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KidsCan is an organisation that
exists to meet the needs of children living in material hardship. So we
provide clothing, food, basic health and hygiene items, to get them to school so
they can hopefully achieve and lift themselves out of poverty.
So located in Auckland is our warehouse, where all of our product gets sent out
from also our fundraising team and our admin staff, so it really is one big
collective effort, to make sure that up to a 180,000 kids
nationwide get the food clothing and health products they need to be able to
get to school in a position to learn. One of the great things about this
partnership with Baker’s Delight is that the bakeries are helping KidsCan to
connect more with local communities. We’re specifically working to support schools
in each of the areas that the bakeries are and that’s really important. So for
us being able to strengthen those community connections plays a vital role.
So KidsCan without their support it would be really hard and they make
sure that we can actually give these children the best
education, that we can give them. When I see businesses like Baker’s Delight
wanting to help out. It just strengthens my belief in the community and that the
community actually want to help every child in New Zealand. So the campaign that
we were part of with Baker’s Delight the target for that was to raise $30,000. We
smashed that or Baker’s Delight smashed that and actually raised $45,000 over a 20 day period. I think the thing that I was most
impressed with is how the different stores just really got on behind it. You know this is a serious problem in New Zealand that isn’t going away, so
having these kinds of partnerships, which bring them joy but also at the end of
the day help us to do more for Kiwi kids are really important to us. So we love it. We can’t do that without the likes of the Baker’s Delight.

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