Empire was engaged in active campaigns against the Skrull species
and the Nova Corp of the planet Xandar. The Xandar War in particular had been raging for
around 1000 years with it becoming a known fact in Kree society that the Nova Corps were
arrogant, impure and unworthy would-be-tyrants while the Kree were the noble race of guardians
bringing the universe to order. This war was eventually settled in a peaceful negotiation
between Hala and Xandar that ended the hostilities. For many however, the war had become a part
of their life and its conclusion in peace without a clear victor and therefore a true
resolution, sparked great unrest in the populace. Rioting and protests on Hala were common and
factions even broke away from the Empire in favour of continuing the Kree campaigns. Compiling
the unrest was the dissolution of the Accusers, which in turn had individuals like Ronan marshal
his loyal forces and likeminded personnel to seek his own method of defeating Xandar.
Which he did by allying himself with the Mad Titan, Thanos.
There is also the ancient war of the Kree that lead to the formation of the Inhumans
on Earth. Thousands of years ago a faction of the Kree Empire, potentially known as the
Reapers, used their advanced genetics knowledge to create foot soldiers for the Empire with
superpowers. It failed in most cases except on C-53, Earth where a small percentage of
the human population experimented on by the Kree Faction exhibited results. These individuals
were then exposed to Terrigen Mists which caused them to exhibit genetic mutations and
the evolution of a variety of superpowers. The resulting army proved rebellious (as humans
tend to be), so the Kree eventually withdrew from the experiment and left behind several
of its number to watch for further Inhuman activity. The research, although technically
a success, was branded as a failure and forgotten about from then on. Upon the re-emergence
of the Inhuman population however, another Kree faction attempted to supress this information
knowing that the Kree would potentially drag another civilization into its constant warfare.
Alongside the Xandar-Kree war there was the continued campaign against the Skrulls which
were a race that could morph their features and hide from sight. This race was known for
infiltrating planets and subverting them to the Skrull’s cause by gradually replacing
people in positions of power. This war, as with the Xandarian conflict, was less of an
all-out assault and more of a prolonged campaign of identifying corrupted planets, purging
the Skrull infestation and bringing those worlds under Kree protection. If all was lost
and beyond saving, then the planet was reduced to cinders by the Accusers and the loss used
to justify the continued campaigns against the horrid Skrulls. At some point near the
star of the war, the planet Skrullos, no prizes for guessing which species’ homeworld that
was, was utterly obliterated by the Kree Empire to try to halt the spread.
Despite this however, the Kree know the value of negotiation and have entered into several
pacts such as the Confederacy, an alliance between the Kree, the Astrans, Kallusians,
Remorath, Rajaks and another unknown species. The purpose of this compact was to ensure
the procurement of Inhuamns to bolster the Confederacy’s member planets and in return,
they would safeguard planet C-53 from external threats. There are also the Sakaaran species
who have been conquered by the Kree and liberated from their home planet of Sakaar, which itself
is a wasteland of junk. In return for this, they fight for the Kree in their army.
The level of Kree involvement with the Confederacy seems to suggest that it was a smaller scope
deal managed by an individual Kree House, the House of Kasius in this case.
Propaganda is prevalent in their society with daily announcements about the status of the
various campaigns being fed to the general public over PA systems highlighting the villainous
endeavours by the enemies of the Empire and the days without incident to the Kree people
and it has strongly affected how the Kree view themselves.
Most Kree within the Empire view themselves as being in the right in all things and the
military in particular see themselves as heroes. Not just noble warriors, but full on heroes
to which the rest of the galaxy is thankful for intervening. Most of this index I have
presented so far has been from the Kree’s point of view but this is where things are
going to get spoilery for Captain Marvel. So the Kree’s many wars and conflicts can
easily be explained by their desire to impose their rule across as many systems as they
can. The Skrulls refused Kree oversight and had their homeworld destroyed as a result.
Attempts from the Skrulls to hide from the Kree led to them being persecuted and pursued
across numerous worlds where their hiding out eventually dragged the Empire’s attention.
Because secrecy was their safety, the Kree could easily manipulate planetary governments
into acting out against the Skrulls and supporting the Kree. If the planet continued to resist
the Kree, then the Empire could accuse the planet of being too far gone and cauterize
the hostilities. The Sakaarans that were in the Kree’s military?
They were never used as anything more than soldiers and had a reputation as paper-people,
disposable and low threat, but were thrown against enemy forces in droves. Are these
the actions of an Empire that seeks to guard its protectorates? Yet these actions are kept
within the higher echelons of Kree Command, such as the Accusers being the only ones sanctioned
to bombard a planetary surface. Immoral experimentation on humanity was buried and never addressed
within the Empire. All of this leads to easy control over the flow of information, allowing
the Empire to forge its own image where it indoctrinates its citizens and soldiers into
thinking that they are the moral authority that the galaxy needs. Xandar, as we see in
the films as far from the overzealous tyrant that they’re painted as and if anything,
it’s the Kree that come off the worst in this regard.
Further methods of control over its own people can be seen in the fact that the Supreme Intelligence
adopts the form of someone you most respect when in direct communion with it, making you
far more likely to heed its council and respect its authority.
It is unknown if the Supreme Intelligence still exists in modern Kree society as the
peace treaty with Xandar was a controversial decision brought about by the Emperor, the
new leader of Kree society. The Emperor could have replaced the Intelligence; however I
think it more likely that both positions have existed for some time and what we are witnessing
is a shift in power from the control orientated, unquestionable Intelligence to a more diplomatic
Emperor, explaining the level of unrest in the Empire last we saw of it.
Thanks for listening to this Cultural Index on the Kree Empire. The votes for the next
episode are in the comment’s below and this time the choices are from another comic-based
race, the Kryptonians, or the Nova Corp of Xandar, going with the comic book adaptations
this time for both species. Thanks again for watching, I’ve been RIc
and I hope to see you again for the next video. Until then, goodbye. “For the Good of All

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