Korean culture leaves major footstep in the world in 2019 with Parasite and BTS

2019 was a year full of historic first
for kpop in Korean movies parasyte won prestigious international awards and is
on course to earn more honors and BTS grab attention by breaking one record
after another for details let’s turn to our Amin Sun 2019 was a year full of
pleasant surprises for fans of Korean movies and pop music one of the biggest
successes in South Korea’s cultural space was director bong joon-ho and his
film parasite in may parasite became the first South Korean film to win the pem
d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and may even become the first South Korean film
to win an Oscar or a Golden Globe Award parasite has been shortlisted for Best
International Feature Film and Best Original Song at the upcoming Academy
Awards in February and nominated for three honours Best Foreign Language Film
Best Director and Best Screenplay at the 77th annual Golden Glove awards to be
held on January 5th despite its local setting and storyline
the universal message in it won the sympathy of international audiences and
wanted a number of recognitions setting an important milestone for the South
Korean film industry which marks its 100th anniversary this year
kpop also made a big impact globally in April the South Korean boy band PTS
released their mega hit album web of the soul persona which topped the Billboard
200 and the UK’s official album chart the music video for bully with love set
the record for the video streamed the most times within 24 hours of its
release amassing seventy four point six million
views the group has won three awards at the
American Music Awards for a second year in a row including the one for favorite
duo or group in the pop and rock category making them the first non
English language singers to win that honor
BTS also successfully completed their first worldwide stadium tour in 13
countries including the US England Japan Brazil and Saudi Arabia drawing millions
of fans from around the world the love yourself speak yourself old stadium tour
was a dream come true moment for BTS they made their debut as some of the
highest profile concert venues including Citi Field baseball park in New York and
London’s Wembley Stadium BTS made history by becoming the first
South Korean artist to headline at Wembley and also the first ever
international band to hold a solo Stadium concert in Saudi Arabia amine
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