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you didn't you now with our lead story campaign madness joining some Washington kirsten powers now we posted my talking points on bill oreilly com and it has to be the most brilliant thing you've heard in what 20 minutes say you ever um okay we really seriously would me like a whole show to go through everything that you just talked about I think one of the things that bothers me is that the critics of Bernie Sanders will say things like what you said you bring up Fidel Castro of course Cuba is a communist country it's not a democratic socialist country and so to suggest that that's somehow what Bernie Sanders is selling I just think it's just in genuine I think you actually must know that bill right well no I mean I'm trying to say I didn't say the democratic socialism is communism I said that the largesse of the big central government was right out of the playbook and this is how che and fidel and you'll remember because i know you're a historian they didn't say they were communists for years powers they told the people that they were Democratic socialists that's what they told the Cuban people right and that they would provide for the Cuban people because the billionaire's in the United States hose them Oh under the pretense of that that's interesting look I think it'd be better to choose countries that maybe have a closer resemblance and you can criticize them if you want if you want to say the Norwegian countries for exist the mindset of getting to know them that's fine but that's more what he's talking about a mindset and I think yeah and he just not suggesting a the essential it's not the means of production are gonna be owned by the government that's not what he's suggesting he's suggesting that we what you call free stuff and what I consider basic human rights would be provided for America's yes use a keyword providing like in most in most industrialized countries they are you know we really stand alone in terms of the way that is that the viewpoint that you just not true leave people you don't stand alone at all there are many the countries that they have our system of capitalism including Japan all right I'm big major economy no missile healthcare bill that's what I'm talking to health care issue is it that way the health care issue if you want to just cleave that off that's a huge issue it's what I'm telling is one of the things sets him apart it is the mindset if I were a British subject I wouldn't be sitting here because they give an exam and I think they modified it a little bit but back when I was coming up at 16 years old that if you don't get a certain grade on the exam you don't go to college that you were assigned to the working class precincts and I would have never at 16 because I was a thug passed that exam that's just one example my my theory and it's the correct theory is that the people who are following Bernie Sanders have no idea about what he really wants to do plus it's impossible now let's get specific nothing you have absolutely nothing to back up okay I made my case you made your case with the folks just saw you don't know what they know and there's nothing unusual and about thinking that we should have a health care system for all people that we should have college education provided to people that I think Bernie Sanders made a bit great case last night in terms of the fact that we all agree that peak we should pay for you know k through 12 now in our economy ecologist ascent is it as essential as that education okay there's no way doesn't money no money to pay for it now well when Judy Roderick asked ask Hillary Clinton about the Soros money big money 10 million bucks okay and she said are I don't know you have to ask them I don't know come on powers I mean it was that how would you describe her answer I would describe it as being technically true in the sense that she's it's illegal for her to coordinate with the pack but I think that she obviously is not raising money from small donors in the way that Bernie Sanders is and I think she was obviously uncomfortable because they were highlighting so she had made a big deal out of the Koch brothers and other rich Republicans donating two packs but she takes 10 million dollars of pac money yeah we do how would you describe that hypocrisy thanks I mean it's obviously hypocrisy yea yea though we agree on something maybe the government can fund all of political campaigns you like to see that I would like to see less money in politics so the governments to fund them all but I think that we need to have less influence from people who have all the money and we don't get to hear from the people who don't have as much money all right i want to remind everybody that my brilliant talking points which Kirsten disagrees with is posted on Bill O'Reilly dicom and I want you guys to decide for yourself and let us know about it Thank You Karis indirectly had ben Carson he's still running but what's his future then later Varney's villains two good ones tonight we are coming right back

  1. 2:35 What's that bill? Your problem with these left wing people is that they don't give everyone a participation trophy? They you are having a cry because as a 'thug' you wouldn't have gone to university*?

    4:00 on that note. When Australia made its constitution in 1898 it looked at the USA and saw how much private money influenced politics so took measures to, a large extent, fund political parties itself. Over time that is changing as the rich always try to mould the rules for more influence. Still it would fix a lot of the USAs problems if they implement the same system.

  2. Love Kirsten but she is so wrong,she doesn t believe that politicians can be evil,and she doesn t believe that Obama and Sanders may have the same philosophy as the Castro bastards,but they do,Obama feels right at home with dictators and tyrants,Sanders is just an stupid old fool,who doesn t know the fundamentals of economics,for all we know he may believe that you just print more money and that s it,problem solved..he is so stupid and so are his followers….I should ask him for a Bugatti Veyron,maybe he ll give it to me,there is no money to pay for it,but he doesn t know or care.

  3. Goddamn not seen Kirsten for a while she used to be my girl crush looks like she's had work done. Still smokin' tho

  4. Why is healthcare and college a human right but food, shelter, and maybe transportation isn't? Shouldn't those come first? I mean, where does it end? Once we provide all needs (cradle to grave), what is the point of working? THIS is how communism comes about. Once people figure that out, they have no incentive to work and the government must force.

  5. Sorry Kirsten, when Bill said "Bernie Sanders don't have a clue what he stands for, or is. . ." That is 1000% true, and easy to back up, no matter what you say, Kirsten. All you need to do is look around youtube, and you'll see many interviews with Bernie Sanders supporters. Every single one I've seen interviewed couldn't even describe what "Socialism" or "Capitalism" is.

    If they don't have a clue what "Socialism" is, how the hell do they know what Bernie stands for!? They don't, period.

  6. Tell Kirsten powers to google Wikipedia List of socialist states.  where they are, how long, and what they believe, once she reads that lists of thangs…and she still disagrees with you and likes that sort of thing….then direct her the state dept to renounce her citizenship and pack her bags with a one way ticket…tanke, gracias, brigado, thanks, etc….goodbye…Cheers Bill


    NOT FUCKING HEALTHCATE, NOT FUCKING COLLEGE, especially if college produces social jusTARDS and LIBTARDS.

  8. Democratic socialism is a fucking oxymoron. it's libtard double speak and a fallacy.

    it is a made up word for liberal retards to latch on to.

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